The Hawk and the Heroine

BY : Cetaphile
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My name is Tobias. I am a hawk. A sentient, red-tailed hawk. A couple of years ago I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams that I'd be saying that. Funny how life never seems to go quite how you expect.

It was a beautiful, clear moonlit night as Rachel and I walked along the beach together. She was a human, like I once was. A strong, fierce, beautiful young woman. Fighting this war against the Yeerks has really taken a toll on all of us, but I'd be a terrible liar if I didn't admit it had done some great things for my life as well. Being a human sucked, especially since I had nobody that really seemed to want me. But life as a hawk is wonderful. I now have freedom. The freedom to go where I want, when I want, and to use the fantastic power of flight to get there. And even more importantly, Rachel. The war has bound us together. If we were still just two normal every day high schoolers we probably would hardly even know each other. But we're not normal. We're two beings from a team of six with a bizarre shape-shifting power granted to us by a dying alien.

Rachel stopped and sat down in the sand by the water's edge. I sat next to her. Together we looked out into the beautiful, blue ocean. We almost never had time to relax like this. It was so calming and peaceful, it felt therapeutic. For a moment I nearly forgot all about the stress of the war, the constant fear of death as we continually thwart the Yeerks. With happy feelings and thoughts in my head, I turned to my girlfriend, my love, Rachel. And to my surprise, she wasn't looking out into the sea, she was looking straight at me with a passionate gaze.

<Rachel?> I asked nervously.

“Yes, Tobias?” She replied with a cute smile.

I had so many butterflies in my stomach. Figuratively, of course. But I had to be brave. If I asked what I wanted I might not get it, but if I didn't I definitely wouldn't. And the pleasant tone in her voice indicated she might be receptive to what I was going to suggest.

<Rachel, have you... have you ever thought about... us? I mean– >

“I have, Tobias,” she interrupted. “You know how I love your carefree attitude, your peaceful lifestyle.”

<And I love your strength, the beautiful way you fight; and I love the tranquil soul hidden under that tough exterior,> I professed.

We both looked each other in the eyes for a moment, processing what we told each other. I decided to make the gutsy move. I fully spread my wings and took a step toward her, hoping she would give me a hug.

She did.

A long, warm embrace, followed by a peck on the beak.

She blushed. I probably did too, underneath my brown facial feathers. <Rachel,> I thought-spoke, breaking the long silence. <I have something to ask you.>

“And I think I'd like to answer,” she replied.

That was it. I never thought I'd get here as a human, much less as a hawk, but it was time. I laid down in the sand and spread my legs, exposing my swollen cloaca.

<It... it's kind of hard to get off by yourself in a bird body,> I explained. <I mean, if it's okay wi–>

“Yes!” she shouted with more enthusiasm then I would have ever expected. “I'll gladly have you, if you'll do the same for me.”

My heart raced and my eyes opened wide. It was really going to happen. Rachel was really going to have sex with me. I waited for a moment, expecting her to touch my bird crotch, but she just stood there.


<Well what?> I asked, puzzled.

“Aren't you going to... you know... morph into your human body?”

I honestly hadn't expected that. Or really thought about it at all. <No,> I told her. <I'm not a human anymore. I'm a hawk. That's what I love being. If I wanted to masturbate my stress away as a human I would... but that's not me.>

“I understand. Completely.”

A wave of relief flowed through me. I was so worried that would be a barrier between us, but it didn't have to be, and neither of us were going to let it be. I was so thankful for her response I almost didn't notice her beautiful, soft hand reaching towards my parts. She slowly, sensually rubbed her fingers up and down the length of the hole. After a few passes, she decided to stick her finger in. Not something I had even thought of – if I were doing this with a female bird we'd just be rubbing our cloacae together – but it felt incredible nonetheless. Within seconds I felt my body tense up.

<Oh Rachel, I'm going to cum!> She giggled and pumped her finger faster. My wings spread out and my talons squeezed together as hawk semen dripped out of the orifice. Slowly, I pulled my wings back to my body as the blissful feeling subsided.

<Thank you so much,> I said, almost panting. I would have had the widest grin on my face if my mouth were capable of making such a gesture.

“It was my pleasure,” she told me. “And speaking of my pleasure...” she continued, starting to remove her top. Now it was my turn to help her, and I was so eager to do it. I gazed at her exposed b-cup breasts as she removed her shorts and underpants. With a quick tilt of her head her hair flowed back behind her head. She laid her naked body down in the wet, sandy shoreline and splayed her arms and legs far apart.

“Take me, bird-boy,” she begged.

I wanted to take it slow. I put one wing around her ass and the other on a breast and rubbed them gently. She moaned lightly. After a few moments I rubbed my face on her chest. She let me continue for a minute before begging, “Please, please put it in me. I can't wait any longer.”

Except... being a hawk, I didn't have a penis. <Put what in you?> I asked, embarrassed to not know.

She writhed sensually as she responded. “I don't care! Your wings, your beak, your talons... I just want you inside of me,” she told me.

I quickly decided to try giving her a wingjob. I took my wing off her butt and started rubbing it up and down her labia. “Oh yes, yes, put it in!” she wailed. I did. I pushed my long hawk arm past the threshold and reached deep into her vagina. I pulled back and forth, in and out, as her face began sweating in passion. A couple minutes of this ensued, with Rachel producing satisfied sighs and seeming to beam with pleasure as my wings rocked her boob and her pussy. Finally I let go of the breast so I could lean my face into her crotch. I relentlessly pumped my wing in her hole as I began rubbing my beak on her clit, pecking at it and licking at it a few times. And then moments later, seemingly out of nowhere...

“No, I'm sorry, please stop...”

I wasn't sure she meant that or not, so I indeed stopped and pulled my wing out of her hole. <Is something wrong?> I asked, wondering what was up.

“Well... no, you're great,” she told me, “but... this isn't how I want to do it.”

<Huh?> I was bewildered as to what she meant.

Rachel stood up. “Even though I'm naturally a human, it just doesn't feel... wild enough to me,” she said, walking into the ocean. Really, I thought to myself. You're a human being having sex with a hawk, and that's not wild enough. I mean, I know she can be pretty savage, but what else does she want me to do?

Standing waist-deep in the water, Rachel turned back toward me and began morphing. Her skin thickened and grayed. Her legs fused together, her feet disappeared and a pair of tail flukes grew out of the bottom of the newly formed tail. A dorsal fin sprouted out of her back as her arms shrunk and narrowed into pectoral fins. Her hair receded into her head. Her face widened, a rostrum forming in the front as her nostrils closed up, replaced by a blowhole that opened on top of her melon.

She had finished morphing, and was now a dolphin. A beautiful, sexy bottlenose dolphin.

<Now I'm ready,> Rachel declared, flipping over on her back. I frantically flew over and perched on her tail, just beneath her genitals. I looked at them lovingly, but momentarily confused, having never really paid attention to cetacean genitals before. There was one long slit with a smaller one beneath it and two small ones on each side. I deduced the long slit was the vagina and stuck my feathery bird face into it.

<Yes!> Rachel cried, indicating my deduction was accurate. <Get inside of me, I want you inside of me!>

I pulled my head up and prepared to insert my wing again. <No,> she admonished. <Not part of you. I want ALL of you in me. Please...> she begged.

If it was anyone else, I wouldn't have had the courage to try it. But for Rachel, I would literally do anything. I dug my head deep into her slit and wiggled around, forcefully pushing my body further and deeper into her cunt. Feeling my wings pushing up against her body, I clutched them as tightly to my body as possible, writhing and contorting to push my seemingly too-large body further and further in. Eventually I got in up to my midsection, and expected it to be easier to get the rest of the way in, with the width of the entering portion of my body now decreasing as I entered. But then my feet ran into her sides. I folded them inward and budged them through. At this point the issue was that I was running out of space. Just a little more, I thought to myself. Squirming and shoving forward, I could feel my tail feathers rubbing against her dolphin clit. I was almost there. I bent my head down, lunged forward one last time. I felt her pussy close as my tail got all the way in.

I was in her. I was in Rachel. Every cell of my hawk body was engulfed in her dolphin vagina.

And it was bliss.

<YES YES, keep moving around, my filthy little bird!> Rachel screamed as her vaginal walls began squeezing my body all over and spraying me with her love juices. She was clearly orgasming because of me. The thought of the ecstasy I was putting her in and the full-body massage her organ was giving me excited me in a way I never would have imagined in my wildest dreams. Outside I could hear her producing all manner of loud dolphin whistles, clicks, and squeals. I don't know what she was saying but I'm sure it was about our sex act.

I fulfilled Rachel's wishes, continuing to writhe as much as I could in the confined space, rubbing my beak, talons, and feathery body all along every inch of her vaginal walls. I could even feel my cloaca grinding along her beautiful internal muscles. Meanwhile, I could feel gravity shift as Rachel began to repeatedly jump in the air and slam her tail on the surface of the water in her frenzy. I couldn't hold back myself. I began adding my own loud hawk screeches to her beautiful vocalizations as I shuddered in bliss, my hawk seed pouring out of me.

This went on for several minutes. I was so wrapped up in my own euphoria I wasn't even sure how many more times Rachel came, but it was at least three. Sadly, all good things have to come to an end. I noticed a twinge of lightheadedness as I realized the air in her had all been used up.

<I'm sorry Rachel, but I'm going to have to come out now.>

<Okay,> she replied understandingly. She calmed down, laid flat on her back in the water and held her pussy in the air, waiting for me to come out.

In all my movement I had managed to completely turn around. So I began by poking my beak out of her. Going out was a lot easier than going in, thanks to the pushing of her muscles and the lubricating dolphin femcum that coated every last one of my feathers. Within moments I fully emerged from her, and, breathing heavily, collapsed on her chest.

<Wow,> she exclaimed, seemingly low on energy herself. <That was the most intense thing ever.>

<I'd have to agree,> I told her. <I never would have imagined... being birthed as a hawk by a dolphin... would be so damn thrilling!>

We hugged for a few minutes, as cetacean and avian, vowing we would never let anything come between us. Eventually we garnered enough energy to continue. <Alright, I'm ready to morph back now,> Rachel informed me. I flew back to the shore and watched as she returned to her human form; her skin whitening, her hair regrowing, her tail splitting back into legs, her fins receding into her back, feathers that had fallen off my plumage in the excitement being expunged out of her crotch area. Soon enough, she was human Rachel again.

We looked out into the ocean and saw our noise had attracted a pod of bottlenoses, curious as to what we were doing. “Hey Tobias,” Rachel asked.

<Yeah?> I answered, pretty sure I knew full well what she was going to say.

“What do you say we put on one more show for our little audience here?”

<That's exactly what I wanted to do,> I let her know. I mean, after that unbirthing thing, what was a little exhibition to top it off? I was about to ask how she wanted to do it this time, but she was already morphing again. She rapidly shrunk and began taking a form similar to my own. Her arms melting into wings, gray and white feathers growing out of her body, and an orange beak growing out the end of her face. She was taking her seagull form.

As the morphing process finished, she turned around. <How do you like it?> she asked, thrusting her cloaca in my face.

<Like it? I love it,> I told her, rubbing my beak along it.

<Let's do it like a couple of lovebirds then,> Rachel ordered. And I was more than happy to comply. I laid down and spread my legs, exposing my hawk cloaca, beginning to once again swell from the sexual tension. With no hesitation, she pressed her gull cloaca against it. We both shook up and down, violently rubbing the two holes together as the dolphins stared on intently. Within a few moments we both orgasmed, both of us shouting about our pleasure in our own bird languages as our bodies shuddered and semen leaked from my hole. The dolphins themselves seemed to be quite aroused by our little show. I even noticed a pink, tentacle-like penis emerging from one of them.

As Rachel began morphing back to her human self, I stared out at our lovely spectators . I smirked in my head as one dolphin couple had a quick sex act, essentially returning the favor for us.

Rachel walked over, and gave me one more kiss. “Oh God, how I love you Tobias,” she earnestly told me.

<I love you too, Rachel.>

“But it's getting late. I really need to be going.”

<Yeah,> I sighed, sad that the evening was ending. <We'll have to do this again sometime.>

“I'd love to,” she confirmed. “It's just, with our lives, we never know when our next chance to have a evening like tonight will be.”

<Hopefully soon.>


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