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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, based on Gullivers Travels by Jonathan Swift. Any resemblance to person(s) living or dead is purely coincidental.

So, the President of the United States set me up for my first date.  No, seriously.

My dad was in his cabinet.  He told me most of the cabinet appointmenressts were chosen to counter the President's inexperience.  Old guys. 

He didn't have to tell me that.  At the first White House function after the inauguration, I ended up playing checkers with the Secretary of State, a man who'd been in government service since before I was born.

Dad was the only member of the cabinet with children still at home.  Or child, anyway.  My sister, Amy, was in college in Hawaii, as far from DC as you could get and still be in the US.

I was in high school.

President McKannon had taken my dad aside before a state dinner and suggested that 'the young people' might not be comfortable at an official function.

The total list of 'young people' associated with the White House staff was me.  And most of the Embassies in DC were staffed by older farts, too, to match their opposite numbers. 

So most 'state functions' meant I got to stay home and surf the internet while Dad escorted one or another unattached dignitary to dinner or a show or whatever.

Then things changed, just a little bit.  The new Lilliputian ambassador to the US brought his family to DC.  Including his one and only daughter.  Evivaine was one of the immature types that the President didn’t want wandering around during official-  Sorry, one of the 'young people' that the President didn't think would enjoy formal attire and official decorum. 

So we got to hang out.

Dad joked about teaching her things.  He said, "I'm told she likes learning American customs.  Maybe you can teach her the Macarena."

"That's old," I said.

"Or whatever the modern dance craze is," he said dismissively.

"There are no modern dances, Dad," I explained.  "For the zillionth time, modern music is so fluid, anyone that dances the same way twice to the same quote "song" end of quote is called a robot."

"Uh huh," he nodded.  "So, anyway, she'll be here Sunday morning.  Figure something out."   


She turned out to be pretty cute, but dear God don't tell her I said that.  It's true, but humans are ALWAYS saying the Lilliputians are cute.  They've gotten kind of sensitive to the term.

Anyway, she's smart and quick with a joke, and even quicker to tell when I'm joking.  So we spend hours sitting at the same table, playing online games together.

We do that because online is the only place that the game board is the same scale for both of us. 

We tried playing chess, once, and she pulled a leg muscle moving her bishop.  She brought over a Lilliputian board game and…  Well, I sneezed.  She told me it wasn't an antique or anything and I really hope that's true.

But everything changed the day President Dorr died.  Or, like four days after he died, when they buried him.

Dorr had been President when Lilliput and Blefuscu were rediscovered (Be careful to pronounce it RE-discovered.  The Lilliputians have always considered Gulliver's Travels to be history, not fiction).

He'd also been sitting President during two wars and the first Mars landing.  So they pulled out all the stops.

The funeral drew diplomats from 94 countries and the service, motorcade, funeral and reception were scheduled to screw up the TV channels from 9 in the morning to about 10 that evening.

And Evie brought a cousin.


With so many people in town for the interment, the logistics were mind-numbing.  The same limo brought the Secretary of the Navy (Dad was escorting her to the funeral) and the Lilliputian Ambassador to our house, then took everyone to the service. 

There wasn't much time for introductions.  Evie's dad made a joke about his niece, Rieschal, being interested in our culture.  Miss Dorman made a joke about me teaching the girls to do the Hustle, we laughed obligingly, and they were off.

I moved the Carrier to the kitchen table and the girls came out.

"First off," Evie told her cousin, "Jack has never, ever, been able to pronounce my full name.  Yours will cause him to sprain his tongue."

"Got it," Reese said.  "He can call me Reese."

"He," I said, "is sitting right here."

"Oh, yes, we know," Reese said.

Evie pointed down.  "The table is made of glass, we can see ALL of you."

"Well, not ALLLLLLL of him," Reese drawled.  But we can fix that."  She had an evil grin, which spread to Evie's face.

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"First off, what are you wearing?" Evie asked.

"You can see what I'm wearing.  You JUST made a big point about seeing what I'm wearing."

"Yes," she nodded.  She gestured to indicate the two of them.  "We are wearing swimsuits under demure skirt/blouse combinations, in case they swing by between the funeral and the reception, to invite us to join them."

"Oh."  I glanced down at my Cthulhu For President t-shirt and cut-offs.  "Hadn't thought about that."

"Obviously," Reese said.  "So, anyway, we have five items of clothing on, each of us.  What do you have?"

"Shirt, shorts, underwear, sandals," I said.

"Four," Evie said.  The girls kicked off their shoes, tossing them back into the carrier.

"And so do we!" Reese said.  "We could play poker!"
"STRIP poker," Evie corrected her. 

"I, um, uh…  Well…"

"Oh," Reese said, her tone concerned.  "Maybe he doesn't know how to play strip poker?"

"He can't teach us this important part of American youth development?" Evie asked her, scandalized.

"It would appear-"

"I KNOW how to play," I insisted.  "I just, uh, don't think the cards would be…  Well, your size…  We could lean them against a box or something…  But trying to keep the cards secret…"

"Dice?" Reese suggested.

"I DO know a gambling dice game!" Evie said happily.

"DO you?" Reese asked in clearly feigned surprise.

"I do, I do!"

"Are the rules simple enough to be explained or do we need to come up with cheat cards?"

"Oh, very simple," Evie promised.

"What an amazing stroke of luck," I said in a dry tone.

I found some dice.  I got a regular one that came up almost to their knees.  They each got almost miniature dice from a pocket-Yahtzee game.  They had to throw their die two-handed, but they could throw them.

I also got the set of chips from the gaming cabinet. 

Evie explained the rules.  "We each get twenty chips and one die.  You ante, then you roll.  If you get 1, 2, or 3, you put one chip in the pot.  If you get a 4 or 5, you take one chip.  If you get a six, you get the whole pot.  Then everyone antes again.

"If you run out of chips, you 'sell' a piece of clothing to the bank to get twenty more chips."

It seemed simple enough.  Which was a good thing as I could hardly have concentrated on whether a flush beat a straight or four of a kind or whatever.

The only time I'd played strip poker had been in scout camp and the only girl turned out to be a card shark.  She would take a deep breath and win with a pair of twos.

This game looked a lot more likely to lead to more evenly distributed nudity.

But it was slow.  Very little changed from round to round.  A chip in, a chip out.  Mostly we just moved the 60 starting chips around and around.

Evie could never roll a 6, not to save her life.  But she rolled enough 4s and 5s to stay in the game.  Reese rolled several sixes, but usually after I rolled a six, so the entire pot was just the ante.

They suspected cheating so I got some different dice.  No one's luck changed.

"How about," Reese said after a while, "1-2 costs a coin, 3-4 costs two coins, 5 gets you one coin out of the pot and 6 gets you two coins?"

"Then no one gets the pot?" Evie asked.

"Well, if you want to still be dressed when they come back…" Reese threatened.

We agreed and went on playing.  This went a little faster.  Too fast. 

I lost everything and had to buy back into the game with my sandals.

The table we were playing on was glass and the two girls looked way, way down at my bare feet and talked about the size of my toes.

"I want a new rule," I said.  They blinked.  "I want a magnifying glass."

"Uh-uh," Reese said.

"Why?" Evie asked.

"So he can stare at us when we're exposed," Reese said.

"It's only fair," I said.  They looked doubtful.  "Well, the whole point of the game is to see the other person naked.  I can barely see if you're smiling or frowning. 

"But as you just demonstrated, you can see ME plenty well."

"He has a point," Evie said.

"I don't want to sit here being ogled while we're trying to play," Reese protested.

"How about…"  I thought for a second.  "Well, what if I can only use the magnifying glass WHILE you undress? Not after?  AND I promise not to touch anyone?"

"Ever?" Reese asked.

"Well, I won't try to touch body parts normally covered by modest clothing," I swore.

Evie thought that was acceptable.  Reese wanted more.  "But what do we get?"

"You ALREADY have a full view!" I said.  "This is thumbnail vs. big screen TV, here!"

"But still, it'll be more embarrassing for us," Reese said, "standing there while you watch."

"Okay…"  I thought while I went and got the magnifying glass from Dad's stamp collecting table.  That put me near Amy's 'fiber crafts' cabinet.  I found two tools from one of the drawers and took them back to the table.

"Here's my offer.  I get a close up view of you when you undress.  If you two get me down to my skivvies, YOU can pull my boxers down."  I held up two crochet hooks.  Each was about six inches long, with the hook at the end.  They'd probably handle like pole-arms in Lilliputian hands.

Reese looked thoughtful.  Evie looked curious.

Evie then suggested turning on the TV.  Each channel was showing the service.  We'd know to clean up our act when the coffin was lowered and they moved towards the reception.

We upped the stakes a bit more, too.  A 1-5 cost you that many chips, a 6 earned you one chip.  No one got the pot, still.  It just grew.

Reese had to buy back into the game next. 

She walked over to stand next to me.  I placed the big glass circle sideways on the table because my hand was shaking, and watched.

She faced me, staring into my eyes as she reached up to undo her buttons.  I think that was supposed to keep my eyes locked on her gaze. 

Didn't work.

Her blouse slid down her shoulders so slowly.  I guess gravity isn't quite the overwhelming influence if your dress weighs as much as a Kleenex.

She revealed her shoulders, her arms, then let everything drop.  She had a brightly colored swimsuit on underneath.  It was a one-piece.

I gave a little hiccup when I realized that eventually, she'd be showing top and bottom at the same time. 

Then I counted on my fingers…  "One, two, three…"  While still standing before the glass, she lifted her skirt up enough to show her thighs.  She had nylon hose on her legs.

I glanced over at Evie.  She shook her head.  "I have a 2-piece suit on."

Then Evie suggested that we all roll at once.  Since no one was winning the pot, it didn't matter if we went in an order or not.  So we moved even faster. 

I lost my shirt next.  As I stated the intention to buy chips, they ran to the edge of the table to watch.  They cheered each muscle that was revealed and complimented the condition my swimming had put me in.

I think if we'd been outside, my blushing would have been visible from orbit.

We went on rolling.

Reese lost her skirt, glaring at Evie as she slid it off.  She turned her back so I could view her ass in the skin-tight swimsuit. 

"Heart shaped," I whispered.  Not that it was possible for them to miss anything the lumbering giant said near them…  Evie giggled, Reese blushed.

If there'd been any way to cheat, we'd have ganged up on Evie right about then.  But we just kept on rolling.

Evie's stack would get smaller and smaller, then she'd roll several sixes in a row. 

Then suddenly her luck changed.  She rolled straight fives.  Blam-blam-blam, and she was down her blouse.

She wouldn't walk over to the magnifying lens and I ended up holding it over her head, looking down at her.   Looking down her blouse, as it happened.

All the times I'd been near or over her, I'd never really peeked, not as if she was an attractive woman with cleavage.

Now I'm sure my breathing changed with every button she opened.  Evie was a little better… endowed than Reese.  And she was wearing a bikini. 

Trouble was, it was a skin-tone colored cloth she was wearing, hard to tell where the garment ended and Evie began.

"Pull the light down!" Reese shouted.  The lamp on the table was articulated, so I pulled the shining head down by Reese.  That put some interesting and revealing shadows across Evie's cleavage. 

When she realized what her cousin had done, she shrieked and crossed her arms.

"Now, now," Reese said.  "Finish taking it off."  Evie shook the sleeves off one wrist at a time.

I put the glass back down and picked up my die.  "Onwards."

Reese lost her stockings soon after that.  She smiled and stepped closer.  Then dropped to her knees.

"What are you doing?" Evie and I asked in chorus.

Reese stretched the upper hem of one sock out from her thigh.  "Hold this?" she asked me.  

I pinched the offered part and held it in place while she stood up and out of it.  Then I pinched the other.  I don't remember much except for feeling the tugging, and her leg brushing one fingertip.   I forgot to even pick up the magnifying glass.  I rubbed the stockings between my fingers when she was done, staring down into her twinkling eyes.

Evie rolled HER eyes.  "Are we stopping?"

"No," I said quickly and rolled.

I lost my cutoffs a few rounds after that.  Slid them quickly off and sat down again.  The girls actually got down on their knees to peer at my boxers.

"Nice material," Evie said.
"Really?" Reese asked.  "Looks kind of rough to me."

"Oh, I wouldn't wear it," Evie replied.  "But it looks durable."

"Oh, for, say, camping?"

"Exactly.  Looks like good tent material."

"Yes.  I can see making a tent there."

"Right about…there?"

"There's a good spot!"

"Are you guys ready?" I asked.  They didn't look away from my lap.  "Ready?" I repeated.

"Uh huh," Reese said absently.

"Oh, yeah," Evie muttered.

"Roll!" I snapped.  They hopped to their feet and lifted their dice.

Evie lost her shirt.  The bottoms matched the tops, so Reese insisted that she turn completely around, so the light could clearly define the cleft of her round, firm buttocks.

The room was very tense, then.  The next person to lose their stack would reveal actual nudity. 

I rolled my die so hard that it hit Evie's and knocked it off the table.

"FOUL!" Evie shouted at the same time that Reese screamed, "Play it as it lies!"

"It's shag carpeting," I said.  "Do we really want to spend the time looking for it, or grab another die/"
They glanced at the TV, where the casket was being rolled into the hearse for the drive to the cemetery.  

"Let's just keep going," Evie said.  Reese nodded reluctantly.

Evie still ended up losing her top next.  She turned her back to take it off, then turned, hands covering each breast.

Just as Reese opened her mouth to snap something out, I softly said, "I never realized just how beautiful you are, Evie."

She smiled and lowered her hands.  Slowly, but she did lower them.

Her nipples were dark, plenty of definition against her skin, no need for any additional lighting.  I sighed.  Evie sighed.

Reese rolled her die.

Karma punished her for breaking the mood, though.  She lost everything.

"Gonna get his help again?" Evie asked.

"Shut up," Reese said.    She pulled the shoulder straps down, then covered her breasts while she pushed the suit down the rest of the way. 

I caught a hint of nipple, a flash of bush.  Then she faced me and lifted her hands for the reveal.

"You are beautiful, too," I said with sincerity.  Her nipples were not as big around on the breasts, but they did stick out farther. 

And her shrubbery was trimmed.  It was diamond shaped.  I was looking to see if it was supposed to indicate something, to see if there were significant details when she stepped back from the lens.  "WHILE undressing, Jack," she repeated.  "I'm done."

"I was just…"  I shrugged.  "Sorry.  Won't happen again."

"That's right," Evie said.  "She's bought her last stack of chips!  When these are gone, she's out of the game!"

"They may last longer than yours!" Reese fired back.

"Ha!" Evie said, throwing her die.  Which landed showing a 5…

She was busted two rolls after that.  She glanced at her cousin, then faced me and stretched one hip of her thong out to the side.  "Help me?" she asked.

I swallowed three times before I could say, 'Yeah, okay." 

She crouched down and I pinched the panties, then she stood up.  I remembered the magnifier this time. 

I tried not to let my fingers move, she had to twist and lean and take half steps forward and back, but she finally stepped out of her bottoms. 

She was clean-shaven.  Her hands fluttered at her sides as she stood for my viewing.  "I, uh, heard that it's an American custom?" she asked.

"One of, um, many," I said.  "Or so I, you know, hear."  She looked very smooth.  I really wanted to touch, but that was against the rules.  I'd promised.

They each rolled fours on the next round.  Reese suggested that she and Evie pool their chips and play as a single team.

"You can't do that!" I protested.

"How would you know?" Evie asked.

"It IS a Lilliputian game," Reese pointed out.

"And the Lilliputians are losing!" I pointed back.

"Well, if you're AFRAID," Evie said.

"Nicely manipulated," I said.  "Okay, fine, two against one.  Bring it."

They brought it.  And they were unanimously successful. 

I stood and handed them the hooks.  They approached, eyeing the bulge in my underwear.

"CAN we tug it down over that?" Evie asked.

"One way or another," Reese promised.

I pinched the elastic at my waist and pulled it forwards, just a bit. It put a little more slack in the front.

Then I stood there, shivering.   Not from cold, but from anticipation.  And the tickling touch of the crochet hooks on my skin.

They tugged, counting out a shanty-sounding rhythm.  They exposed some skin.  Some hair.  The base of my cock…

They walked backwards to pull the elastic out and away, then finally dropped everything.

I stood there, pointed out across the table, as they stepped close. 

"Impressive," Reese said.

"Quite," Evie agreed.  They got closer, one on each side.  Close enough to touch.  I could imagine them reaching out, stroking the sides, the helmet, the tip…

Dad came home.

"I SWEAR TO GOD NOTHING HAPPENED!" I screamed.  I pulled up my boxers and turned around.  But we were alone…

"Answer the phone, Jack!" Evie shouted.

"And TRY not to sound so guilty!" Reese added.

"Ah," I said.  The phone rang again. My mind had gone all guilty at the sound and imagined my worst possible…  It rang yet another time. 

"JACK!" they shouted.

I answered.  "Hello!"

"Hey, sport," my dad said.  "We're just getting to Arlington.  We're going to send this limo to take you three to the reception, we'll catch a ride in another car."


"Is that okay?"

"Great," I said.  I looked at the table.  The girls nodded in agreement.  Lilliputian hearing's sensitive enough that they'd heard Dad clearly.

"Is… Everything okay?" Dad asked.

"Evie's kicking my ass at High Orbit," I said.  "Again."

"As usual," he laughed and closed the call.  I lowered the phone to the table.

"Okay, I guess we have a few minutes to get presentable, then…"

"Ahem," Reese said, beckoning me back to where I'd been standing.

"Unless the mood is irretrievably broken," Evie asked.  I stared at their naked bodies.

They took deep breaths.  I…recovered.  My erection was firm when I stepped back and bared myself. 

"Can we…touch it?" Evie asked.

"Two beautiful naked women want to touch me?" I asked.  "Let me think about that for a second."

"Yeah, get back to us on that," Reese said.  She started running her hand along the top of my cock.

Evie stepped to the tip and cupped her hands around the sides.

"You might not want to stand there," Reese said.

"Why not?" Evie asked absently.  She squeezed and pet me.

"Because the human has stopped breathing."

"Oh?" She looked up.  I JUST managed to turn, so I didn't spurt all over the face of my best friend.   They marveled at the amount of come I shot out, and how far it flew across the table.

"And now…  I panted, holding the edge of the table with both hands.  "We have to get dressed AND clean that up."

"Oh," they said.  They ran for their clothes.  I grabbed my t-shirt.  I was going to have to change, anyway, and didn't want to search for a towel…

Just before the limo arrived, we were ready.  Evie stood in the carrier door and called me.  I leaned down.

"Maybe we'd better not spend time together at the reception," she said.

"We always spend time together!" I said.   "It'll look suspicious if we don't!"

"Yeah, but it'll look more suspicious if every time I look at you, I see your eyes roll back in your head and your tongue hanging out."

"And laugh," Reese said.

"Yeah, and laugh," Evie agreed with a warm smile.  "It'll just be safer this way."

I had to agree.  We'd already seen how smoothly _I_ handled guilt… 

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