The Legendary Adventures of a Butcher's Boy!

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The Legendary Adventures of a Butcher’s Boy!


All right everyone some of you have probably already realized that this is a story that will focus around the butcher’s boy who was only shown in the show in season 1 episode 2.

The name of the story is maybe a little misgiven since there will be special chapters where I listen to my beloved reviewers, that’s you and I will make a chapter around whoever you want to see screw each other.

Rules for this story:

1: No homo

2: No canon pairings

3: Enjoy my story and if you have time please leave a review

Chapter 1 Arya

Mycah’s father was one of the many cooks who worked at the castle named Winterfell. In Winterfell ruled Eddard Stark the Lord paramount of the North, Mycah had only seen him a few times when he had walked around the castle’s courtyard.

Normal people usually wasn’t able to enter the castle at will it was only because his father worked here that he was allowed in, it was in all honestly a bit scary just wandering around the courtyard. The people inside looked so handsome or beautiful and much more clean than the people living in the city just outside the castle.

Mycah, well he wasn’t exactly handsome like so many other men, he was 13 years old with short red hair and a face full of freckles and being the son of a butcher didn’t exactly help his form as he was a little round. Mycah only knew a few people inside the castle like two older boys who had gotten a job working at the stables, but he didn’t really talk so much with them.

In short many were quite envious of Mycah at him being able to enter the castle at will, but Mycah didn’t really feel comfortable doing so and only visited when he got really bored or wanted to talk with his father, but right now he was visiting for another reason, a reason he knew was wrong and sinful.

He felt his heart beat a million times faster than normal as he stood inside the perhaps most restricted part of the castle, having taken his precautions Mycah had sneaked inside Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn’s shared bedchamber.

Now why in the world would a stupid young peasant dare sneak into a room and commit a crime which is punishable by death?  The answer is quite simple. He is horny. While Mycah certainly felt a bit uncomfortable around nobles people, that didn’t mean that he didn’t look at the many women in the castle with lust and especially Lady Stark.

So right now Mycah was standing in a room a little bigger than the house he lived in with his father and slowly he pulled a little down on his trousers causing his already excited and erect cock to pop out, Mycah wasn’t handsome, but if there was one thing he was proud of it was his cock its size just reached nine erect inches.

Precum was already dripping from the purple tip, just from the excitement of being in the room, now what he wanted to do was simply to slap a lot of Lady Starks stuff with his cock like her jewelry or her clothes even sticking his cock into the fruit bowl on the table and tonight he could wank off again imagining her maybe eating some of it or maybe tomorrow he would catch a glimpse of her walking around in something that had been in contact with his cock! He thought excited.

Not wasting a minute he quickly waltzed towards the big cupboard in the top left corner of the room opening it he saw countless of beautiful dresses most of them was probably more expensive than his home grabbing the beautiful white on with fur he wrapped it around his erect cock and started stroking feeling the silky fabric.

Pulling his cock back a bit of precum had been smeared out on the beautiful dress. Mycah just hoped that it would dry out and be invisible before anyone notices, then again if he gets away and it is discovered there would be no proof that it was him, he thought with a little nervous smirk as he grabbed another gray dress, but before he could start stroking the door to the room was violently thrown open, causing Mycah to fall back on his ass in shock, he had been discovered was he going to die?

Mycah fell back from the cupboard down unto his ass and hit his head against the bed behind him, opening the eyes and looking towards the door he was prepared to see all kinds of angry or disgusted people looking at him, but instead he saw a young pretty girl with ragged breath closing and locking the door. He recognized the girl as Arya Stark the youngest daughter of Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn.

This was the closest he had ever been to her, he knew that someone called her horseface, but Mycah couldn’t see why she was a beautiful young lady. Slowly after Arya had closed the door she turned and saw a young boy who she didn’t recognize, wait what was that between his legs?

Why did she close the doors? Mycah wondered as he looked at her. “Who are you and what are you doing in my parents’ bedroom?” Arya asked the young boy who slowly got up from the ground the weird thing with an almost glimmering tip still standing between his legs pointing upwards.

“S-s-sorry I-I’m Mycah a butcher son and I uh got lost.” Mycah stammered as he tried to come up with a lie, it was then he realized his cock was still out, he quickly bowed down to try and grab his pants, but was stopped by Arya telling him to wait.

Mycah looked at her in what he could only describe as a small panic attack, while she came closer. “What is that?” Arya asked as she looked at his cock. Arya was looking curious at the almost shinning head. She had just ran from Bran as they were playing hide and seek, so she ran in here and closed the door, so Bran would just think it’s empty, that was her planned prank, but now she found something way more interesting.

Mycah’s brain was busy progressing what was happening this young lady was standing right in front of him and was staring at his cock, could he maybe be a little bold? He felt a little safer now that the door was closed and it didn’t look like Arya would run screaming away.

“W-well my Lady thi-“ Mycah was cut off by Arya. She seemed a little mad scaring Mycah. “Don’t call me a Lady, just call me Arya.” She clearly demanded.

“O-oh of course Arya… W-well this is actually my um my penis.” Mycah told her, he was quite clearly still a nervous wreck.

“A penis?” Arya questioned curious as she squatted down to get an even better look at its massive length and impressive girth, it was longer than her face. It was first when Arya got this much closer that the stall smell hit her right in the face, a smell she liked.

“It smells good, what do you do with a penis?” Arya questioned. As Mycah began to gain more and more courage in front of Arya.

“Well you use to a lot of things, m-maybe you would like to touch it?” Mycah questioned as he pushed his hips a little forward towards Arya’s face. Mycah looked excitingly as he Saw Arya brining her small hand up and it got closer to his bulging erection, Mycah had to hold back a small whimper when he felt Arya’s soft small fingers touching and grabbing his cock, even though they couldn’t wrap around it.

Arya was surprised by the heat from the penis and quickly brought her other hand up to help her feel this so called penis, she was determined to discover its secrets! “That feels really good Arya, you are really great at this.” Mycah tried to praise her as a teacher, but in his mind he still wasn’t sure what was going on, he was getting a handjob from Arya Stark!

Arya took the praise with her head held high and with Mycah’s instructions she began to pump the big penis in her hands. Mycah was looking at the ceiling in utter pleasure, but his attention quickly went to Arya when she spoke to him. “Mycah can we do this in the bed, my legs are getting tired.

Mycah looked down on Arya in shock, she still had his cock in her hands, the bed was right behind him, he was leaning on it while Arya was down before him. “O-of course.” Mycah spoke as he quickly crawled up into the bed at this point his pants were laying on the floor. This was just getting better and better, the first thing he noticed was how comfortable the bed was compared to the shit he had at home, Lord Eddard probably banged Lady Catelyn on this every night and now he was getting a handjob from their young daughter on the bed.

He laid himself on his back on put his head down unto a pillow, while Arya sat on her ass between his split legs and quickly grabbed his dick back into her hands, Mycah watched with a relaxed look while Arya was busy pumping his dick in her small hands sometimes telling her she was doing a good job and praising her.

“Hey Mycah what is it there is coming out from the small slit in the top it’s all over my hands?” Arya asked showing Mycah her hands there were completely drenched in precum, at this Mycah got another idea.

“Well I guess that it’s almost like a reward. It’s the penis telling you that you are doing a good job and rewards you with a treat, if you want to you can try and lick it.” Mycah said

“A treat?” Arya asked curiously as she brought her hand up to her face and licked it, it was quite good. “Mycah would it be okay if I licked it straight off the penis?” Arya asked with almost a pleading look.

“Of course, please go ahead.” Mycah said encouraging her, on the outside Mycah seemed relaxed lying in the bed, but on the inside he was the happiest man alive watching the young girls pink tongue slowly approaching his purple head.

When her tongue touched the head both of them let out a moan, Arya quickly took a liking to the taste and began to lick it much more eagerly from the base to the tip covering it in salvia. “Arya you are really good are this are you sure it’s your first time doing this?” Mycah once again praised.

“Arya if you want to have it even faster you could try and put the purple tip inside of your mouth.” Mycah suggested and Arya didn’t hesitate to quickly stop licking and placing her lips on top of the purple head she opened up wide to fit the big penis in her mouth and Mycah laid back on the pillow closing his eyes in pleasure as her tongue licked around the head and her mouth bobbed back on forth.

Mycah slowly sat up on the bed and carefully grabbed her brown hair encouraging her to go even faster, saliva started to travel down his cock as Arya continued sucking on it with big slurping sounds and sometimes she would even gag on it, but she couldn’t even take half of it though.

Arya whimpered when Mycah grabbed her head and forced her off it with a pop sound it left her mouth a couple of string connected her mouth with his cock. “Why did you stop I want more!” Arya demanded, even though her jaw began to get a little sore.

“Don’t worry I just wanted to stand up, and Arya you will soon get a really big treat I give you a warning, but be ready.” Mycah said as he stood up in bed and grabbed hic cock, with one hand he guided the tip forward to Arya who didn’t hesitate taking it back into her mouth.

Mycah had one hand grabbing Arya´s hair and another hand on his shaft to aid his soon to come discharge it didn’t take much longer due to Arya´s hungry nature as she slurped on it. “Arya here it comes be ready.

Arya had pulled back from the cock and sat waiting with open mouth as she watched Mycah stroke and before she knew it she found a warm, salty and delicious substance filling her mouth and Arya had to gulp it down or it would overflow in her mouth since he was still shooting.

When Arya was done drinking her delicious treat she looked at the penis who know was looking down almost like it’s sad. “What happened to it?” Arya questioned.

“Oh it’s just tired and need and hour or two to refill, but there is still a bit inside if you want it?” Mycah asked to which Arya started sucking on the now semi erect cock, Mycah helped her hand up around his shaft and thought her how to squeeze it out.

When they were done and Arya had licked it clean and he had gotten his pants back on, they both agreed that they would play like this soon again and with that Mycah left Eddard and Catelyn’s bedroom only for the realization of what he had just done and with whom to hit him.

“Fuck yearh.” He muttered as he left the castle to return home, now he was hungry.

The End of Chapter 1

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