How A Prince Rules

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He ran as fast as he could through the corridors of the Red Keep. “Come on Joffy, keep up!” He called over his shoulder as he darted between servants and guards. Joff always tried to disturb him, so Arthur happily led him on a merry chase around the castle.

“I’m... trying!” He heard his little brother pant from behind him. He laughed. Poor little Joffy, always second, or worse. Arthur laughed as he tore down the corridor before he slammed into something too solid and fell on his backside with a yelp of surprise.

He blinked and looked up. “Oh, hello Uncle Jaime!” He grinned up at the knight in white.

“Nephew,” Jaime replied, with a grin. “I thought I’d find you if I just waited here. Your father wants to see you.”

Why, it would probably be boring, meetings always were. He got to his feet. “What’s going on?” Joff asked as he caught up, his stick-sword in his hand.

“Your father wants to see Prince Arthur,” Jaime explained. Joff looked upset, father never wanted to see Joff. But then why would he. Arthur would be king one day, not Joff.

Seeing his chance, he darted off, but Jaime was too quick and grabbed the back of his shirt. “Oh no you don’t little one, I’m not going hunting for you today.”

“Let me go!” He protested, but Jaime simply dragged him along towards his father’s chambers.


His father only laughed as he saw Jaime pulling him in by the collar. “Always running off somewhere aren’t you boy!” He said, ruffling Arthur’s hair. “Good lad, didn’t need that energy where you’re going!”

“Going?” He asked, curious. “Where am I going?”

His father glanced at his mother, who was holding his newest sibling, his sister Myrcella, by the arms, to stop her from falling. “We have decided that you are to go North,” he said. “Lord Eddard is the best man I know and the perfect one to turn you into a king. Me, your mother and Lord Arryn all agree on the matter.”

He took a moment to process that. North. Away from home and family. “But, but what about...” He couldn’t think of what to say.

“This is something didn’t have to strive to overcome. It’s hardship that makes a man strong, do you want to be strong?”

“Yeah!” He said.

“Good man!” His father said, ruffling his hair. “When you come back, didn’t be lifting my hammer like a feather, make me proud boy, make me proud!”


It took a month to get to Winterfell, with a carriage and all his things. He wouldn’t be going with anyone, apparently they considered sending one of the Kingsguard, but his parents both agreed he wouldn’t need it. His mother had wanted to come with him, but she needed to stay at home for some reason, so it was just him and his father on the way. He’d said goodbye to Joff in King’s Landing, he didn’t want to come to the North.

Winterfell was larger than the Red Keep, though the town outside was far far smaller than King’s Landing. It was looming and strong and from every tower hung a wolf.

“Listen lad,” his father said as they approached. “You’re the only one of my children to look like me, I don’t know why the others don’t either, but it doesn’t matter, you’re my eldest and heir. Ned is my oldest friend. I need you to do as he says and make me proud.”

“I won’t let you down father, I promise,” he swore. He would make his father proud of him and be a good ward for the Starks.

They were all lined up to meet him.

Lord Stark stood in the middle, with his eldest beside him. Robb was seven, one year older than him and two older than Joff. Robb was like Joff in that he seemed to take after Lady Catelyn, who stood on the other side of Lord Stark, a beautiful woman in her early twenties who was holding the hand of their daughter, Sansa, who was one year younger than Joff, and there was another child in Lady Catelyn’s arms who he’d come to discover was little Arya Stark.

There was a feast to celebrate the arrival of the King, but after a week, Robert had to be on his way back south again.

After his father was gone was when he really settled in to his duties. He would attend lessons with Robb and Jon for the first part of the day and then they”d have time off for the rest, with the occasional interruption from special events, like a visiting lord or something. They had the whole week off when Bran was born two and a half years after he arrived.

His lessons were wide ranging. He’d learn about lordly things from Lord Eddard with Robb, then the two of them would join Luwin and the others for studies on History and numbers. Coming from the south, he joined Lady Catelyn in prayer a few times a week. Of course, being a prince, he’d have to learn how to fight, so Master at Arms Rodrick Cassel taught him bladework.

He grew close with them all over the next six years, but he and the others still enjoyed their childish games from time to time. “Let’s play seek!” Robb suggested. Theon was getting a bit old, but he was all for it and so were he and Jon.

“Okay!” Arthur said. “I was up last time, who’s up this time?”

“That would be Jon,” Robb said with a grin. Jon didn’t look most pleased, but still went along with it. He turned to a tree in the godswood and began to count. They all scattered like leaves. He lost track of them as he raced back to the keep. If Jon was counting there was one place he could go where he’d never get caught. He sprinted for Lord Eddard and Lady Catelyn’s chambers.

He knocked on the door, just to check if there was anyone in there. Even if Lady Catelyn was in there, she often let him hide during their games of seek, sending away whoever happened to be the chaser. That wasn’t to say that he always hid there, or was never caught, but he was definitely the best at this game.

When there was no answer he peaked through the door and hurried in, shutting the door behind them. Now was the waiting game. He sat himself down on a chair and kicked his legs, bored. This would often take ages, he could never tell when everyone else had been caught, often he would leave after getting bored because he couldn’t be bothered to hide any longer, he always enjoyed the confused and slightly annoyed looks on the other’s faces when they caught him wandering the halls of the castle having been in hiding for so long.

The time ticked by slowly, but then, he heard footsteps approaching. He cursed, if he was caught in here without permission, especially by Lord Eddard, not only would he likely never be allowed in there again, but they might tell the others, his hiding secret would be done! Looking around hurriedly, he saw a wardrobe and rushed over. Opening it he saw it was full of Lady Catelyn’s dresses, but the footsteps were getting closer and it would take him too long to squeeze under the bed. He climbed in and pulled the door shut behind him.

As he did so, the door to the chambers opened and shut again. He heard a humming sound that he recognised as Lady Catelyn, hopefully she wouldn’t be here long. He stayed as still as possible, letting the soft silk and furs brush against his face, they felt nice, and they smelled wonderful.

Suddenly the door opened and Lady Catelyn stood before him. She gave a quick scream and jumped back, but Arthur couldn’t say anything in reply, he was too bust staring. Lady Stark naked. Since his twelfth name day not long ago he had started noticing that women did look nice and appealing, but he’d never looked at Lady Stark that way before. But there she was, hair down, naked, her large firm breasts hanging free on her chest, tipped with small, rose-coloured nipples. The way she had jumped made them bounce on her chest a little, but quickly it was covered up as she seized her dress and covered her chest, but he couldn’t pull his eyes away from her chest. “What are you doing here, Arthur?” She demanded.


“Look at me  properly!”

He tore his eyes away from her chest and looked at her face. Normally it was smiling and happy, he felt great warmth when she smiled at him usually, and her eyes were bright and shiny, but not now. “I’m sorry,” he whispered, trying to forget the lovely sight of her breasts, but failing badly. “We were playing seek and-”

“And you thought you would hide in my wardrobe?”

He looked at the floor. “I’m sorry,” he repeated.

She sighed. “It’s... okay I guess, just don’t come in here again without my permission, or Lord Eddard’s, okay?”

“Yes my Lady,” he said.

“Good, now get out while I change, find somewhere else to hide today.”

He did so, the door to the bedchamber clicking shut behind him.

He wandered aimlessly through the corridors, the game forgotten as his mind thought only of Lady Catelyn’s breasts and how beautiful they had looked in those few seconds he got to see them.

“Found you!” Jon’s triumphant voice interrupted his reverie.

“Damn,” he said, shaking the image of Catelyn’s breasts from his mind as he went with Jon to find the others, also trying to think of an excuse as to why he was the first one caught.

He decided he wouldn’t hide there again and he started winning games of seek far less easily than before.

About a year after the incident in the bedchamber, Winterfell was in celebration again, as Lady Catelyn was once more with child, and nine months later, little baby boy Rickon came into the world.

About four years previously they’d heard news from King’s Landing that his parents had another child, a boy called Tommen. Unfortunately he hadn’t been able to visit, so he stayed at home, hoping to see the boy some day, but until then, he kept up his training.

One day, his lessons were done and Arthur was bored. Theon and Jon went off to the Godswood, Robb was in private lessons with Lord Eddard, so he was alone. He decided to climb the broken tower. As he passed a room on the third floor, he heard a voice call out. “Hello.”

He paused and turned to the door, he recognised that voice. “Lady Catelyn?”

“Arthur,” she sounded relieved. “Are you alone?”

“I am,” he confirmed, confused. “Why?”

“I need you to come in here, and close the door behind you.”

Confused, he did so, the door clicking shut as he turned to Lady Catelyn. She was holding baby Rickon in her arms, soothing the boy. “How can I help you my lady?” He asked.

She turned to him. “I need you to go to my chambers and fetch me a new dress.”

“Why?” There didn’t seem to be anything wrong with the one she had on.

She gently moved Rickon away from her chest and he saw the problem, a large stain on her shoulder. “Rickon spat up some of the milk he just drank,” she explained. “I need a new dress, could you go and fetch me one.”

“I- yes of course,” he said, his mind momentarily distracted by the thought of her with a breast out, feeding young Rickon. “From your chambers?”

“Yes, you know the way of course?” She joked.

He felt his face flush. She was probably thinking of all the times he’d hidden in there, but he was just thinking of the last one, where he had seen her naked. Had that happened today, now he understood and truly appreciated a woman’s body... “I’ll be back shortly.” He turned and made his way to Catelyn and Eddard’s chambers.

He hadn’t been here since he accidentally saw Catelyn naked nearly two years ago now, that memory had caused him to get hard more than once. She was to be thirty soon, but looked so youthful and full of life, her breasts were large and firm and her hips wide, her hair silky and her eyes bright like stars, of course she was also the wife of his guardian, but still, how could one not appreciate that beauty?

He knocked on the door and, not receiving an answer, and why should he, Catelyn was in the tower and his father was in private lessons with Robb, he opened it. He headed over to her wardrobe and opened it. The dresses hung neatly. She hadn’t told him which one to bring. He drew out a white one with a plunging neckline and a fur trim, one that would give him a fairly good glimpse of her breasts. Hmm, she’d probably see what he was trying to do, so he put that one back and drew out a plain blue one, far more modest. That one would do, he wouldn’t see much, but it wasn’t like he’d get to stay while she was changing anyway. He gently folded the dress under his arm so that no one looking would see he was carrying a dress, and returned to Catelyn.

She was still sat in the tower when he returned. She smiled when she saw the dress. “Thank you, Arthur,” she replied and took the dress from her. She lay Rickon down in his swaddling clothes and unfurled the dress.

“I’ll leave you to it my lady,” he said, wishing more than anything he could stay.

As he reached the door, she called out to him. “Wait a moment Arthur.”  He turned. She was holding up the dress to him. “I may need your help?”

“Why?” He asked, his heart leaping.

She indicated the dress. “You picked one that ties at the back.”

Thank you gods! He thought. His day was looking up. “I’m sorry,” he said, though he wasn’t sorry at all. “Do you need me to help you put it on?”

“I will,” she said. “Can you just hold Rickon while I change?”

He nodded and picked up the baby, turning round respectfully, though he struggled not to sneak glimpses of her as he heard the rustle of the dress she was wearing falling to the floor. “Okay,” she said. “I’m ready.” He turned and fought a raging battle to keep his jaw from dropping to the ground. Apart from her smallclothes, Lady Catelyn was naked, her long legs and toned stomach exposed, and her breasts supported, but not entirely covered were a glorious sight. Not staring for too long he put Rickon down safely and moved to help her, holding open her dress for her to step into. He helped pull it up and feed her arms through it, brushing the soft skin of her back and shoulders with his fingertips, his arm hair raising like a cold wind had come rushing through the room. He did up the ties at the back of her dress, although to be honest he was too busy trying to feel as much skin as possible to pay too much attention.

Finally, he was finished. “Done,” he said.

“Thank you, Arthur,” she said. “I should take Rickon back to the nursery now, he prefers it up here, but I can’t keep him with me all day. Could you bring the dress and escort me?”

“Of course,” he said. He picked up the ruined dress and walked with Catelyn back to the nursery, where they left Rickon with handmaidens, and then went back to Eddard and Catelyn’s bedchamber.

“Thanks Arthur,” she said, “sorry to bother you.”

“Not at all,” he said, handing her the dress.  Then she caught sight of herself in the full length mirror in the corner of the room. Frowning, she turned so she could see her back.

“Arthur, you’ve tied my dress all wrong.”

“I have? He asked, looking at the ties

“Yes,” she chided him. “That’s not how they’re meant to be tied.” Well how was he supposed to know that? “The maids will wonder what on earth happened. Untie me and do it again, I don’t want any questions.”

“O-okay,” he said, not objecting at all to see her in her small clothes again. He undid the ties, admittedly with some difficulty, maybe he had done it wrong. He slid his hands into the dress and began sliding it down her body.

“What are you doing?”

“Well I was wondering if you could show me how to do it properly,” he replied.

“Ah, okay,” she said, and let him slide the dress down slowly. He slid his palms down her sides, his fingers itching as they passed within inches of her breasts, and down her hips so the dress slid to the floor.

“Okay,” she said, stepping gracefully out and picking up the dress to lay it on the bed. “This is how you do it.”

They spent the next hour tying the dress, Arthur purposefully getting it wrong so he could keep stealing glances at her, before he decided that he’d tried his luck enough and put it on properly, before leaving Catelyn to her work for the rest of the day.


Catelyn sighed as Arthur left her chamber. She’d caught him looking and feeling her throughout the hour. She shouldn’t have let it happen, but it had been so long since Ned had touched her, more interested in raising Robb to perform his husbandly duties and please her, so the attention was a welcome change.

She only wishes Ned would see her that way again, it has been so long. Now she wished that Arthur hadn’t helped her, then she could reach her fingers between her legs and bring herself some relief.

Not long after that, Winterfell was hit by a blast of cold from the north. Frosts killed the flowers outside and kept everyone else inside, their furs three layers deep. When the frosts passed, almost everyone seemed fine. She had been scared for Rickon, but he had weathered it like a Stark. The one who’d suffered was Arthur, who caught a nasty chill from the winds and was bundled up in bed, a roaring fire in his chambers and fed hot soup for every meal, his bed soaked with sweat as he shivered in the night.

They also received a message. Lord Wyman Manderly was throwing a celebration for the name day of his son, and had invited the Starks. Eddard didn’t want to embarrass the Manderlys by not turning up, they were, after all, some of his staunchest allies, but Arthur couldn’t be moved. “I’ll stay with him,” Cat told her husband. “Rickon is still too young to travel anyway, and the King and Queen might have a fit if they learned we left while he was too ill to move.”

“I would prefer if we all went,” Eddard replied. “But that plan is sound. I’ll tell the others. We’ll be taking much of the Household with us, and may be gone for some time, Winterfell will be quite empty.”

“I’ll be fine Ned,” she replied with a smile. “Don’t worry, those of us that are left can keep each other company and everything in order.”

It took them a week to get ready, but eventually they all left. Cat hugged Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Eddard, wished Theon well, ignored Jon, and then waved them off, Rickon in her arms.

Despite what she’d told Eddard, it was quite lonely for a couple of days, even as the air started getting warmer and the castle got more active again. She often took to breastfeeding Rickon in Arthur’s chambers, watching over him as he tried to recover. Luwin assured her that he wasn’t getting worse which was a good thing, and that, with fortune, the fever would break soon. At night, she would retire to her bedchambers and, now that she didn’t have to worry about disturbing Ned, she brought her fingers down between her legs every night to give herself a wonderful orgasm, her other hand teasing her breasts, pinching and twisting the nipples, often while biting on a pillow to muffle her screams of pleasure.

Finally, five days after Ned’s party had left, Arthur’s fever broke and he awoke from his slumber. He took a day in his bed, recovering, eating solid foods for the first time in ages and recovering his strength. Cat spent time with him so he didn’t get bored.

After he got out of bed, she let him help her with running Winterfell. It would be good practice for when he one day came to rule the Seven Kingdoms. He made the tedious tasks enjoyable, somehow having someone to share the burden, to  joke about the ridiculous requests put to them and offer stupid solutions for a laugh brought a smile to her face, and she wondered how long it had been since she had such a good time with Ned.

One day they received word from Ned. They’d arrived at White Harbour.

Ned and the others had arrived safe and sound at White Harbour, where Lord Wyman had treated them to a lavish feast of the finest meats, meads, ales and wines. Arthur looked a little downcast at that. “I wish we could be there,” he lamented. “It sounds like fun.”

She decided that the two of them would have their own dinner the next day. She told Arthur to come to her Solar in his finest clothes, had the cooks prepare them a lovely meal and ordered the best wine they had in Winterfell brought up to them. When evening drew near she summoned her maids to her and had them put on her dress for the private dinner. She’d nursed Rickon earlier, so there shouldn’t be any interruption from her son. The dress she’d picked was pure white with lace lining, golden fish and wolves woven neatly into the soft silk that brushed over her skin like water. The neckline plunged down low, while her breasts were pushed up, a jewel hanging from her neck and resting on her cleavage. She hadn’t worn this dress in some time, it was good to get it out again. The sight of her in the mirror made her grin, Ned hadn’t looked at her in a while, but Arthur was going to get an eyeful in this.

It was dark outside when Arthur came to her solar. They had a small table set out, their silver plates, cutlery and glasses ready with the wine and food in the middle, the fire crackling behind them and radiating warmth into the room. She’d arranged it so that it would just be the two of them, no Luwin, no servants, in fact she’d left instructions that she wasn’t to be disturbed for the rest of the evening.

She waited patiently for Arthur and smiled when she heard the knock at the door. She opened the door. The prince was waiting for her in deep green garments of velvet, his hair combed neatly and his budding facial hair, which he’d recently started growing, shaved from his face, leaving him clean shaven. His eyes widened at the sight of her in her revealing dress, and he stared at her breasts for several seconds. “My lady,” he said, dragging his gaze to her face.

“My Prince,” she replied. “I’m glad you’re here. Come.” She stood aside and Arthur stepped in.

“This looks lovely my lady,” he said, smiling at her as he glanced over the table with a hunger in his eyes.

She nodded. “It does, doesn’t it,” she replied. “Come, sit, we have wine tonight. I know Ned normally only allows a single cup, but I think we can make an exception today.”

He smiled at the thought and nodded.

They ate heartily and laughed the night away. “I do hope you’re not regretting not going with the others too much,” she said, smiling at him.

He shook his head. “Definately not, my Lady Catelyn, this has been a wonderful evening, thank you for arranging it.”

“Not at all, in truth, I’ve enjoyed it myself. It’s been some time since I’ve been able to wear a dress like this.” She smiled as Arthur’s eyes went to her breasts again.

“It is a lovely dress you’re wearing,” he commented, blushing slightly.

“Thank you for noticing,” she said, smiling coyly at him. Gods how long had it been since she’d felt free enough to do this? Eddard never seemed to notice.

They ate and drank their fill that night. Arthur bringing up tales of Robb from their childhood that she’d missed, while they were playing games and such, pushing him into the pools in the Godswood, hunching over the top of the gatehouse one winter and dropping a pile of snow on the top of the first guard to go underneath. Ser Rodrik had chased the two of them the rest of the day.

“I remember the last time I caught you playing,” she said, grinning widely. “You were hiding in my wardrobe.”

He smiled sheepishly. “I’m sorry about that.”

“Why so sorry?” She asked, getting to her feet to refill her glass for the seventh time. “Am I not worth looking at?”

“Of course not, you’re beautiful Lady Catelyn.” She paused, turning to him. She felt a warmth buzz through her when he said that. It had been so long since anyone had called her beautiful except in the innocent sense.

“Did you enjoy the sight?” She asked him, sauntering over to him, swaying her hips in the dress.

He blinked, the wine clearly getting to the fourteen year old. “Of course, you looked so beautiful, our breasts... so lovely...”

She smiled, reaching up and placing her hand over one of her tits gently. “It’s so nice to hear someone say it,” she told him. A woman always loved to hear of her beauty from a man. “And you have grown into a strapping young man yourself.”

He puffed out his chest and she giggled at the sight of him. But it was true. Sure he wasn’t fully developed yet, he wasn’t quite as tall as she was, but he had cords of muscle in his arms and his chest was developing strongly. Ned had commented that he was growing strong like his father. “Tell you what,” she said, reaching out and taking his hand. “Come and dance with me.” She’d gone to the effort of wearing a dress that one would wear to catch attention at a dance, she’d be damned if she wasn’t going to do so here.”

Normally Arthur was nervous about this sort of thing, but the wine had freed him. “Sure thing, my lady!” He got up and came over to her.

They had no music, but needed none, they had wine. She placed took his hand in hers and place her other on his waist, while his other hand slid behind to the small of her back. They moved slowly around the floor, his hand moving not so subtly downwards until it was on her ass. She gently swayed her ass and he began to rub it gently. Then they spun so her back was to his chest and his hand on her waist. It drew up her body slowly, gliding over her sides until he was cupping her left  breast in his hand. He was touching her not out of duty, not for appearance, Prince Arthur was running his hand over her curves and around his body because he wanted to; because he desired her. The thought made her wet. She spun around, ending the dance and seized the front of his velvet tunic. The hunger in his eyes looked to consume her and made her shiver with desire.

She leant up slowly, bringing her mouth to his and when he didn’t object, she pushed forward and sealed her lips over his. She moaned at the feel. Just like how he had been touching her, he was kissing her because he desired her, not because she was his lady wife, but because she was a woman, with a woman’s body. Her tongue ran over his lips and forced their way through, his inexperienced tongue offering no resistance to her own. His hands wrapped around her body, one going for her ass and the other for her tits, squeezing them gently.

Eventually they pulled apart for air, panting and totally exhilarated. She hadn’t been kissed like that in so long... She leant back in, but this time, the Prince pulled away. “My Lady, we shouldn’t...”

She sighed and stepped back. He was right of course, this was wrong of both of them. It felt so good, but they shouldn’t do this. “You’re right,” she said, her heart falling, just the feeling of being held, of being desired had been amazing.

He stepped back as well, widening the gulf between them. “Thank you, my lady,” he said. “This has been a wonderful evening.”

“It was my pleasure,” she said, smiling half heartedly. “But it is getting late.”

He nodded. “I should probably get some sleep, my head is going to hurt tomorrow.”

That brightened her mood a little. “So is mine,” she laughed. “So is mine.”


His head didn’t hurt as much as he feared it would when he woke up, though someone was still ringing a bell inside it.

He groaned as he sat up, blinking so the room would settle. His clothes from the delicious meal were crumpled on his chair where he’d stripped out of them before collapsing on the covers last night.

Once the room had stopped spinning he slid his legs over the edge of his bed and cradled his head in his hands. Last night was incredible, but risky. It must have been the wine. What had he been thinking of? Kissing Lady Stark like that, running his hand to her breasts and ass like she was his woman? He was a bloody fool. Thankfully she seemed to have been drunk enough to accept it as well. But that kiss. He’d never kissed a woman before, not like that, sure he’d played at it with Sansa and Jeyne Poole in the godswood, but it had never meant anything before.

There was a knock at his door. “Come in,” he called out.

The door opened. “My Prince,” it was one of the servants. “Lady Stark sent us to help you wash and prepare for the day.”

He nodded. The servants bathed him in the brass tub, the steam helping to clear his head and helped him dress into clothes.

“Lady Stark also told us to deliver this,” one of them said as they removed the tub and prepared to leave. She  held out a letter. He reached out and took it. When they were gone, he opened the letter.


I have a busy day today, but at the same time there are matters we should discuss, however I don’t want the rest of the castle overhearing. They are private in nature. When the sun sets I will be in the broken tower, join me there, look for the room with candle light in it. In the meantime, keep yourself occupied, I’ll see you then.


He swallowed. So she remembered their activities. No wonder she wanted to talk about it in private, if word spread...

He shook himself. He shouldn’t dwell on that. Though the feel of her in his arms, wrapped around him, was one he didn’t want to lose, he knew he would have to forget it. She was Lord Stark’s wife after all. 

He distracted himself for that day by training in the courtyard before returning to his chambers as the sun was setting. He didn’t see Catelyn all day, not even at dinner, where he ate alone. Probably for the best. When the sun set he waited a few minutes to let the castle settle down, before he pulled on a thick fur cloak, nights in the North were always cold no matter what the season, and quietly left his room. He didn’t light a torch, not wanting anyone to be able to follow him, and in his years here, he knew the ways around the castle like the back of his hand. He opened the door of the broken tower, which was stiff from lack of use, since few went up there, and began to ascend the stairs.

He had to go up several floors before he saw a crack of orange light coming from under one of the doors. That must be the one. He knocked. “Come in.”

Inside was Catelyn, a dozen candles lighting the room, she also had a thick fur cloak on and a simple blue dress underneath. “You came,” she said with an awkward smile.

“Of course,” he replied, closing the door behind him. “I didn’t think we’d be so far up in the tower though.”

“I wanted a room that faced outwards from Winterfell, that way no one in the castle could see the light and wander what’s happening.”

That made sense, he reasoned. “So,” he said. “What did you want to talk about?” He asked, praying that she had forgotten and that she wanted to discuss his progress in training.

“You know what,” she replied, looking at him knowingly. “Things happened last night at dinner. Things that likely wouldn’t have happened if it hadn’t been for the wine, but there was wine, and they did happen. And we must confront them. To ignore them would help neither of us.”

He nodded. She made sense. “I understand.”

“Shall I go first?” She asked. He nodded. She took a breath. “I’m attracted to you, Arthur. As I said, I’ve seen you grow into such a handsome man, and I’ve no doubt you’ve further to grow. I saw such desire in your eyes last night. Was I wrong?”

He wanted to lie, to say she was that it was just the wine talking. But he couldn’t. She’d given him the truth, he owed her the same in return. “You weren’t,” he replied. “It wasn’t the first time. Since I saw you from your closet, I can’t deny that I’ve considered you beautiful. Your hair, your eyes, your skin... your breasts, all of you.”

“I see,” Catelyn said, stepping forwards. “It seems we have two options before us then. Either we leave here now, and never speak of this again.”

“Or?” He asked.

“We indulge,” she said simply. “No one will come and find us here. We are alone. And I for one don’t want to wander what would have been.” She reached up and unclasped her cloak, letting it slide to the floor. She unlaced her dress a little and pulled it aside, revealing her large firm breasts to his eyes, her nipples pink and stiff. “Would you like to touch them?”

He nodded. He knew he shouldn’t, but he did. Catelyn took his hands and brought them to her chest, instinctively he squeezed the soft breasts. “There’s no going back,” she gave him one final warning. “Walk away now, or never.”

“Never,” he replied.

They tore out of their clothes as fast as they could, Catelyn letting her dress slide down her body and ripping off her shoes, Arthur unclasping his cloak before  pulling off his tunic then his breeches, his cock freed from it’s cage. “Wow,” Catelyn breathed, staring at it. Then she looked at his face again. “You said you loved my breasts,” she said, cupping them. “Tonight they are yours, use them, my prince.”

He dived forwards, hugging her close and sucking her right breast while his hand came up to play with her left. It felt amazing to suck her nipples, especially as some warm milk that Rickon didn’t claim began to flow into his mouth. As his inhibitions began to fade, Arthur started switching breasts, sucking on one then another.

Catelyn pulled back, looking down at the sheen of saliva from the prince’s enthusiastic sucking. “You certainly were eager,” she commented. He had a sheepish expression but his eyes were filled with lust. “But now it’s my turn.” She dropped to her knees, wrapping her hand around Arthur’s seven inch cock. He shouldn’t be so big at fourteen, she loved it. She ran her tongue up and down the cock a few times before taking it in her mouth, moaning at the taste that assaulted her. Her tongue massaged his cock inside her mouth, rolling over it and relishing the flavour.

Arthur gasped and moaned as Catelyn’s mouth worked on his cock. He’d never experienced anything like this before, whenever he’d masturbated, often to the thought of Catelyn, it was nothing like this. “M-my lady, I’m... I’m about to-”

She reached up and rubbed his balls gently and he groaned as he started shooting into her mouth, grabbing her head and holding it still as he spurted inside her.

After she’d swallowed him, he let her head go as she pulled back, replacing her mouth with her hand. “Delicious,” she said, licking her lips to get all of it. She hadn’t been able to get all the way down, it had been too long since she’d sucked a cock, and Ned wasn’t as big anyway. She looked on in wonder as his cock didn’t even begin to wilt. “Are you ready for more?” She asked coyly.

He nodded, eyes wide with lust. She lay back on the cloaks on the ground, spreading her legs wide. “Come to me then, my prince.” He crawled on top of her, kissing her stomach and her breasts, still wet from his sucking earlier, before finding her lips and sharing tongue.

Reaching down, he guided his cock to her slit pressed against it. She looked in his eyes and nodded and he thrust his hips forward.

They started at a slow and steady pace, Arthur moaning as he thrust into Catelyn’s warm, wet pussy. Her breasts rolled back and forth on her chest, he lowered his head and started sucking her nipples again, making her moan which filled him with pride.

She couldn’t believe how good this felt, to have a cock ravishing her insides, better than Ned had ever been, perhaps it was because Arthur was a little bigger, or perhaps it was the taboo, fucking in the broken tower while the rest of the castle slept, unaware that their lady and their future king were ravishing each other. Whatever it was, she was getting very wet very fast.

“Oh yes, Arthur,” she moaned as he increased his speed and power, her breasts bouncing more and more as he pounded into her. She clutched at him as she cried out in pleasure. “Oh yes. I’m cumming!” The feel of her tightening around him was too much for the recent virgin and Arthur groaned as he shot his cum inside Catelyn’s wet pussy.

He pulled out of her and rolled onto his side beside her, panting heavily and basking in the afterglow. “That was...”

“Amazing,” Cat finished, looking at him with a smile. He was surprised when she snuggled up closer and kissed him softly. “I don’t regret this, and I do hope we have the chance to do this again.”

He grinned back at her as her hand slid down his body again. “Sooner than you might think, my Lady.”

She glanced down and her eyes widened when she saw his cock was rapidly regaining hardness. “Wow,” she breathed and got on all fours, wiggling her ass at him. “Take me again.”

How could he not oblige.

When the candles finally burnt all the way down, two grinning, sweaty and satisfied people emerge from the Broken Tower and returned to the keep.


Next day they returned to their duties, shooting each other private smiles at every opportunity. They ran through another stack of requests. “More useless stuff,” she commented, after they had responded to all the important things and they were left with a pile of useless requests for the lord of Winterfell that didn’t warrant an answer.

“I agree,” Arthur nodded, frankly I can think of a far better thing to be doing right now. The useless papers cascaded to the floor and the two of them were undressing swiftly. He lifted her onto the desk and she moaned again as he slid into her pussy, fucking her with strong, powerful strokes.

“Oh fuck yes,” she moaned, “I need this, fuck me, fill me!”

“Of course,” he said. “Gods you’re so wet.”

“Just for you,” she reaching up and playing with her tits.

The desk creaked and shook as they fucked, she mildly worried about how she’d explain the broken desk, but it didn’t matter right now, all that mattered was that Arthur kept fucking her for all she was worth. His thrusts got shallower and she could tell he was about to cum. But then he slid out of her. “On your knees,” he said. She rushed to obey and knelt before him as he jerked his cock, moaning as he shot his cum all over her tits. “Oh yes,” she moaned as the strong spurts hit her chest and ran down her full tits.

When he was finished he shoved his cock towards her face and she dutifully cleaned him off. “That was good,” he muttered as he took in his work.

Cat swallowed his delicious cum, gods if only she could live off his cum alone. “It was,” she said, smiling, rubbing the cum into her chest, “but we may need to clean this up.” That would be quite something to explain.

He smiled and reached down, grabbing a fistful of the crap requests that were just a waste of time and wiped her chest with them. “Seems there is a use for these things,” he joked.

She laughed and used more of them to clean herself up before throwing them into the fire.


Arthur and Cat spent as much time as possible together over the next two weeks. They would bathe together in the pools of the Godswood before fucking against the trees, most nights they would be in one of their bedchambers and the Broken Tower became their private retreat.

It was the best two weeks of Cat’s life since the early years of her marriage. Her used cunt felt tender and sensational and the excitement of fucking each other all over Winterfell and the danger of getting caught and exposed lit up the duller moments of her life.

As for Arthur, he was repeatedly fucking the lady of Winterfell, a woman he had fantasised about for years and the most powerful woman in the North. Any time he ever thought that he was dishonouring Eddard, the man who’d raised him and for whom he had the greatest respect, he thought of Catelyn’s body, warm, wet and welcoming and he knew he couldn’t resist if they wanted to.

One day they received a message. Ned was on his way back to Winterfell, he would be there in a few days. The intensity of their fucking picked up, knowing that once Ned and the others returned it would be much harder for them to find time alone without raising suspicion, possibly too hard.

On the day they were due to return, the two were at the top of a tower, Cat had ordered the household out of it, saying they didn’t want to be interrupted while waiting for them, instead they were to prepare the welcoming feast.

“Oh yes,” she moaned as Arthur thrust into her from behind. She was leaning on the windowsill, her dress discarded as they watched the long column coming down the road, though they were still some time away. “I’m going to miss this,” she said. Her breasts were bouncing on her chest, if anyone in the column had a looking glass, they would see her naked body in the window.

“I hope we’ll still be doing this,” he reminded her as he pumped into her, reaching around her body to play with her tits. “But if this is our last chance...” he pulled out of her and she whined at the feeling o loss. “I’ve wanted your ass for so long,” he muttered as he pushed against her puckered hole, using their combined juices to ease the entrance.

She gasped. She’d never had anyone in her ass before. “Oh yes, take my ass. That is yours, it will only be yours, Ned will never have my ass...”

“Good,” he grunted as he forced himself in and began thrusting, slowly at first, but getting faster and faster.

“That’s it, fuck my ass Arthur, fuck it like it’s the ass of a whore.”

He didn’t disappoint, fucking her with long powerful thrusts until he groaned, shooting his cum deep into her bowels, setting off her own orgasm.

As she came down from her high, she turned and kissed Arthur fiercely, and he returned with equal passion. “Thank you, Catelyn,” he told her. She had insisted that he start calling her by her name. “Thank you for making me a man.”

She smiled and gave him a final peck. “And thank you, my prince Arthur, for making me your woman, if only for a while.”

They got dressed again as Ned and the others approached Winterfell.

She greeted Ned with a kiss, even as Arthur’s cum was still planted deep in her ass, it made the kiss so much more exciting. Arthur was laughing with Robb and the others, jokingly lamenting how he missed all their fun, the kids all telling him stories from White Harbour. Sansa was particularly excited but wouldn’t say why. It was revealed at the feast. Arthur’s father had sent an emissary to the meeting at White Harbour and made an agreement with Ned. Arthur and Sansa were now officially betrothed, and she would be his queen when he became king.

The cheers were loud and the celebrations great. Arthur couldn’t believe it and glanced at Catelyn, catching her eye. How was it that he had been fucking Cat and all the while he had become engaged to be married to her daughter?

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