Vampire Academy: New Beginnings

BY : BmHobbs
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Disclaimer: Vampire Academy is the brainchild of Richelle Mead; I do not own Vampire Academy or the characters, though there are a few OCs here. I make no money off this work whatsoever.

    My life was great. Lehigh was boring, but I got to go back to school with Lissa, like it had been when we were on the run; we were just a pair of silly, young girls who were loving life. She was going for the political sciences, (no duh), and I was going for Joint International Relations, (I wanted to be able to support Lissa), and Russian. Dimitri would help me with both, but more so on the Russian. It was easier to pay attention to him than to any professor drone on for hours, especially when Dimitri would use said Russian in the bedroom.

    Life was wonderful. Lissa was using her considerable pull as Queen to persuade the Moroi community to learn combative magic and help keep us Dhampirs alive while we keep them alive. The age laws were another matter altogether. The older Moroi were scared, and that fear was stronger than logic. While we novices are hella badass, I know i wasn’t ready at 16 to be a full Guardian, despite what I would say.

    But, things can’t stay wonderful for me. It’s like my life was destined to be as hard as possible. You’ll see what I mean as I write.

    “Roza,” Dimitri crooned in my ear, one hand on my left breast, the other on my hip. “Oh, my Roza.” He was breathing heavily as I rode him.

    “Yes, moya lyubov'?” I sighed, grinding my hips in to his, my hands on his upper thighs beneath me. “Bozhe moy,” I moaned, as his member rubbed my tender flesh just the right way. Riding him was one of my favorite forms of cardio. I was told to keep up my cardio exercises, and Dimitri was very helpful with it. And it was an exceptional way to start the day. “I’m so close, Dima."

    My legs were burning and my movements were getting very erratic and jerky. “That’s it, Roza,” Dimitri growled as he flipped us, putting me under him, and started pounding into me. “Let go, my roza.” He commanded.

    And I listened. I came so hard against him, I saw spots. It was euphoric, and I felt like I was breaking with the intensity. I could hear him growling my name over and over again, his forehead against mine and I felt him empty himself into me. “Goddamn, Comrad. You’re far too good at that.” I laughed breathlessly as he rolled off of me. He chuckled and intertwined his fingers with mine.

    “I’m good? You’re the one who did most of the work.”

    “True, but you’re the one who finished it,” I shot back playfully as I rolled on to my tummy and looked at him. After seeing him as a Strigoi, I loved to look at his chocolate eyes. There was a look in them that made me blush and grin like an idiot. “Don’t look at me like that; you’ll make me think I’m pretty.”

    “Oh, Roza, you are far from pretty,” he murmured, brushing some of my brown hair behind my right ear. “You are stunning in your beauty. I could stare at you all day,” he leaned up and kissed my cheek before finishing that with, “but I can’t or we will be late to our classes, and we both cannot go to class late. What would Lissa think?” He grinned. “But we have time for a shower… Care to join me?”

    “Damn right I will,” I mumbled, leaping from the bed and following his tight butt into the bathroom.

    “Rose,” Professor Gayvoronskaya said, “Are you alright?”

    “Yes, I am. Why do you ask?” I said, looking up from where I was in the commons area, studying for National Security: The Military Instrument of Foreign Policy, and reading a passage in my textbook.

    Usually, a teacher would have only talked to me if I was failing or if I said something or did something they didn't like, so it took me off guard when she replied, “You’re really quite pale, my dear,” her gray eyes were full of concern. “And you appear to be clammy. Maybe you should go home?”

    “I’m fine,” I said, shaking my head. I mean, I appreciate the concern, I really did, but I was feeling fine. “Thank you though.” She looked at me as if to say, are you sure? “I promise to go home and rest if I start feeling bad.”

    “Ok, Rose.” She nodded, but I could feel her hesitancy. “I know you have my class later in the afternoon. I will check in with you again then, just to make sure.” She waited for me to acknowledge her statement before turning away.

    “What was that about?” Christian plopped into the chair beside me, sighing as his weight was taken off his feet. “You usually never have a teacher talk to you unless you did something wrong,” he mused with a sly grin. “Did you do something wrong?” He snarked, looking at me sideways. “Whoa, Rose, are you ok?!” Christian sat up, looking at me with wide eyes.  

    “She was asking me that, too, but as I also told her, I’m fine.” I snapped. I was frustrated more at his comments about why a teacher would talk to me, as I was thinking the same thing.

    “Are you sure? Rose, you’re really pale. Maybe drink some water or something? Please?” He held out his water bottle to me. For him to do that, I must have looked horrible.

    “Fine,” I said, rolling my eyes. I unscrewed the cap and Took a swig. I handed him the bottle back just as Dimitri and Lissa walked up. They both stopped and looked at me funny, but I spoke before either of them did. “Yeah, I know; apparently, I look really pale. I didn’t eat this morning and I’m starving, so let's go.” I stuffed my books in my black Kenox Vintage Laptop Bookbag that Lissa had given me as a gift.

    As we walked behind Lissa and Christian, I held Dimitri’s hand and discreetly surveyed the area around us. You never knew where the threats were, and it was good practice. We would get to the cafeteria and Dimitri and I would drill each other on the details of what we saw to see if the other was paying attention.

    The Cafe was packed. We spotted Serena with Oliver, the other guardian assigned to Christian, and nodded to them as we separated from our charges for our lunches. The chicken wraps sounded so good right now, and looked amazing. So, i bought one along with a bottle of Pepsi (they were out of Coke), while Dimitri got a cobb salad and a root beer and we joined Christian and Lissa, who both had pizza, which looked and smelled bomb.

As I opened the plastic containing my chicken wrap, I paused; it smelled off. I brought it closer to my face, and realized it had to be bad. It smelled freaking awful. “Rose?” Dimitri looked at me quizzically, setting his fork down. “Everything ok?”

“No, I think this wrap is off. Smell it for me?” I pushed it towards him and he obliged.

“It smells just fine.” He said, sliding it back to me. When I looked at him dubiously, he took one half of my wrap and took a huge bite out of it. “Tastes just fine too.”

    “Ok.” I ignored the smell and took a bite and gagged. It tasted so bad. He had to be kidding me. I forced the bite down my throat and swigged my soda to wash the taste away. My stomach rolled and I felt myself pale.

    “Rose?” It was Lissa who spoke this time, but I couldn’t answer. I was sure if i opened my mouth, I would throw up. “Rose, you’re green…”

    I shot up out of my seat and ran to the nearest trash can. I barely made it before everything I had within the last 12 hours came back up. I was miserable. I hate throwing up. Like, ten out of ten the worst thing i have ever done… Ok, getting shot was before that… And those ghosts were right after getting shot… Still, one of the worst things. “bogi vyshe,” I groaned, settling on my haunches, hand over my mouth.

    “Maybe we should go home?” Dimitri was by my side, helping me stand up. I was kind of dizzy. “You might have gotten food poisoning from that sushi last night.” He began leading me out of the now silent room. I guess I was looking so unsteady or moving too slow, because he just scooped me up and carried me gently out of the room.

    “I’m OK now,” I said, still holding my protesting stomach. “I have a paper due in Foreign Policy.”

    “While I’m happy you’re taking your classes and school in general seriously, finally, there is obviously something wrong, so we are going to Dr. Olendzki.” She had moved out here on request of the court since she was familiar with not only Lissa’s medical history, but also mine and Dimitri’s. “Your health is more important. I’m sure Lissa will take care of it for you, though, if you’re so concerned.”

    And that was that; end of conversation. Dr. Olendzki had opened her own clinic just for us, but also took human and Moroi patients alike. She seemed to enjoy the hell out of it, too. I was happy for her. When we got there, the receptionist phoned back to the doc, and we were immediately shown back.

    The nurse, who said her name was Cammie, was taking my blood pressure and heartbeat readings, when she asked when my last period was. I thought back, counting. I’m fairly regular, only missing a period when I was in Russia from all the stress… Except, I was late now. “I’m late…” I mumbled. I looked up sharply at Dimitri. “I’m late,” I announced louder. “My period is late by a month… I didn’t even notice.”

    “Are you usually late?” The nurse asked curiously, looking between me and Dimitri, who seemed to have frozen and was looking lost. “Miss. Hathaway?”

    “Uh, no. Not usually.” I replied, dazed. “You don’t think… I can’t be…” I couldn't even say it. I shouldn’t be… pregnant. Dimitri and I can’t have children together… It’s just not possible, and I sure as hell have never cheated on him. I would never do that to him.

    “We would need to do a test to be sure, but it’s something we can’t rule out right now.” She looked back at the computer and asked if I smoked or drank. After all the questions, she disconnected me from the machines, reached into a cupboard, and handed me a urine cup. “I’ll need at least ten drops, ok?”

    I nodded. I was in a trance, trapped in my head, in my thoughts. I can’t be pregnant. I can’t be a mother. Dimitri is the only one i have ever made love to or anything of that sort, so if I was, he would be the father which would be impossible.

    “Roza?” I started, hearing Dimitri’s hoarse voice. I didn’t even realize i was back in the room, just standing there in the doorway. “Rose, you didn't… please tell me you didn’t sleep wi-”

    “I would never do that to you. Ever.” I cut him off, stating the truth fiercely. “I love you; I don't want or need anyone else like that.”

    He let out a breath I didn’t even know he had been holding. “Good; you’re telling the truth.” He looked at me sheepishly. “I had to know.”

    I blinked rapidly and then his arms were around me. “What if I am?” I wrapped my own arms around his shoulders, holding him like he was the only thing keeping me from floating away. “What if I am pregnant?”

    “Then we keep our child and we be the best, most protective parents there has ever been. Not to mention Lissa would love to be an Aunt.” We both laughed at that, but my own sounded more hysterical than anything.

    About 10 minutes later, Dr. Olendzki came in, a file in her hand. “Hello, Rose, Dimitri. So, I understand you are feeling a little under the weather? Vomiting, dizziness, a late cycle?” When I nodded, she continued. “Well, Cammie ran that urine test, and you are pregnant. Now, you can either decide to have an abortion, go through with the pregnancy and either keep or adopt the child out. That’s something you two will need to discuss. Either way, I’m ordering you an ultrasound, and you will need to get prenatal vitamins. I have every faith in you to be a wonderful mother, Rose. You are as fearless and brave as any women I know, and already as protective as a mother. You got this.” She winked at me, and patted my hand.

    “You really think I can do this?”

    “Without a doubt. My only question is who’s the father?”

    “Well,” Dimitri rubbed his palms on his dark jeans. “I am.”

    “Hmm… We shall have to have a spirit user look at you two. It’s possible that the healing of you, Rose, after the car crash, and your coming back from being a Strigoi, Dimitri, might have healed whatever hindered your inability to have children together. And if that is the case, we could potentially have the resources to bring your race back from near extinction. But, I’m just speculating.” She went quiet before she shook her head. “Just check out up front and I’ll call you later to set up the ultrasound appointment, ok?”

    “I’m going to be a mother,” I said, holding on to Dimitri’s had as we walked out ot the car. “You’re gonna be a father…”

    “What are we gonna tell Lissa and Christian?” He said, digging the keys from his pocket, then stilled. “Grebanyy ad, what are we gonna tell your parents?!”

moya lyubov'     my love

Bozhe moy         Oh my God

bogi vyshe         gods above

Grebanyy ad      fucking hell


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