Yearn No More

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The farm Tam and Abell led them to looked like it had already been abandoned when the Whitecloaks and the Trollocs came to the Theren. Some families simply died out over time. Rand had heard of such things happening when he was younger, but it was only when he left the Theren last year that he learned what a worldwide phenomenon it was. Fewer and fewer children had been born in recent generations and even the Aes Sedai couldn’t explain why. For his part, Rand suspected the weakening of the Seals on the Dark One’s prison had something to do with it.

Whatever family had owned these lands must have been afflicted particularly badly, for the farm was at least three times the size of the al’Thor lands. They must have been a sizable clan once. Now they were only a memory.

Rand was not particularly concerned with their safety, despite Perrin’s precautions. With a dozen battle-hardened Shienarans and just as many Aiel, he was sure they could handle any pursuers the Whitecloaks sent after them. And if they couldn’t, Moiraine and Lan were there. And should even they prove incapable of dealing with the problem, then Rand could take a hand himself. He’d gotten used to seizing and channelling saidin now, and the more he used it the stronger he’d grown in the Power.

Some of the others didn’t share his confidence. Bodewhin had clung tightly to his back throughout the ride west, and her sister Eldrin had looked even more nervous as she rode behind Tam. Haral and Alsbet’s eyes had gotten nearly as wide as the Cauthon girls’ when they learned that the hooded strangers that ran alongside their horses were Aiel. The way they stared at the men and women—and those they stared at even harder than the men—reminded Rand of a deer he’d once seen being stalked by a wolfpack in the Westwood.

The former prisoners sat with Tam, Abell and Anna now, sharing stories. Rand wasn’t alarmed. He trusted Tam and Anna to know what should and shouldn’t be said. He didn’t join them though. Dancing around the truth was something he’d gotten used to, but somehow doing it with the Theren folk felt wrong. He’d rather say nothing at all than give them half-truths or outright lies. Instead, he wandered the camp and tried to make it seem like he was surveying their defences rather than avoiding his friends.

He’d anticipated conflict between the Shienarans and the Aiel but couldn’t find any sign of it in his wanderings, even now that the Aiel party had grown in size. Uno’s lancers seemed up for a fight, especially Masema, but the Aiel didn’t share their enmity. Or if they did, then they hid it well. The closest they came to a confrontation was when Rhian and Geko argued over the placement of sentries, with the Shienaran wanting to know where the Aiel guards would be stationed and the Aiel mocking him over his inability to find them unless she pointed them out. Rhian’s smile vanished when she noticed Rand watching. She excused herself and strode off quickly, as though she thought he might chase her. One of the other Maidens, a yellow-haired woman nearly as tall as he was, laughed to herself as soon as Rhian faded into the early morning gloom. It had taken most of the rest of the night for them to reach the farm, and Rand expected he’d end up sleeping during the day again.

Rand approached the Maiden who’d laughed. He thought she’d been one of those he’d encountered at Stedding Tsofu; she’d exchanged barbs with Anna, unless his memory failed him. She appraised him frankly as he approached. “For a woman who followed me home, Rhian seems really intent on avoiding me,” he said leadingly.

“Are you thinking of asking her to give up the spear? You will be disappointed I think,” the Maiden grinned.

Rand couldn’t deny that the idea of women fighting troubled him. They might get hurt. But he hadn’t been planning to ask them not to, despite what the Maiden thought. “No. I just thought it strange. Is my carrying a sword or dressing like this such a big deal?” He remembered them saying something along those lines back in the stedding.

She stood hipshot and looked him over. “That depends on the person doing the looking. Like most things do, Rand al’Thor. Some would say you look ridiculous. Others might think you look cute.” Amusement danced in her blue eyes.

“Ah. I’m sorry to say you have me at a disadvantage. I don’t recall the name they called you by back in Stedding Tsofu.”

“I am Jec, of the Salt Flat sept of the Nakai Aiel. I am Far Dareis Mai, in case that confuses you, too. As to Rhian, she would rather you had forgotten more of Stedding Tsofu than simply my name.” She laughed again. “Me, I think some people, even among my spearsisters, take life too seriously. How can you live if you can’t laugh at yourself?”

Rand considered that. She seemed to be saying that what had happened at Stedding Tsofu was a source of embarrassment for Rhian. Did she mean how the three Maidens had nearly attacked Rand and his companions? And if so was it because they had done it in a stedding, or because it was Rand they’d attacked? The former was just good manners, but the latter begged the question of what the Aiel wanted from him.

“This person you’re looking for, the one with the long name. Who do you think he is, and what do you want with him?”

Jec’s smile disappeared. Her face became a hard, tanned mask. “That is not for me to say.”

Rand sighed softly. “Just once I’d like someone to give me a straight answer,” he muttered as he left the Maiden in his wake.

The abandoned farm had three houses in addition to the shells of its barns. Moiraine had claimed one of those houses for herself, one of the smaller ones. Zarine had claimed one of the rooms there, too. The women had retired already, but he could see Lan standing his tireless guard outside their door. Rand could almost have wished he had the Warder’s stamina, but not at the price he’d paid for it. Being bonded to an Aes Sedai struck him as a living nightmare. Just having Moiraine constantly lurking nearby, plotting her plots, was unnerving enough; having her inside your head would be enough to drive a man mad.

Yawning, Rand went to seek his bed. He’d have been happy enough to spread his blankets across the barn floor with his armsmens’ but Hurin stepped away from the door of another of the abandoned houses when he saw Rand walking by.

“There you are, Lord Rand,” the sniffer said with a friendly smile that woke the creases in his face. “The place hasn’t seen a human touch in a good while, but we got a fire going in the hearth and cleaned up the bed as best we could. It isn’t what you deserve, my Lord, but I hope it won’t disappoint you.”

“Hurin ...” Rand began exasperatedly. They’d been over this before, him and the sniffer. But after a moment’s pause, he just sighed. “I can’t imagine you ever disappointing. Thank you.”

Hurin embarrassed Rand by knuckling his forehead as Rand turned towards the door he’d vacated. He found himself missing Min. She never gave him any of that “my Lord” nonsense. Still, he couldn’t deny that part of him was pleased at the idea of sleeping in a real bed tonight—or today, as the case would soon be. The dark house was mostly empty, with only a few pieces of furniture left behind, and smelled of damp despite the fire’s best efforts to drive it out. Two of the few remaining chairs had been dragged over to the windows. Ragan and Ayame, seated in those chairs and keeping watch, greeted Rand when he stepped inside.

He poked his head into several rooms before he found the promised bed. It looked temptingly large and soft and as soon as he touched it he felt his eyes grow heavy. It took a surprising amount of self-discipline to make himself wash his face and teeth in the basin that had been prepared, before he stripped off and climbed into the bed. Sleep came easily, and his dreams were blessedly normal.


“Hey. Are you asleep?”


A soft voice tickled his awareness, tugging him back towards wakefulness.

“It was embarrassing enough coming in here, with those men lurking outside looking all knowing,” she muttered sulkily. “I’m not going back. Not so soon. They’d think you kicked me out.” Something touched his bare shoulder and shook him gently. “Hey, Rand. Wake up,” she said, a little more loudly.

“Who is that?” he asked sleepily. He stretched the kinks out of his shoulders. “What time is it?”

“It’s me, Bode. I ... I’ve c-come to visit,” she said with a nervous giggle. He blinked his eyes until her face came into focus. It was indeed Bodewhin Cauthon, her round cheeks reddened from embarrassment. Her thick, brown hair was loose of its braid, as though she’d just come from bath or bed. Or as though she was just on her way to one. Like his perhaps?

Rand sat up, his tiredness receding at a very fast pace. Bode’s eyes looked over his naked torso, and she bit her lip before looking away very deliberately. She sat on the side of his bed and smiled prettily before speaking again.

“You must have had a very interesting year, to get all that fancy stuff and have all those men following your orders. I’m jealous! Not much happened back here, not since Winternight anyway. Until the Whitecloaks showed up.” Her shudder did some very interesting things to the large breasts that hung behind her loose dress.

“It’s been pretty eventful,” Rand allowed. “But the Theren hasn’t gone without changes of its own, it seems to me. I feel almost a stranger now. Take you, for example. You’ve gotten even prettier.”

Bode grinned through her blush. “You really think so?” she encouraged.

Rand smiled. “I do. You’ve made strides from pretty girl to beautiful woman.”

She giggled again. “You know, you never properly thanked me for not telling on you, back then. The Women’s Circle would have a fit if they knew the kind of things you get up to behind closed doors, Rand al’Thor.”

“I have no doubt. But what the Women’s Circles doesn’t know doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Bodewhin Cauthon grinned at that, looking very like her brother all of a sudden. “That’s true,” she agreed readily.

“I was actually sore tempted to tell on you all. Egwene was always a bit full of herself, and the thought of what the Women’s Circle would have said if they knew got me well excited. Besides, any chance to get Mat in trouble is always worth taking.” That last she added as though it were the most natural thing in the world. Rand could only smile and shake his head; he’d never had any siblings, and the dynamics of such relationships eluded him. “Unfortunately,” Bode continued, “if I’d told on them I’d have gotten you and Perrin in trouble, too. And I didn’t want that.” She smiled at Rand, and her round face lit up prettily. “It would have been a shame for such a cute butt to get paddled.”

“Well, thanks for that then.”

“My mother’s on the Women’s Circle, but she’s asleep now, along with everyone else, off in the big house ...”

Rand would be the first to admit he didn’t know women as well as Mat or Perrin did, but even he could take that hint. “The Shienarans are my oath-sworn armsmen. They will do whatever I order them to. From fighting my enemies, to simple things, like never speaking of what they know.”

Her dark eyes shone. “Really? How did you get them to do that?”

“It’s a long story. And not half so interesting as what I’m imagining right now. Perhaps I could tell you later,” Rand said softly.

She bit her lip again. “Perhaps you could ...”

Bode’s face was very red as he leaned in to kiss her, but when his lips founds hers she responded with flattering, if unpractised, eagerness. Tingles brushed across Rand’s skin as he slowly caressed her soft lips with his own. He wrapped his arms around her generous hips and pulled her further onto the bed, the better to capture her mouth. She let herself be moved, content to wrap her own arms around his neck as she kissed him back.

Her hair felt soft as he combed it between his fingers, her skin even smoother when he brushed his hand across her cheek. When, after an indeterminate time, he dared to cup one heavy breast in his hand and give it a light squeeze, she broke their kiss with a loud gasp.

Bode stared at him for a long moment before turning away and pulling her skirt up far enough to undo the ties on her shoes. As she took them off and began unrolling her white stockings to reveal her smooth young legs, Rand felt a moment’s unease.

She was fifteen now, but her youth didn’t trouble him. He’d been younger the first time Marin had taken him. No, it was who her brother was that had him chewing his underlip as he watched her undress. Bode was Mat’s baby sister. What would his friend think if he found out Rand had taken his sister’s virginity? He tried to talk himself into stopping, but all thoughts of that fled when Bode undid the buttons of her dress and let it fall down over her shoulders, revealing her breasts to Rand’s eyes.

He gaped at the sight of her bosom. She had huge breasts, round and full. Her pink nipples were so wide they almost covered the ends of each fleshy globe. Whatever she saw on his face then must have pleased her, for Bode grinned at him. Her grin turned into an open-mouthed moan when his trembling hands reached out to squeeze those magnificent breasts. They were just as silkily soft as he’d hoped. He played with them eagerly, Mat a distant memory for now.

Bode let him enjoy the feel of her breasts in his hands for some time. The occasional moan escaped her lips and whenever his caress slowed she would push her chest towards him encouragingly. That she was obviously enjoying it as much as he was made Rand smile. He resolved to take his time with her, and never mind how hard he’d gotten under the covers. He wanted to make this an encounter to remember.

Her dress was bunched up around her waist, but it was still in the way. “Let’s rid you of this,” Rand murmured as he took Bode by the waist. She gulped but rose to her knees all the same, and let him pull the dress down over her wide hips. Under her big, hanging breasts were the fleshy folds of her belly, their rise and fall leading him down towards the earthy thatch of hair that rested between her thick thighs. Somehow seeing her naked like that made him think of the Theren. It might no longer be the home he had known, or perhaps he was simply no longer the boy that had called it home, but any change that led to this girl kneeling on his bed and looking at him with those big, smoky brown eyes couldn’t be a completely terrible thing.

“Beautiful,” he breathed, at the sight of her total nudity.

He got a bright smile as a reward. “So are you,” she tittered.

Rand took Bode in his arms, crushing her soft breasts against his hard chest, and kissed her hungrily. She melted into his embrace, and when he laid her on her back on the bed, she went there unresisting. Her hands explored his body as she lay trembling in his arms.

He caressed her leg as he kissed her, his hand roving slowly over the soft flesh, inching ever upwards towards the unexplored valley at their peak. Bode parted her legs slightly under his ministrations. Boldly she reached down to squeeze the tight muscles of his bottom. In response, he let his tongue touch hers, just a little, and thrilled to the way she shivered. Higher his hand ventured, and her legs parted a little more. Rand’s hard cock pressed against Bode’s hip. He knew she could feel it there, for she kept pushing herself against him curiously, as though trying to get a feel for him with that alone. She hesitantly reached her tongue towards his; he met it, and they kissed like that for a while, always with Rand’s hand caressing her soft thigh.

By the time he’d inched his way towards her sex, Bode’s legs were spread wide. When he cupped her in the palm of his hand, putting pressure on the whole of her privates, Bode broke their kiss and gasped loudly. The heat of her beat against Rand’s palm. He watched her face as he trailed one lone finger from the hole of her bottom all the way along her now-very-wet slit. Though red-faced, she met his eyes as he found her special entrance and slipped his finger slowly inside.

“Oh! Rand ... that feels so much better than when—” she tossed her head, biting her lip and suddenly too shy to meet his eyes.

“When you do it yourself?” he teased. Her blush told the tale. He laughed softly. “Naughty girl. Perhaps there’s a bit of Mat in you after all.”

“Don’t say that!” she gasped as he stroked her insides with his finger.

Rand kissed his way down Bode’s neck as he fingered her. The heel of his thumb rested against her hooded bulb, and as he felt it growing bigger he began to rub that, too. Her wetness had soaked his hand and her light cries of pleasure were coming fast by the time his lips found her breasts. He added a second finger then, and took one stiff nipple in his mouth to suck upon. Bode came suddenly. Her thighs clenched his hand between them and the arm that she spasmodically wrapped around his neck squeezed him to her breast almost painfully.

“Oh. Oh. Oh, Light. Oh,” she gasped over and over as she jerked on the bed. Rand kept moving his fingers and his tongue against her until her “ohs” had turned to deep breaths of satisfaction.

When her arms and legs had relaxed once more, he started kissing his way further down her body, over her round belly and then lower still.


“Shh, you’ll like this,” he said.

They both realised the truth of that from the way she began moaning the moment his lips touched her lower ones. His sticky hand he transferred to her breast, kneading it even as his tongue darted out to lap against her sex. Bode’s moans rose and fell with the movement of his tongue. Rand amused himself by playing her like the flute he hadn’t used in months. A flick of his tongue against her engorged nub brought the highest notes, while a long, slow taste of her whole slit brought out a fittingly long and low one. Eventually, five high notes in a row brought her to her second climax of the day. This time it was his hair she clutched as she writhed in orgasm. He kept his mouth pressed against her pussy as she came, glad to taste her juices.

Once she’d caught her breath once more, Rand rose to his knees and took Bode by the hips. Her eyes were hazy with pleasure but she blinked them to alertness when she saw his hard cock thrusting out before him.

“Y-you ... A-are you going to put that i-in me, now?”

“Not yet,” Rand murmured. He turned her over and guided her to her hands and knees. She went willingly, and showed him the round, fleshy cheeks of her bottom. He touched them, and savoured the way they moved under his hands.

“Like ... like you did to Egwene?” she said in a high-pitched voice.

Rand hesitated. She hadn’t said he couldn’t and she didn’t move from the position at all. But that might be a bit too painful for her right then, and things had gone so well so far. He bit his lip, but in the end, he just gave her cheeks a fond pat. “Some other time, perhaps,” he whispered regretfully. For now though ...

He kissed her big globes and slid a finger back into her still-wet pussy. This time he only stirred her for a little while before adding a second finger, and those he curved towards a certain spot he’d—or rather, Raye’d—very much enjoyed touching.

Bode got into it quickly and her panting turned to lewd moans when he used his other hand to part her fleshy cheeks and give his tongue access to the puckered hole of her ass. She struggled for words as he licked along the outer ring of her little butthole, the twin sensations just too much for her young mind to handle.

“Rand ... D-don’t ... That’s d-dirty ...” she finally managed to force out, between her wanton groans.

“You just let me worry about that,” he said, his breath hot against her hole and his fingers moving fast within her. Despite her weak protestations, Bode had taken a deathgrip on the bedsheets and it was less than a minute before she came yet again. This time she collapsed on the bed face first. The twitches of her orgasmic body made her big bottom shake in a way that made Rand’s already rock hard cock engorge painfully.

Armed with the knowledge of a woman’s body that his female counterpart had shared with him, Rand knew he could take the girl to the same heights he’d already taken her several more times before she broke. But his own body screamed at him for satisfaction. So he took Bode by the shoulders and turned her over once again. He tried to make his grip gentle but feared he had failed. Still, there was no fear in her eyes when she looked up into his.

“Bode. I want—I need to be in you,” he said in a low growl.

Bodewhin Cauthon shivered in his grasp, but parted her legs for him, raising her knees high. “Take me,” she whispered, looking him straight in the eye.

He wasted no time before getting between her legs and aiming his cock at her juicy hole. Leaning above her, Rand pushed his hips forwards. Her lower lips embraced the head of his cock, wrapping it in warmth, and then slid slowly down his thick length. He watched Bode’s face as he entered her, alive to the twinges of pain that he saw there. It was a difficult thing, but he made himself go slow, waiting for her to adjust to the feeling before he moved further inside.

She clutched his shoulders as he slid deeper into her. “Light, Rand. It’s so big. I don’t think it will fit,” she whispered fearfully.

He petted her hair in what he hoped was a comforting manner. “It’s alright. It doesn’t always; it depends on the woman. I’ll stop if you want me to.”

“Other ... Well, yes.” A stubborn look crossed Bodewhin’s very Therener face. “I can take it. Keep going.”

He did, but still slowly, and when he felt her tightest resistance and eased her open, she whimpered against his chest. He held her for a while, petting her hair and murmuring sweet nothings, letting her get used to the feel of him inside her.

“That’s my girl. My brave girl,” he whispered in the middle of it all.

“Shouldn’t it be, ‘That’s my woman’ now?” Bode said with a little laugh. They kissed then, lying still on the bed, though Rand desperately wanted to move faster. The feel of her hot, tight pussy wrapped around him hadn’t sated his hunger, it had only enflamed it.

When she started moving beneath him, rocking her hips slowly to rub his staff along her tight passage, Rand knew she was ready. He moved his own hips in time with hers, but longer and firmer, sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. Bode let out a series of long, sweet moans at the feel of him moving inside her. Her plump body glistened with sweat, and dark strands of hair clung to her pretty, round face. As he sped up, she began shaking with the force of his thrusts; the motion of her breasts drew Rand’s eyes like moths to a flame. Supporting his weight on one arm, he squeezed one of those huge breasts in his free hand. When he pinched her nipple between thumb and forefinger, Bode let out a gasp and began rocking against him more insistently.

Feeling her excitement, Rand reached down between them and found her stiffened nub once more. He rubbed it in time with his thrusts as Bode wrapped her legs around his hips, urging him on. Her eyes popped when she came yet again.

The sight of her, staring up at him wonderingly while her tight little pussy fluttered around his cock drove Rand to the brink. He rested his weight on her soft and warm body and reached both hands around to grasp her fleshy buttocks. He fucked her hard, no longer trying to pleasure the girl, but only seeking his own climax. The little sounds she yelped in his ear, and the way her arms and legs held so tightly to him, spurred Rand on. He rode Bode wildly until his pleasure crested, and was ready to break over them both.

“I’m going to come in you, Bode,” he hissed through gritted teeth.

“Do it!” she gasped in his ear. “I want you to do what no-one ever has.”

Rand let himself relax atop her and with that simple motion his come burst forth to flood her virgin womb. Bodewhin made soft, wondering sounds as she felt his hot come flowing inside her. She caressed his body lovingly as he lay there trying to catch his breath and too lost in blissful tiredness to worry about the discomfort of his weight on top of her. He had stopped moving when his orgasm struck, but Bode kept rocking her hips, pressing her cheeks back against his now-splayed hands while she milked the last drops of come out of his cock.

When at last he had recovered himself enough to roll off of her and sprawl on the bed, Bode turned onto her side with a satisfied groan and rested her head upon his shoulder. “That was ... that was wonderful,” she sighed.

He rested his hand in the hollow of her waist. “I’m glad you liked it. I certainly did.”

She snuggled closer. “I feel like I could sleep for the rest of the day.”

“Me too. This is nice,” he mumbled honestly. Her warm and cuddly body felt good pressed up against him like that. Rand didn’t try to fight it when his eyes drifted shut.

“If my mother wakes up and finds me gone she’ll wonder where I’ve been,” Bode mumbled back. “I should ... sleep ... later ...” The rise and fall of her breasts against his side became slow and even. When sleep washed over Rand, Bodewhin Cauthon was still lying there beside him on the bed.

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