Damane In Training

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Renna Emain strolled into the Pleasure House and Egwene Al’Vere followed her meekly. One step behind and one to the left. The circular hall smelled of sandalwood and spiced wine. A hum of conversation rose from the gathered Seanchan nobles. Men and women were talking, a little drunkenly, as they lounged on low couches together. There was a buzz of excitement in the air. They paid Egwene little attention. She was nothing to them, a damane, a “leashed one”.


In Andor, even in a backwater like the Two Rivers where Egwene grew up, a woman who could channel Saidar, the female half of the One Power, was treated with respect. She was usually sent to Tar Valon to learn to control her talent or perhaps join the ranks of Aes Sedai. Egwene herself had become a novice at the White Tower before her capture by Seanchan armies at the city of Falme. In Seanchan, channellers were both feared and hated. They were hunted throughout the land. If captured, a man would instantly be put to death but, women were collared with an a’dam, taken to the imperial capital and subjected to harsh training. The purpose of the training was to mould the damane to weave destruction with the One Power and serve the Seanchan Empire as a weapon.


An a’dam was a leash consisting of a tight metal collar linked to a matching bracelet by a long silvery chain. It was a ter’angreal, an item of the One Power, and it’s function was to control a woman’s ability to channel. A damane wore the collar and the bracelet was worn by her sul’dam, “one who holds the leash”. The a’dam controlled  a woman’s ability to access the Source and also rendered her completely open to her sul’dam. Somewhat like the relationship between an Aes Sedai and her Warder, though more sinister, feelings or emotions were laid bare to the one who held the leash, even thoughts could be detected. A sul’dam could initiate sensations in a damane, making her feel what the sul’dam wished, whether pleasure or pain. Most sul’dam saw themselves as something like a trainer of animals. They used their a’dam harshly, sending pain or nausea through the link as a punishment for failure and washes of ecstasy for success. The methods of training were documented so well, the control of physical and emotional sensation so complete, no woman could long resist being moulded to her sul’dams will.  


The Pleasure House was another of the Seanchan methods of training damane. Reserved for a small number of the rebellious ones. The ones with the prettiest faces and the most desirable bodies. At the Pleasure House they would serve with spectacle, giving and receiving pleasure. Here they would learn and know their place as pets... as possessions. Here they would learn to obey.


Egwene let out a deep breath to calm herself. In her mind she braced against her other self, her new self. The one called Tuli by her sul’dam. All women who were collared were renamed, a beginning to remoulding their personality. A damane’s old name was forgotten as she learned to serve. Egwene could not bear the Pleasure House. Egwene the uptight, Egwene the prude, who had once kissed Rand Al’Thor behind her fathers inn and then slapped him when he put his hand on her breast. Tuli was different. Tuli luxuriated in her body, took pleasure for granted, and desired to please. Egwene had been to the Pleasure House three times now, three times subsuming into Tuli. Tuli the submissive. Tuli the sensual one. Every time it was harder to extract herself again. Every time a tougher struggle to find Egwene Al’Vere and bring her back. It was why Renna brought her here so often. She knew the Pleasure House was bending Egwene to her will, she could feel it through the a'dam. Egwene Al’Vere would walk into a pleasure house but Tuli always walked out.


Renna snapped her wrist contemptuously and Egwene was jerked forward by the collar on her neck, she hadn’t realised she had stopped walking. Petite Egwene almost jogged to the edge of the pit. Every seat in the room surrounded the pit edge and a reveler could easily see everything happening inside. Three feet deep it was, and floored with the softest of silk tatami. It’s dark wooden wall was beautifully circular and carved with intertwining leaves, animals, and people. There was a silver metal staff sticking up in the dead center of the circle, called a dam’poar... a “binding post”.


Egwene knew it was a ter’angreal. Fashioned to serve somewhat like a sul’dam’s wrist, it could could hold more than one damane bound to it, maybe as many as ten at a time. When the bracelets of several a'dam were locked around it, it linked the damane to each other like they usually were linked to their sul’dam. Yet no damane was in control, they were simply bound together, sending and receiving thoughts, feelings, and sensations through their a'dam. A sul’dam touching the binding post could control all of the attached damane with the same effort as controlling one.


Renna led Egwene down into the pit and started to unbuckle her bracelet. Egwene could see two other women kneeling with their backs to the pit wall. They were dressed, as she was, in a toressa, the flimsy, diaphanous night-dress of a damane. Lifting a dress over ones head was pointless when collared with an a'dam so a toressa had a massive scoop-neck, worn drooped at the back. Designed to slip over the shoulders and drop down. The skirt stopped mid-thigh and small-clothes were not worn under a toressa. Egwene had shivered in the stiff sea breeze off the coast of Falme before she had entered the hall.


She recognised one of the kneeling girls from a previous night in the Pleasure House. A Seanchan called Mirbel. She was tall and slender, and her hazel eyes were lightly lilted on her delicately chiseled face. There would always be one properly trained damane in the pit to lead the others by example and Egwene knew Mirbel’s subservience well by now. Mirbel's hair was dark and short of her shoulders after the Seanchan fashion. No part of her head was shaved, denoting the lowest status. The other woman looked to be from Tarabon, golden-blonde with pouting, lips and a curvaceous bust. She was new, perhaps her first time, and her eyes darted this way and that as she scanned the room. Both women had tight silver collars around their necks connected by silver chains to bracelets which were already fixed to the post. Renna moved to the side and smiled at Egwene just as she clipped her bracelet around the dam’poar.


It was then that Egwene became aware of the other two damane. Really aware. Not just seeing and hearing them but... feeling them... being one with them. She could feel the hard wood pressed against their backs as if it was pressed against her own. She could feel the soft cushion they knelt on and the light silk of the dresses against their bodies. She staggered as their senses suddenly were added and merged with hers by the ter'angreal. Touch, smell, and taste, separate and integrated at the same time. The effect was strange and unnatural, she knew in her mind that their sensations were not her own yet she could “feel” them as if they were. Emotions too flooded down the linked a'dam. Panic and fear stabbed into Egwene. Egwene could feel the the new girl refer to herself as Sonna, was upset, dreading her punishment. Fear of the unknown was making her panic rise more. Her emotions bounced through the linked chains. Not even the anticipation and meek acceptance of Mirbel could calm her. The three women were beginning to get unsettled. Egwene could feel her chest tightening, her heart hammering faster.


One of the sul’dam moved into the pit. An immense hook-nosed woman Egwene had never seen before. She had noticed something amiss and put her hand on the dam’poar. Egwene could feel her searching through the a'dam, locating the problem, and sending a flood of calm through the chain to the panicky blonde. The Taraboner sighed and visibly loosened. Egwene felt the panic flood out of her. The hook-nosed sul’dam stared hard at the blonde newcomer, adjusting her fingers on the post and sending a new signal through the leash. A signal which made the blonde gasp and shiver. Egwene felt it too... a lovers kiss! Right on the nape of the neck, under her hairline, and so soft it sent a shiver down her spine. She gasped in unison with the blonde. A smaller echo of Mirbel's shiver came to Egwene through the link. She had felt it too.


The blonde knelt open-mouthed with surprise, her blue eyes wide as she felt an echo of her own delicious shiver come back to her from both Egwene and Mirbel. Tiny, fading, shivers were traveling from one to the other through the linked a'dam. Egwene had heard this phenomenon described as “sense bouncing”. It happened when a sensation, sent through the link by the feeler, was so strongly felt by the “sympathetic” that it echoed back to all others in the link including the “principal” who had the original feeling. The merging of sensation n the linked ones was such that a sensation sympatheticly felt could be re-transmitted through the link. The strongest sensations could echo on and on until nobody could even remember who had had the original feeling.


At the fourth echo of that shivering down her spine Egwene felt her breasts tighten, her aureole contracting and her nipples hardening to points. Sympathetically she could feel Mirbel's nipples hardening as if they were her own. Sonna’s too, just as they could feel her, separate but entwined. With a note of despair she realised she was probably the one causing the reaction in the others. Egwene was a petite girl and her breasts were always pert and proud on her small frame with nipples were sensitive and boisterous. It didn't take much to make them get peaky. She tried to control her body and resist but, to no avail. This was the true purpose of a dam’poar. Even if a damanes conscious brain knew what was happening, her linked body could tell almost no difference between a touch, felt directly, or its sympathetic echo, felt by someone else. She looked down to her chest and nipples like spear points pointed out from her tits, the gossamer dress hid nothing. She tried to distract herself by looking into the room.


Renna Emain had gone to a couch to sit beside Seta Zarby. The two sul’dam whispered together, faces close and bodies open to each other. Egwene knew that they were lovers. How could she not? Many nights she and Setas damane 'Tamara' would kneel beside the bed, their a'dam leashes strewn on the floor, unable to move or look away as Renna and Seta made love. The sul’dam were as oblivious to the two damane as they would a painting on the wall, or birds in a gilded cage.


On some nights, the sul’dam played games with their charges. Egwene and Tamara, leashed to their sul’dam, would writhe together on the floor just as the other two tangled on the bed. Wracked by intense spikes of lust sent through their chains they matched kiss for kiss, fingers probing, hips grinding exactly in time with their mistresses until Egwene was trembling and groaning, doing the thing that the rough town-girls from Taren Ferry called “coming”. On other nights, different games were played. One game they called “opposites” where Egwene and Tamara kissed demurely like virgins, while their linked mistresses performed the most scandalous actions on each other. The last game favoured by the sul’dam involved sitting apart in chairs and a directing their damane to make love. They would drive Egwene and Tamara on through the leash, controlling feeling and action, until the sul’dam could experience orgasm just by sharing the sensations coming through the a'dam from the two young women.


Suddenly Egwene was aware of Sonna and Mirbel looking at her with shock. She had forgotten for a moment that they were linked so completely and that thoughts too could be dimly felt. She bit her lip and blushed, noticing a corresponding reddening on both her counterparts faces as they felt the embarrassment too. She took her place kneeling beside them as there was a commotion from the back of the hall. A man had come in and was greeting the reclining nobles as he passed. He wore nothing but a loose kilt wrapped around his hips and was clearly a warrior of some sort judging by the scars on his well muscled torso. He had a strong, handsome, face and smiling white teeth which he flashed at man and woman alike as he passed towards the center. Egwene knew he would be joining them in the pit, instinctively she sought Tuli in her mind. He stopped one last time to give a warriors hand grip to one of the Low Blood before he stepped down onto the soft mats. Egwene could feel a spike of sexual excitement from Mirbel.


He stopped two paces away and smiled warmly at the three beauties waiting for him. Egwene, sultry, dark-haired and dark-eyed. Sonna, the golden one, buxom and pouting. Mirbel, lean and long-limbed, smiling so beautifully. Egwene noticed how he was quite handsome up close, tanned and fit, not a even hint of menace in his eyes. He gestured to Mirbel and all three could feel her tense with expectation.


Mirbel stood up before him and tugged at the neck of her toressa, plucking it over one shapely shoulder, and then the other, until it dropped abruptly to the floor. His smile widened as he scanned her from top to toe, now wearing nothing but her silver collar and chain. He reached for the knot on his kilt and cast it aside to applause from the audience. Egwene could not really see him now, as Mirbel’s taut backside was in her line of vision but, she saw a high-lady sit up abruptly at the side and felt Mirbels signal of excited shock. The Seanchan damane took a pace and sank to her knees. Then Egwene could see it. Hanging under his lean abdomen. A cock, not fully excited, but already bigger than the average mans. Mirbel positioned her head to come up from underneath and take it into her mouth. Egwene had her teeth clamped together but she could still feel it in her mouth, hot and swelling. She could smell his scent as Mirbel breathed through her nose, manly but clean. His tool was growing, getting hotter. Egwene could feel her tongue, no Mirbels tongue, licking along the shaft and then her mouth sucking the head. She pulled it out of her mouth with a wet pop that Egwene could hear with her own ears. Mirbel was smiling up at the warrior as he smiled back down at her.


Gripping the shaft in one hand, Mirbel started to tap it against her outstretched tongue. all while holding his eye contact lustfully. It was as hard as a shovel-handle in her hand now and nearly as thick. Egwene could feel the Seanchan girls excitement shooting through the link. She glanced to her right. Sonna was breathing deeply, transfixed by what she was seeing and feeling. Unbeknownst to the blonde she was curling her fingers around an imaginary shaft and her tongue was protruding slightly through her full lips. Egwene felt a touch on her face. The warrior was caressing Mirbel's cheek, brushing back her hair gently, touching her lips with his fingers. She took his thumb into her mouth and sucked on it.


“No!” thought Egwene, and tried to close her mind.


It was Mirbel's thing, sucking fingers turned her on. She felt herself getting moist between her legs. Egwene didn’t want this. She tried to tell herself that it was Mirbel getting wet, not Egwene, not Tuli. But the sensation was bouncing in the ter-angreal now. Sonna was becoming aroused, without knowing why she was responding to the Seanchan girls excitement. Moisture was building and Egwene could feel it as if her own sex was dampening. She wanted to control herself but, she could barely differentiate sensations in the other girls bodies from her own. It was so confusing. The sensations, bouncing through the dam’poar link, were growing and feeding off each other. Mirbel's lust, Sonna's excited curiosity, and Egwene's resistance, all whirling in her head. Egwene could feel her own womanhood swelling and lubricating. She was sure it was really her this time. She was losing the battle. Then she felt fingers...parting her labia and sliding across her clitoris.


“Light!” she gasped, trying to concentrate.


It was Mirbel, Egwene could see the lanky-limbed Seanchan on her knees, sucking cock again, and pleasuring herself with her free hand. Egwene felt a slender finger find the entrance and push inside her. She and Sonna groaned together, it felt so good. Inside her mind Tuli was whispering to her, begging her to give in. A hand was on her breast now even though both Mirbels hands were occupied. Egwene glanced across. Sonna was biting her lip and massaging her heavy round globe through the dress. The blondes other fingers played on the inside of her thigh, considering going higher.


Mirbel stopped sucking and looked back at them over her shoulder, smiling. She could feel everything they could feel. Mischievously, she rubbed a firm circle around her clitoris with her finger and watched for the reactions of her companions. Both Egwene and Sonna gasped in unison. She grinned at them and flicked her love button, watching the two young women jerk and squirm with pleasure. Then the warrior pushed Mirbel back, he had decided to take control again. The slender Seanchan couldn’t have resisted even if she wanted to. She pulled her long legs into an enticing “M” shape and the warrior got down to examine the treasure at the center. Egwene felt his tongue lick what Two Rivers girls called their “woman's flower.”.  


“Blood and Ashes!” she cursed.


All three girls groaned when he sucked Mirbel’s clit into his mouth. They gasped as he licked her messily. When juice trickled down the channel of Mirbel’s labia to wet her “other” entrance the three shivered with how naughty that made them feel. Egwene felt fingers inside her again, the blondes hand had finally disappeared under the hem of her skirt. Then something blunt and hot was at her entrance and Egwene could feel Mirbels buttocks tightening as it started pushing in. So hard and so hot. Mirbel groaned as she lay back on the mattress her pussy trying to grip through the wetness. She gasped as the cock withdrew to slide up her slick labia. Then it was back again, penetrating slowly, easier this time, stretching her tight tunnel. Two slow strokes driven deep by his powerful back. Then out again. Mirbel whimpered in frustration. A moment later it was back pushing in again, meeting almost no resistance this time, and moving slowly for a few thrusts. Then out again. Egwene could feel the anger hammering down the link from Mirbel, inflamed by desire.


Suddenly he struck hard, slamming his cock home and immediately taking up a steady rhythmic pumping. Egwene couldn’t help but shout with shock. For several minutes she knelt and endured the forceful fucking that Mirbel was receiving until she felt the dark-haired girl begin to tremble and give way to something deep rising inside her body. Then the cock was gone again and the warrior was holding the inside of the Seanchan girls knees, dipping his head between her thighs. His tongue caressed her clitoris and labia, licking and sucking from bottom to top. Mirbel gasped and groaned, whipping her head from side to side. Then he was back inside her again, playing with her breasts as he thrust slowly and powerfully.


This went on for some time as Egwene both watched and felt it happening. He was working Mirbel expertly. Like a master musician playing his lyre. Listening carefully to the timber of her moans and watching the signals from her body. Bringing her to the edge, and letting her fall back again. First the tongue on her clit, until she was tensing and starting to tremble. Then a hard, slow, fucking until she was straining pathetically against him and thrusting her hips out to meet his. Back to the tongue, and back again, until Egwene could feel her body as taut as a bowstring, her lower abdomen trembling. Tuli battered on her consciousness demanding to be given control as Egwene gritted her teeth and gripped her knees with both hands, desperately trying to find some calming mental exercises. Her nipples throbbed, maybe hers, her face started to flush as her fingers moved inside her, Sonnas fingers, not hers, her breath was ragged chest heaving.


The warrior put his fingers in the Seanchan girls mouth. Egwene shook her head in denial, knowing it was the thing that would drive Mirbel wild with lust. She sucked his fingers and ground her hips. He began to thrust at a quicker pace. Holding himself up with one hand, he started touching her throbbing clitoris with fingers wet from her mouth. Egwene felt the tension burst inside her body. There was no turning back . Her womanhood contracted, not any conscious grip but an uncontrollable spasm. It set off a wave of pleasure that rose from her sex until it burst out of her mouth with a gasp. Mirbel started to scream, thrashing wildly. The a'dam was flooding Egwene with sensation. She was coming, coming with Mirbel, gasping, trying to control it as Mirbel gave in to an earthquake of passion. Sonna groaned and gasped beside her, bouncing Mirbels orgasm back to Egwene, adding her own arousal to it. Egwene was adding to it too, despite herself. The three women experienced one orgasm together, passing it back to each other, and extending it until it was almost unbearable. The warrior held the Seanchan girl down now as she thrashed. She normally would be finished by now but her companions were bouncing her orgasm back to her hard. Finally she could take no more and it was over. Mirbel collapsed like wet string, loamy in her come-down bliss. She brushed mussed hair away from her pretty face, bit her lip and giggled at the man above her. The warrior withdrew his cock and they shared a moment together. They had done that many times.


Soon he left her and came over to where Egwene and Sonna waited. He was breathing heavily, a sheen of sweat breaking out on his impressively muscled body. His cock, still hard, jutted straight out at them. He gave them his warm smile and started wagging his finger between them like a child playing a choosing game. The finger slowed, pointing from Egwene to Sonna until it stopped, and he chose... the blonde.


Egwene could feel Sonna’s pang of excitement as she started to pluck the toressa over her alabaster shoulders. She dropped it to her waist, exposing two large, round, breasts with big pink nipples. She started to hunker up to ease the dress over her hips only to be stopped by the warrior grabbing a huge fist-full of her golden hair. Not roughly, but stopping her movement. He felt its softness in his grip, curious at it’s colour. In his homeland all the women had dark hair. He made a pony tail in his fist and tugged her forward a little so she had to put her hands down to stop herself from falling. The silk toressa slid off her well-rounded backside and Egwene could see she was blonde between her legs too. The warrior stopped to laugh and chat to a low-blood noble at the edge while Sonna waited submissively on her fours. Egwene was shocked at the blasts of lust coming from the blonde. This turned her on!


When he moved back to the center he dragged her along her by the hair. Sonna crawled on her hands and knees beside him. Maybe, in her previous life, she would have been embarrassed to be treated like this. In a previous life Tanith Birtham, merchant of Tarabon, would spit and snarl. But, Sonna the damane, did not care, Sonna was thrilled to be 'made' to serve. Egwene could feel her desire pulsing through the a'dam. The warrior released her golden locks, letting them tumble down about her face, and moved to get behind her. Sonna watched him all the way, twisting to look over her shoulder. She lowered her shoulders, getting her head down and her backside up. She shivered with anticipation as he kneeled inside her trim calves. Egwene could feel him position his big cock head, pushing on her entrance with delicious pressure and then. Pop. Inside the gate! Slowly, inch after inch of hot shaft was eased in until she felt completely full. He started a slow thrusting, bringing appreciative whimpers from Sonna. He moved and adjusted, attacking from different angles. Egwene could feel him inside her through the a'dam, moving with delightful pleasure. Tuli was telling her to relax.


“Oh!” her eyes shot open with shock.


She had never felt anything like that before. Mirbel too was sitting up with an expression of surprise. He did it again, and Sonna sighed with recognition. Linked as they were through the ter’angreal Egwene, feeling Sonnas body as if it were her own, discovered a spot deep inside herself. It was somewhere on the front wall of her slick channel and it was much more sensitive than anywhere else. She tried to think what it was like. The best she could think of was like a clitoris on the inside. It was so far in that her fingers could never get to it. Nor could an ordinary sized man. Sonna whimpered and pleaded over her shoulder, telling the warrior that it was “just right”. He gave it a few more thrusts to make all three moan and gasp together before he changed his angle, grinding into less sensitive areas.


He slid his fingers up her spine to expertly massage her shoulders and then around to cup her big breasts. He did it again, up and around, massage and cup, pinching her nipples softly. Soon Sonna was purring, luxuriating in the treatment until...Whack! She felt a sharp slap on her backside. Egwene’s heart was set racing by the shock, Sonna's too by the sound of her gasp. Then he went back to his massage, tantalising the nape of her neck before jerking her head back by her golden tresses. He caressed her gently. Reached under to rub her pleasure button. Gripped her swaying breasts softly. His fingers dug into the tense knots of her back, loosening them. All the while maintaining a steady driving with his cock. But, every time Sonna started to sink into pleasure, she would feel the crack of his hand on her buttocks. Snapping her back. Egwene could feel the blood pounding in the arteries of her neck, as she waited in anticipation for the next sharp slap. It went on, seeming as if for ever, deep pleasure and then unexpected pain.


Now Egwene felt a new sensation. Mirbel, somewhat recovered, had come up to meet the Taraboner and was gently kissing her full lips, coaxing the blondes tongue to come out and meet her own. They carried on like this for some time. Sonna was kissed and pampered and occasionally spanked until she gasped into Mirbel's mouth. Egwene experienced every step, the soft pleasurable build of pleasure and the sharp return to reality. The warrior shifted his stance a little, driving downwards more. Sonna broke her kiss and looked back at him whimpering. He was hitting that spot again! Egwene could feel it inside her, like nothing she had ever experienced before. He gripped Sonna's waist, holding her rear steady as he started to drive harder and faster.


All three girls were breathing raggedly. Mirbel was physically shaking and Egwene could feel Sonna's womanhood starting to spasm. The blonde was going to come and, linked together, they were going to come with her. Egwene was gripping her own breast, kneading it. She had tried to keep her hands on her knees but couldn’t help herself. The signals through the linked a'dam were too strong. She could barely resist Mirbel's sharp, spiky, sexuality but Sonna's deep, pulsing, arousal was completely overwhelming her. He was striking the spot hard and consistently now. Ramming his cock deep as uncaring Sonna groaned deep and lustily. Egwene tensed and trembled, the pressure building. Then the dam burst and Sonna's orgasm washed over Egwene like a tidal wave, echoed by a second wave from Mirbel... uncontrollable. Her sex tensed and gripped on the imaginary cock, her hips were shivering as she ground down against the mat. Her voice merged with Mirbel's as they echoed Sonna's insistent cries. Three female voices, rising higher and higher until there was nothing left to give and the blonde had collapsed, insensible.


The warrior withdrew slowly from a still-twitching Sonna and patted her reddened ass affectionately. Mirbel caressed her hair and kissed her forehead as she panted and whimpered. Egwene was gasping loudly and clenching her fists as she tried to regain control. Her companions were flooding her with sensations of sexual sation but, after everything she had seen, everything she had experienced, her own body was tight with arousal. Her woman's flower was wet and demanding attention, her nipples were standing out hard. No foreplay could ever incite the kind of sexual tension that experiencing another womans orgasm had. Egwene warred with Tuli in her mind.


Egwene eyed the warrior hungrily as he turned to face her. He was breathing hard from his exertions, his dark fringe matted down with sweat above his liquid eyes. He stepped over toward her and Egwene got to her feet. Despite her arousal she glared at him defiantly. She might want to fuck him but she was not going to let him drag her around by the hair. He just smiled at her. She pulled at the neck of her toressa and let it drop to her ankles. He held out his hand to her and she took it gently, stepping closer. Egwene was a short girl, barely over five feet tall, and he towered over her. Her eyes only came up to his chest. His manhood, still stiff despite his exertions, could have fit between her perky breasts without her bending down. Now that she was standing she could see that an orgy had broken out in the Pleasure Room. Some of the watchers fondled and sucked each other as they watched the damane perform. Others had completely given in to lust and were fucking on the couches. She could see Renna and Seta sitting together uncomfortably. They dared not give away their secret love.


The warrior guided her towards the center of the pit holding her hand gently as if she was The Amyrlin Seat herself. What was it about this man that he instinctively knew how a woman wished to be treated? He released her and lay down on his back between the other two girls. They snuggled into him, laying their heads on his chest. He looked up at Egwene as he lay relaxed, his cock jutting up like a tent pole.


Egwene paused for a moment but, she never really meant to refuse. It had gone too far. She stepped gingerly into the tangle of bodies, straddling him, and took his tool into her small hand. It was amazingly hard but very slippery now, slick with female juices. She lowered herself and touched it with her womanhood, it felt good. Her flower opened and she let it slide up to the bud at the top. Mirbel murmured as she felt the ping of pleasure through the link. Egwene positioned the head and pushed down, she was so wet her woman's flower swallowed him smoothly. She sighed, and he gasped appreciatively, feeling how hot she was inside.


Egwene sank to her knees, letting him go all the way in. Mirbel stroked her side and thigh, welcoming her to the group. She could feel what Egwene could feel and she was getting excited again. Egwene started to move, slowly pumping her hips. She closed her eyes, it felt so good. The sensations from the link were different, now that she was the principle. The physical pleasure was stronger, replayed and enhanced by the echoes of the other women. She rubbed her neck and breasts, her skin was so flushed and hot. She groaned and relaxed. Suddenly, Egwene was shocked out of her rivière by the warrior digging in his heels and pumping vigorously. She literally bounced on his cock, gasping. When he returned to rest she was heaving and grinding at a much faster pace than before.


And so the warrior had found Egwene's sexual weak spot. Perceiving her desire for control, he had caught her in the cleft of a dilemma. If she pumped and worked her body hard he would kiss and cuddle one of the others. But, if she slowed down to rest, he would dig in and thrash her severely while she squealed and rode him like a bronco. Within minutes Egwene was panting from the physical exertion. A trickle of sweat was running between her shoulder blades and her long dark hair was wild and tangled. On it went, for time that stretched for ever. Egwene continued driving her body at a punishing pace, slamming her pussy onto his cock hard until, every now and again, he decided that it simply was not enough, and started to pound her womanhood from below.


Egwene could feel her own body tensing, but she clamped down on it. Tuli howled in disappointment. Tuli wanted to fuck and bounce. Tuli wanted him to smash an orgasm out of her. But Egwene wanted to win wanted to beat them. Renna, The Warrior, Tuli, all of them. Egwene wanted to show she was still in control. Still defiant. She knew if she could make this warrior come before she did then it would be a victory. A small piece of resistance, pointless maybe, but important to her to prove they could not completely conquer her. All she had to do was make him empty his seed and, gauging by his gasps and moans, she knew he was close now. Unfortunately, she was close herself, she would have to judge this exactly right. Egwene leaned back and steadied herself with her hands on his rock-like thighs. She was bent back like a Two Rivers longbow and she pumped her hips frantically, slipping her womanhood up and down on his plough-handle cock. He rolled his eyes back into his head.


It was going to work!


Through her gasps and whimpers Egwene smiled. She looked down to see Mirbel regarding her intently, watching her. Their eyes met and locked. The Seanchan knew what she was trying to do, she couldn’t hide it through the link. Egwene saw the dark haired girl bring two fingers to her mouth. She felt the wetness as the girl spat and licked them. Egwene tried to shake her head, impossible to do while bouncing and grinding.


“No” she mouthed to Mirbel, pleading with her eyes.


To no avail. The Seanchan girl brought her wet fingers down into the crook of her own thighs. Egwene could feel the spit-coated digits slide over Mirbel's clit as if it was her own. It was electric. She tried to concentrate, tried to ignore the slippery fingers pressing her button, moving it, circling it. Egwene moaned out loud. She could feel Mirbel flicking the little nub, she could see the girls hand working furiously. She humped her hips to harder to try to make him cum but couldn't hold it, her body couldn’t differentiate the sensations and... like a landslide... she went over the edge.


Egwene lost her rhythm when she came. She stopped heaving and just sat on the warrior with his cock buried inside her. Her orgasm was not like Mirbel’s fireworks bursting, nor the crushing tidal-wave of Sonna's climax but, something tense and fractured as she lost the self control she had tried so long to maintain. It was like glass shattering inside her. Cracking under pressure. She was clenching and shuddering, her body pulsing with heat as her cheeks flushed. She cursed like soldier at a campfire, trying in vain to put a lid back on her orgasm. Both Mirbel and Sonna were grinding and twitching as they experienced her though the a'dam link. Shame, defeat, physical ecstasy all mixed. The bouncing sensations prolonged it until, eventually, Egwene couldn’t take it anymore and fell backwards off the warriors cock. She lay shivering and limp, panting for breath. Sweat ran between her breasts and her long dark hair was wild and matted to her body. The warrior was groaning and shivering himself. She had brought him so close to finishing. Her disappointment was crushing, she couldn't even win that small battle.


His tool glistened in the lamplight and he looked bewildered to have everything stop so suddenly. But he moaned in pleasure when Mirbel slid down to take his cock into her mouth. After a moments thought he pushed Sonna's golden head down too and she took a turn to suck on his tool with her soft lips. Egwene could feel it in her mouth again, tasting a little strange, and she realised it was her own womanhood that she could taste through the link. The taste didn't seem to bother the other two women as they took turns to suck. Egwene sat back, happy to leave them to it. She felt her head jerked forward. The warrior had grabbed the chain of her a'dam and was pulling her forward by the collar. She had no choice but to move up to the others and Mirbel put an arm around her shoulders, guiding her.


Egwene took her place with her companions, she touched the base of the shaft with her tongue as Sonna bobbed her head on the tip. Mirbel was licking too, working from bottom to top. Her tongue accidentally touched Egwene's and she smiled. Then Sonna released the cock head and Egwene took a turn sucking. She felt the strong hand of the warrior on the back of her head, pushing, forcing her to take him almost to the back of her throat as he groaned mightily.


Egwene relinquished it to Mirbel and went back to licking the shaft, she closed her eyes. The sounds of their combined breathing and gentle female noises were covering the warriors more frenzied bellowing. She licked for all she was worth, her tongue straining and starting to cramp. Suddenly something warm splashed her face and she started, eyes opening just in time to see another squirt come shooting at her, she clamped them shut again. The warrior was finally coming, releasing his seed carelessly into the air. Egwene could taste warm and salty liquid in another girls mouth, maybe Sonna's. The splashes came like rain, including one so powerful it looped over her head to land on her back. The warrior gasped and groaned and, finally, collapsed back... spent.


Egwene blinked her eyes open carefully, liquid was trickling down her face. It was running from her forehead, down the side of her nose, and over her lips. Involuntarily she touched it with the tip of her tongue. She could see Sonna's shocked expression, the blondes face glistened with white splashes and she spat a huge dribble of cum over her lower lip to run down her chin. Egwene looked at Mirbel. The lanky brunette was laughing softly at them. Her face was unblemished, not a drop had touched her and Egwene now saw why. The Seanchan brunette had both hands on the softening cock, she had directed the squirts of cum at the other two. Egwene hated her more than ever at that moment.


After a short while they started to break up. Egwene and Sonna stood up. The blonde wiped her face with her hands and then stood, bewildered, now having nothing to wipe her hands on. Mirbel and the warrior continued to kiss and cuddle on the floor and Egwene could feel her getting interested sexually again but, judging by the flaccid state of his cock, it probably wasn't going to happen. The rest of the room was a heaving pile of bodies as the orgy was in full swing.


Then Mirbel and Sonna were gone. Egwene could see them of course but, she was no longer 'one' with them. Renna was in the pit and had unclipped Egwene's leash from the dam'poar. Now that the damane were finished their show, both herself and Seta wanted to leave before some Low Blood nobleman wished to copulate with them. She put in her bracelet, appearing suddenly in Egwene's consciousness.


Egwene went to her mistress who gave her a look of pure disgust. It took a moment for Egwene to realise that it was not 'her' that Renna was bothered by but, the rich white cum which was splashed over her. It had dripped off her face, onto her breast, and down to her stomach too. The sul'dam, being a lover of women, saw the man's seed as something deeply unpleasant. She certainly didn't want her precious Tuli covered in the nasty stuff.


Egwene felt a spark of defiance, a gesture to show she could not be broken came to her mind. She used her fingers to trap the white drop at her belly button, then gathered the rivulet on her breast, and carefully joined it with the large glob of cum running off her cheek. Then, holding her mistress's eyes, she popped her messy fingers into her mouth and sucked the sticky fluid off her fingers before making a big show of swallowing. She knew that, linked through the bracelet of the a'dam, Renna would taste the salty, viscid, cum and feel the semen sliding down Egwene's throat as if it was her own. When you were forced to be damane you had to take the little victories where you could. Renna snarled at this resistance and flung Egwene's toressa at her.


The Pleasure House punishment had failed.



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