A Fairy Gift

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Tessa followed after Will and Jem, she was a little more preoccupied than usual. Cyril had had to drop them off part way, part of the road had been washed out, and there was a road to walk just not for the carriage. The remaining way wasn’t that far and the day was nice. It was even good enough for her skirts and boots not to cause her any problems. They’d been chasing different fairy rumours about Mortemain, sometimes literally, from one green area to another until they were finally at a small Shadowhunter cottage somewhere outside of London.

Thanks to this ‘wild duck chase’, as the boys were calling it, Tessa had been able to speak with Hyacinth again. The fairy woman had approached her at Benedict Lightwood’s party and seemed to know who and what Tessa was. All Tessa really got then was that she wasn’t a changeling. She knew a bit more now than she did then but it didn’t make sense. That wasn’t what she asked Hyacinth about this time. She was hoping for answers to the more dire issue of how to save Jem’s life.

“If there is a way, I believe it lies in your ways not ours. I’m sorry I cannot tell you more.” It wasn’t much but it was a hope.  Before they left, when the boys weren’t looking, Hyacinth had given her “a freely given gift that may not help the boy live but will lead the three of you to a shared hearts’ desire.” Hyacinth had also said it would do no ill. Tessa could not find a polite way to turn the fairy woman down. Hyacinth had assured her that it was not harmful and, according to the codex, she couldn’t lie.

“I would not!” Will exclaimed, though from a glance Tessa could tell he was playing at his indignance. She wished she did not see Will so clearly and that he did not draw her eye. She looked away before he caught her watching. She was Jem’s now. Jem’s. She loved Jem. She loved… both of them.

“You already have!” Jem laughed back. “And then you tried to blame it on the ducks!”

“Never trust a duck!” Will enunciated his words gravely before giving up and laughing himself.

“We’re here.” Will announced a few minutes later. He produced a key and opened the door letting them all in. The cottage consisted of a couple of bedrooms, an eat in kitchen, and a common room. Jem helped Tessa with her coat while Will continued to the kitchen with their food. He purposely did not watch Jem and Tessa.

Will set out the map they were working with on the table. He tried not to stiffen his posture as he heard Tessa approach. He had hoped that she would both stay where she was on the other side of the room by the countertop, and hoped she would come to him. He felt her warmth as she stood on his right side. He also tried not to sigh and smile as he sensed her getting ready to ask him questions and started answering what he knew his Tessa, not his Tessa he reminded himself, would ask. “We’re here and this is the road we came in on. Since we know the road is running this way” He gestured left to right with his hand “behind us-

“Well it could be going this way.” She gestured and imitated his usual comment in a fair impression of him. Why had she done that, they’d been keeping such a safe distance since he had told her he loved her and she had lied and said she didn’t that.

She saw that quicksilver smile before narrowing his eyes and brows into a questioning look before he retorted “And maybe it goes both ways behind us so we can turn the map so it lines up. Now we can see where we are relative to everything else on the map. We know the road goes this way” He traced the line of a road back along the map, so deliberately not focusing on Tessa that the feel and sound as his arm brushing something and the soft intake of breath surprised him into stopping and looking at her. Realizing what his arm had brushed his face instantly heated and he blustered “Sorry Tess.” He moved back quickly, bumping and catching at a vase that held down 1 corner of the map. What was wrong with him.

Tessa, seeing Will about to collide with the vase, reached to grab for it. The distance between her and Will closed again. She saw his face change in an instant from a mix of embarrassment, want, and  chagrin to concern. “Tess you’re bleeding.” He was focusing on her hand, quickly laid down the empty vase on its side, reached for her hand, and flipped it over. The tips of 3 fingers had small punctures on them. It looked like it was already stopping but enough blood had welled to drip on the map. He immediately started tending her hand. “How’d this happen Tess? It looks it’s from Thorns.”

Too close! Will you are too close! She could smell the scent of him. She wanted to run her fingers through his dark curls, he was so close. No, you can’t! Stop! What are you thinking!?  She felt her cheeks warm. “Thank you for tending it but it’s nothing. It doesn’t even hurt.” She pulled her hand from him and turned to go. She wanted to, and didn’t want to, leave Will and all those thoughts she shouldn’t be thinking there in the kitchen.

“Tess wait-“ Will called and reached to stop her.

“Will What-“ Jem came into the room carrying a small box almost fumbling it when Tessa slammed into his chest. He caught her, his arm steadying her back naturally. “Tessa? Will?” He looked between them raising a brow with his calm smile. “Tessa what did you do to poor Will?” He laughed seeing and misinterpreting Will’s look noticing the small amount of blood on the cloth Will held. His hand was still on her back, thumb moving idly. He didn’t do that in front of others, even Will normally. There might have been layers of clothes including a corset that made the feeling faint but it was still distracting.

“It’s not mine, it’s hers.” Will took her hand while she was distracted by the movement of Jem’s. Tessa was about to reply when Will cut her off with a look “She was just about to tell me what happened to her hand, weren’t you Tessa?” Will seemed irritated, but in Tessa’s mind he had every right. She had been flirting. He showed Jem the small punctures in Tessa’s fingers. The salve had stopped what was left of the bleeding.

Tessa took a steadying breath, she knew the boys wouldn’t like this. “It might be from the plant Hyacinth gave me.” She indicated the tiny potted tree like plant on the counter. The pot was about the same height and twice the width from the first joint in her thumb to the second.

Will and Jem were a little incredulous that their Tessa had taken a gift from a fairy though both agreed that she’d been left little choice. Based on the wording it should be ok and there was nothing to really be done about it at this precise moment.

Will shrugged as if trying to break the tension, and said “Well at least it wasn’t a duck.” He half smiled, his eyes still concerned.

His eyes are so beautiful and expressive to those who can read his secret languages. Tessa caught herself thinking.

“It is beautiful” Jem had left her side to examine it more closely. “It looks just like a miniature rose getting ready to bloom, except it’s purple and glowing slightly.”  

Will lifted Tessa’s injured hand again checking the small cuts now that he knew the source. “It doesn’t look like there was anything on the thorns to be concerned about.”

“That’s good.” Trying not to react as Will stroked the inner curve of her fingers and then the scar from the poker, Tessa couldn’t help but shiver. Her heart raced at his small touches.  She scolded herself for thinking of those wonderful graceful hands elsewhere on her body and felt her face heat again.

Jem came back standing half behind Tessa. She felt the warmth of part of his chest against her back. It was comforting but it was inappropriate, wasn’t it? She felt his hand cupping the front of her left hip, the one further from him.

“It looks like your hand is healing well Tessa.” Jem said as Will showed him. She thought she may have missed some of what passed between them imagining both sets of hands elsewhere. Jem’s hand squeezed slightly on her hip. She blushed again both at her own thoughts and at both Will and Jem’s actions. There was a mix of a heady euphoria and freedom in whatever it was that had allowed this. She did not want them to stop nor did she feel ashamed, embarrassed maybe, but not ashamed. Tiny motes of light danced through the air seeming to originate from the flower. Tessa thought she heard faint music too.

“Tessa, you look flushed, are you not feeling well?” The question was Jem’s but it was Will’s hand that reached for her face. He had stepped forward, his hand cupping her cheek gently after feeling her forehead. His beautiful blue eyes were even more captivating in dusk with fairylights floating around them. They showed the mix of love, passion, and mischief that made the core of Will.

“I-I’m fine.” She almost wished she couldn’t read him and them so well. It hurt to not be able to return the love she felt it so strongly. She wondered what was in her own eyes and on her own face. She saw him read something there before he turned his gaze to Jem.

She felt Jem move so that he stood more directly behind her, their bodies in more contact than they’d ever been in front of anyone else. Her heart sped. “Jem?” her voice was a breathless question. His breath caressed her ear making her gasp. Will looked down at her, reassurance added to the mix in his eyes.

“Tessa, Will and I both love you and want to show you that. Do you want that?” His nose traced the edge of her ear, his soft silver hair tickling the side of her head and face.

She closed her eyes slightly as the sensation ran through her, tightening some places and causing her breath to hitch. She was sure they could hear her heart race. His right hand moved to her stomach pulling her more firmly against him. She could feel his want. Hugging her in a little more before he let go he made the easy reach to Will’s hip pulling him in even closer.

“We won’t do any more unless you want it Tess.” Will spoke steadily.

“I- you both really want-  this?” Stumbling and stuttering her speech was unlike her but so was this situation. She had watched Jem’s hand reel Will in, now she looked back to Will’s eyes in bewilderment. She was afraid to admit how much she really did want this. Even now her secret places ached.

Will smiled down at her encouraged by the look in her eyes. He traced her cheek with his thumb. She leaned into his hand like a cat exposing more of her neck to Jem. “Only if you do Tess.”

Jem kissed her neck lightly and briefly, tracing patterns with his nose, “More than you could know Tessa.”

“Then yes,” She breathed, “I want-“

There were lips on her mouth before she could finish, Will was kissing her fiercely. He was pressed to her front and Jem to her back. Jem kissed her neck, tenderness crescendoing into passion. She laced her fingers with Jem’s on Will’s side and plunged her other hand into Will’s riot of dark brown curls. Jem’s hand that wasn’t on Will’s Hip caressed her side. Will had 1 hand on her face and the other on her side opposite Jem’s.

Will pulled back slightly sucking on Tessa’s tongue as he did. Then he took her lower lip into his mouth sucking then biting it before he pulled back and licked her top lip then bottom again. Tessa tried to catch his tongue with her own mouth as he teased her. The glow of the small fairy lights making the mischievous glint in both their eyes all the more apparent, especially Will’s when he noticed her react to something particularly pleasant that Jem did as he caressed her body with his hands and neck with his tongue. Jem had let go of Tessa’s hand to start loosening her dress between caresses. Tessa had started on Will’s clothing, dropping a jacket there and loosing his shirt from his pants there. Her fingers played along his lower back as he bent in to kiss her again, digging in her nails and making Will gasp when Jem nibbled her ear and brushed her nipples through the corset. Will walked them all a step ahead freeing Tessa’s legs from the skirts of her dress.

“Tessa…” Jem breathed in her ear.

Tessa’s thoughts were driven out by the pure bliss and need the boys, her boys, elicited in her. Will’s mouth was soft and firm at the same time, both their hands were finding such delicious ways to caress her, and Jem’s tongue… how had she not known what he could do to her with her own ears.

Will pulled back again, sucking on her tongue as he did and Tessa lifted his shirt over his head. While Tessa’s hands were in the air Will gave her another swift kiss and spun her towards Jem. Will pulled his fingers down slowly over Tessa’s bare arms. Kissing the side of her neck down to her collar and back up to her ear. “Tess…” He exhaled her name on a breath.

Jem tilter her chin up and kissed her first soft building in passion like a sweet strain of music. Tessa’s fingers threaded through Jem’s silver hair and around the back of his neck. Her hands clenching and pulling his hair when Will’s hands circled around to her front and up and up and so close to her chest. Oh Will! As if hearing her thought Jem bit at her lip before kissing across her cheek to the side of neck where Will was nibbling her ear. She heard and felt Jem kiss Will. Will Squeezed her chest a little tighter in response. She moaned slightly into Jem’s ear. She took the edge of his ear into his mouth and clumsily at first but then more confident nibbled and sucked first on his ear lobe and then up the side. Tessa heard Jem groan into Will’s mouth. Will felt Jem’s hands tighten on his back and ass. Tessa’s corset fell free and Tessa lifted off Jem’s shirt. Will pushed all of them forward, Jem’s back pressed against the wall Tessa half straddling his leg. Tessa joined both of them in a chain reaction moan. Tessa’s leg pressed against Jem’s member, Jem tightened his hands on Will’s Ass again, Will’s hands tightened and began massaging her breasts through the corset. Now and then he hit just that right spot and Oh! Will reached down under her chemise, stroking her thigh and around the front and down her thigh only to come up again and lift the bottom of her chemise so that it stayed up with her pressed against Jem. What was he? Oh! Will’s fingers played along above her lips. Pressing more firmly against Jem so Tessa’s clit rolled over Will’s finger if any of them moved. Will reached for Jem’s belt, easily unfastening it and freeing his parabatai. He took Tessa’s hand that had fallen to Jem’s chest and positioned it so she was cupping Jem’s balls. He encouraged her into a rolling motion then took Jem’s shaft himself. Jem moaned loudly and reached for Will’s belt, unfastening it and starting to play with Will as well. Will broke off from kissing Jem to whisper in Tessa’s ear “Tess, you are so wet.” He licked the inside of her ear and moved his finger across her clit.

“Ah”  Tessa fell forward more onto Jem’s chest catching at his bare shoulder with her hand and teeth, and squeezing Jem’s balls before switching to playing with them.    

“Mmm” Jem pulled Will and consequentially Tessa into him moving Tessa over Will’s hand.

Tessa moaned into Jem’s shoulders and up his neck. She made it to his chin before he turned to catch her mouth with his kissing hard and fast. Tessa matched his pace and Will matched their fervor playing with both Tessa and Jem.

Jem felt himself tighten, he was going to cum, he pulled away from Tessa to gasp. He never imagined he’d be doing this with Will and Tessa and couldn’t imagine anything that would bring him more pleasure and then realized he was wrong.  Both Will and Tessa felt Jem tighten. Will pushed down on Tessa’s shoulders. Tessa always so quick on the uptake knelt, with Will’s encouragement, in front of Jem and took Jem’s hard cock into her mouth.  Keeping 1 hand on Jem’s balls  to play she sucked and played with her tongue along the shaft.

Will straddled Tessa’s kneeling form to push Jem back into the wall and kiss him. His long fingers laced through Jem’s fine silver hair, his other hand keeping balance against the Jem’s chest. Will felt 1 of Jem’s hands playing with his own cock, while the other pulled at his dark curls.

“Will, Tess- Ahh… I’m going to… Ahh.” Jem moved his hands to the back of Will’s shoulders holding tight.

Tessa felt Jem’s cock pulse and Will move closer to Jem before she felt warm liquid squirt into her mouth, she swallowed when she could and kept sucking until he stopped. A line of cum flowed down the edge of her mouth. After he finished she gently kept playing with both his shaft and balls until Will and Jem separated.

Will knelt, and turned Tessa’s face to kiss her, but first he licked the line of Jem’s cum off her chin. Still kissing her he helped Tessa back to her feet. Jem lifted her chimise over her head before Will lifted her so she had her legs around his hips and arms around his neck.

When she was secure Will moved one of his hands from her ass to cup her breast and play with her nipple.  She felt Jem behind her still tenderly stoking her back making patterns lower and lower. Already feeling her core tense under Will’s ministrations she tensed more as Jem approached her secret place. He slid his finger in effortlessly.

She moaned Will’s then Jem’s names into Will’s mouth.

“You’re so wet Tessa, you’re dripping,” Jem whispered into her ear.

Will broke off the kiss with Tessa to slowly kiss along her cheek to her ear. He bit her earlobe before kissing Jem. Jem removed 1 finger before reinserting 2 and putting that 1 finger into Will’s mouth. Will breathed into Tessa’s ear “Tess you taste and sound so good. Shall we take this to the bedroom so we can taste you more?”   

Tessa hadn’t realized she’d be letting out light moans in time with Jem’s movements.

The feel of her bare skin on his made Tessa’s wet core heat and flow even more. The way Will gripped her ass left her secret place open to the air. It felt so indecent but she only cared because it meant that Jem’s and Will’s beautiful fingers were not inside her.

Jem opened the door letting themselves and the fairy lights in, both pair of the boys’ pants had been lost somewhere along the way to the room.

Will lay Tessa down on the bed her legs just above knees dangling over the edge. Jem sat to her left and Will sat to her right, they both stared down at her with a passionate mix of love and wanting. She bit her lip slightly in anticipation, she didn’t feel the need to cover up. Jem smoothed her hair back from her face, it had come down at some point. He twisted a curl of her brown hair around her finger. “You’re so beautiful Tessa.”

“Jem…” She lifted her hand to his cheek. She let it drift down his chest a little.

Will traced a line that almost felt electric down her neck to her shoulder, and across the top of her chest. Her breath caught, Will’s smile got a little impish look to it. He was teasing her. She looked into those blue-violet eyes of his, “Will What are you- Ah” she gasped as her erect nipples were brushed. Will drew light patterns out from her nipples and back.

Jem skated his hand up her thigh slowly, drifting between her legs now and then. She shifted slightly under both of their hands.  “Nnh.” Jem’s hand drifted closer and closer to her secret spot until he finally brushed it and he kissed her. He separated both sets of lips, sticking a tongue between 1 set and finger between the other. He massaged both her clit and tongue.

Will repositioned while Tessa was paying attention to Jem kneeling between her legs. He replaced Jem’s fingers on her clit with his thumb. Jem’s hand slid up to cup and play with Tessa’s breast. Will bit the inside of the top of Tessa’s thigh lightly. He was pleased to see her both tense and widen her legs. He moved to tend to her slit with his tongue. By the Angel she tasted good. He heard her make a sound of surprised pleasure into Jem’s mouth. He switched to tending her clit with his mouth, rolling it, and sucking on it. He put first 1, then 2 fingers into her feeling her tense around him. He used 3 on and off to get her slowly used to a larger size. She was so wet he fit easily even with how tight she was. Her hand had found its way into his hair again.

Jem pulled back, kissing down her chin and neck to her nipples. He sucked and bit slightly at one while he rolled and fondled the other one with his finger. He could feel her hand tensing against his back.

Will could hear and feel her getting closer to orgasming. Her voice was clearer and louder now that Jem was tending to her nipples instead of her mouth. Will stood up making slow tantalizing circles with his thumb on her clit. The hand that had been in Will’s hair was fisting in the bed sheets. Their eyes met, he placed his cock on the edge of her opening going no further. “Tessa?”

“Yes I want you, both of you. Please Will” Tessa’s affirmation was enough for Will. He pulled her closer to the edge of the bed, Jem lifted himself, settling back on her mouth as if Will and Jem had rehearsed it. “Ohh” Tessa cried out as Will entered her. He started slow and built as she adjusted to his size.

It quickly turned from pain with pleasure, to pleasure with slight pain to pure pleasure. “Ah.” She clung to Jem. 1 hand finding his cock and stocking him in time with her and Will. The other clenched in his hair. As always Tessa was a quick learner, she wrapped her legs around Will’s waist and thrust back into him. Even as she got closer and closer to orgasm. She broke off her kiss with Jem to cry out in pleasure her hand leaving his hair to grab his arm tight. Jem took her hand and planted it down with her own to give her something to hold and resist against. He moved to her nipple. Cried out louder in response to his clever tongue and louder still when Will rolled his thumb over her clit.

She was tight to start but her clenching around him, her wet warmth, her scent, her being His Tess in this moment, and his state of arousal starting out was getting him closer and closer. He held out though. He wanted Tessa to finish, if not the same time then first. With a cry her legs straightened from around him shooting straight out. He lifted one then the other over his shoulder.

“Unh I can’t, it’s too much, ah.” She cried out.

“Don’t hold back,” Will and Jem were in unison.

She almost screamed in pleasure as Will pounded into her, and moved along her clit. Jem’s tongue and fingers were as skilled on her nipples as on his violin. Jem pulsing in her hand and Will inside of her were just… “Nnnh Ahhh!”

She orgasmed around Will, and Will responded with his own orgasm but kept moving inside her.

“Unh” Jem tensed more in Tessa’s hand, kneeling up higher on the bed, still playing with her nipples with one hand. The other hand shot out to catch himself as he came on Tessa’s stomach.

Tessa and Will finished just after Jem. Will slumping over Tessa and giving her a quick kiss before straightening slowly. Jem got a cloth from nearby while Will lifted Tessa into the center of the bed. After the 3 of them lay side by side in the bed, Will and Jem cuddling and cuddling into Tessa. 

Will laughed sensing the question about to come from his Tess. Jem’s eyes smiled as he did too. They both chorused. “A while.”

Tessa laughed as well. They knew her too well, her boys, her men. Her question of how long they had wanted this went unasked. She just smiled with them, watching the fairylights and said “me too.”


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