The Kinslayer's Love

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There was still the threat of stray Trollocs roaming the Waterwood, so Lan and the others insisted on doubling the sentries that night, but Rand wasn’t inclined to heed their safety concerns. He knew he’d have to leave the Theren again, this time forever, and wanted some time alone to wallow in memory. They objected when he told them as much, of course, but he insisted, using the excuse that he wanted to bathe. It was only half a lie.

He walked a fair bit away from camp in search of a favourite spot of his from the good old days. The chill air didn’t trouble him when he stripped to his skin, nor did the water make him shiver when he waded into his pool of choice. He’d always liked the cold.

The water was dark and deep enough to drown in but that didn’t frighten him. He knew these pools well; they were almost home to him. He let this one cradle him, and cradle him it did, supporting his weight as he floated peacefully, the slight lapping combing imaginary fingers through his hair. The water muffled all sound, even that which came from within, which was particularly welcome after all that had happened. Rand floated in the glorious calmness, staring up at the crescent moon, and knew a welcome contentment in that simple thing.

He floated there for some time before his peace was disturbed by the patter of raindrops. Oddly irregular raindrops. He cracked a curious eye open only to find the weather as clear as could be hoped. And yet, another little something tapped against his chest before plopping into the pond.

You had to remain calm in order to float as he was, and Rand was able to at first. Right up until he followed the source of the disturbance and found Min sitting on a rock at the edge of the pond, rolling another little clod of soil between her thumb and finger, ready to fire. That alone wouldn’t have been enough to disturb his equilibrium—Min was always playing around like that—but this time she was doing it while absolutely stark naked.

The moonlight cast everything in shades of black and white, darkening Min’s hair and lightening her skin. She was posed artfully, as though she’d been sitting there for some time. The way she crossed her slender legs at the knee emphasised her wide hips and narrow waist, and when she set aside her missiles to rest her hands, one atop the other, upon her knee, it caused her arms to accidentally push her round breasts together, making it impossible not to see how full and soft and desirable they were.

She smiled when she saw him notice her, her teeth flashing white, and her midnight eyes shining bright enough to shame even them.

Calm was gone, taking thought with it. Rand went under, losing hearing and sight as well. Instinctually, he spun around and found the soft muck of the pond bottom with his feet, then reared up, coughing and spluttering, throwing droplets of water all over the place.

“Oops. Sorry if I scared you, sheepherder,” Min laughed.

Rand stared at her, at a loss for words. A tinge of wariness showed on Min’s face, but then she drew a deep breath—once again doing very eye-catching things to her bosom—stood up and began wading into the pond. Her most intimate parts were covered only by a dark triangle of hair at first, until she moved into the deeper area where Rand stood. He himself was covered by water up to his waist, a thing for which he was suddenly very grateful.

“M-Min. W-what are you doing?” he stammered embarrassingly.

For once she did not make fun of him. “The water looked nice. And it’s been such a trying day. You seemed so relaxed, how could I resist?”

Rand didn’t feel very relaxed any more. Or cold. Quite the opposite, in both cases. The water hid Min’s hips from his eyes as she got closer, but nothing could hide them from his memory. One glimpse had been enough to burn them into it. She was a beautiful woman.

He swallowed. I shouldn’t be thinking of her like that. She’s my friend. She was probably his best friend, in fact. Once it would have been Mat and Perrin he’d have said that of, with no way for him to differentiate between them, but the things they had all seen and done in the past year had driven wedges between he and them. They were still his friends, he still loved them, but it was no longer the easy, unconditional friendship they’d once enjoyed. The last thing he’d want would be to lose Min, and he was afraid that that was exactly what would happen if he allowed his hands to cup her beautiful face the way they wanted to.

Rand’s heart was racing and his breath coming fast. It made it difficult to say what he needed to say. “I know you like to play around, Min,” he managed, “but this ... I ... I don’t think you know the effect you have on ... You’re really pretty, I mean. You shouldn’t ...”

She stood before him now, the moonlight illumining her breasts and the dark nipples that pointed towards him. Min made no effort to cover herself, instead she cocked her head to the side and smiled teasingly. “So you don’t think I look like a boy then?”

“Light no!”

“Good.” She chewed her lip cutely for a moment before continuing. “You know, Rand. This water’s not as warm as I thought it would be. I think I could use a hug. To warm me up.”

Rand, who was rock hard by then, didn’t dare let her get any closer. He raised his hands towards her in supplication. “I shouldn’t. You’re such a good friend. I wouldn’t want to offend you. I wouldn’t want to lose you.”

It was her turn to gulp, and to wet suddenly dry lips. “I wouldn’t be offended Rand. And I’m not going anywhere.” She reached out, brushed his hands aside, and stepped into his embrace.

Rand had only thought his heart was racing before. Now it threatened to break through his ribs. Min’s gentle hug was enough to brush her silky skin against his ... and to press her belly up against his arousal. Her face rested against the hard plane of his chest, and he could have sworn he felt her smile.

“I’m sorry,” he whispered, blushing.

When Min looked up into his eyes again, there was a new boldness written upon her face. “Don’t be,” she said as she reached up to place her hands behind his head and pull him down into her kiss.

It wasn’t a friendly kiss that she bestowed upon him. It wasn’t sisterly and it wasn’t playful. The night’s chill had been unable to make him shiver, but with a single brush of her lips against his, Min made Rand tremble. His arms were around her before he realised he’d moved them, pressing her body hard against his, even as his lips tried to devour her own. Devour was the word, too, for in that mad and magical moment, Rand wanted nothing so much as to wrap Min within his everything, to consume her warmth and her goodness and her spirit and thereby somehow become one, joined together forever.

It didn’t work of course. It was merely a mad notion that came over him. As it passed, and she remained a separate being from him, Rand relaxed his grip upon Min, suddenly fearful that he had hurt her.

Her breath came shuddering from her. “Oh. So that’s how it happens. Makes sense,” she whispered. She opened her eyes, and he saw none of the condemnation he had feared to find there, only warmth and desire and perhaps ... Could it be ...? “About time, too,” she said as she stood on her tiptoes and stretched her mouth up in search of more.

Rand cupped her face in his hands and kissed her deeply. “Min,” he breathed.

He pulled her into his embrace and ran his fingers through the short, dark, rarely brushed hair that had always made her seem more approachable than other girls to him. “My Min.”

He ran his hands down her slender back and across the lovely curves of her waist and dared to caress her gloriously rounded bottom. “My beautiful Min.”

When she didn’t object to his forwardness, but instead ground her hips against him, he reached up to cup one of her breast in his palm and massage it tenderly. She whimpered against his mouth. “My beloved Min,” he whispered, too stunned by how pretty she looked in her desire, and how sweet the sounds she was making were, to realise what he was saying.

A brief dip of her knees was all the warning Rand got before Min threw herself against him, jumping upwards, heedless of the splashing sounds she made and trusting him to catch her. When he did, locking his arms around her, she wrapped her legs about his waist and her arms about his neck. Her lips had only been parted from his for a brief moment, but she kissed him as hungrily as though it had been years.

Rand could scarcely believe what was happening. Min. Min and I? It seemed too perfect to be real, but there she was, her most intimate parts hovering mere inches above his straining manhood, exposed and open and—dare he dream?—welcoming?

Under the water, he sought her out by touch alone, fumbling in search of her as he always had and always would. When at last the tip of his cock brushed against her soft flower, Min’s eyes snapped open. He spoke his question into her big, soulful eyes. A tiny nod was his answer. He held her steady before him in the water, and Min relaxed the grip of her legs upon his waist, allowing herself to slide slowly downwards.

Her cheeks darkened as the head of his cock parted her hot and unresisting pussy. She looked him straight in the eye as she took him inside her, and somehow that was even sweeter than the wondrous embrace of her sex. Only after wincing in pain did she deny him the sight of her beautiful eyes, but even then she didn’t stop her slow descent, merely tightened her brows and bit her lip as she took him ever deeper inside.

“Light!” she gasped. “So that’s what—” Instead of finishing, she wrapped her arms around his neck once more and rested her forehead upon his shoulder.

Rand cradled her in his arms, wishing he had more hands so he could pet her hair and rub her back and touch her, well, everywhere. But all he could do was hold her by the bottom and support her weight while she adjusted to the feel of him being inside her.

Before long, Min began making little grinding motions against him, letting out soft little whimpers each time she moved. He kissed the side of her neck encouragingly and found that he could feel her pulse racing with his lips and his tongue. The thought that she might be enjoying herself was beyond wondrous to him. He always wanted to please his lovers, but he wanted it even more than normal that night. Whether it was because of all that had happened in Emond’s Field, or because it was Min, his Min, whom he held in his arms, he could not say, but the thought of carrying her to her peak was suddenly more desirous than winning Tarmon Gai’don itself.

The rocking of Min’s hips gradually intensified, each rolling motion sending a spike of tingling pleasure through Rand’s body. Animal desire surged in Rand but he tamped it down, knowing that patience would bring him a release that was far sweeter, and something else that was sweeter still.

“You feel so good, Min,” he murmured. His encouragement seemed to reach her, for she began rubbing herself up and down his length, still making those sweet little noises when she moved.

When she raised her head from his shoulder and leaned back to look him in the eye, he knew she was ready. Her breasts quivered lightly with the rocking of her hips, the entrancing motion drawing his gaze to her stiff little nipples. Again he wished his hands were free, but was forced to content himself with staring at her beauty instead of touching it.

Rand laid Min out upon the fresh water of that Waterwood pond, supporting her weight with a hand at the small of her back and another behind her neck. The water lapped around her body as it had only recently lapped around his, and when he began to move himself inside her, she let her head fall back, dampening her hair and slicking it to her skull. Her breasts strained upwards as she stared at the same moon he’d been so recently fascinated by. The thought that this place might come to be as special to her as it was to him drove Rand to renewed passion. It took all his self-control to keep his thrusts slow and steady, to maintain the angle he knew he should use to please her best.

Min’s cries of pleasure grew louder and more insistent. Her hands gripped his forearms as though to urge him on. Rand has more than happy to oblige. Her back arched a little further with each long stroke of his cock along her innermost body, her trembling breasts reaching for the moon.

He was glad that Min kept her nails as neatly trimmed as he did his own, for had it been otherwise the way that her grip tightened on his arms might have drawn blood. As it was, her loss of control only made him smile fondly. Her breath hitched, her body spasmed, and then her tight little pussy began fluttering around him. She breathed out his name as she came, and with it that sweetest of benedictions. “Rand ... I love you.”

He smiled a broad smile and spoke without thinking. “I love you, too.”

The sight of Min’s body and the thrill of her touch were inspiring enough, but seeing her in the throes of orgasm was almost too much for Rand to bear. He managed to restrain himself long enough to milk the last spasms of her climax, but as soon as he saw her relax, as soon as that sweetly dopey smile crossed her face, he lost control.

Min gasped for breath with each fast, hard thrust of Rand’s cock when he began fucking her in earnest. She didn’t tell him to stop, but just floated there, embraced by him and by the water both, bravely taking everything he had to give. And he gave her a lot.

The sight of her, the feel of her, her trust, her acceptance. It was all too much. The moon seemed to flare with light, banishing the night’s shadows, when Rand came inside her. The pleasure was such that it drove all thought from his mind, but his lips formed a word nonetheless. “Min!”

As he emptied himself into her, Rand’s strength began to fail him. His knees trembled, his arms grew weak, and he found himself blinking slowly and stupidly.

Giggling, Min pushed free of his body, floating briefly upon the pond before coming to her feet. She caught him by chest and shoulders as though trying to support his weight. “Easy there, sheepherder. Don’t drown yourself. I’d have a hard time explaining that to Moiraine!”

“Ahm fine. Jus ... jus a little ... Wow,” Rand mumbled.

Min grinned, looking quite pleased with herself for some reason. She took Rand by the arm and tugged him over towards the edge of the pond, the water washing against their young bodies. As she climbed out before him, he was treated to the truly spectacular sight of her bare bottom. Her cheeks were round and pert, parted by smooth, arching curves that continued on towards the edges of her hips. With each step she took, those cheeks rubbed against each other enticingly. If Rand hadn’t been so exhausted, he’d have tried to have her again, there and then.

As it was, he was barely able to reach the spot where he’d deposited his clothes earlier before he collapsed to the ground. Min lowered herself a good deal more gracefully to sit beside him.

A silence fell between them. Min glanced at him and then looked away, chewed her lip for a moment, then glanced again, and looked away again. Eventually she spoke, if in an elaborately casual voice. “So. What just happened?”

She sat there, shining fit to shame the moon, and asked him that. Such a simple question, yet the answer that sprang to mind had Rand feeling as though he was ten years younger.

“Ah, w-what do you think happened? Why did you follow me out here?” he asked, and then blushed, embarrassed as much by the foolishness of his own question as by the situation they found themselves in.

Min looked momentarily hurt, but then her lips thinned. “I ... thought we could comfort one another. I was ready to cry myself to dust because I’d seen one death too many, and you, you were about to do the same for the same reason. What we did, my innocent lamb, was comfort one another. Friends comfort one another at times like that. Close your mouth, you Theren hay-hair.”

“Oh ... friends. Right. Comforting.” Not love. It couldn’t be that. Love was dangerous. Especially for her. “I’m sorry, Min. I know you liked Bornhald. I liked him, too. I wish it hadn’t ended like that.”

“You did what you had to do. I’m just sorry you had to do it. I don’t blame you at all, or think any less of you.”

“Thanks. That means a lot. You’re ... you’re the best person I know,” he said awkwardly.

She smiled brightly and then settled down beside him, atop the makeshift bed their discarded clothes had made. With her back to him like that, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to wrap his arms around her and rest his cheek upon her damp hair. Despite everything that had happened earlier that day, sleep came easily to Rand.

His dreams however, were not so peaceful.

Callandor was exactly as he’d last seen it, sparkling in the air in that great red-columned chamber. There was darkness between the columns, but not emptiness. Something unseen watched him from within that darkness, and there was nothing of love in its gaze. The sword yet called to him. Take me, and begin the final journey, it seemed to say. Everything else was dark, but the sword, the sword was Light itself. He had taken a dozen stumbling steps towards it before he realised that the floor he trod on was damaged and uneven.

When he looked down he saw a horror made real. A promise long in the making that was now fulfilled. It had had to be done. It was the path he’d been set, the destiny that was written for him millennia ago.

But he recoiled from it. There was nowhere else to set his feet, but he danced to and fro in search of any spot upon that path that was not stained with the blood of his people, his friends. His loves. Their corpses coated the once clean marble of that great chamber. Their eyes, each and every one, were fastened upon him in silent, lifeless accusation. Even hers. In life she had forgiven him so much, tolerated so many of his shortcomings and mistakes, but in death she finally realised the truth. Only in death would Min finally know him for the monster he was.

“No!” he cried uselessly. “Not her!” He wished it could have been different. He wished there had been another way. But fate would not be denied. His body moved of its own accord, as though he were a marionette in the hands of a giant, unknowable puppeteer. Under its guidance, Rand took another few steps towards his destiny, treading upon Min’s lifeless corpse as he did so.

“No,” he groaned, tears leaking from his eyes. She shared his horror and stirred beneath him, trying to shake off his unwelcome weight. As she did so, her warm and smooth skin slid against his and brought him back to awareness.

Min grumbled in her sleep but did not wake. She snuggled back against him, made a few nonsensical little noises, and then lay still once more. Within moments, her breathing had returned to the smooth cadence of deep sleep.

Not so Rand’s. He was panting as though he’d just come from the battlefield. His heart hammered as though there was a Myrddraal staring at him. Sitting up hastily, he scanned the area around them in search of hidden enemies but found none. He knew he’d be able to feel the presence of any Shadowspawn, but rationality had little hold on his mind just then. He climbed naked to his feet, his hands itching for the sword he’d left back at camp.

Or better yet, the other sword. The glowing one. If I had that, no-one would be able to deny that I was the Dragon Reborn. If I’d had that, then maybe Bornhald wouldn’t have tried to kill me, and my friends wouldn’t have driven me away.

But what would be the price of that acknowledgement? He looked down at Min as she slept peacefully beside the Waterwood pool, remembering her accusing eyes and how still she’d lain, this girl who was so animated in life. A shiver ran through Rand’s body. He couldn’t do that, not to her. Not to anyone, but especially not to her. He loved her too much to ever hurt her.

The shiver became a violent trembling as the truth crashed down upon him. He loved Min. Of course he loved her. How could he not love her? How could anyone not love her?

And how could anyone who loved her inflict upon her the company of the Dragon Reborn?

Rand backed away from her sleeping form. She’d be better off without him. He needed to ... he needed to ... be elsewhere. To fulfil his destiny, prove the Prophecies true. And he needed to do it somewhere far away from her.

In a panic, he snatched up what clothes he could reach. His shirt and coat were trapped underneath Min, and there was no way he was going to risk waking her to get them. As he hastily dressed, he recalled the sword and bow and armour he’d left back at camp. Useful things, but in that moment Rand could not countenance the thought of going back to get them.

He waited only long enough to stamp his feet into his boots before fleeing deeper into the Waterwood. It was dark still, and he was naked from the waist up, not to mention unarmed and without supplies, but he fled as though a pack of Darkhounds were on his heels. He had saidin still. That would have to be enough to see him to his destination.

The sun was only just rising when he reached the river on the far side of the wood. The Alguenya, it was called. He’d seen it before, but far to the north, where it was host to the busy docks of Cairhien city. Far fewer people lived here. There were no towns to see, no fishing boats or ferrys. He’d have to trust to fate’s cruel patronage to bring him what he needed. He was ta’veren after all. And Callandor was calling to him.

Rand expected that anyone else might have stood on that shore for hours before a boat sailed by, and waited for days for one that was willing to stop to pick up a strange, half-naked fool standing there waving. But he was indeed ta’veren. He only waited for a matter of minutes before a distant sail appeared, and once they drew close enough to see him, several sailors gathered curiously at the railing to peer his way. An anchor was dropped and a smaller boat lowered from the starboard side. Thick-shouldered men began rowing it over to where Rand stood waiting. The strange ship had been travelling south to Tear, where the only part of the Prophecies that he actually knew of was to be fulfilled. Callandor called. And it was past time that he answered.

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