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Chapter One:


God looked over at the world that he created – the many different colored animals roamed the plains, the birds flew through the sky, the trees and the long grass swayed with the breeze that went over them. He spent time roaming his world that He created tending to all the creations that He did in the past day, with the help of His many Angels that He created soon after He had finished creating the Heavens and the Earth.

As dusk of the fourth day came, one of His Angels approached God. “Forgive me, my Lord God, may I speak?”

The Lord God turned from his watch to see the most beautiful of all of His Angels in robes of fine cotton tipped with gold kneeling before him. He waved his hand before resuming his watch over the land. “Rise and speak, Morningstar,”

Morningstar stood up but kept to a distance from the Creator. “We have a problem.”

The Lord God turned to look at him. “What sort of problem?”

“There are too many creatures and greens for all the Angels to care for in a timely manner, my Lord God,” Morningstar stated. “I am afraid, we may have to cull some so the rest can be cared for properly.”

The Lord God turned to his Angels. “Is this what you all were thinking?” The nods from the Angels were the only thing that The Lord God received in reply. “I see.”

The Lord God focused His mind on what His decision should be as this was something that He didn't think would be a problem for Him and His Angels to do. But He did see the point in the argument over the many creatures that He had created.

He turned around to face the kneeling Angels. “I have come to a decision about the creations that I have created.”

Morningstar looked up with a slight smile upon his face. “And what would that be, oh mighty Lord?”

“A caretaker,”

Morningstar's smile dropped. “A . . . caretaker?” He glanced about the ranks of the Angels. “From one of us?”

“No, none of you shall have the role.” The Lord God stated, as He smiled towards them all. “I shall create one more creation.”

“One more, My Lord God?” The golden haired Angel Michael asked, as he gazed at The Lord God.

“Yes, one in my own likeness,” The Lord God replied, as He walked away from them to the riverbank.

Morningstar turned to look at the other Angels. “It should be me who gets the spot, not some new creation.”

Michael looked at Morningstar. “It is Our Lord God's decision on who gets that role, Morningstar. Be thankful that He listened to what we had to say. For even all of the Angels that He created, can not really care for all of His creations with the care He wants for them.”

“That is true, but it should have been given to one of us. After all, are we not His first creations of true life?” Morningstar stated, as he looked at them all. “We are his Firsts.”

The Angels nodded, as some started to return to their duties, now that they had told The Lord God of their needs. Raphael, the black haired Angel stepped forth. “Morningstar, take heed, The Lord Our God knows what is best. Now, come and let us resume our work with the creations He has created.”

Morningstar turned and resumed his work but he was not pleased that The Lord God didn't decide to grant one of them the role of caretaker but some new creation in His own likeness, would be granted that role.

It was not long before The Lord God summoned all His creatures and His Angels to bear witness of His newest creation. The Lord God stood by the riverbank and smiled. “I present to you, my Angels, the caretaker of my world – man,” He waved his hand towards the figure standing in the shadows before the one called Adam stepped forth into the light. “His name shall be Adam for he will be the first of many.”

Michael, Raphael and the other Angels quickly knelt before the dark haired, naked mildly muscled man but Morningstar and a few others, who had listened and agreed with what Morningstar had said, refused to kneel.

The Lord God noticed this rejection of his new creation. “Morningstar, why do you not kneel before my caretaker of the lands?”

“He is not worthy of the role you do give to him, my Lord God.” Morningstar stated. “It should have been granted to one of us.”

The Lord God looked at him. “Explain?”

“He will fail you in everything you set him to do, my Lord God,” Morningstar said. “Look at him, he is nothing like us.”

The Lord God turned to look at Adam. “He is my creation and I have faith in my newest creation.”

“Faith in him to kill all that you have created?” Morningstar asked.

“He will not kill all that I have created, Morningstar, I have faith in my creation.” The Lord God stated, as he turned to Adam.

“More than us, with whom you also created?” Morningstar snapped anger lacing his voice. The first thing that came to his mind was to apologize for it but he was not going to as this new creation was usurping his rightful place as caretaker of this planet.

“He is not usurping your place, Morningstar,” The Lord God said, turning his eyes onto Morningstar. “He will be the main caretaker for my world.”

“I do not think he will be right for it,” Morningstar stated. “It is a large world and he is only one man.”

“He will do fine,” The Lord God replied, as he turned to Adam and led the male away from the Angels.

“Are you sure?” Morningstar asked in a low whisper, as his hand grasped the hilt of his sword on his left hip.

The next thing the other Angels saw was Morningstar and his followers being blasted out of the area by the Lord God. The Lord God walked towards Morningstar as he knelt where he had fallen at. “Till you learn to respect my new creation, Oh Morningstar, begone from my sight.”

Morningstar stood up slowly gazing at The Lord God. “You will come to regret that mistake, Lord God.” before he turned and vanished from view with his followers.

Stay tuned, the next chapter could come soon or not.

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