The five get to know each other better

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George had grown up a lot since her cousins first met her. She had grown tits when she was 13 and realised then that it would be futile to pretend to be a boy any longer. Anybody could make out that she was in reality, a girl. So she decided to just go with it and try to enjoy being a girl. It seemed extremely difficult at first. She had to grow her hair and wear skirts and dresses. She longed to wear a jersey and jeans again, but as the days passed, she grew more comfortable wearing dresses and began to really enjoy being a girl. George even started to like being called Georgina. George discovered the pleasures of masturbation when she was 14. She had heard some of her seniors talking about it and decided to try it out herself. When she tried touching herself that night, George's mind kept going back to her cousins. She would imagine Dick's face in her pussy or Julian undressing or Dick wanking while she looked on or her stripping before Julian. By the time she was 16, George had already screwed five boys. However, George always fantasised about her cousins. She had heard from the other girls that both of them were quite big and she wanted to experience them herself. Just thinking about them made her get wet. Julian and Dick were extremely popular and had been with scores of girls. They had even had sex with a few. Despite all this, it bothered them that they had never been out with George who was by far the hottest girl in school. They had never seen her in that light before , but when George starting to act like an actual girl, it was hard not to. She had amazing d-cup tits, a great arse and the pinkest lips you've ever seen. Her body curved in all the right places and the dresses she wore always clung tightly to her body. George who was horny for both of them decided that she would leave Julian out for now and would concentrate on Dick as she thought that Dick would be easier to seduce. She would grope her tits suggestively whenever she found him alone. What George did not know was that Julian was already fucking his little sister-Anne. Julian had started noticing differences in his sister when he was 15 and she was 14. Julian noticed that Anne's boobs had grown and wanted nothing more than to fuck her. Whenever Anne used the shower he would peek through the crack of the door to watch her get undressed. One day, as he was peeking, he saw Anne slip a finger into her centre. She started moaning out quietly, just loud enough for Julian to hear. She was saying"Oohh! Yes Ju fuck that pussy for me. Make me cum all over your face. Ooohh! Yes! Yes! YES!"and then she came all over the floor. This made Julian extremely excited and he confronted her immediately. She admitted that she found Julian very hot and wanted to fuck him She even told him that she fantasised about Dick sometimes. Julian could not believe his ears. He immediately started making out with Anne and fucked her later. This continued and Julian and she fucked almost everyday. George and Dick had started fucking often too, but neither couple knew about the other.

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