Between The Devil’s Legs

BY : BluestarEarthrose
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Disclaimer: The characters in this fictional story are inspired by characters from The Bible. I do not own these characters, apart from any original characters in this story or The Bible. I profit not (lol) from the writing of this story.

After he flashed into reemergence, Gabriel’s large, snowy wings grew translucent.  After they’d folded, crumpled and vanished into his back like magic, his booted feet began their journey across the barren, reddish rock beneath them.  

The place surrounding him was the total opposite of where Gabriel had just come from.  It was devoid of all things green.  The sky was an orangish red, instead of the heavenly, crisp white that he was accustomed to.  The terrain had many slopes, mountains and jagged edges.  

And even though his feet were armored, it didn’t stop him from sensing the intense heat radiating from the ground, underneath them.  

It had been a while since Lucifer had been laid low by Michael but Gabriel still hadn’t found a way to wrap his mind around why he had chosen such an inhospitable place to resettle with the other “fallen” angels.  

It was a living hell—indeed, it was Hell—with its rivers and lakes of molten rock.  The pungent smell of sulfur and ash.  And the way every movement he made caused him to feel as if he were trudging along through a giant oven dialed to the hottest temperature setting.  

There wasn’t even any water—completely arid—not that angels needed any water since they were immortal and all.  Though water certainly tasted good and was nice to indulge in, ever so often.  

As Gabriel beheld Lucifer’s towering, snarling castle with its jagged, gothic peaks and onyx, glinting veneer, his heart seized in his chest.  But not because he was afraid.  On the contrary.  It was because of his memories of their moments together that were now causing him to feel like a blue star as they engulfed his mind in flames.  

The first cut of Lucifer’s love was never the deepest.  With every scrape of his black claws down Gabriel’s back and ass, everything just got deeper and deeper and deeper.  He had prowess.  He had attentiveness.  He had passion, hunger and forcefulness.  

He had it all—and Michael did not.  Michael knew this.  Hence the burning that flared up in the powerful angel’s eyes, everytime his ears were stabbed with the mentioning of Lucifer’s name.  Flowing, blonde hair straight from the cover of a romance novel and eyes as blue as glaciers, only went so far.  

A sculpted jawline couldn’t replace sensuality.  Being well endowed couldn’t replace finesse.  Whenever he attempted warmth, it was always so stilted.  So empty.  He was not the warm type.  Whenever Gabriel stared into his eyes, it was like staring into the eyes of a reptile.  

They were so frigid.  So was his touch.  But everything about Lucifer, including his eyes, was fiery.  Hot.  Like the ground in this place.  Like the flaming red hair of the male twins guarding the entrance to Lucifer’s throne room.  Like the vaulted, atramentous corridor that encircled Gabriel while he drifted through it and that captivated his eye with its swirling thorniness and dragon wing patterns.  

And like the heated walls of the imposing corridor, Lucifer’s heart was charcoal on the outside.  But it was red on the inside.  It pumped a blood similar to the shade of his lips—when he wasn’t cloaked in the facade of his fallen form—bright, strawberry red.  

Hm.  Strawberries.  Not something most would associate with ‘the devil’ as humans on Earth, call him.  

Gabriel felt his hot cheeks tugging at his lips.  

If only they knew.  

Gabriel walked through the entrance to Lucifer’s throne room and beheld him perching on his throne which was obsidian and malignantly formed. 

Even though his throne was menacing, Lucifer himself appeared lost in a state of rumination with his chin resting on his knuckles and his eyes cast down.  

He seemed like a child who’s dog had died of a painful disease and he was using the limitations of his still developing mind to grasp the complexities of death.  

His gloom was palpable.  It reminded Gabriel of the times when he still was close enough to the male to witness such vulnerable moments in him, more often.  

It reminded him of the time Gabriel caught him staring out into the distance on the balcony to the apartment that they once shared back in the angelic realm.  

Gabriel couldn’t see his face but his despair draped him like a heavy cloak.  

Lucifer spun around.  

Gabriel flinched as he beheld the tears streaming down his cheeks which confirmed what he’d sensed.  

The pain in his eyes drew Gabriel in and then he started drowning with him, as one does when they’re so emotionally and spiritually enmeshed with another being.  

He shook his head.  

He couldn’t understand what it was that had always drug Lucifer into such yawning depths of sadness.  

It’s the most agonizing feeling when the one that you love is tormented in some way and you are powerless to relieve them of their pain.  

Gabriel frantically flailed his arms inside a while longer and then he flew to Lucifer and deeply embraced him.  

‘I just feel like something was taken from me but I don’t know what,’ Lucifer whispered over his shoulder.  

Gabriel shuttered in the present as Lucifer’s eyes met his.  

After a moment of staring at each other, Lucifer greeted him with a slowly brightening smile.  

It reminded Gabriel of the glee of a boy as he gazed up at his mother while she revealed exciting news that she was going to take him to his favorite amusement park.  

Lucifer’s sunny smile was sharply contrasted by his long fangs.  

But the appearance of them didn’t disturb Gabriel in the least since he’d long grown accustomed to the sight of this willingly imposed element.  

He also knew that the ‘love to eat little children for dinner at night as they slept’ qualities which Lucifer had amalgamated with his otherwise magnificent form were nothing more than a means of overcompensation, distraction, defiance of expectation and expression of his individuality.  

But during times like this where Gabriel’s being ached so tremendously for him, they also held a strangely alluring power.  Like opposites attracting.  

His skin which appeared supple and hairless and was a supernatural, coral red shade, was like his motorcycle that Gabriel wished to ride.  

His sleeveless, fantastical, sinister looking frock coat that embodied pauldron patterns, black leather, dragon wing patterns and sheer lethalness was like his studded leash that Gabriel was willing and ready to thrust around his neck.  

His leather pants were like his expensive, black sports car that Gabriel yearned to drive, stick shift, with Lucifer behind him, in the back seat.  

His thick belt with its ‘forged in the fiery chasms of Tartarus’ emblem appeared like something he could grip tightly as he rode him.  

His golden irises rimmed with red looked like a volatile energy source which could power his otherworldly jack hammer for a million years.  

His wings that were expansive, the color of burnt flesh and similar to a dragon’s, could be useful for practicing licking and suckling the rest of him.  

His dark as night claws would be great for sending shivers down his spine as he drew them over his trembling flesh.  

Then there were the two, ribbed horns that extended from his skull.  Those?  Well, there weren’t any clever enough analogies that could’ve ever been spun to describe those bad boys.  

Perhaps he could’ve said that it made him look like the prosopopoeia of a ram except Gabriel desperately needed that noun to become a verb and the words ‘into him’ to follow it.  

On the other hand, although he didn’t mind Lucifer’s more intimidating form, he did still prefer his more authentic angelic embodiment, at least during the beginning of their ‘flesh to flesh’ moments.  

Gabriel stared at Lucifer’s horns before his eyes deliberately fell towards his face and then slid away.  

“So you want my other, less ‘Satanish’ form, do you, Gabriel?” his voice teased.  

Gabriel gazed back up at him as his eyes and smirk confirmed that was what he’d desired.  

Lucifer’s eyes appeared amused as he squinted at him.  

“As you wish.”  

He waved his fingers and hand over his face and all the features described earlier, vanished only to be replaced by creamy, smooth skin like that of a human from the Northern parts of Europe.  

His eyes also became the shade of Poison Ivy and Poison Oak leaves in summer or a malevolent sorcerer’s cauldron brew of green shades.  

His tongue devilishly taunted Gabriel as he drew his hand down his sinewy chest and stomach.  

“Is this better?” Lucifer asked.  

Gabriel gulped.  

His eyes fell from Lucifer’s lips back down to his hand as it suggestively rested against his leather ensconced bulge.  

He smirked as the appearance of Lucifer’s claws reminded him of the angel’s rebellious, mischievous nature.  It always delighted the fallen angel whenever he gave Gabriel what he wanted but not completely.  He was such a tease.  

By the look that Lucifer had on his face, Gabriel knew that he was onto his little realization.  

“Michael might rule up there,” he stretched out his arms, “but all of this down here is my Kingdom—and as long as you’re down here, so are you.” 

Gabriel bit his lip while folding his arms.  

“Is that right?” he said as his eyes playfully dared him.  

“I’m afraid so.  And that means that I can do with you as I please—which I’m certain is exactly what you’re counting on.  It looks like blondes don’t have more fun.”  

A memory of the time that Michael climaxed after twenty seconds and then collapsed into a fit of snores soon after, leaving Gabriel painfully unfulfilled, sliced into his mind.  

It was true.  Not only did blondes not have more fun but they weren’t very fun lovers, either.  Michael may have defeated Lucifer and his allies and booted them all out of the angelic realm but he craved Gabriel’s love too much to do the same to him.  

The truth between them was always unspoken but was still felt in the air as if the atmosphere had become superheated, heavy and suffocating.  Gabriel only stayed with him because he was too afraid of breaking his heart.  

He also felt responsible for all of the mess that had been created between Michael and Lucifer.  He couldn’t make up his mind and kept swinging between the two of them.  

It wasn’t fair to them but Gabriel saw no way out, at the moment.  Indeed, he felt trapped.  It was an insane, dare he say, sadomasochistic cycle. 

All three of them along with Raphael were majestic, magical beings who created the other angels as equals to them.  Then the four of them with the other angels created everything in the Earth’s universe with their imaginations and magical abilities.  

But despite all of that, their powers weren’t enough to extinguish the interpersonal turmoil, that had engulfed them all.  

The venom between ‘Lu’ and ‘Mike’ had now circulated throughout the whole body of the angelic realm and had created a yawning, canyon like rift between the angels aligned with Lucifer and the angels aligned with Michael.  

Then there had been the few angels such as himself, who’d chosen to not take a side.  Some would’ve called it cowardly.  But Gabriel had always been the people pleasing, mediator, pacifist type.  

He also had always despised the human, mythological tales of the Greek gods with their heathenism, narcissism and pettiness but here they all were, behaving just like them.  

It was awful.  Perhaps, that is why he wasn’t bothered by the humans continuing to see them as just some loyal, perfect, supernatural beings who served under an all powerful deity or even as angels who’d fallen from the deity’s grace.  

Humans have prayer.  But who are we to pray to?  

“Prayer is for beings who have something to fear.  But if you’re feeling such an urge to get down on your knees and worship someone, here I am.” 

Gabriel smirked at him in a knowing, seductive way.  

“It looks as though some of the human’s assumptions about you, are true,” Gabriel said.  

Lucifer told him how some were but many were not.  He then said that he felt great compassion for the souls haunting the place they were in, who could not move on and were working through their confusion and spiritual torment.  

He said however, that his only concern was with the angels who’d chosen him as their leader along with sacrificed so much on his and their own behalf, including their comfort, to resettle there with him.  

He then winked at him.  

“And the only being I desire to torture with my big, stiff trident.  Is you,” he concluded as his eyes undressed him.  

Gabriel’s breath stuttered as his body weeped.  It seemed like the attire that he had chosen to wear was speeding up their usual courtship faze.  

Not to mention how it was causing Lucifer to appear as if he might split his tight pants, at any moment.  

Gabriel made sure to adorn himself in something that straddled the line between ‘I need something huge and rigid inside of me, now’ and ‘I’m an ethereal, pure being who’s way too awesome and splendid for such naughty, shameful behavior, casts eyes down, demurely.’  

He chose to wear deep-golden, leather pants that hugged his butt, crouch and thighs.  

A skirted, green frock coat blanketed with rich, gold embroidery similar to eighteenth century style, male attire but more, out of this world, draped his upper half while revealing his bulging arms.  

A thick belt that was similar to Lucifer’s with an extravagant, gold emblem, hugged his hips.  

His leather boots were a semi-cool, forest green with gold accents and his hard chest and rippling abs peaked out through his coat.  

See?  Ethereal yet erotic.  

He did consider going with his full, angelic regalia such as the kind he’d wear when he was trying to impress a mortal he’d manifested himself to.  

But considering how before he left the angelic realm, he was already on the verge of bursting through his pants at just the thought of straddling Lucifer’s erection, he figured it would be wiser to dress down, this time around.  

Lucifer shot his hand up.  The large doors to his throne room slammed shut, right after.  

“You belong to me, now,” he leaned back against his throne, his muscular thighs dominantly spread and gestured with his pointer finger, “Get over here, now and worship your master.  Sinner.”  

Gabriel’s body shivered.  

His teeth sunk into his lip, his eyes hazy and full of mischief.  

Mmm, so wicked.  So sexy.  

He closed the space between him and the other angel.  

Lucifer pointed down.  

“Kiss them.”  

Gabriel sunk onto his knees, his eyes breathlessly crying out for the other being.  

The angel’s puckering lips met Lucifer’s boot.  

“Mmm, that’s right.  Kiss that big, hard boot.  Kiss it.”  

With every smooch, lick and suckle of Lucifer’s foot, Gabriel watched as the fallen angel slowly disintegrated into a puddle of writhing and erotic melodies.  

Gabriel lifted his foot so that he could get a better view of his gorgeous face and started worshipping Lucifer’s boot more passionately.  

His tongue roamed the top and bottom of it.  His suckling lips applied pressure to every inch of Lucifer’s foot, underneath.  

Lucifer melted even more under Gabriel’s attentions.  

It was honestly a bit comical but at the same time, it still managed to set Gabriel’s pants on fire, everytime.  

It was Lucifer’s addiction to be worshipped and pleased and it was Gabriel’s addiction to worship and please him.  It was a secret fetish that they shared between them.  

As Gabriel switched to his other boot, Lucifer’s raven locks were flung back with his head and he hissed like a snake as he gripped the back of his throne with both hands.  

Gabriel saw his hard cock twitching underneath his leather pants and smirked.  

“Gabriel!  Gabriel!” Lucifer breathily cried out.  

Gods, he was so beautiful.  So utterly, devastatingly beautiful.  

He was so beautiful that many would’ve assumed he’d be more at home, taking than giving.  

But they would be mistaken.  The closest that Gabriel was ever able to get to topping the glorious being was him thrusting every hard object inside of him but his hard cock.  

But Gabriel didn’t mind.  He was very much comfortable as a bottom, for the most part.  

As Gabriel stood above him, Lucifer’s eyes eagerly roamed his body while his hands urgently revered him.  

Lucifer tempted Gabriel with his tongue as he stroked his erection.  

He groaned as he threw his head back with the blazing pleasure flashing through him.  Lucifer’s hands were magical.  

“Kiss me, Gabriel.”  

He felt Lucifer’s tender, languid gaze drawing him in as his inky, shimmering locks cascaded and spiked out between his fingers.  

As Gabriel’s mouth grew even closer to Lucifer’s, the other male desperately grasped at his coat and his thighs strained apart.  

Gabriel could feel Lucifer’s longing for him, in his very bones.  His hands were trembling against his chest.  Gabriel’s breath was trembling and heavy.  

Their lips collided.  Just then, the thunder outside caused Lucifer’s castle to vibrate.  Gabriel felt him shudder.  

As their tongues began to slip, slide and push against each other, battling for dominance, Lucifer groaned and moaned with his hunger into the back of Gabriel’s throat.  

The bassy drops in Lucifer’s voice reached Gabriel’s molten core and caused it to vibrate, pulsate and spin faster and faster as his voice returned the favor.  

For them, kissing had never been just foreplay.  It was sex before the sex.  Gabriel felt himself growing and throbbing more and more with each flick of Lucifer’s tongue against his lips.  Each lick.  Each nibble.  Suckle.  Bite.  

Lucifer was hungry and he was determined to feed him and determined to be fed.  

“Oh Gabriel,” Lucifer groaned against his lips, his voice muffled.  

Lucifer started swirling his tongue around his lover’s.  

Wet sounds started filling the air.  

Gabriel’s peak cried and screamed against his pants for escape.  

He could taste Lucifer’s lust.  He could smell it, hear it, feel it.  

It was so good.  So intoxicating.  So thrilling.  

If he didn’t get him inside of him, soon, he was going to pop.  

Gabriel stopped kissing him and threw off his coat.  

He straddled him.  

Lucifer’s eyes followed his own hands as Gabriel felt his damp palms gliding up over his tanned stomach, chest and light chocolate, swollen nipples.  

Gabriel whimpered with excitement from the stimulation of his nips.  

Lucifer bit his lip as his eyes teased Gabriel.  

He pinched one of Gabriel’s nipples and hardily tugged.  

Gabriel moaned and hissed as his teeth shown, ferally.  

Lucifer smirked.  

He then swooped in before taking a greedy suckle of Gabriel’s nip as he flicked the other around with his fingertip.  

“Oh gods, Lucifer!” Gabriel softly cried.  

From there, Lucifer came up with many more ways to bring Gabriel’s throat to life as he pleasured Gabriel’s super sensitive nipples with his mouth and fingers.  

Finally, Gabriel made a sound that let Lucifer know that he was going to come, if he kept going any longer.  

Lucifer left Gabriel’s nipples slick, glistening and throbbing from all his bites and pinches.  

“Looks like we’re going to need some nipple clamps.  But for now—”

He signaled with his eyes as he licked his lips.  

“Come ‘ere.”  

Gabriel brought his face down to meet Lucifer’s.  

This lead to them devouring each other’s lips and gorging on each other’s mouths, once more.  

The point came when they both feverishly removed their pants along with whatever else they still had on.  

With Gabriel straddling him, again, Lucifer’s tongue lathered up his palm before he reached behind Gabriel to pump his shaft, a few times.  

Then they both helped to get Lucifer inside of him.  

He felt so heavy and filled every inch of him.  But then to Gabriel’s awe, as his bouncing ass started moving in tandem with Lucifer’s varied thrusts, he could feel him growing even more.  

This was one of Gabriel’s favorite positions because he could gaze directly into Lucifer’s eyes.  The different ways that he would look at him were all so breathtaking.  

So many chills would rush over him and from there, they’d just escalate in intensity.  

There was also the faces he would make.  They never disappointed.  

They were some of everything.  Pained with desire.  Ferocious with monstrous need.  Sensuous, raunchy, fiendish, delicious.  

They mingled well with the passionate, commanding, pornographic sounds he had no shame in creating—he was Satan/Lucifer, after all.  

The humans were certainly right about this—he was indeed, the most stunning angel in all of existence.  

Lucifer thrust deeper into Gabriel while pulling his hair and the angel wailed in satisfaction.  

He then moved his hips like a rolling, ocean wave, flawlessly stroking the most sensitive place inside of him.  

Gabriel cried out, again.  

Oh.  My.  Gods.  

Once Lucifer started pumping Gabriel’s cock, the angel could feel his searing orgasm splitting his atoms down to their nuclei as milky ropes of his release squirted all over their sweaty bodies.  

Gabriel’s voice also did earth-shattering things for the male underneath him.  

After all of this time, Lucifer still had the power and skill to pound the kinds of sounds out of him that broke glass and ruptured vocal cords.  

As Lucifer leaned back against his throne and clasped Gabriel’s hips, with one last thrust of his pelvis, he furiously came while he also blew his load deep inside of him.  

Of course, like a horny boy attracted to males who was watching his older brother’s hot boyfriend getting himself off, alone in his brother’s bed from his concealed position in the closet, Gabriel optically slurped it all in.  

In fact, he craved these moments like a coke fiend craving cocaine.  Seeing such a beautiful creature as Lucifer, caught up in sexual rapture with Gabriel’s body, attention and tight, clenching, hot walls having gotten him to such a spectacular place—made his mind, muscles and eyelids convulse, at just the thought of it.  

His breath hitched at the sight of his mind-blowing expression with the grunt strained out from the depths of his belly.  

His eyes drunk in the sweat pouring down his tensed, mountainous frame.  

His mind lapped up his gloriously chiseled, tensed jawline.  

He was an exquisite beast.  A splendid monster.  A black rose and a dark angel, all in one.  And he was all his.  

Once Lucifer had served Gabriel’s goblet to overflowing and used his voice to express how sublime Gabriel had made him feel, a little longer, they were both left panting with their minds floating like boats on warm, tropical seas as Gabriel’s tears also dried on his cheeks.  

However, because angels didn’t possess that pesky, problematic mechanism known as a ‘refractory period’ they were still standing and ready for more action.  

Lucifer teleported them to somewhere more intimate—his bed chamber.  

Gabriel’s back sunk into the silk, black sheets of Lucifer’s oversized, full moon shaped bed with its menacing looking headboard and soon after, they were devouring each other’s lips, once more.  

Lucifer returned the worship Gabriel had given him earlier by washing Gabriel’s body with reverent suckles, licks and kisses.  

Gabriel groaned as he took in the sight of his length sliding past Lucifer’s lips.  

Lucifer’s eyes smiled up at him.  

‘Have you gotten larger?’  

‘No.  But your mouth does look rather stretched.  Such a sexy, red pout.’  

Gabriel moaned out loud.  

'Worship it.' 

Lucifer did just that.  

His head bobbed and bobbed and he hummed and hummed and his swollen peak leaked out onto the bed and his dick bounced and bounced and Gabriel howled and howled and sobbed and sobbed, until his cock was shooting its creamy filling down Lucifer’s gulping throat.  

Soon after that, Lucifer commanded him to get on his knees and then as he sat above him on the bed, Gabriel reciprocated what Lucifer’s earlier performance.  

Lucifer’s visual and verbal expressions were so much more graphic and heated than Gabriel’s.  

With each diabolical thing that Lucifer snarled at him, Gabriel felt his throbs increasing in frequency as he drizzled Lucifer’s marble floor with his pre-release.  

Lucifer forced his head all the way down over him.  But Gabriel didn’t choke because he was used to it.  

He then continued to force him up and down over him, his voice barbaric, monstrous.  His words wallowing in their filth like fat pigs with swollen stomachs until he was exploding and his cream was expanding Gabriel’s belly.  

Lucifer gave him a fiendish, sexy smirk as he combed Gabriel’s hair back with his fingers.  

He lifted his broad chin with his claw accented, pointer finger.  

“Did you enjoy your clam chowder soup, hm?”  

Lucifer chuckled at his own words.  

“Satan slow cooked it inside of his cauldron of evil, just for his submissive, brown eyed, little cherub.”  

Gabriel’s eyes laughed.  

“How evil is this cauldron, again?” he jested.  

Lucifer smirked.  

Crazy evil.”  

Never had Gabriel, so desperately, longed to be dominated by another male as he did, right now.  

His need was so exaggerated that no matter what Lucifer asked him to do, he would’ve done it.  

He blocked Lucifer from reading his thoughts as he inwardly prayed to no one in particular that Lucifer wouldn’t ask him to do anything he’d never do outside of this entranced state, he was currently drowning in.  

Gabriel gasped as Lucifer gave him a cunning, telling smirk.  

“I would never do something like that, Gabriel.  What?  You’re not starting to see me the way the Earth humans do, are you?”  

Gabriel revealed his irritation through his eyes.  

Lucifer cocked his head and arched a brow, a lighthearted look of disbelief on his face.  

“Gabe?  Really?”  

“Lu, you know I don’t like it when you do that.  And don’t try and change the subject.  You know I don’t see you the way that they do.  I just like some privacy once in a while.”  

Lucifer’s face grew more serious.  

“I’m not trying to change the subject.  It’s something I’m really concerned about and you shouldn’t dismiss it just because it’s not about your feelings.  You only like ‘thought’ privacy when you have something to hide from me.  That’s the reality.”  

Gabriel sighed.  

“Let’s just not talk about this, anymore.  You’re ruining the ambiance.”  

Lucifer’s jaw dropped as he leaned back and placed his hand to his chest.  

“Me!  Ruining the ambiance!” he laughed.  

Gabriel anxiously smiled before he leaped up and pushed him back onto the bed.  

He smirked at Lucifer’s stunned expression before he climbed on top of him as Lucifer crawled backwards.  

“Now.  Where were we?” Gabriel said while displaying the most alluring expression he could muster as he laid halfway over him while cradling one side of his face.  

Lucifer stared at him.  

Gabriel slowly brought his lips to his before nudging at Lucifer’s mouth with his own.  

It wasn’t long before Lucifer was surrendering to the angel as he melted into his cavity while fully embracing him.  


From that point on, their lovemaking stretched into three, steamy, passionate days.  

During that time, their insatiable lust for each other kept them from any form of sleep—not that they required sleep although it was still customary to do so since it just felt good and was a way to pass all of the time, they had on their hands.  

So how did they fill up three whole days of sex?  

Let Gabriel count the ways.  

His limbs and body were restrained in many different fashions.  They engaged in master/slave role-play.  He was blindfolded.  He was spanked.  He was talked dirty, to.  He was punished in other ways that drew blood and broke flesh.  

Moments like these were so emotionally raw and brilliant for Gabriel which increased the satisfaction he got out of it, in a deliciously twisted way but submitting to Lucifer was like a drug he could never stop using.  

Sometimes food was involved in their foreplay.  Gabriel was also taken in so many different positions and in so many different places, that he started to think that he’d become a Rubik’s Cube.  

You get the idea.  

But throughout all of this time and no matter what they were doing, Gabriel’s cock never remained soft for more than a few seconds.  

In fact, whenever it was on the verge of returning to a flaccid state, Lucifer did the things that he did and he did them in such a flawless way that he had Gabriel standing at attention, again, in no time.  

Gabriel lost count of how many times he came and every single orgasm was more vivid than the last.  

Matter-of-fact, during those times, he became so suffocated with blistering pleasure, he thought he might lose his mind.  

But then the moment came when Gabriel couldn’t shed one more ecstasy induced tear.  Couldn’t wail one more hoarse wail.  Couldn’t endure one more suckle, hair pull, caress, stroke, bite, strangle, scratch.  

At least that’s what he’d thought until this very moment where he found himself on his knees and cheek as Lucifer ravaged him from behind while digging his claws into his hips and drawing blood.  

“Take it, Gabriel!  Take Satan’s fat cock!  Yes!  Yes!”  

The way Lucifer was commanding his ass like a pirate captain sailing his ship and snarling things at him like a ravenous beast made Gabriel feel so weak with pleasure, all that he could do was whimper or release choking sounds or gasp or whine.  

But whatever sounds he created, they were never dominant.  They were always childlike.  Always saturated with passionate, fragile emotion as if he were a butterfly whose wings would shed and tear at the slightest touch.  

He cried like a virginal, underaged, male cheerleader being taken by the handsome, twenty something coach of his high-school football team and he grit his teeth as Lucifer slammed into him, again.  

He clawed his fingers into his brunette hair before yanking it.  

Gabriel hissed as his head was snatched back.  

The other angel growled before he uttered against his ear, “Oh Gabriel.  Lucifer, just wants, to make you, come.  Will you, come hard for him, hm, Gabriel?  It doesn’t matter, what Michael does to you.  He will, never be, able to, please you like I can.  You will, always be mine.  So tight!  Fuck!  Come for me.”  

Back when they were together in the angelic realm, Lucifer was never bloodthirsty when it came to having sex.  But now a rage as hot as a billion suns, constantly swirled inside of him and he took it all out on Gabriel’s often trembling and shuttering frame.  

It was alright, though.  Gabriel was one of the most powerful beings in the universe.  He could take it.  Also, it was the least he could do for all the turmoil he was the source of.  

“Punish!  Me!  Punish!  Me!  I!  Deserve it!” he whimpered.  

He felt Lucifer expand and throb inside of him as he rammed into him, once more.  

“Lucifer!” Gabriel howled before his orgasm flashed through him.  

“Gods!  Oh gods!” he choked out as it kept coming in blistering waves.  

“Gabriel!  Oh, fuck!” Lucifer bit out.  

With Gabriel’s walls still clenching down and convulsing, Lucifer joined him in his cloud of rapture as he burst inside of him.  


A pair of blue eyes appeared caught up in a state of anguish as they stared down into a pool of water, held by a structure that looked similar to a fancy goblet, except much larger and made out of stone.  

The water revealed a scene of Gabriel and Lucifer having sex.  

It also turned out that the blue eyes were Michael’s and the anguish in his eyes wasn’t any normal anguish.  It was sexual anguish.  

Also, his cock was out, it was hard and his hand was moving in a flurry against it.  

With a grunt, his tip popped, sending his seed splashing all over the fountain like structure.  

As he placed his elbows on the edge of the fountain, he buried his face in his hands and started sobbing.  

He had become a cuckold—well the male on male version of it, at least.  

It was all Lucifer’s fault.  How he hated him so.  He hadn’t been able to please Gabriel, no matter how hard he’d tried, so he was now relegated to vicariously experiencing what it was like to make him moan and scream, through Lucifer.  

Michael’s sobs grew more furious as his body shook.  

No matter what he’d done, Lucifer had continued to haunt him like the stench of a rotting carcass.  He was the righteous angel.  The good angel—at least according to the Earth human’s holy books.  

So why was he suffering so?  

He lowered his hands and exposed his tear soaked face.  

More streams continued to pour from his eyes as he tried to wrap his mind around how everything had gotten so out of sorts.  

But his emotionally distraught state made the endeavor too difficult.  

A large, heavy glass bottle of strong, brown looking alcohol blinked into one of his hands while a glass blinked into his other one.  

After he poured, he threw it all down his throat.  

He remained frozen for a moment.  

“More numbing,” he strained out.  

Something similar to a cigarette flashed between his fingers and it was already lit.  

He took a deep drag of this peculiar, stinkier version of a cigarette and then held in the smoke.  

After blowing it out, he waited.  

He rapidly blinked while appearing as if his brains had liquified and were pouring from his ears.  

“Whew!  That’s much better!” he sung, his eyes goofily wide.  

He rotated around and lackadaisically walked away.  


“The truth is, I don’t have a problem with it once in a while—I mean, I am ‘Satan’ after all—but ‘Blondy’ goes overboard—I still say he’s becoming a bad influence on you,” Lucifer said while resting on his elbow in the bed as he held a glass of champagne.  

Gabriel stared up at him.  

“This isn’t about that and you know it.  When is this bitter competition between you and him, gonna end?”  

“When you come down here to live with me, permanently.”  

Gabriel rolled his eyes in exasperation.  

“That’s not fair.”  

Lucifer gave him a look.  

“You need to stop.  Caring about hurting his feelings, Gabriel.  Mister ‘Tight Ass’ ‘ll deal.  I know you were with him first and I kinda ‘stole’ you from him, originally.  But really.  It had nothing to do with me.  He’s just terrible at fucking.”  

“Making love.”  

“Whatever.  You know what I mean—you’re a kinky bastard.  We both know that.  So am I.  But he’s so monotone.  Can’t loosen up.  That’s his problem.  You know I’m way too desired to be sharing anyone.  A sea of angels, male and female, lining up for light years.  Yet I do so, only because I love you.  Just can’t imagine myself with anyone else.  One day you’ll get big enough balls to flush that shithead down the toilet, I just know it.”  

Gabriel was smiling at him at this point, as if to tell him thank you for something he wasn’t quite aware of, yet.  

“Did you say that you love me?  Aaaw, I love you too, baby!” Gabriel cheesed at him.  

Lucifer looked up with a smirk that was darkened by skepticism and sarcasm.  

“I’m your baby and yet you won’t dump the turd,” he sighed, “such a lovesick fool, I am.”  

A puckish smirk melted onto Gabriel’s face.  

He jumped up before pinning Lucifer down.  

Lucifer stared up at him, stunned for a moment.  

Gabriel’s nurturing, gentle eyes told him how appreciative and lucky he felt that someone so magnificent and perfect, was his.  

It felt to Lucifer, like gazing at a sunset on a tropical beach.  

A glittery eyed, dreamy grin melted onto Lucifer’s face to match Gabriel’s.  

“We’ll get there.  You’ll see,” Gabriel whispered.  

Gabriel shook his head with reverent awe in his eyes.  

“Gods, I don’t deserve you.  I don’t.”  

His sultry grin expanded as he watched Lucifer visibly swoon.  

Soon, Gabriel’s lips were melting into his and as Lucifer’s long, dark lashes blissfully fell, he sighed through his nostrils while his arm hugged Gabriel closer to him.  

Lovesick fool, indeed—take that Michael, evil laugh.  


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