Robert's Conquest

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King Robert Baratheon was having a great time at Winterfell. Away from King’s Landing, he was finally able to let go and brazenly ignore his so-called kingly duties. Another reason for his great mood was Cersei and the Kingslayer were nowhere to be seen. He was free from Cersei’s judgemental glares and nagging. He’d spent the night drinking, eating and playing with serving maids to his heart’s content. By this time most of the Great Hall was empty, save for a few lower knights, servants, Robert, Ned, and Catelyn. Everyone else had likely gone to sleep. Ned had wanted to leave sometime earlier, but Robert managed to convince him to share a drink. Unfortunately, Ned passed out after a few drinks.

“I apologize Your Grace, but I think it’s time I take my husband to his chambers,” Catelyn said as she walked over to the drinking pair.

Robert immediately offered his help, “I can help you carry him there. It is my fault he’s like this.”

“It’s alright Your Grace, I can manage,” Catelyn quickly replied, not wanting to burden the King with a mundane task.

“Nonsense, it’s no problem at all. Besides I don’t exactly remember where my chambers are,” he said sheepishly.

“Alright then,” Catelyn said smiling, “I can show you after we drop Ned off.”

In full agreement, Robert nodded his head and motioned for her to lead the way. He stood up and lifted Ned from his seat. Supporting his friend’s weight on one side with his shoulder, Robert began following Catelyn.

As Robert followed, his eyes burned into Catelyn’s massive, bouncing ass. He felt his mouth dry and cock stir as he watched her ass jiggle with every step. He thought back to his true reason for asking Ned to drink with him and his offer to help carry him back.

It had been too long since Robert had fucked a proper highborn lady. Being King was extremely boring but it had its occasional perks. As King he would visit various lords and ladies at their castles where he would sleep with the ladies after their husbands were gone. His last one was over six moons ago when he fucked Alerie Tyrell. He smirked as he remembered waiting for her buffoon of a husband to fall asleep before he dominated her in their chambers. He could still hear her begging for his seed.

Now all Robert could think about was fucking the proud Catelyn Stark. He knew he should feel ashamed he was lusting after his best friend’s wife, but he couldn’t help himself. He had expected her to resemble her fat sister, Lysa Aryn, who he had fucked a few years back. However, as he entered Winterfell’s courtyard earlier that day, he was surprised to find a voluptuous woman instead. After their friendly hug during his arrival, all Robert could think about was the feel of her magnificent body. His remembered how his cock stiffened when he felt her massive tits press against his chest. Following that initial encounter, he knew he had to fuck her.

Too soon they reached their destination and Robert was broken from his thoughts. His cock was already half hard and he did his best to hide the fact before Catelyn noticed. Luckily for him, she opened the door without turning back. Robert quickly walked in and gently placed Ned on the bed.

“Let me just remove Ned’s boots and then I can lead you to your chambers, Your Grace,” Catelyn said as she kneeled by Ned’s feet.

“Take your time. Also, you can call me Robert,” Robert said nonchalantly as he walked around the room. Finding nothing interesting, and his cock now carefully hidden, he turned towards the bed to look at his conquest for the night.

Catelyn was still kneeling at the base of the bed which gave Robert an unobstructed view of her bountiful tits. Robert felt his blood rush south at the mouth-watering sight. He did not know how he hadn’t noticed before, but Robert was surprised by how low her neckline plunged. He licked his lips as he spied hints of her pink areolas peeking from above her neckline and as her nipples poked out from her dress due to the chilly air in the room.

“I can take you to your chambers now Your Gra—I mean Robert,” Catelyn said with a smile as she finished, completely unaware of Robert’s lustful thoughts. Robert motioned for her to lead the way again as they exited Ned’s chambers. His cock was at full mast with the perverted images swirling through his mind as they walked to his chambers. This time Robert did not once remove his gaze from Catelyn’s bouncing ass.

“Here we are Robert. If that is all, I’ll head back,” Catelyn said as they reached his chambers. Just as Catelyn turned to leave, Robert quickly reached out to stop her.

“There’s something I’d like to discuss with you in my room Catelyn,” Robert said trying to keep his tone neutral.

Clearly surprised Catelyn hesitated for a moment before answering, “Of course.”

Robert opened the door and entered as Catelyn followed behind. The room was mostly plain. There was a large bed in the middle with his belongings put to the side. Luckily, there was no sign of Cersei and he hoped she and anyone else looking for him would stay away for the rest of the night. Finished with his perusal of his room, Robert took a seat on the edge of his bed, facing towards Catelyn.

“The feast was wonderful. The food, drinks and singing were all great,” Robert said appreciatively.

“Thank you, Robe—” Catelyn began before she was interrupted.

“But there’s something else I want.” Robert said as he stared at Catelyn.

“What is it that you need? I’ll do what I can,” Catelyn said confidently.

“Take off your dress,” Robert ordered casually.

“Huh?” Catelyn asked confused. She must have misheard, but then Robert repeated himself.

“I am commanding you to take off your dress and then to pleasure your King. I have wanted to fuck you all night and I’m going to get what I want.” Robert said confidently.

“Robert, uh, you’ve had a lot wine. Y-you aren’t thinking right. You should, uh, go to sleep and we’ll forget all about this come morning,” Catelyn panicked as she tried to reason with the King.

“I’m thinking perfectly fine. I am the King and the North belongs to me. That includes you. You have a duty to your King and your King wants to fuck you.” Robert paused as he removed his shirt and breeches to reveal his body and the emphasizing seriousness of his command.

Catelyn was in total shock at Robert’s demand. She could see hints of the man he was before he gained all his weight as he removed his clothing. His chest and arms still had hints of muscle while his stomach was round with fat. However, as her gaze moved down, Catelyn’s eyes widened as she saw the biggest cock in her life. It was massive with bulging veins running down its sides. It was capped off with a large mushroom head. She could see his seed already beginning to leak from the slit. Large balls, slightly smaller than her fists, carrying fertile seed, hung from the base of Robert’s impressive tool.

Robert waited, enjoying the look of shock in her eyes for a moment, before he said, “This is because of you.” Giving his cock a quick pump to accentuate his point, he continued, “Your big tits and giant ass have caused this and you’re going to take responsibility.”

“But Ned—” Catelyn tried to plead one last time before being cut off again.

“Ned won’t know about this. This will remain between you and I. Now do your duty to your King and strip.”

Seeing no alternative and not wanting to incur the King’s wrath, Catelyn resigned herself to her task. Robert watched intently, with a grin on his face, as more of Catelyn’s delectable body was revealed. He licked his lips at the sight of her perky tits jiggling as they were freed from her dress. She paused for a moment as she saw Robert begin to lazily stroke himself. She watched as more and more his seed leaked from his piss slit. Soon enough Catelyn’s dress was completely off and she stood nervously in front of Robert’s heated gaze.

Robert’s jaw dropped as he looked at Catelyn’s amazing body. He could honestly say that she put all of his previous conquests to shame. Her big tits stood proudly on her chest with only a hint of sag. They were capped off with large, pink, puffy nipples made for sucking and feeding. As his gaze moved down he saw her surprisingly flat stomach that flared out into her perfect child-breeding hips.

“Fucking hells,” Robert exclaimed as he continued to stroke himself, “the whores of Lys would be jealous of you. No highborn lady’s body in Westeros compares to yours. The Gods have obviously blessed you.”

Catelyn blushed in shame as she was compared to whores. However, a deep part of her felt a thrill of pleasure and pride as she watched the King salivate over her body. She watched nervously as Robert stopped stroking himself to stand up and walk towards her. She was about to speak when his lips latched onto hers. Her eyes widened and she gasped in surprise as Robert took the opportunity to slip his tongue in and dominate her mouth. She felt his large hands move to her ass and maul her twin globes as he brought her body flush with his, sandwiching his massive cock between them. She felt it pulse and twitch against her belly as she moaned helplessly into Robert’s expert mouth.

Robert was already enjoying this more than he would have expected. Her tits felt heavenly squished against his large chest. He loved the feel and weight of her ass in his large hands as his fingers sunk into its tender flesh. He was surprised at the lack of fight Catelyn showed. He expected more from the proud woman, but she was much more submissive than he had originally thought as evidenced by her total lack of resistance. After thoroughly dominating her mouth Robert pulled away to look at her. She looked absolutely wanton as he saw her swollen lips, glazed over eyes and flushed face. He smirked as he saw her discreetly wiggling her hips, desperately trying to bring some relief to her aching cunt. Satisfied with his progress, he moved his lips down to give her magnificent breasts his attention next.

Catelyn moaned as she felt Robert take her nipple in his mouth. She panted heavily as she felt him suck and nibble her nipple raw before he moved on to give the other one similar treatment. She couldn’t believe the pleasure she was feeling. She felt her juices beginning to leak down her thighs and her body heat up from Robert’s actions. She jerked in surprise as one of Robert’s hand left her ass and moved to her womanhood. Wasting no time, he shoved two meaty fingers up her waiting cunt.

“Oh Gods,” Catelyn moaned as he built up a relentlessly fast rhythm. He focused on her reactions to his stimulation until he heard her utter a deeper moan. He mercilessly attacked that spot again and again, drawing sharp gasps from Catelyn as she tried to maintain a modicum of composure. With his mouth on her teat and two fingers furiously fucking her cunt, it was no time before Catelyn experienced her first orgasm of the night.

“GODS ROBERT!” Catelyn wailed and wrapped her arms tightly around him as she felt her body erupt in forbidden pleasure. Her eyes flashed as she tensed in bliss. Her cunt felt like it was on fire as Robert continued fuck her through her orgasm with his fingers. Finally, after what felt like ages, her orgasm subsided and Robert slowly removed his fingers. Catelyn panted as she desperately tried to regain her breath from her powerful orgasm. She looked up to see Robert bringing his fingers coated with her shameful juices to his mouth.

“Delicious,” Robert said heatedly, not removing his eyes from hers, as he tasted her essence on his fingers. She blushed in embarrassment and felt an unexpected flash of pride at his compliment. Not giving her time to recuperate, Robert abruptly placed both of his hands on her fat ass and lifted her up. Catelyn’s legs instinctively wrapped around Robert’s hips as her arms rested on his shoulders. Giving her a grin, Robert unceremoniously speared Catelyn with his massive cock for the first time.

Catelyn eyes bulged in surprise at the intrusion as she screamed in euphoria. Unable to lie to herself, she shamefully admitted his cock felt amazing inside of her. She could feel him at her womb as it throbbed and twitched inside her. He stretched her pussy to its absolute limit.

“Fucking hells you’re tight,” Robert groaned. He slowly pulled back until only the tip remained before slamming into her again. He repeated that process until he was sure Catelyn had suitably adjusted to his size. Typically, he would not show such restraint. He certainly didn’t with the Tyrell matriarch. However, Catelyn was different and he wanted her to remember the pleasure only he could give her. Satisfied, Robert began to fuck her in earnest. He tightened his grip on her hips as he plunged his cock in-and-out of Catelyn’s cunt.

Catelyn held tightly onto Robert’s shoulders as he fucked her with his massive tool. He battered against her womb, opening her in ways she’d never felt before. It felt like more and more of his cock stuffed her with every additional thrust. She moaned breathlessly, shaking her head to-and-fro as heat built up in her again.

“Oh Gods, it’s coming again,” she whimpered as Robert gouged her wide open. She prayed no one came by to check in on the King.  Anyone that did would hear Robert’s grunting mixed with her impassioned moans. Her cunt squelching as her child-breeding hips were slammed repeatedly into Robert’s.

“Cum for your King, you wanton whore,” Robert laughed as he continued to use his firm grip on Catelyn’s hips to wedge more of his cock in her weeping snatch. The proud woman felt her second climax of the night upon hearing Robert’s vulgar command.

“GODS! SEVEN SAVE ME!” Catelyn screamed as her juices sprayed out once more. This time all over Robert’s thighs and the floor beneath them. Catelyn’s climax was extended as Robert continued to relentlessly thrust himself into her spasming cunt. Her toes curled and legs tightened around his hips as she desperately held onto him and prayed to the gods for mercy.

Once her orgasm had finally finished Robert dislodged his cock from her. Catelyn panted heavily as he nibbled on her ear and carried her to the bed for what would be the finale.

“On your hands and knees,” Robert commanded her as he threw her exhausted form onto the bed. Feeling lethargic Catelyn slowly turned herself onto her knees as she supported her upper body with her forearms. She panted in exhaustion as she waited for Robert’s next move.

Robert took a moment to admire the beautiful woman before him. Her luscious red hair was wild from their activities. He could see the sides of her tits as they hung gloriously from her chest. His gazed moved down and was still amazed at the size and shape of her thick ass. The Gods had clearly made her to pump out children. Robert smirked as a sudden idea came to him.

Catelyn yelped in surprise as he spanked her ass a few times, watching it jiggle enticingly, before he settled himself behind her. Her cunt was soaked as her juices leaked freely onto the bed beneath her. Placing his hands on her hips Robert slowly entered her from behind once more. Catelyn moaned as she was once again stuffed by his monster cock. Robert laughed as he felt her pussy sucking him in, trying to coerce him deeper into its wanting embrace.

“You’re enjoying this,” Robert grunted as he slowly increased the speed of his powerful thrusts.

Catelyn shook her head in denial. She did not want to admit to enjoying it. As long as she could fool herself into believing she was simply doing her duty to her King, she would still be able to retain her pride and claim she had not betrayed her family. She panted as she joyously felt another orgasm coming before it suddenly ceased. Confused, Catelyn looked back to Robert had stopped and was looking at her expectantly.

“Why did you stop?” Catelyn asked desperately, slightly wiggling her hips to entice him to continue.

“Admit you want this,” Robert said, punctuating every word with a slap to her round ass. Catelyn’s ass burned as she felt slight tremors of desire. However, she still stubbornly clamped her mouth shut. Seeing her refusal to admit, Robert pulled her up by her red hair until her back was flush with his fat torso. Putting one hand on her throat to hold her in place, his other hand alternated between pinching at her nipples and her rubbing small nub.

“Admit it Cat,” Robert breathed in Catelyn’s ear as she felt small hints of pleasure, but not enough. “Admit you want my kingly cock and I swear you’ll feel all the pleasure you want.” To prove his point, Robert added a single thrust to emphasize his promise. Catelyn felt the pleasure she desired at his single thrust and broke down.

“SEVEN FORGIVE ME BUT I WANT YOUR GIANT, KINGLY COCK! PLEASE YOUR GRACE!” Catelyn screamed as she finally admitted her shameful desires.

Robert grinned as he moved his hands back to Catelyn’s wide hips and resumed pounding her again. Her tongue lolled out as she moaned in joy at the returned feeling of Robert bashing at her womb. She shamelessly pushed herself back against his hips as he thrust forward, allowing him to reach deeper than he had all night. His large balls slapped her small nub with every thrust, sending additional shocks of pleasure throughout her body.

“GODS! GIVE ME MORE ROBERT! PLEASE!” Catelyn moaned out, not hiding her true feelings anymore.

Elated with her enthusiasm, Robert switched his grips to Catelyn’s throat as he continued to slam her from behind. Catelyn gasped as she felt the light pressure of Robert’s hands on her throat. She felt herself getting light headed from the decreasing lack of air as Robert dominated her body. She could feel her orgasm approaching again when suddenly, he was breathing harder and his thrusts became more frantic, losing their rhythm. Catelyn knew immediately that Robert was close. She waited for him to pull out and finish on her body, but he showed no signs of stopping as he continued to savagely thrust in her.

“Robert,” Catelyn choked out, “please not inside.”

“Consider it an honour taking my Baratheon seed. Maybe you’ll whelp out a royal bastard,” Robert roared as he thrust a few more times. He lodged himself as deep as he could before he finally exploded.

Robert’s seed burst forth with massive force as it flooded Catelyn’s fertile womb. Catelyn’s eyes rolled into the back of her head as she felt ropes and ropes of cum hit the back of her womb. She screamed in ecstasy as she felt her largest climax of the night. Her body went taut with pleasure as she felt waves of virile seed flood her womb before she collapsed.

Robert groaned as he felt Catelyn’s breeding cunt fiercely milk him for all his seed. He pulled himself free once he was finally finished and admired their mixed juices pouring out of her abused cunt. Looking to her face, he noticed that she had passed out from her last orgasm. Chuckling to himself Robert laid down beside her and, using his arm, brought her flush with his chest. His cock nestled perfectly between her twin globes as he took one of her hefty breasts into his hand.

‘I’ll have to convince Ned to bring her along to King’s Landing,’ was Robert’s last thought before he also fell into a satisfied slumber.

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