Eden: The Real Story

BY : BiGayBoy
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As his eyes fluttered open, Adam looked up at the unfamiliar place. It was beautiful. Fruit trees grew all over.

Animals were everywhere. It was a real sight to behold. He stood up, and looked himself over. He was perfect. His biceps were lean, but muscular. His abs were as perfectly chiseled as his chest. A trail of dark hair led in a path from his navel to his groin, where a small bush sat on top of a huge cock.

He placed his hand on the member, running it over the shaft that hung halfway down his thigh. He wrapped his hand around it, and stroked it up and down. It grew rock hard in his grip, standing out ten inches in front of him. The pleasure was so unbelievable that his knees gave out and he landed on his back in the soft grass. He moaned as he jacked off the thick shaft, moving the foreskin up and over the tip. Then his dick swelled up, and ropes of hot, thick cum shot out of him. He yelled in delight, then he just layed there, breathing hard as he felt his meat go soft again.

He reached down to his cum-covered ballsack and stroked it, cum coating his palm. He reached his hand up, and tasted the thick, white substance. It had a sweet taste that exploded in his mouth. Before he knew it, his whole hand had been licked clean.

He sat up, and bent forward. He was quite flexible, so he was able to easily lick all of the delicious goo from his balls. The feeling of his tongue caressing his sensitive sack was amazing. On a whim, he lifted his dick, and placed the tip in his mouth, suckling it. The pleasure was mind-blowing. He slowly moved his mouth downward, taking the whole rod down his throat. He started sucking faster and faster, harder and harder. Then his throbbing slab of stone opened up, and shot even more nut down his throat. Then the cum stopped, and his dick went limp again. He took it out of his mouth, and laid back down in the grass.

Suddenly, he had the feeling of being watched. He looked up, and saw a man leaning against a tree. He was completely naked, and a white robe lay at his feet. He was completely sexy for an old guy. His muscles were taut, and his cock was even bigger than Adam's, standing rock hard in front of him. White hair reached his shoulders, and he was stroking his cock, which throbbed with heat. As the man watched Adam, his eyes were filled with animalistic lust.

“Who are you?” Adam asked.

“I am God,” the man replied simply, his stroking never ceasing. “I created you, and everything you see around you in this beautiful Garden of Eden.”

Hesitantly, somewhat shy, Adam gazed at God's pulsing member, and asked, “Do you mind if I...” His boldness faltered, and he went quiet.

But God was all-knowing. He knew what Adam wanted long before he knew, himself. God planted that lust and need. For a long time, ever since he had cast his husband, Lucifer from Heaven for cheating on him with his messenger angel, Gabriel, God had needed a perfect fuck buddy. That's why Adam had been created. God smiled, and let go of his huge penis. He sauntered over to Adam, his thick schlong bobbing up and down. Adam got on his knees, and God placed his dick on his forehead. He moved it downward, his slick precum making a trail down Adam's face. As it touched Adam's lips, he moaned. Adam's lips parted, and he took the thick mushroom-shaped head in his mouth.

“Oh, Fuck!” yelled God, as the warm mouth suckled his most tender spot. Then Adam's mouth slowly moved halfway down his twelve-and-a-half inch shaft, then back up. Adam was teasing him, and it made his lust level mount even higher. This continued for a moment, then without any warning, Adam shoved his mouth all the way down God's cock.

“Holy shit!”

Suddenly, Adam was bobbing up and down the whole shaft extremely fast. God was so close to cumming, it was insane.

“Stop,” God ordered.

Adam reluctantly took his mouth off his master's meat.

“Lay on your back,” God ordered.

Confused, yet curious, Adam obeyed. God knelt in front of him, and lifted his legs above his head. Then God's cock was pushing inside his asshole.

“Jesus Christ!” yelled Adam, having no idea that God would remember that, and give the name to his son, centuries later. Adam was in enormous bliss, as his creator pounded his hole with the longest thing in the world.

“Oh, fuck!” yelled God. “Brace yourself! I'm going to cum!”

Suddenly, Adam gasped in pleasure, as rope after rope after rope of thick, hot, gooey cum shot into his body. Adam counted exactly one thousand shots of cum squirt into him. It took about ten minutes before the cum finally stopped.

God pulled his softening monster out, and collapsed on top of his creation. Who knew he had it in him to create such a perfect man? But alas, he had other matters to tend to in Heaven, and Adam was going to get very lonely in his absence. As much as he wanted Adam all to himself, he knew he would have to create a companion for his lover.

“Adam,” he said, “In Heaven, I am a very busy man, and we won't be able to do this very often.”

“But, Master –” Adam protested. But God raised a hand to silence him.

“But I am going to create a companion for you. He will be your perfect match.”

Adam nodded. He was going to miss God, but as long as he would have someone, he would be happy. He watched, as God went over to the tree where he had first saw him masturbating, and put on his robe. He left it open, leaving his perfect naked body exposed. The sight of that giant penis made Adam's mouth water.

God stooped down next to the tree, where there was a patch of dirt. He placed his hands on it, and Adam gasped as the dirt started to move. It turned a fleshy color as it rose upwards. As it twisted and contorted, Adam saw it take a humanoid form. Then it stopped, and the poster man for Perfection stood beside God. He had shoulder-length golden hair, and the sexiest bangs. His lips were full, and the color of crimson. His hairless, muscular body took Adam's breath away. And the guy's cock, hanging the same length as Adam's, made Adam want to melt in a puddle at his feet. The smooth, hanging ballsack was so luscious Adam wanted to eat it for breakfast. And when the man smiled at him, Adam almost lost it at the sight of those pearly white teeth.

“Adam,” said God, “This is your new husband, Steve.”

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