The Journey

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Five hundred years had passed since the second war. The first war caused the world to try an experiment on humans, dividing them into five Factions in hopes to maintain peace and order. A test was administered to everyone age sixteen and older. Those who tested as selfless went to Abnegation, the peaceful to Amity, the honest to Candor, the brave to Dauntless, and the intelligent to Erudite. This experiment was conducted in the hope of it healing the population and the land. So while a select few were placed in Chicago to live out this experiment, against their knowledge, the rest of the world continued, or what was left of it.

After a hundred years people known as Divergent began to pop up. Divergents were those that tested into more than one Faction. At first, the Factions feared the Divergent. After a small internal war happened a panel of the top commanders in each Faction, and a delegation from the factionless; those who tested for no Faction or didn't fit into their chosen Faction, gathered to discuss Divergence and what it meant. During this delegation, a film was found and the Factions learned that they were not the last humans on Earth. The world continued outside their wall. It was decided that they would open The Wall and venture out to once again become one with the world. To teach it the lessons that they had learned. John Prior, the first Divergent to qualify for all five Factions, lead the party outside The Wall to talk with the old world's leaders.

At first, it seemed as though the old world's leaders welcomed Chicago's Factions with open arms. However, they were just as corrupt and broken as before the first war. They planned an attack on Chicago to acquire their extremely advanced technology. Lead by Dauntless, Chicago persevered. They won the war and in the process took out all the old world's leaders and about seventy-five percent of the rest of the old world population. The remaining citizens were assimilated into Chicago's Faction system. With the entire planet now open to them they decided to spread out. The Faction's leaders convened once again to decide how the new world would function. After months of research, brainstorming among leaders, and consulting the rest of the citizens, it was decided that the Factions would remain. Those who were Divergent would go to the Faction that they tested highest for. As always, the people had a right to choose their Faction regardless of test results. In addition, the Factions each chose a family that best represented their Faction's traits and ideals and made them a monarchy, ruling over their own faction and being a part of the World Delegation which served to address issues that involved more than one Faction.

The new world lived much more peacefully than the old. The lands and most of the population were healed under the Faction Monarchy System (FMS). Approximately two hundred years after the FMS was created the factionless began to rebel again. While they weren't a threat to the world on a large scale, they did reek havoc on the population on a small scale. Stealing food and supplies, burning villages to the ground, killing, raping, and destroying all that they came across. They were leeches, however, the same lack of work ethic that leads them to need to destroy to survive also kept their forces weak enough to not be able to truly take over.

Now that the population was spread out across the globe there was a need for certain Faction members to live among other Factions. There were members of Dauntless that lived among other Factions as guards as well as traveling Dauntless units that patrolled the outlying communities to protect them from the factionless. Judges and lawyers from Candor also lived among all Factions. As did Doctors and Teachers from Erudite. There were survivalists from Amity that lived among the Dauntless to teach them, the traveling guard in particular, how to survive off the land. Each Faction also had their own Keepers of the Histories. These people lived in other Factions to teach them the personal Histories of their home Faction as well as their traits and customs. This tutelage helped the minors immensely when it came time to choose their permanent Faction.

The children of the royal families underwent their Faction testing at the age of twelve. The reason for the early testing was because the Faction needed to know if their Princes and Princesses were going to stay in their birth Faction or defect to another Faction as soon as possible. Also, the Royals had to undergo much more rigorous training since they were the leaders and therefore the examples of their Factions. It was very rare for a royal to defect to another Faction as they usually best exemplified their birth Faction. Hundreds of years of tradition in allowing the royal, who was normally the epitome of their Faction, to select a mate that was also extremely strong in their factional traits, had lead to the royal offspring to almost never need to defect.

After the Royals were tested, if they chose not to defect, they were sent off to the old monasteries in the Himalayas to be trained by the elite monks that lived there. Being apart from the world helped them to focus and learn all that was possible to learn about their Faction, other Factions, diplomacy, and all the skills that they would need to lead their Factions. (If they did defect they would remain with their birth Faction until they turned sixteen and then defect to their chosen Faction at that time.) At the age of eighteen, they would return to their home Faction. They then had until their twenty-first birthday to choose a mate. When their parents decided it was time to step down from the throne the young monarchs would rise up to the throne and begin their rule. In the meantime, they would help their parents in ruling their Faction.

It had been six long years since Freya had undergone her testing. Her results clearly put her in her birth Faction of Dauntless, although she tested positive for all five Factions. Six long years since she had seen her family. She missed them immensely. Even more so she missed the lands of her Faction. While the mountain monastery she had been residing in whilst training was breathtakingly beautiful, she longed for the rugged and diverse landscapes of Dauntless. At times while training she longed to run away, back to her beloved Dauntless. However, she stayed because she refused to quit no matter how hard it got. Her people needed her. So she sucked up her homesickness and carried on in her training. No matter how hard it became to memorize yet another book she continued. No matter how bad of a beating she took during her physical training, and she had taken many, she kept going. Now, as her initiate phase came to an end she was a bit nervous to return to Dauntless as their acting Princess. Even though she was nervous she was extremely excited to return. She had been dreaming of the journey home since she arrived at the monastery all those years ago.

Although airplanes were used to cover great distances, cars were scarce. It was decided long ago that they were too harsh on the environment, even with all of the advancements that Erudite had made on them. So while the other royals would take advantage of the few motor vehicles, using an armed motorcade to travel to the air support hub, ensuring their safety, to return to their Factions; she would be following in Dauntless tradition to traverse the dangerous lands between the monastery and the closest air support hub, which was a treacherous five hundred miles away. It would take weeks to travel by horse, and it would be very dangerous. The terrain was near impassable at many points on the journey and the rouge factionless were always a threat. However, if the royal Dauntless couldn't make the journey then they weren't fit to rule over the warrior Faction.

Freya could barely contain her excitement as she packed her ruck for her journey. She had already said her goodbyes to the monks and her fellow royals. She would miss the monks immensely, but it comforted her to know that she would be able to see her royal friends again. After all, it wouldn't be too long before they all took over for their parents and began their rule of the world. It didn't take long for her to finish her preparations. She was trained well. She knew that she needed to pack as lightly as possible and yet make sure she was prepared for all that could befall her on her journey. After her ruck was ready she donned her Dauntless gear. Heavy black leather pants, a long black tank top, black wrap shawl, and the black armor vest made out of what the Erudite referred to as dragonscale leather. It would deflect any bullets that the factionless possessed. Her boots and arm guards were also made of dragonscale. Picking up her ruck she gave her room one last look, and with a reverent smile, turned and walked to the main gate to await her escort.


While it was the tradition for the Dauntless royal to make the journey by foot and horseback it was too dangerous to travel alone. The Dauntless were brave, not stupid. You never traveled across the Unclaimed Lands alone. So here she sat with her combat trainer Monk Niru, just inside the monastery gate, waiting for her traveling companion. She knew whomever the person was they would be the best of the best of Dauntless and she couldn't wait to meet them. She was always eager to learn, especially from someone with first-hand experiences in battle, and she knew they would most assuredly have that.

"Do you know who they are sending Niru?" she asked, trying to seek out any information she could, just as she was trained to do.

"Yes, I do Princess Freya." He said with a smirk. He knew withholding the information she sought would drive her crazy, and they so loved to rile each other up.

"Well, are you going to tell me?"


"Fine, what task do I need to complete to earn the knowledge I seek oh mighty Monk Niru?" She huffed out, trying to contain the giggle the threatened to escape as Niru rolled his eyes at her.

"Hmm, climb The Green Giant in under ten minutes and I will tell you what I know." He said.

The Green Giant was a large tree in the monastery courtyard. It was the only tree that reached above the protective walls. Freya had done this many times over the course of her training, however, it was only within the past 8 months that she was finally able to get her climbing time under ten minutes.

"Is that all?" She laughed and jumped up off the rock she was perched on and walked towards the tree.

"Aren't you forgetting something Freya?" Niru grinned.

"Umm, no?"

"You will climb The Green Giant with your ruck on." He watched her expression. There was a time when Freya may have complained about the task, but nothing phased her now. She had never climbed the tree with any additional weight, be he knew she would accept the challenge. She was truly Dauntless after all.

"Yes, Sir." She grabbed her ruck and strapped it on her back as she walked to the base of the tree. This would be a great test of not only her skills in strength and agility, but it would also let her know just how much she could accomplish with the weight of her ruck. She couldn't believe that she hadn't thought to test that on her own prior to her journey. As always though Monk Niru was keeping her prepared. Without a second thought, she jumped to the lowest branch and began to scale the tree. While the ruck did add a slight degree of difficulty it was nothing that she couldn't handle. She was strong and she was flexible. She was so excited to prove herself, test herself and of course obtain the information she sought that she climbed The Green Giant in her quickest time yet. Just under eight minutes.

When she reached the top she could see the main road leading to the gate and in the distance, she saw her traveling companion approaching. She quickly climbed down and ran to Niru, who sat calmly with an amused smile on his face.

"Well done Freya."

"Thanks, Niru, now tell me, please! My companion will be here in just a few minutes." She said excitedly.

"Oh alright. His name is Eric. Eric Coulter." he stated

"Aaannnnd?" she pried.

Niru chuckled and continued. "He was the top of his initiation class. A transfer from Erudite. He was recruited into the Elite Guard upon graduation. He spent a year in the Elite Guard before they put him in charge of it. After three years as their leader they brought him back to Dauntless Proper and he assumed a leadership role there. He now does random missions, consults with other Factions on their security needs, and oversees initiate training."

"Wow, he sounds amazing. I can't wait to watch him in action." Freya said in amazement.

"Be careful. I've also heard he is a real asshole. As hard as they come. He's probably the most feared man in Dauntless, and you don't get that kind of reputation without earning it." He cautioned her. He knew Freya was eager to learn all that she could, and he knew that she would make an amazing Queen. He just hoped that this Eric would get her back to Dauntless in one piece. While he was quite certain that Freya could take on any factionless that crossed her path, he was nervous for her to be traveling alone with the ruthless Eric Coulter.

"Noted. Thank you Niru." She said.

Freya only had to wait about five minutes for Eric to arrive at the gate. The Dauntless guards that protected the monastery opened the main gate and saluted Eric as he rode in. He barely even acknowledged them as he entered. Just as the gate was closing Eric jumped off his horse and handed the reins to the stable boy that was waiting for him. As the boy held the horse in place Eric unstrapped his ruck. "Take this one to the stables, feed and water him. Let him rest. Tomorrow he will need to be returned to Willobe Farm where a small team of the Elite Guard are resting. Are the horses we will be taking ready?"

"Yes, Sir. I will go get them now" the boy said quickly.

"Good." was all Eric said.

He took a calming breath and started walking towards where the Monk waited with Princess Freya. While Eric wasn't very eager to traverse some of the most treacherous lands in the world with a girl who could barely be considered a woman, he was very eager to meet the legendary Monk Niru. Before coming to the monastery Niru was the most revered member of the Elite Guard in recent history. He is a legend. He had never met him or the Princess, both having left Dauntless before he defected to it. As he approached the pair he took note of how intimidating Niru looked. He was every bit the legend that people claimed him to be. No one but the Dauntless King had ever intimidated Eric so the fact that he thought this of Niru was a high compliment.

Within just thirty yards of the pair, Eric finally looked at the girl he would be traveling with over the next few weeks. He almost forgot to breathe when he saw her. She was no girl. She was most assuredly a woman and an absolutely stunning one at that. Just as the King did, she had jet black hair. He couldn't tell how long it was though as she had it pulled back into a practical bun. Her figure was amazing. Fit and extremely curvy. Normally the female warriors of Dauntless lost a bit of their womanly curves as they trained. The muscle taking over their bodies. Not the Princess though. She had large breasts, a tight waist, wide hips and thick muscular thighs. While her appearance was stunning to admire it made him very leery of her fighting and survival skills. He tried to remind himself that she should be at least competent having been trained by Monk Niru, but he was still skeptical.

Reaching the pair Eric saluted Niru in greeting and bowed to the Princess. Skipping any verbal formalities Eric got straight to it.

"The horses should be ready in a few moments. Are you ready to leave Princess?" he asked.

Freya was a bit shocked at his tone, but then remembered that he was a Dauntless warrior. It had been a while since she heard anyone speak that tone, the residents of the monastery were much more soft-spoken than the members of Dauntless.

"Yes, I'm ready. Also, call me Freya." She replied in the sexiest voice Eric had ever heard. He quickly pulled himself together though.

"I need to resupply my ruck then we will depart, Princess," he said, not acknowledging her request at all.

"I will take you to the supply room." Niru quickly said, mentally chuckling at what was sure to be an interesting journey for the two. He knew Freya well and knew that while she was soft spoken and regal she also could carry her weight and then some. She certainly didn't look as strong as she was. He knew Eric would be curious about her skills, but he decided to let him figure them out for himself. As he led Eric to the supply room they each questioned the other about some of their more famous missions. Niru was just as impressed with Eric as Eric was with Niru. On the way back to the gate Eric finally broached the subject of Freya.

"She doesn't look strong enough for this journey. Should I be concerned?" he asked Niru.

"Do you think I would sign off on her training if she weren't prepared? Remember, even though I'm a Monk now doesn't mean I have forgotten my Faction. I would never allow weakness to lead Dauntless." Niru stated quite firmly.

"Yes, of course. It was my error to question your training." Eric said

"She is more than ready, don't let her looks fool you. While we are on that topic" he stopped walking and became very serious in his tone "you listen to me, Eric. I know she is beautiful....hell beautiful is putting it mildly, but she is your Princess and future Queen. She will do great things for not only Dauntless but the whole world. You protect her with your life. You keep her safe from everyone and everything, including you. If I hear that you have done anything untoward towards her I will not hesitate to tear you apart in the slowest and most gruesome way possible. I love her and I will not have her hurt in any way. I've heard how you go through women and I just want to make sure that you know she isn't just another female. Do you understand me, soldier?"

"I don't take my responsibilities lightly Monk Niru. She will be safe," said Eric. He was a bit taken back by the Monk's words, but he understood where they were coming from. She was so gorgeous that even the most Abnegation man would be selfish and want her all to himself.

When they returned to Freya she had her ruck strapped to the horse and her weapons all securely strapped to her body. Eric could tell that she was eager to begin the journey. He understood her excitement. Dauntless lived for adventures, the more dangerous the better. As he put his gear on his horse and his weapons on his person he overheard Freya saying her goodbyes to Niru. She spoke to him in a much more intimate tone than she had used with Eric. He had to admit, if only to himself, that there was a twinge of longing to hear her speak to him like that.

"I will miss you Niru. You've been my rock these past six years. Thank you, for everything." She said and then hugged him. They embraced each other for a while, Niru speaking quiet words into her ear, when Eric could take it no longer he cleared his throat.

"We need to be on our way Princess," he said, barely containing a growl. What the hell Eric, pull your shit together. You just met her for fuck's sake.

"Yes, of course," she said in what Eric would begin to refer to as her royal voice. Proper, polite and controlled.

Turning to Niru she said her final words to him "Once I'm all settled back into Dauntless Proper I will send an invitation for you to visit unless you can make it to that damn “I wanna marry the Princess” ball.” She said rolling her eyes. “Take care, I hope you don't get too bored without me."

"Oh, I will be positively beside myself with boredom until I can be in your presence again.....Princess" he said jokingly.

"Oh shut it Sir" she laughed and punched him in the arm. Niru laughed and grabbed her up one final time, squeezed her tightly and then kissed her forehead.

"Until we meet again Freya. Be brave."

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