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In the office of the Mistress of Novices, high in the White Tower of Tar Valon, Sheriam Bayanar sat serenely behind her desk and wrote into her ledger. She was working on a plan for the training of novices in the one hundred weaves. The one hundred basic uses of the The One Power which an Accepted would have to know intimately when she finally took their test to become Aes Sedai. The weather was still warm enough for open windows and two turtle doves cooed and pecked at the crumbs she had left on the ledge of her window. She stopped writing when she heard a single low note chime from the big bell in the watchtower. It tolled sonorously five more times, ringing in the hours. Six Bells, now the novices would be finishing their long studies and heading to the kitchens for a hot heartening dinner. Well not all of the novices. Six bells was also the time that a Novice who had made unacceptable transgressions in discipline, or failures in studies, was sent to the Mistresses offices for punishment. They would have their dinner cold afterwards.

Sheriam took up her shawl and set it about her shoulders before arranging her deep auburn hair out over it. Her shawl was blue for her Ajah and the white flame of Tar Valon was emblazoned on it. Her tumbling, curling, red hair made it look as if the flame was ringed in fire...or blood. Sheriam was plump and womanly in figure with a warm smile and easy advice to fretful novices, yet she took her duties seriously. Sound advice and a shoulder to cry on were always available but, woe betide any novice who transgressed the towers strict discipline. There was a respectful knock on the door.

"Come", she said.

The door opened slowly and a novice in a plain white dress stepped in. Elayne Trakand closed the door softly and came to stand in the center of the rug in front of the desk. Sheriam regarded her coolly, keeping her ageless Aes Sedai face expressionless as she allowed Elayne to shuffle and fidget in the increasing silence. All punishments of novices began this way. First, a long disapproving silence to unsettle the novice and aid the journey to repentance, followed by examination of the fault and finally, application of the punishment. She examined the young woman carefully while she waited. Elayne was the daughter of the Queen of Andor and, despite the novice white, this girl looked every bit the royalty she was. She fidgeted less than most and was not quite avoiding eye contact, but rather, forcing herself not to stare too haughtily. Her mother, Morgase, was famous for her beauty and Sheriam noted that the Daughter Heir was clearly cut from the same cloth. Tall and slender, with a glorious halo of red-golden curls, Elayne had an immaculate oval face, burning sapphire eyes, and a finely chiseled nose surmounting perfect cupid's bow lips. The Daughter Heir was already stunningly good-looking in a fresh, youthful, way and it was obvious that, in a few years when she had filled out a little, she would be one of the most beautiful women in the land.

"I'm very disappointed that you of all people have been sent to me." Sheriam broke the silence.

Elayne pouted prettily and looked at her feet.

"Surely with your training and background you can understand to the towers demands for discipline are entirely reasonable."

Silence, and more shoe-gazing.

Sheriam leaned back in her chair and steepled her fingers. Elayne Trakand was a special concern for the Tower. Andor was close to Tar Valon geographically and the royal family close politically. For hundreds of years the ruling houses of Andor had sent their heirs to the White Tower for training in the One Power. A practice which cemented the unspoken alliance between the Westlands most powerful nation and the White Tower. For most of these noble girls it was an exotic education, a chance to extend the towers influence, so few showed more than a sliver of talent. Elayne was different, not in over a hundred years had Andor sent an heir to the Tower who had the potential to become full Aes Sedai. Elayne had, not just potential, but exceptional talent. Her strength in the one power was immense, already, as a novice, she surpassed some full Aes Sedai. Politically, for both the Tower and the Lion Throne, it was essential that she achieve the shawl.

"Tell me why you have been sent to me child." Sheriam said.

"You already know."

"What I know is none of your concern. State your reason to be here"

"I" she paused, "I suggested something inappropriate to Barasine Sedai."

"What?" Sheriam patiently asked.

Elayne looked up from her shoes with steel in her clear blue eyes.

“You already know.”

“Don’t bandy words with me girl. Answer!”

The young princess scowled haughtily at Sheriam and tried to maintain eye contact before being beaten by the ageless stare. She lowered her eyes demurely.

"I suggested that she ask the Master of Gardens to plough her instead of ploughing the jousting field. Then, maybe, she wouldn't be so uptight about the lack of Lemonroot for her tea."

“The warders need it to train on,” she added weakly into the disapproving silence.

Sheriam kept her face as deathly calm as any Aes Sedai though she laughed heartily on the inside thinking of what Barasine’s sour face must have looked like when she heard that remark.

Tar Valon was the power center of the world, and almost exclusively female. Men had roles as servants or soldiers but, they made no decisions here. Some Aes Sedai married, but most didn’t. The responsibilities of being a full Sister were huge and it was difficult to find a man who was comfortable with a powerful woman. The only Ajahs with anything like a policy on men were Green and Red two Ajahs with a bitter rivalry. 

The Red Ajah were dedicated to finding men who could channel and removing this grave threat from the world by Gentling those poor souls or executing them before they went mad and destroyed all around them. Their attitude towards men who could channel was known to spill over to the ordinary kind too. Reds shunned the company of men in society and discouraged it in sexual matters, they took no Warders to protect them, and trusted no man with any task of importance.

The Green Ajah, focused on meeting creatures of the shadow in combat, always understood the utility of a good sword arm and a straight-forward approach to life. Many Greens married and all Greens bonded men to be their warders, though convention had it a Green  Aes Sedai should not, in good conscience, bond more than three.

Relations between Greens and Reds were always a tetchy on the subject of men and they had many disdainful insults for each other in privacy of their own Ajah rooms. To Greens, Reds were "Maiden Aunts" and "Rug-Chewers". While, in the Red Ajah rooms, "a three-warder girl" was the phrase commonly used to describe a slut. The Reds often said that a Green would bond more than three Warders if she had more holes to put them in.

Barasine was a Red Sister and it was known that Elayne had expressed a preference for the Green Ajah should she be raised to sisterhood.

"And what would 'you' know about that kind of thing?" Sheriam said sternly.

The blonde blushed crimson and examined her shoes again.

"Nothing, Sheriam Sedai."

“Nothing indeed,” thought Sheriam. In her native Saldea a women just turned eighteen like Elayne would be married and suckling her first babe by now. She didn’t think it was much different in Andor.

"You will apologise to Barasine Sedai"

" Yes, Sheriam Sedai."

"You will tell her that novices do not cheek back their teachers"

"Yes, Sheriam Sedai"

"You will tell her that sexual innuendo and vulgarity is not part of conversation between sisters of the White Tower"

"Yes, Sheriam Sedai"

"And... you will receive eight lashes of the strap to remind you."

Elayne looked up, speechless.

“Do you have something to say?” Sheriam’s voice was steel as she stared down the blonde princess.

"Yes, Sheriam Sedai." the young woman's voice was a whisper as she lowered her eyes.

"Remove your under-clothes."

At that command Elayne stared at the Mistress of Novices with blank shock until a raised eyebrow sent her into motion. The blonde caught her skirt and pulled it up, revealing two supple, well-toned, thighs as she rummaged around under the bunched white cotton. After a moment she lowered a pair of white under-shorts to her knees and dropped them to loop around her delicate ankles. As Sheriam waited the Daughter Heir of Andor stepped daintily out of her underwear and let her skirt fall back into place.

"Seize the Source child. I want you to weave the ward against eavesdropping."

Elayne concentrated for a moment and then suddenly gasped with undisguised pleasure as Saidar flooded into her. Saidar, the female half of the One Power, was beautiful, like a river of pure light. With it an Aes Sedai could work wonders surpassing the ability of ordinary people. A woman who held Saidar felt more alive than ever. It enhanced the senses, making everything sensation sharper, every colour more vibrant.

Sheriam watched the novice draw an impressively large amount of the source and deftly weave Air and Spirit to seal the edges of the room to prevent sound traveling outside. She was unusually skilled for her age but, still had much to learn about maintaining proper control.

"Assume the position."

Elayne stepped up to the massive mahogany desk of the Mistress of Novices and appeared to regard it with some trepidation. An immense black wooden structure, it had stood in this room for centuries. She probably realised that thousands of girls had received punishment on it. An icy tingle of fear shot through The blonde as she bent over it, sliding her hands along it’s smooth lacquered surface until her fingers found the beveled edge on the other side. The Daughter-Heir bit her lip as she bent from the waist to lay her chest onto the cold surface and she gripped hard on the far edge. The beautifully carved wave of the bevel gave her fingers something to lock into as her golden hair cascaded about her face to hang over the side of the desk. Her lip trembled as her chin touched the hard wood and she noticed for the first time the small indents on the bevel of the edge. Bite marks!

Sheriam went to a closet set into the wall by the window, it’s door painted with a scene of Artur Hawkwing kneeling before the Amyrillan Seat. She opened the exquisitely painted door and looked at the small number of implements inside. After a moment of deliberation she chose a short handled bat made of sturdy wood, covered with a skin of cloth. The handle was wrapped with well worn leather.

"Raise your skirt" she ordered.

Elayne felt her breath catch at the command and tremulously she hiked up the white skirt. She shuffled a little until it was around her waist, revealing her perfect heart-shaped backside, as firm as a new-ripe apple. Sheriam took her position and quickly brought the bat cracking down on the blonde's right buttock. Medium strength, making the Daughter Heir yelp with shock. A second, backhand, swiped across the other cheek and made the blonde cry out louder.

Then the third smack.


Sheriam was little shocked to hear bad language from someone so high-bred. The next two swipes brought more expletives, growing in imagination.


"Shit! Fuck (gasp) Shit"


Blood and ashes, that hurts


"Ow! You whores cunt"

Sheriam stopped.

"Was that directed at me?"

Elayne was panting and gasping, her backside was turning a bright pink colour.

"I do believe it was.You will receive two more for your disgraceful language."

Sheriam applied several more sharp slaps. She was careful not to be neither too severe nor too lenient when applying the bat and she always paid careful attention to the response a paddling brought from any novice. In fact how a novice took punishment was of great interest to how her education was progressing or was likely to progress. It was considered a great predictor of future character and Sitters in the Hall paid great attention to the Mistress of Novices careful notes of strappings and paddlings, pot washing and garden weeding.

Did the novice make much noise?

Did she protest?

Did she release the source due to pain or embarrassment?

The question most asked was how many slaps it took before tears appeared. Not that it was considered a shame to cry while being spanked. Almost all raised sisters had found themselves blubbing away over the Mistresses desk at some point. Sheriam remembered that she herself was bawling after only three slaps on her first time in the Mistresses office all those years ago. Willpower, pride, and resistance to pain were greatly prized in a candidate for the shawl, and early indicators of these traits were eagerly sought.

Elayne had reached the full eight and, though her face was as now red as her arse and her knuckles were pure white from gripping the edge of the desk, her eyes were clamped shut and un-spilled.  Something in this irked Sheriam and she administered the final two for bad language with a particular virulence. They were met with silence but, when the mistress checked, two rivulets of crystal tears ran over those perfect cheekbones. Ten. This girl has the heart of a lion!

Sheriam was impressed as she went to make the note for strong characterin her punishment book. The only sound in the room was Elayne’s soft panting and sniffling. After carefully annotating her report Sheriam turned away from her side-table. She was about to tell the novice to get up but something stopped her. Elayne hadn't moved from the desk, she was still gripping sides of it, ass in the air, her breathing coming in heavy gasps. This was strange to the auburn haired Aes Sedai. Normally a novice didn’t need to be told to get up. Also, there was something in the air, a faint scent maybe, something odd in the lamp light, something familiar. Quickly she channeled a light and sent it to hover low down so she could peer at the blondes rear end. The girls alabaster backside was glowing suitably from the slaps but her nether lips glistened in the light.

She was wet.

Sheriam regarded the blonde with some curiosity. It wasn't the first time this had happened of course. Women took this kind of punishment in all kinds of ways and a sexual response wasn’t all that rare. In fact Sheriam had noticed that, the more high-born the girl, the more likely she was to get turned-on by the strapping. In her experience Fishwives and Innkeepers daughters usually just wanted to get their clothes back on and get out as quickly as possible. It was the scions of noble houses and pampered princesses that were more likely to get dew on their flower. Sheriam had mused that it was something about the nature of power. These women had spent all their lives having people bow and scrape to them and, in getting everything they demanded, secretly they yearned for the opposite. Losing power and control was strange to them. So it was exciting.

Elayne had realised that the mistress had perceived the state she was in and was very pointedly looking away, biting her lip. Sheriam noticed an almost imperceptible movement. Had that girl just wriggled her backside?

Sheriam slowly went back to her side table, opened the punishment book and made the note for “strong sexual reaction” to the entry. When she turned back Elayne was still on the desk, holding her breath and trembling. Sheriam paused for a moment regarding the princesses quivering rump and her now glistening sex. She had more copper than gold in the hair between her legs and without hesitation the Mistress ran her finger lightly down the outside of Elaynes pubic mound.The blonde princess released her breath in a long slow sigh, getting what she both feared and wanted in equal measure.

In the white tower sexual contact between women was not actively encouraged, nor was it frowned upon either. It was more considered a thing for novices, who were usually young and full of lustful energy. They lived in tiny cells with their room-mate and endured frustrating discipline while training all day long. What harm was it to blow off a little steam with each other, especially as contact with boys was strictly forbidden. Pillow Friends would grow out of it as they got older.

Sheriam worked the tip of her finger into the top of Elaynes cleft and brought it down slowly to split her inner lips. The pink flesh opened softly and Sheriam refrained from touching the sensitive bud at the bottom. Elayne murmured and gasped as Sheriam worked two fingertips into the channels between inner and outer labia and again dragged them down slowly, separating them. The young woman's flesh was slick with moisture and she groaned deeply when Sheriam used the pads of her fingers to pull back the little hood protecting the Daughter-Heirs sensitive clitoris.

Sheriam knew so many names, both vulgar and delicate, for a woman's parts. In Kandor a woman's sex was referred to as her “Little Cat” and the Sea Folk called it her “Hidden Clam.” In Andor the female sex was often referred to as her “Woman's Flower” referring to the shape of the lilies called Dragons Bells growing on the banks of the Erinin. Andors national flower was called Cuspis Lanathar in the old tongue and had a double layer of petals, wrinkled and pink just like labia which concealed a stamen which poked through the folds. If you squeezed the base of Cuspis Lanathar a clear nectar would ooze from it.  

Sheriam massaged the slippery gash between the Daughter-heirs legs as the blonde moaned and sighed with pleasure. The petals of her flower were certainly open now and tingling sensitively with every touch. The redhead positioned her ring finger at the trembling entrance and pushed slowly into the damp tunnel. Elayne was soft and hot inside, Sheriam could feel the girls inner muscles tense and squeeze her invading finger. This Andoran princess was so tight that a single finger would probably be all that was needed to get her off.

Oh to be young again, Sheriam sighed inside.

Sheriam decided it was now time to attack the girls pleasure button and withdrew her finger to rub vigorous circles in the peak of Elayne's labia. The blonde gasped and groaned loudly, starting to breathe raggedly as her hard little clit was stimulated. As she circled and stroked the auburn-haired Aes Sedai noticed fluid well up at the blondes vulva and, with more insistent circling, a trickle of clear fluid broke loose and ran down the channel wetting her fingertips more. Elayne was so aroused now her little cat was positively dripping. She was writhing on the desk, close to the edge of release.

Abruptly Sheriam went to her dressing table, leaving the blonde to whimper in frustration. She searched among her perfume and hair things for a small glass bottle. Thrym extract, given to her by one of the Brown Ajah sisters, was the sap of a tree which grew high up in the Nemarellin mountains. The Browns were experimenting with it for making cart axles move more smoothly but Sheriam had thought of a different use for the substance. She opened the stopper and poured a little into her palm. She started to coat her fingers in the yellowish fluid making them extremely slippery, so slippery in fact that she dropped the bottle onto the table and couldn't pick it up again. A lot of the clear fluid had spilled onto her table before she could get the bottle righted, the fluid had made the bottle like a wet soap in her hands. She wiped up the spill with her fingers and rubbed them together making them slide and slip without any friction. 

There was an experiment Sheriam wished to perform and she needed a willing subject.  It was an item of curiosity to the Ajahs that a woman could hold the source and channel even through the most stressful and distracting events. Running at full speed and dodging arrows were not enough to distract a determined Aes Sedai from channeling. Not even pain from wounds received in battle could make a skilled one lose the source. But, no woman known had been able to hold onto Saidar while experiencing her orgasm. Something in the female climax caused the loss of connection to the source. Sheriam had seen notes on tests with hundreds of women over the years, she had even performed the experiment on herself over a dozen times, but no one was able to hold onto the source while coming.  It was written that men did not suffer this effect and could channel as they spurted cum, so it was strange that a woman could not. Some Browns were working on a theory that an enemy channeler could be more effectively shielded and captured by weaving something that made her climax and lose her connection to the source. But, new talents were being discovered all the time as Tarmon Gaidon drew near. Novices were turning up at the tower with skills which had been lost for millennia.

Elayne still gripped the table, she had arched her back and spread her legs now. The Daughter-Heir was still holding onto the Source and the light of Saidar surrounded her, no doubt enhancing the sexual sensations rampaging through her body. Sheriam returned to the trembling blonde and rubbed her slippery hands over Elayne's buttocks, soothing them with the oil, and then into the channel between her cheeks. The blonde spluttered and groaned as the mistress fingers glided over the puckered rosebud of her rear entrance. Sheriam positioned the tip of her index finger at the Daughter Heirs little hole and pushed gently. The Thrym extract just could not be resisted and the blondes sphincter opened easily, she cried out in pure pleasure when the knuckle squeezed past her tight ring. Sheriam withdrew her finger and plunged it back in smoothly, and again, twisting her wrist to rotate it inside. Elayne was squirming and gasping on the dark wood, pushing herself up on her hands and falling back down again. Sheriam touched the blondes love-button with the fingers of her other hand and she felt the muscles of the girls rear entrance spasm and grip. She touched again, rubbing gently while driving and twisting with the other finger. Each touch on Elayne's clitoris brought a spasm from her back passage and a squeal from her mouth. Sheriam started a “come here” gesture with her fingertip over the blondes slippery flower-bud and maintained it with a relentless, unstinting, rhythm. Within a minute the blonde started to shake, not making a sound, not even breathing. Her knuckles gripped white, her face flushed beetroot and her mouth held an open oh shape. Then, moments later, something snapped inside and Elayne started to scream and thrash on the desk, her cried perfectly in time with the frantic spasms of her asshole gripping the invading finger. Sheriam continued move her fingers purposefully as the young princess rode out what looked to be a very large and intense orgasm.

Eventually the blonde novice was spent, she panted and groaned on the desk, lost in pure bliss. Sheriam removed her finger and looked for a cloth to wipe away the slippery oil. After a long minute a gasping Elayne Trakand pushed herself up, standing on shaky legs. Her knees were trembling like jelly and she had to put a hand back on the desk to steady herself. The light of Saidar was gone from the young blonde, it seemed she was not able to hold the source either. Golden curls straggled wildly over her flushed face and she was still having difficulty breathing easily. Sheriam stared at her with well practiced Aes Sedai calm.

“You may go.”

Elayne staggered towards the door.

“Child. Have you forgotten something?

Elayne turned and Sheriam gestured with her eyes at the white small-clothes lying forgotten on the rug.

The Daughter Heir of Andor picked up her underwear, not trusting her balance enough to put them back on. She reached for the door and pulled it open to face a small line of open mouthed novices waiting on the bench outside. They had heard the frenzied screaming and now saw a bedraggled Elayne come out carrying her pants in one hand. The blonde looked at them a moment before fleeing down the hall as fast as her legs could carry her.  A line of heads tuned to watch her go before jumping as one with fright when they heard the voice from the office.


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