39 Clues: Yellow Lemon.

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39 Clues: Yellow Lemon Tree Stories.

Daniel Arthur Cahill x Isabel Kabra.

Hey everybody, welcome to my first Yellow Lemon Tree Story. This is going to be AU. (Alternate Universe.) This story is going to be on the dark side a bit. Don't worry, there is not going to be any character death just... well you'll see.

Disclaimer: I don't own 39 Clues just this story.

Chapter Warnings: Adult Language, Mild Shorta.




Unknown city: Three thirty five in the afternoon.

A thirteen year old boy walks out of a game store with a Nintendo Switch in a plastic bag in his right hand and a big smile on his face.

The teen boy stands five feet tall and has peach skin, dark blonde hair, jade green eyes, thin lips and a small scar under his right eye. He has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, slim waist line, narrow hips, slim butt, slim legs and small feet. He is wearing a dark grey t-shirt, black shorts that stop over his knees and white sneakers.

The teen looks down at the bag with a smirk. (Man, I'm going to kick so much ass in Splatoon two and Arms. The ninja guy is so going to be my main.) He than continues down the sidewalk, not knowing that a pair of eyes have been following him for the last hour.

Sitting in a parked black car with a smirk on her face, is a forty six year old woman who is watching him. (You made it so easy to find you Daniel.)

The woman stands five feet, six inches tall and has peach skin, brown wavy hair that stops at her back, brown eyes and full lips with red lipstick. She has a slim body shape with slim arms, small hands, slim fingers, big B-cup breasts, slim waist line, slim hips, curvey butt, shapely legs and small feet. She is wearing a purple sleeveless dress that stops before her knees and has a glittering blue strip under her breasts, black stockings, two inch purple heels, golden earrings, a three string pearl necklace and a golden charm bracelet on her left wrist.

She than starts the car and follows him. (Now, hopefully that sister of yours isn't at your home when you get there.) The smirk on her face grows. (I get her after I'm done making you talk.) She licks her top lip with a dark gleam in her eyes as she continues to follow Daniel.

In front of the Cahill's house: Three fifty two in the afternoon.

Daniel opens the front door to the house he, his sister Amy and their grandmother Grace live in with a smirk. He than let's out a loud "Buuurrrppp" and than looks around. His smirk turns into a frown when he doesn't hear anything. "Amy! Your home!" When he doesn't get a answer he angrily stomps his right foot. "Oh come on! I've been holding that one in for awhile now and she's not even home."

He than walks up stairs to his room with the frown still on his face. He opens his door, walks into his room and closes it behind him. He than looks around his room and his frown changes into a smile.

There is a window in the left wall with a desk to the left of it and against the wall. On the desk in a plastic AK-47. A box to the right of the window is filled with old casts. A brown wooden door is in the back wall by the left corner. A bed with it's headboard against the center of the back wall has red sheets, a big black pillow with sliver ninja trowing stars printed on it and a black cover with Ninja Gaiden printed in red on it. A tan wooden bookshelf that was to the right of the bed is filled with videogames. Four samurai swords are on display on the right wall and a twenty inch flat screen TV hangs on the wall a few inches away from the entrance.

He than hugs the Switch close to his chest. "I can't drive my sister crazy right now, but I at least still have you my precious." He than takes it out of the bag and rest it on his bed. "Now, let's play baby."

He than hears knocking "knock, knock, knock" from the front door downstairs. He let's out a frustrated sigh as his shoulders slump and he rolls his eyes. "uhhh. of course." He than turns his head and with a small frown. "I'm coming!"

He than walks back downstairs and stops at the front door. (If it's somebody trying to sale me something, they better be a really hot woman.) "Hello! Can I help you!" But he doesn't get a answer.

He starts to get mad and tries again. "Hello! who's there!" Silence is the only answer he gets. His right eyebrow twitches and he angrily opens the door. "If this is some kind of joke!..." His eyes widen in shock as he looks around and doesn't see anyone there. "What the heck?"

He than slams the door closed with a loud "Bam" and a frown on his face. "Damn assholes." Than suddenly a pair of slim arms wrap around his body. The right one is holding his arms to his side's and the left hand holds a cloth over his mouth.

He than hears a feminine voice whisper into his left ear. "Hello Dan. It's so good to see you again." His eyes widen in fear as he knows who's arms his in. He struggles to get out of the woman's arms, but her grip only tightens and she lifts him off of the ground.

The woman smiles when Daniel finally passes out. She than carries him bridal style to the back door while looking down at him with a smirk. (Now let's get to my place so you can tell me what I want to know.) She than looks out of the back door and looks around for anyone. A big smile spreads across her face when she doesn't see anyone.

She than gets him to her car and puts him in the back seat. She had left the left side back door opened. (Damn kid is heavy.) She than closes the door, opens the driver's side door and gets in the car. (One down, and I'll get the other one tomorrow.) She than starts the car and drives away.

The woman's bedroom: Eight fifteen at night.

Inside of a room that is lit only by candlelight, because the curtains are drawn keeping any other sores of light out. The drawn purple curtains are over two windows in the right wall. Between them is a dark brown dresser with four lit candles, different kinds of makeup and a mirror against the center of the right wall. A wooden desk is against the center of the left wall with a white sheet covering different shapes that can be seen through it. Finally a queen sized canopy bed is up against the center of the back wall has dark purple curtains, blood red sheets, three purple pillows and a large dark brown headboard with ISABEL KABRA printed in gold on it.

On the bed is Daniel, spread eagle with his wrist tied to the headboard and his ankles tied to the footboard. He has been stripped down to his black boxers that have pictures of Greninja printed on them. The woman is sitting at the foot of the bed watching him sleep.

The woman has a frown on her face and her arms crossed over her chest. (How long is this little bastard going to sleep. I mean I go through all the trouble kidnapping him, than just killing him and his sister, just like I did to their parents. And he's got a nerve to keep a lady waiting.)

She than looks over at the desk with the sheet over it. (I should just kill him now for making me wait so long.) She than looks back at him. (But I need him alive for now.) She than smirks as she looks up and down his body. (But I can at least have some fun with him before I make him tell me what I want. besides with some training, he might make a good pet.)

Daniel starts to moan "mmmm" as his eyes twitch and than slowly opens. He than looks around drowsily. "What the hell happened? Where the heck am I?"

The woman grabs the waistband of his boxers with both hands and pulls on it. "We are in my room Dan. And I fixed it up just for you." She than let's go of the waistband and it snaps against his skin with a "snap"

Daniel let's out a "hissss" at the feeling and looks down at her with widen fear filled eyes. "I... Isabel." His eyes than harden into a glare. "What the hell do you want now you witch."

Isabel than shakes her head and looks at him with a smirk. "Dan, Dan, Dan. That is no way to talk to a lady. And you know what I want. Tell me where yours and your sister's clues are, and I'll let you live."

Daniel looks at her with a smirk. "I'm not telling you anything. I'm not afraid of you, Isabel." He than sticks out his tongue at her.

Isabel gets up and walks over to the desk with some extra sway to her hips. She than stops in front of it and looks over her right shoulder at him seeing his eyes glued to her butt. "Are you sure about that Daniel." She than pulls off the sheet with her left hand and her smirk grows seeing the panic in his eyes.

On the desk is a bunch of different knifes, a small saw, a hammer, a power drill and a small black closed case with sliver latches.

Daniel gulps and than looks at her with a glare, but some fear can still be seen in his eyes. "I... I still won't talk. you have to do better than that you witch."

Isabel than unlatches the case and opens it. Inside of it is five needles filled with green fluid. She picks one up with her right hand and walks over to him with a grin. She than gets on the bed and straddles his hips.

Daniel's eyes widen in shock while looking at her. His mouth drops open when she sits down on his clothed boyhood and rubs her butt up and down it. "What the hell are you doing?!"

Isabel than sticks the needle into his right bicep and injects the green fluid into him. He let's out a cry of. "Ahhh!" And after she is finished injecting all of the fluid into him. She pulls it out and tosses it on to the desk.

Daniel grits his teeth and watches a small amount of blood run down his arm. He than looks up at her with a glare. "What the hell did you put...?!" He stops and let's out a loud moan. "Ooohh!" As she grinds her butt on his boyhood again.

Isabel smirks down at him and grabs his waistband with both hands again. "That is something I made myself. I can get you to talk later. Right now we're going to have some fun."

Daniel looks up at her with wide panic filled eyes. "What do you mean by fun." He than looks down with both of his eyebrows raise as he feels how hard his boyhood is.

Isabel sits up on her knees and looks down at the tent he is pitching in his boxers with a smile. "Good, I made it to work fast. This is better than I hoped for." She than starts to pull down his boxers.

Daniel gulps and continues to watch with widen eyes as he starts to breave havaly and blushes. "Oh, shit."

To be continued.

Well I hoped you all liked part 1. Part 2 will be up soon, but first is cheaper 3 of Naruto: Pokegirls Storm. Now it's... challenge time! You all know the drill by now. So here is this story's five challenges.

1: Your 39 Clues straight pairing story.

Now take any male and female 39 Clues characters and make any story you want.

Bonus points: 1. You only use 39 Clues characters.

2. No character bashing.

3: If it's going to be a long harem/s story, than it should be a Daniel/Harem and/or Amy/Harem. (can be large.)

2: Dan Cahill and the Mask.

When walking home one day from another day of detention. Daniel finds a old wooden green mask and takes it home. When night falls, he puts it on to give his big sister a little scare. but it turns him into a crazy living cartoon like version of himself. Now what's going to happen? Will he be able to control it, or will it make him a dark hearted person? Will he annoy the hell out of his sister more so, and what would he do if someone tried to hurt her? Well only you can answer these questions.

Bonus points: 1. If it is a good Mask story, than he be comes a ninja superhero. If it is a evil Mask story, than he is more than ok about killing anybody but his sister that gets in his way.

2. You can also crossover with Marvel, DC or both.

3. You can also make it a harem story, but Daniel/Harem must be the main pairing. (can be large.) (can have multiple harems.)

3: Isabel Kabra and the Mask.

One night, Isabel is sent a package and on opening it finds a strange mask. When she was going to throw it away, she trips and her face falls right into it. She than transforms into a curvey and even more beautiful living cartoon like woman. She than has a evil smirk on her face and dashes out into the night. Where is she going? What will she do with her new power? How many people will she twist to be hers, or just kill? Well only you can answer these questions.

bonus points: 1. She will be more than ok to do anything to twist someone into being her loyal pet.

2. You can also crossover with Revenge the TV series.

3. If it's going to be a harem story, than it can only be Isabel/Harem (Daniel has to be in it.), Isabel/Femharem (Amy has to be in it.) or Isabel/Biharem. (Amy and Daniel have to be in it.) (can be large.)

4: Dan Cahill the not evil Overlord.

Daniel has a dream about himself being a Overlord and finds out that it's true. He hates that something is trying to make him evil. But thanks to Amy and some of his new mistresses they help him from becoming completely evil.

Bonus points: 1. Daniel only becomes about twenty five percent evil and will only kill if he has to.

2. You can crossover with Ninja Gaiden.

3. The main pairing is Daniel/Harem. (can be large.) (Amy can be in the harem.)

5: Isabel Kabra the new Overlady.

Isabel one day comes across a suit of armor that magically gives her the memory and power of all the previous Overlords. She becomes the first Overlady.

bonus points: 1. She gets an ability to steal people's youth.

2. You can crossover with Darkstalkers.

3. The main pairing is Isabel/Harem (Daniel has to be in it.), Isabel/Femharem (Amy and Natalie have to be in it.), or Isabel/Biharem. (Daniel, Amy and Natalie have to be in it.)

Well that's it for now, until next time. Bye!

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