Weaves of Love

BY : Blazer
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Chapter 1

    Elayne had just returned to her room after a long day teaching her novice class, dealing with Moghedien, and studying Ter'angreal. She was exceedingly tired, but after washing in her and Nynaeve's basin, she decided to go for a short to help her relax. She enjoyed the quiet time of solitude, without having to worry about Nynaeve" temper or Aes Sedai praising her for new discoveries. She stepped back outside into the dim moonlight and began towards the woods near Salidar, not far but enough to get a few moments of quiet contemplation. She had not gone far into the woods, until suddenly she saw through the trees, on a small hill a bright flash of light. What could that be? she had not seen any weaves, so it could not be saidar being channeled. She crept towards warily, being naturally curious A bridge uncrossed leads nowhere as Lini use to say. She peered beyond a tree and saw the last person she expected except perhaps the Dark one himself. Rand was stumbling down the hill away, he looked disheveled and slightly deranged. Without any warning, a tree next to him turned to ash within an instant and the ground around him appeared charred. Elayne was shocked, What is wrong with Rand? she thought bewildered. She wrestled with going after him because he was obviously dangerous, and unstable right now, but a part of her needed to see him again desperately. She went over to the charred spot, still smoldering with wisps of smoke rising, and she strained to get a glimpse of him within the trees.  She finally spotted him, slumped over with his back to a tree. She walked closer tentatively, anxious she might startle him. When she got within a few paces, she got a good look at him for the first time. His short reddish hair was in disarray, his eyes were shut tight, his gold-embroidered cloak was halfway unbuttoned, with no undershirt, his breath was shallow like he was trying to resist something. His breeches were signed on the sides, and his boots were loosely laced as if he had just thrown of clothes and ran through a furnace. His brow was beaded with sweat, and his hands were tightly clenched. ‘Ilenya I'm sorry, forgive me" he whispered just barely audible. Who is she? thought Elayne, but she decided to focus on helping Rand right now. She crouched in front of him and gently said: "Rand are you alright?" No matter what his state, when she saw him her heart began to beat rapidly. When she spoke Rand's eyes flew open, with a wild look to them, he scrambled to his feet and swung his head around as if he was just seeing his surrounding for the first time. He started backing away from her hastily, saying "No no no no I should not be here, you should not be here!" He sounded afraid to Elayne as she recovered from the surprise of his outburst. She tried to mollify him with some soothing words but he would not listen. Rand turned aside and appeared to be struggling, he was trying to channel but after a few seconds, he sank down to his knees, completely defeated. "Don't come near me" he choked out, "Just leave me alone, I will only end up hurting you." Elayne was startled, he had been so gentle with her whenever they snuck behind a wall for a private encounter, he would absolutely never hurt her. How much had he changed?  She thought. "No you won't," she said in response warily stepping closer to him. "Yes I will!" he snapped, "My love is death, I should never be within one hundred miles of you." Elayne shook her head "I know what you are, and I do not fear that I chose to love you no matter what", She said confidently striding to within a pace of him. His face flashed a look of pain, "I will be the death of you, and I can't live with that gain", Rand said with a combination of bitterness and sadness in his eyes. ‘Again", what did he mean Elayne thought, but she put that out of her mind. I am yours, and you are mine, let me help you, She said sweetly as she reached a hand out to him. ‘No!" said Rand lurking away from her outstretched hand. "I don't deserve you, I am a disgusting wretched waste, I use people and lie, tell people to die for me and don't even know their names, all I deserve is death", he said in grim tones. Elayne's eyes began to brim with tears, she had never seen him this despairing. "Your life is going to be hard, so much depends on you, everyone needs You I need you. He looked up at her with hollow emptiness in his eyes. "I cannot do it anymore, it hurts too much saidin's taint is in my bones. Why die later when I can die now?" he gave a brief laugh grim and harsh, he seemed to be looking at something far away. Elayne could not believe her ears, Rand was strong, and could handle the world, seeing the man she loved in this much pain broke her young heart. She put her hand through his hair choking back a sob, he did not seem to notice. He suddenly fell back clutching his side. Elayne gasped and unbuttoned his coat, displaying his toned stomach and defined abdominals, but that she ignored that, when she saw the wound that never healed. It was open again, bleeding with a look of corruption, She did not know what to do, it was all so overwhelming. Rand tried to get  up wincing in pain but, Elayne firmly pushed him back down, he looked up at her tears running down his face. "I cant get away from you, I don't know what to do anymore." Rand said closing his eyes. I want to suffer like my friends have, I tried to get rid of the taint, did it work?" He rolled up his left sleeve, his arm was a bloody wreck of deep self-inflicted gashes from a knife. Elayne gave a cry of distress and began sobbing, crouching down to sob into his chest. Eventually Elayne lifted her face and said " I wish you could love yourself as much as I love you." "I don't deserve your kindness, the world is better without me" Rand said as he laid his head back, and passed out. Not for me  Elayne though miserably. she laid still for a few more moments collecting herself before buttoning up his cloak, weaving air to lift him up, and starting back to her room.      

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