Blood is Thicker

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Disclaimer: The author does not own Twilight, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Heterosexual Sex, Incest, Underage Sex (Minor(14)/Adult), Voyeurism/Exhibitionism, Masturbation

Summary: Now that Edward had brought it up, as usual I started thinking about it. And just as usual I got excited. Only a little at first, but as we talked more I gave into Edward's twisted but so-exciting sexual tastes.[Bella/OC, Edward]


Emerging Sexuality

Bella’s POV

My name is Bella Swan; I am a thirty-something American woman of Italian descent. When I was 18, I moved in with a 28 year old man, a big strapping German who owned several motorcycle shops. I met Felix after being hired to do his books, but soon I was pregnant and we had a son. I left him two years later since he wouldn't stop his abusive, cheating ways. Now I work out of my home, keeping books for several companies. That was necessary because I've raised and home-schooled our son Frederick alone, nursing him faithfully through a sickly childhood that left him emotionally backward, socially naïve, and overly dependent on me. Then, when Freddie turned 12, he began regaining his health. His long-delayed development proceeded slowly until, that is, at age 14 the drives and passions of a young male suddenly came roaring into his life with the ferocity of a hurricane.

I was relieved in more ways than one when Fred started to pull out of his illness. To care for him I'd denied myself everything, including sex. Initially that wasn't much of a problem because as a child I'd had been molested first by my father, Charlie, and then raped repeatedly by my older cousin, James. As an adult this dark time, for the most part, had left me stiff toward sex, as well as unable to trust men. Yet after so many years of denying my needs, and then discovering the relatively safe world of chatting and cybering on the internet, I began opening up. To my surprise I found myself irresistibly drawn to nasty sex. The more nasty a sexual act, the more I wanted to fantasize about it, or find pictures and video clips depicting it. I was encouraged by the perverts I met online, and whom I'd even sought out, from all around the world.

One such pervert was Edward. We liked each other instantly. He is 12 years my senior, kind-hearted to a fault, educated, and very, very nasty. I call him "Daddy" and I love all the things he teaches me, especially about sex. We live about 200 miles apart, and so can only get together every month or so. But we both have webcams to help us stay connected when we are not together, and I love to do all the nasty things Edward suggests for me to do. I've dildoed myself for him watching big cock movies, cybered with other guys and women while he watched and directed me, let him watch me fuck a friend, fisted myself, jacked off a neighborhood dog, and exposed myself to a repair man working in the house (that didn't go anywhere, but it was exciting). Because I love to fantasize about guys sucking each other, Edward (who isn't really even bisexual, he just likes turning me on) put ads in the local paper and found a young man to come to his house. While I looked on, he sucked the man's hard cock until he shot his load into Edward's mouth. I loved the close up Edward gave me of his open mouth and all the cum running out of it.

Really nasty too was when we combine the cam with phone sex. Edward likes me to talk dirty to him all the time, to use words like "fuck" and "cunt" and "cock," even when we talk about everyday things. So I've developed quite a talent for fuck talk, and we always keep it as nasty as possible. There is absolutely nothing taboo in fantasy, except sex with very young children, which we both find uninteresting. However, one of my lusts is budding teenage boys, and when I see one that I like while I am out and about, Edward has me tell him about him while masturbate and fantasize. He loves seeing me turned on by others, and I feel like such a slut fingering my dripping pussy while he watches and coaxes me to imagine fucking an adolescent stranger in front of him.

It was after one such session a few months ago that I mentioned Fred had started masturbating, and lots. Edward was interested immediately and said, "Tell me every detail of what you've found out."

I said, "He seems to spend an awful lot of time in his room where I've found cum-soaked undershirts, socks, towels, underpants, bed sheets, etc. on the floor and in his bed. I know he is really going at it because I wash his things regularly, and all the new dried cum I find tells me Freddie is jerking off three or four times a day."

Edward asked, "Can you hear him in there?"

"No," I answered, "but I can hear his TV on, and it isn't turned down very low either. I noticed one of my porno DVDs would be missing, you know, the ones you gave me with all the different nasty clips on them. He keeps one for a few days then puts it back, but another one will be gone!" I laughed thinking about it. Edward laughed too and commented that Fred's hormones must have kicked into high gear.

I went on, "You know, I had a talk with Fred a few months ago to explain to him about my childhood. I wanted him to understand my need to open up now and experiment, and I didn't want him to get upset about all the sex things we are doing. To my surprise he seemed completely unconcerned about it. I wonder if that is why he makes no effort to hide all his cum or that he's watching porno. He's so unworldly, maybe he doesn't even know it's supposed to be a private thing."

Then Edward asked, "Bella, have you seen Fred's dick with a hard on?"

I was on cam when Edward asked, and I am sure my milky-white skin turned beet red. "Nooooooooooooo, don't go there you pervert, " I jokingly laughed.

"Why not?" Edward continued unabashed.

"Because!!!!!! He's my son," I said feigning all the indignation I could muster. In reality, however, now that Edward had brought it up, as usual I started thinking about it. And just as usual I got excited. Only a little at first, but as we talked more I gave into Edward's twisted but so-exciting sexual tastes.

I said finally, "Well, I've only seen him flaccid, and that was years ago, but it did look awfully meaty for a young boy. I never thought about it before, but if he takes after his father, Fred should have a big dick when he's hard."

"How big," Edward asked.

"Really big, his dad was huge, maybe 10 inches and as fat as my wrist. That was the main thing that attracted me to him... remember I told you about that? It was like getting fucked by a horse... I still use a giant dildo on myself and think about the way his big dick used to stretch my pussy," I admitted.

Fred's father was a very big man, standing 6'7" and weighing nearly 300 pounds. His body was thick too -- not terribly fat, just substantial. I still remember the first time I felt his cock and how its size had scared me. I'd reached in his pants to pull it out and thought he had a python in there.

Edward, clearly excited said, "You have to see what Fred has got Bella."

Once Edward got me imagining some nasty possibility, it would become my new obsession, and the desire to see Fred's hard dick was no exception. It was in both my mind and my loins as I masturbated that night thinking about catching Fred stroking. And to tell you the truth, I didn't care what size he was. It was the idea of seeing my own son hard that turned me on, combined with realizing it wouldn't be difficult to watch him if I wanted to.

We live in an old house that has many layers of paint on the woodwork. Fred's door doesn't quite close, so there is always a slight opening one could peep through. Even better is that Fred's small bedroom begins with a short, narrow hallway that opens up to the rest of the room which extends to the left and back. Normally that would give a person inside some privacy. But to the right, angled across the rearmost corner of the room, is a large old-fashioned dresser left behind by a previous tenant. Attached to it is a great wide mirror so that from the door, one can look in that mirror and see the bed. One can even get a partial view of the TV at the foot of Fred's bed from the door. Also working in favor of someone spying through the crack in the door is that the narrow hallway outside Fred's bedroom is dark, and Fred always keeps his room bright, either from the window or from the lamps in his room.

As I squirmed in bed rubbing my clit and thinking about watching Fred, the growing awareness that I could really do it slowly took over my thoughts. I had to go look. I put on a robe and tiptoed to the end of the dark hallway where Fred's room was. Just as I'd thought, I could see inside, and since the room was lit by the moon I was able to make out Fred's situation from where I stood. Inside I heard the heavy breathing of sleep. I slowly opened the door and went in - to check on Freddie, just as I'd done for many years, I told myself.

Fred sleeps like a rock, dead to the world and sprawled out over most of his bed, with covers and sheet messily arranged on his body. He has worn a nightshirt all his life, usually bunched up around his waist. In the moonlight beaming through Fred's window I saw an arm and leg half off the bed, and that only the bottom edge of his nightshirt covered his crotch. The outline of his tame cock was clear. Ogling my son's dick instead of purposely ignoring it the way I am used to doing got me so excited I could barely breathe. I felt nasty, like the dirty slut Edward has gotten me so addicted to being with him. Of all the things I'd ever done, this made me feel the most wicked, even more than fucking a guy and jacking the dog for Edward on camera.

My knees were weak as I knelt at the side of Fred's bed to place my face now only a foot or so from his cock. Monitoring Fred's breathing carefully for signs of waking, I rested my right elbow on his bed, between his legs, and gingerly inched it forward until I could feel Fred's body warmth on my fingers - I am close to his balls, I thought. I shifted my body forward to take advantage of the position of my elbow, and found my eyes near Fred's crotch. With heart pounding I slowly lifted his nightshirt with my trembling free hand to reveal the thick piece of meat that limply lay there.

My cunt twitched and wetted, and I squeezed my legs together to help it along. Setting the nightshirt down so Fred's genitals were fully exposed, I dreamed of touching him, of sucking him, of doing anything to be near that beautiful chunky prick my son sported. But I didn't want him to wake up either, so I leaned forward and blew my hot breath on it while venturing to softly tickle his big swollen balls with my long fingernails. After a minute his dick thickened more, growing in length and engorging the prodigious head lewdly exposed by circumcision. God it looked good, so fat and shapely it made my pussy burn. At that moment I got lost in my lust, wanting to suck my baby's cock more than anything in the world. I wanted to feel his boy cum flooding my mouth, and I wanted to swallow it, slowly savoring every drop. I wanted to be his cocksucking mommy whore. I wanted to...

Just that moment Fred grabbed his dick and started stroking. I jumped so hard I fell backwards to the floor, and then I turned to crawl like a frightened bug to the door. Safely standing in the hallway, I peeked back to see if Fred knew anything, but he was in a daze, mindlessly pulling his dick.

It grew, and flopped around like a big hunk of warm flexible rubber as he jacked it into an erection. Now totally hard, the massive flesh stood thick and tall with bulging veins looking like they would burst any second. Fred's hand couldn't altogether grip its stout girth, and the cock's length took time to negotiate. Now awake, Fred reached under his mattress to find the lube he'd smear on his cock. Legs spread wide and hips thrust forward, Fred began pumping that mammoth boy prick good and strong. I heard him moan, and sloshing noises of lube and hand working together in their effort to lift Fred's hot cum out of his tennis-sized balls. I shoved three fingers in my cunt, then four, and finally my whole hand up to the knuckles trying to imagine it was my baby's fat veiny prick fucking me. I forced it further, even though the angle of my body wouldn't allow it. I wanted it to hurt, I wanted my nasty, boy-fucking pussy to feel stretched past its limits.

Fred groaned, and slowed his forceful stroking to easy caresses as his throbbing cock started flowing warm semen. It didn't squirt too far, it jetted out his hole in soft spurts, shooting maybe two inches in the air with each pulse. My cunt went off then, a long and convulsing spasm that nearly made me faint. Yet when I was done, I saw Fred still milking his dick. God, what a load! His creamy juice kept oozing out all over his belly, on his balls and into the crack of his ass. Fred rubbed it on his tummy, used some to pinch his nipples, and then settled under his ass where it seemed he was fingering his asshole using his own cum to grease it. His cum stopped flowing, but Fred kept at his ass and continued massaging the head of his dick. When I heard the sloppy noises of his fingering I began flicking my clit furiously, and working a finger up my own ass. I stood like that for another couple of minutes watching Fred knead his dickhead and fingerfuck his cummy asshole until he started spewing a second load all over himself. Mmmmmmmmmmm, so fucking hot.

I felt afraid all of a sudden, and retreated to my room where I called Edward. It was past two in the morning, and at first he wasn't very happy to hear from me. But after I told him what I had just done and seen, we phone fucked for an hour fantasizing about me watching Fred jackoff.

Over the next few days that was all we talked about. I loved it. I was even comfortable with it because, after all, what is wrong with looking? No one gets hurt. I watched Fred nearly everyday, sometimes more, as he jacked off to my porno movies. I was surprised that he didn't fast forward through the transsexual parts on the tape, or those bisexual clips where guys suck each other. He just kept jacking off through all of it, apparently liking anything sexual. Edward and I had some of the hottest virtual sex ever during this time until, that is, Edward started a new fantasy which was to take things into an entirely new realm of perversion.

One night while Edward and I were being nasty on camera, Freddie knocked on the door earlier than usual wanting to kiss me goodnight saying he was tired and needed to go to bed. At the time I had a dildo buried in my pussy and a purple butt plug in my ass. Startled, I threw the dildo under my desk and put on a thin cotton robe that only hung about six inches below my still-plugged ass.

Edward and I both use headsets while we are playing online, so when I stood to go to the door to kiss Fred, Edward said in my ear, "Why don't you open your robe a little?"

I stopped and answered, "I don't think so Edward. This has all be fun as long as Freddie doesn't suspect anything, but I don't know how he would handle actually finding out you or I were turned on by him in any way. He is just a boy you know."

"Are you my nasty whore?" Edward asked in a sexy voice.

"Yes," I said, feeling my pussy tingle. I knew if Edward wanted it enough, I couldn't resist.

"So," Edward insisted, "then I want you to open up the top of your robe so Fred can see your tits if he looks."

I told Fred to wait a minute while I stood there thinking about it. But Edward wouldn't relent, and asked me to turn around to face the webcam and show him how I would do it. Obediently turning I opened my robe... Edward said that was too much. He had me fix it so if I bent over, or if you looked from a side angle, you could see my nipples. I have small breasts, but Edward says they are beautifully curved, and that my overly-large pink nipples are absolutely erotic. He's made me love my strong, fleshy Italian body. At 135 pounds, I am tall with thick brown wavy hair, a full round butt, a small waist, snow white skin that is still smooth as a baby's, pretty feet and hands, well-built legs, and a perfectly-shaped pussy with a clit that gets so swollen when I'm excited it sticks outside my pussy lips like a little red cock.

Hesitating there at the door it was just such a state of excitement that made me consider if I should submit to Edward and try to excite my son with my tits. As I thought about it, Edward whispered in his most decadent voice, "Don't you want to see that big cock get hard? You love big cocks don't you baby?"

"Yes, you know I do," I answered weakly. If Edward had said I was obsessed with big cocks that would have been more accurate. It was Edward who gave me the theory about why that was. He observed how the nature of the rapes by my cousin had changed when I turned nine. James was fourteen then and had moved in with us after his parents split up. It wasn't long before he started up with me again. He had a big cock, which of course looked even more gigantic to little me, and eventually my vagina got used to being stretched by him. I felt guilty about doing it and disliked him for what he did, but after a year of it I couldn't help getting turned on during the sex either. Besides my natural physiology responding, I think part of it too was because it was just about the only thing that felt good in my life at the time. Nonetheless, when I turned thirteen I was able to put a stop to it, and then led life as a prim and proper lady until Freddie started recovering a few years ago. Now I am enjoying freeing myself from the guilt and shame of my childhood, and I have to say that nasty sex has been utterly therapeutic in that respect.

So Edward knew very well what turned me on and always was pushing those buttons. He went on, "Give him a hard on baby, make that big prick swell right in front of you."

I started getting excited by the idea. I already was in such lust from fantasizing with Edward about Fred's cock that it didn't take much to like this new proposal.

I whispered in the phone, "Okay Daddy, I'll try to give Fred a hard on."

My head swimming from the excitement of accepting my nasty assignment I moved to the door, unlocked and opened it, and said, "Hi sweetie, are you going to bed? I took his hand, holding it in both of mine. He was wearing his nightshirt.

"Yes mommy, I'm tired," Fred replied, but his eyes dropped to the opening at the top of my robe. He stared. A thrill ran through my body watching him take in my breasts. I turned a little pretending to look at the clock, but really I was giving Fred a chance to see my nipples. Turning like that opened the robe up a little more, and I didn't fix it after facing Fred again.

Finally he looked me in the eyes and stuttered, "well, I gu... guess I will go to bed mommy." I loved him calling me "mommy" now after all the sex games Edward and I were playing, and it felt particularly dirty to hear Fred say mommy while I was plotting to erect his big cock. Yet I still didn't see how I was going to do that. I wasn't brave enough to overtly expose myself or be sexually aggressive.

"Okay baby, why don't you go to bed." We hugged as usual, and then he gave me quick kiss on the lips, just as we always do.

It seemed like it wasn't going to happen that night when in my ear Edward said rather frantically, "Kiss him again on the mouth, but have it open and soft." I submissively leaned forward saying, "Give your mommy another kiss sweetie." Freddie innocently offered me his lips for a peck, but instead I met his lips with my slightly open mouth, lips soft. I held the kiss. At first Fred tried to pull away, but then he unexpectedly rested his hands on my hips and relaxed, apparently enjoying the kiss.

"Mmmmmmmm, that was a sweet kiss. Can mommy have another?" Fred's hands gripped my hips, and he shuffled his feet so we stood a couple of inches closer. The next kiss lasted about five seconds. Fred was unsure if this was okay, hesitating as he looked in my eyes, but our bodies seemed to know what they wanted because we shifted to get closer. My robe moved enough to expose my left breast, and I let it hang out for Fred to see, gently pressing my hard nipple into his thin nightshirt. I again offered my wet, open mouth to my baby boy. We kissed once more, our breathing noticeably intensified, and then I felt something touch the inside of my leg. When I glanced down and saw the huge bulge in Fred's nightshirt, he blushed and ran from the room, slamming his door down the hall.

On the phone Edward said, "Wow, even from here I could see that boy is hung. That was incredible Bella."

But I was worried about Freddie so I went to his door, "Are you okay Fred?" Fred came to the door and peered through the crack. "Yes mommy, I just need to..." Fred left the issue open as to what he needed to do, and disappeared back into the recesses of his dark room. He didn't seem to mind if I knew what he had to do, and in a couple of minutes I could hear him beating his meat furiously.

He stopped for a minute and the TV popped on, then a video of two women having sex started up. From the TV light I could see Fred with his night shirt pulled well above his waist. He massaged oil onto his dick, and then unhurriedly started stroking himself as he watched the women on screen mouth each other's pussies. I told Edward what was up and he instructed me to talk to Fred and touch myself.

Fingering my wet hole I said through the door, "I enjoyed saying goodnight to you this evening honey."

"Me too mommy," Fred said without missing a stroke.

"I, I... I mean, I liked kissing you, and the way you kissed me back," I stuttered nervously.

Through the crack I saw Fred's hand slow down as he said, "Really? You liked it?" "Oh yes baby, your lips were so soft and sweet," I replied picking up the pace of my fingering.

Breathlessly Fred answered, "You felt good mommy, I didn't want to say goodnight."

On the phone Edward encouraged me saying. "Be a nasty mommy."

Obeying I asked in a sultry voice, "Well baby, you know I want you feel good. Do you feel good now sweetie?" Edward whispered an approving "yeah" in my ear.

Fred groaned and renewed his stroking with new vigor. I saw him pick up the remote, heard the TV volume lower to silence, and watched his body shift slightly towards the door where I was standing. Fred finally answered, "Yes mommy, I feel real good." His strokes were long and firm, and his cock looked enormous in the shadowy light.

I was beside myself with lust for that big prick. I wanted it so badly my mouth watered and my pussy gripped my fingers in anticipation. "Mmmmmmm baby, that makes me so happy. You know I want you to feel really good don't you?"

"Oh mommy, I am feeling so good right now, so good." Fred's voice trailed off as he jerked his heavy flesh with one hand and played with his swollen balls using the other. His hips were off the bed, his legs were stiff. I pinched my nipples and fucked my dripping cunt with four fingers while I watched Fred.

"That's good baby, make yourself feel good. I want you to feel really fucking good sweetie. Do you feel that way? Tell mommy baby, tell her you feel really FUCKING good."

"I feel fucking good mommy... oh god mommy, it's FUCKING good."

"That's it baby. You are making mommy feel FUCKING good too," I said on the verge of cumming, "Do you like mommy here with you while you are feeling so fucking good? Huh baby, do you like it? Tell mommy you like to feel fucking good with her."

That seemed to do it because Fred started squirting a massive load onto his tummy and chest. Shots of hot sperm landed on him, drenched him, and still he pumped his big dick to squeeze out yet more creamy cum. Mmmmmmm, I was so wanting to eat his cum when I came too, moaning and leaning on the wall to support my failing knees. My cunt spewed juice, more than usual, soaking my legs, feet, robe and even the door some.

As I wiped the door clean with the hem of my robe, I told Fred to come and kiss me goodnight. He was a mess, and I knew it, so I insisted he get there right NOW. He tried to object, but Freddie is such a good boy he couldn't say no for long to his mother. The next thing I knew, there Fred was, attempting to get away with holding his lips out through a small opening in the doorway. I'd have none of it. I shoved the door open and pulled his cum-saturated nightshirt and body into me. We kissed only a puckered kiss but I held him tight, subtly moving my torso around to soak up his cock sap, and also hoping to leave a pussy treat from my own drenched lower body on his bare legs. Even though Fred tried to hold his hips back, I felt his still-stiff penis barely touching my puffy mound. God he was huge, so goddamn thick, so fucking big. My pussy trembled again with a mild but delicious orgasm.

Then I came to my senses. Blushing I gently pushed Fred back so I could see what his face told me. He looked confused, distressed, unsure of himself. I quickly pulled him close, this time out of pure love and concern. We rocked back and forth together for a few moments, with me firmly kissing his cheek and neck rapid-fire until he started giggling.

"Your tickling me mommy," he said.

"Oh really?" I answered, "Well, how do you like this then?" With that I went after his ribs. He doubled up laughing like a child, trying to avoid my tickles, and then slowly backed up towards his room. Still smiling we said goodnight with both of us feeling, I believe, that what had happened was behind us, and that tomorrow life would return to just as it had been.

When I awoke the next day I was determined to end all sexual interaction with Fred, mostly because his late emotional development made him seem even younger than he was. Yet as the days passed, I couldn't help notice how that youthful demeanor worked together with his relentless sexual enthusiasm and enormous cock. It was like having a boy with a man's drives, and ubermensch's dick. Although Fred and I kept to ourselves after our unacknowledged mutual masturbation session, and Edward respected my decision to stop with Fred, the truth was that we were all excited by what had happened and wanted more of it. He was my son, and his openness to letting me influence him held such delectably nasty possibilities. Then there was Edward whose constant fantasies about being a dirty mommy kept me smoldering. All of this worked on me as I tried to be good. After a week, my resolve to avoid Fred seriously deteriorated when I started watching Fred masturbate again, usually while Edward whispered what a filthy whore I was being.

One such night, with Edward in tow, I crept down to Fred's room. I saw him turn on the TV and search through a DVD until he found two guys sucking each other in the "69" position. Even though I'd seen it a few times, it was so graphic that at first I couldn't pull my eyes away. When I did finally notice Fred, I was shocked to see him sitting on the edge of his bed with his back acutely bowed, both his hands gripping his colossal cock, and his mouth working on the head. He was barely able to get to it, and I surmised he must have recently discovered he could do this because he kept murmuring "mmmmmmmm" like he was having his first ever candy. Straining to reach it he continued to suck his own dick and watch the men on TV until I saw his volcanic flesh erupt sticky white magma. Fred ravenously licked, siphoned and gulped his spurting cum desperate to get it all, but like a melting ice cream carton, plenty still dribbled from his greedy mouth.

My son's self-pleasuring spectacle left me in sexual shock, a strange mixture of pounding excitement and anxious distress I didn't understand. The first thing I did was cloister myself in my room with Edward for a fast and furious masturbation session. But my intense climax was immediately followed by a flood of tears into my pillow. Soft-hearted Edward was very concerned, but I couldn't explain my anguish to him at first.

After a few minutes of uncontrolled sobbing I finally said, "Oh Edward, what have we done to Fred? All he thinks about is sex. Is he going to have a normal life? Have we sabotaged his sex drive and made him all twisted?"

Laughing sympathetically Edward answered, "No silly, I don't think we are that responsible. Remember, he started playing with himself before we ever got involved. I also don't believe he's twisted, not yet anyway. I just think his late development has made him over-interested in sex."

"I don't know Edward, I worry we are making him a homosexual or turning him into a pervert!" I was still crying.

"Oh sure, you mean perverts like us?" Edward retorted acting hurt. "Besides, you can't make someone queer, everybody knows that. Fred is just horny, and he is so open that he's willing to try anything that feels good. That's what I think anyway."

"But don't you think we are encouraging him to be decadent?"

Edward sighed and said, "I suppose, but then who decides what is 'normal'? I guess we probably shouldn't be encouraging him, but are you ready to stop? Do you think Fred is ready to stop?"

"No," I admitted. I didn't think Fred was ready to call it quits, and I wondered if I could turn my back on it either as long as Fred kept going. His non-stop erotic mania was affording me the most exciting time of my life. Yet I couldn't quite accept that Fred's sexual antics were due only to exaggerated interest from his late development. He seemed obsessive, and I worried about that. After much fretting to Edward over it he finally suggested I have a talk with Fred, agreeing to stay on the line with me in case I needed his advice.

I went to Fred's room where he was jacking off again, this time to a scene of a Russian woman fucking several men at the same time. I asked Fred to come to my room when he got a chance. A few minutes later he walked in and I motioned for him to sit on my bed. I sat modestly across from him a few feet away, doing my best to keep my eyes from sinking to the bulky bulge that stressed the material of his boxers.

"Freddie," I began uneasily, "I... I was wondering... well, I mean, how are you feeling?" "Good mommy."

"No problems at all baby, none whatsoever?" I said purposely injecting disbelief into my voice.

Fred looked puzzled. I needed to be more explicit. "What I am trying to ask you is about how you spend your time, like before you came in here. Do you feel okay about that?" Fred's face turned red. "Oh, that," he said. "I thought it was alright to do it."

"Of course baby, it's okay. But I just wonder if you ever think about doing some other things. You haven't been outside in weeks Freddie, you hardly ever leave your room."

Fred began nervously bouncing his leg. He opened his mouth several times as though to speak, but then didn't.

"What is it Freddie," I asked, "you can tell mommy anything. You know that. Tell me."

Fred sat in silence for another minute before mumbling, "I can't stop."

Fred's subdued tone hadn't masked his urgency. I realized I'd stepped into hormonal momentum that was nowhere near ready to decelerate. Worse, I'd made him worry, when it wasn't fair to create doubts about something he couldn't help. I was now convinced Edward was right, that Fred's intensity was due to sex being thrust on him all of a sudden, before having a chance to gradually adjust like kids normally can. And Fred's words "I can't stop" told me he was feeling overwhelmed, and that trying to correct his "problem" would only add pressure. I started feeling guilty for having made things more difficult for him. I wanted to be supportive.

"Fred," I said gently, "don't worry about anything. Touching yourself is perfectly okay. Besides, I am sure that you are just fascinated with your new-found toy." We both smiled at the joke, and then broke into a long laughing session that included me tickling Fred and him rolling all over the bed trying to escape.

When we rested I gathered my courage and said, "Anyway, to finish what we were talking about. Edward suggested I let you get it out of your system, but I was worried when I saw you watching the gay videos, and using your mouth on yourself. I thought maybe you were becoming gay!" Edward snorted in disagreement in my ear. I didn't care, I wanted to know for sure what was going on with my baby.

"No, that's not it mommy. You don't understand."

"What Freddie, what is it don't I understand?"

"Well, it's like you said before, I am fascinated with my 'toy.'" Fred was again blushing, looking down, nervously bouncing his leg. "It's like, it is so big and powerful, and it feels so good to touch it. I look at other guys mostly because it makes mine more fun to play with, and then those guys on your tape made me think of trying to reach myself."

Slowly my mind was getting his meaning. I asked half joking, half excited, "Are you in love with your own cock?" Then before I could stop myself I added, "Of course, I wouldn't blame you, it's a beauty." I heard Edward let out an "mmmmmmmmm."

Fred giggled, but said nothing. He heard the lusty admiration in my voice, and it relaxed him. It also reaffirmed to him that we now had an agreement he could continue masturbating. To find out for sure he asked, "So is it okay mommy, you know to keep doing it?"

"Yes baby, you can do it all you want."

"You really don't mind mommy if I do it all the time?"

"No sweetie, you have fun and rub that big hunk a meat until it's raw if you want." We both made a feeble effort to laugh, but again my attempt at humor didn't disguise the feeling that was growing in my loins. I couldn't stop my eyes from glancing at his crotch.

I tore my eyes away and went on striving to be the nurturing mother, "I want you to feel like you can work this out here in your own home without feeling guilty or that you have to hide it."

"Thank you mommy, I feel so much better. And don't worry, I will stay in my room and close the door. I'm sorry for upsetting you by letting you see me."

In my ear Edward's sexy voice said, "Tell him he doesn't have to stay in his room, tell him he can do it anywhere he wants to." I shook my head no to his suggestion, but then said to Fred, "Oh, don't worry about me baby, I can handle it."

"You mean I don't have to stay in my room mommy when I..." Fred's voice trailed off.

I hesitated, not knowing what to say to him. Edward intuitively picked up on my indecision. Obviously trying to manipulate me he said, "You told him it was okay, and not to be guilty. Why stifle him? Who knows what kind of psychological strain it's causing him. Take the pressure off and let him do what he wants. He needs to really let go, give him permission to."

I knew exactly what Edward meant by "take the pressure off," and I felt my motherly concern fading away as I succumbed to the possibilities that Edward's tone of voice intimated, and his warped logic guided me toward.

Fred noticed me listening to Edward and asked, "What is he saying?"

"He thinks I should give you total freedom." Edward kept talking to me. I repeated what he said to Fred, "He thinks I should let you do it anytime you please. He says that you need to get used to being sexual, and letting you do it freely will achieve that. And he thinks we should stop beating around the bush when we talk about it too. It's 'jacking off' Edward is insisting." Fred and I laughed at the pretend-righteous anger that was so typical of Edward's humor.

Fred lay lazily on the bed, one leg bent at the knee which he was still bouncing, except now he did it in a most relaxed, even seductive way. My eyes again turned to his crotch where I witnessed Fred's huge prick rolling around on his belly under his shorts from the leg action.

When I looked up I knew Fred had seen me peeking. Not wanting my wicked desires to undermine the motherly support I'd just given Fred, I tried to gloss over my feelings. "But really Freddie, I don't mind if you do what you have to do. I've seen it all, believe me, so nothing you do is going to shock your mommy."

Edward could see us on the bed from the webcam, and he asked me if Fred was getting hard. I whispered, "Don't know." He told me to look. As I did Fred said, "You don't mean I can do it anytime do you mommy?" I gulped, and Edward begged me to say yes. He put his phone mic close to his own cock so I could hear him stroking.

Fred's dick was looking good when I feebly said, "Well sweetie, I guess if it could help you get it out of your system..."

"Do you think so mommy? Like, if I just did it anywhere I feel like it, that might help me get used to being sexual like Edward says?"

Actually I had said "anytime," not "anywhere," but now the idea that was on the table was making me burn. I knew I'd regret it, but I said, "I think it will be okay baby, go ahead and do it anytime or anywhere you please."

"Do you really mean ANY time I feel like it? You won't mind?"

"That's right baby," I said unable to resist stealing looks at his crotch.

"What about you mommy, it doesn't seem fair for only me to let go. Remember when you told me about how you held back most of your life? Maybe you need to let go too."

"I don't think so Freddie. Why should I get involved?"

"It might help me mommy. If neither one of us hide anything from each other, then I'd know it was okay for me to do it." Fred's sweet pleading got to me. That, combined with the sight of his engorged prick a mere three feet away made the decision for me.

Fred's eyes narrowed to slits, his hand inched toward his now-hard cock. My robe mysteriously loosened, my body shifted toward Fred...

The doorbell rang. FUCK! After signing for the books I'd ordered, I hurried back to my room to find Fred gone. It seemed we'd been saved by the bell.

Over the next few days Fred and I got more loose about hiding our respective sexual activity. Fred jacked off more than ever. I was almost as bad, incessantly masturbating with Edward. The house was cluttered, dusty, and dingy from closed blinds and drawn curtains. Piles of laundry lay throughout the house, most of it holding gobs of Fred's sperm or my pussy emissions on some piece of clothing or towel. You could hear sex through walls and doors, you could smell boy cum and sweaty cunt all over, you could feel it every waking moment and late into the night.

I wore my skimpy robe full-time now so that my tits were almost always available for Fred to see with just a little effort, while Fred would emerge from his room and head for the kitchen wearing baggy boxers that showed his half-hard cock swinging heavily to and fro. He'd use the bathroom with the door open, standing at the toilet, hands on hips, and his beautiful dick out having a thunderous piss. Sometimes while he stroked to porno he'd have the TV's volume loud enough to hear in my room. Once Fred walked in on me while I was phone fucking Edward at my desk in front of the webcam. I had my big black dildo in my pussy and a small vibrator on my clit; Edward was jacking on camera for me. Fred took his time getting another porno DVD from my collection before he left. I hesitated at first, but feeling slutty and hoping to be noticed in Fred's peripheral vision, I continued with what Edward and I were doing.

Fred had taken up talking dirty, and I mean downright filthy, apparently relishing how the debased feel of it stirred his cock. I suspect he initially repeated things he'd heard watching porno, but his explicit language increased to nearly full-time when he realized he could now do it with my approval, and then with my growing participation. That development contributed to the situation one evening as Fred and I ate dinner together a week after our "agreement" about being open. As usual I had Edward with me in my ear. Fred ate in his boxers and I was wearing my robe, sitting with my legs crossed so the robe was open nearly to my crotch and just covering my nipples. Fred's eyes continuously dropped, alternating between my chest and pussy, and I made no effort to cover myself.

Fred said in his now-normal language, "It's fucking hot in here isn't it mommy."

Edward said to me, "Tell him it's hot as fuck." I did. I was feeling extra slutty sitting exposed like I was, and after having just fucked myself on camera for a few guys while Edward watched. My cunt was stretched so wide from fisting myself I felt a breeze blow up me. So throughout the rest of the conversation, I repeated things Edward said in my sleaziest voice.

"Please turn on the air conditioner, will you baby?" I asked softly. Then I added laughing, "We're gonna need that noisy cocksucker to stay cool tonight."

Fred seemed excited by my nasty words as he headed for the thermostat, "Yeah mommy, I hope this bitch doesn't fuck us in the ass like last week."

"Mmmmmm," I purred, "I can imagine a lot worse fate than getting my asshole fucked."

When Fred returned to the table I could see from his undulating cock he was getting hard. I continued with Edward's suggestions, "I bet an air conditioner has a big dick too, don't you think so baby?"

Fred nodded.

"He'd probably stretch my asshole and then want to shove his big dick in my cunt and fuck that too. Wouldn't that be funny baby, seeing me getting pounded by the air conditioner."

"That would be funny mommy," Fred answered hesitantly, "to see your ass and cunt fucked like that." Fred adjusted his now rigid cock, and looked in my eyes to see if it was okay to talk to me like that. When he saw me smiling wickedly, he left his hand on his dick while he said in his little-boy voice, "We'd have to be careful mommy 'cause the other appliances might want to fuck you too."

"Oh yeah, a household gang bang. I only hope my poor twat can keep up with all that action. I might have to suck their cocks to give it a break," I said patting my crossed legs where my pussy hid dripping behind. Fred squeezed his fat prick every few seconds now, and I could see hard flesh through the opening in his boxers. Edward cheered me on and I said, "What do you think baby, would it help to suck their cocks?"

Fred could only nod. He desperately wanted to stroke.

I went on, pretending to be amused at my humor, "You know, if I let them they will turn me into a dirty whore. I know how those bastard appliances are, they just want a fuck hole, and cum-eating slut to suck their big dicks. Don't you think so baby?"

Fred laughed awkwardly as he gave his huge cock a firm squeeze and then a few quick strokes before stopping to say, "Yeah mommy, those are some nasty machines." He squirmed wanting to jack off, but still cautious since he'd never done it in front of me. Yet the permission had been given to masturbate anywhere and anytime, and we both knew it.

"You better watch out baby, those machines might make you suck their cocks too." Now, that was all Edward, I never would have said such a thing, so I blushed when I repeated it. But Fred just answered, "Yeah, I might have to do it to save you mommy." My heartbeat jumped from the nastiness of the idea, and remembering seeing my baby sucking his own cock.

Fred now openly fondled his dick, so I spread my legs and fingered my clit in a way that allowed him to see. I exposed a tit and pinched the nipple. With that Fred pulled his cock and balls out through the opening of his boxers, where the tightness of it around the bottom of his giant genitals made them look absolutely obscene.

He started jacking his big dick, holding the base with one hand while kneading the top with his other hand, keeping his eyes glued to my pussy. It looked like his hand wasn't moving well, so I asked him, "Do you want me to get your oil for you baby?" Fred nodded yes and I added, "Why don't you go to my bedroom sweetheart so we can be more comfortable."

I ran to his bedroom, retrieved the oil, and rushed to my room where Fred was sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor. I hurriedly shifted the webcam so Edward could see, and then boldly holding the small container of massage oil over Fred's cock I said, "Here baby, let mommy help." A stream of glistening drops dripped to the head and ran down the sides. Fred slowly rubbed it in and then began sliding his hand up and down. He worked his fat prick expertly, jacking it with sloppy slapping strokes while moaning, "Oh mommy, fuck mommy, it feels good."

"Good baby, that's good. Jack off your big dick for mommy."

"Let me see you mommy."

I laid down on the floor and placed my soft, shapely feet on his knees. With him now stroking between my legs, I spread my thighs wide to gave him a full view of my wet pussy.

"That's it baby, beat your meat for mommy," I said as I furiously finger fucked my hole.

Freddie moaned again saying, "Mommy I am going to cum."

"Do it on me baby, squirt your fuck juice on my pussy baby, please baby, shoot it on mommy's cunt."

I lifted my legs in the air and spread my pussy lips wide with my hands while Fred knelt on the floor between my legs. The first shot hit the inner flesh of my cunt hot and hard, and ran down into the crack of my ass. Like a horse cock would he spurted streams of creamy cum at me, and not just on my pussy, but soaking my stomach and tits... some even shot all the way to my chin.

In a minute when I sat up, Fred's sperm on my chin hung down threatening to drop, but it didn't. It just dangled. I watched Fred's concerned eyes survey my slimed body, he seemed worried. "Let me get a towel for you mommy."

Edward quickly interjected, "NO! Tell him you love it and want to keep it with you." I did as Edward said. Mmmmmmmm, the great thing about being a slut for Edward is obeying. I wouldn't have enjoyed Fred's load nearly so much without being ordered to save it.

"Are you going to keep it mommy?" He asked.

"Yes baby, leave it on me, I want your sweet cum all the time."

Fred smiled gleefully, seeming to like that I wanted his cum. He asked, "All of it?" In my ear Edward told me to say I wanted it every time he needed to unload. I gasped. Edward insisted. Degenerate longing for boy cum finally won the contest. I said, "I want you to give me your cum each time you jack off."

Fred's eyes bulged and his jaw dropped. "Mommy, I jack off all day long, do you really want it all?

"Yes baby, I want it, every time." Right then Fred started pulling on his fleshy pole again. I laid down once more and spread my legs, finger fucking my cunt while I watched him go. "C'mon baby, jack it. Squirt your cum on mommy's pussy."

He got on his knees between my legs and pounded his big cock only inches away. I lifted my hips to be nearer, and the motion of Fred's stroking lowered his prick until he grazed the inside of my pussy lips. Oh God, I wanted that thick shaft in me so motherfucking bad. I wanted my cunt stretched just like my father and James used to do. I wanted my baby to treat me like a whore.

I lifted my upper body off the floor, grabbed his cock with both of my hands, and shoved half of it in my pussy before he could react. "Fuck me baby, fuck your mommy."

Like a mindless dog, he started pumping me, fucking me, slamming my fuckhole like an animal. I reached around and began fingering his anus, while Edward in my ear said "fuck him baby, fuck him like the filthy mommy slut you are."

I felt like a depraved bitch fucking her son while Daddy watched and listened in. In Fred's ear I murmured lustily, "Do you like fucking your mommy Freddie?"

"Oh, mommy," was all Fred could manage.

I tongued his ear and said, "Do you like cramming your dick in mommy's cunt baby? Mmmmmmm, shove your big, fat cock deep into mommy's pussy."

I put one foot on Freddie's shoulder, I placed my other foot on the ground to brace myself so I could reach further behind my baby to work a second finger into his asshole. When it opened up easily, I added a third and started fucking his ass in unison with his thrusts into my sopping wet pussy.

It made me feel dirty with my legs spread wide like that, with my baby's big cock submerged deep in my fuck cavity while I reamed his asshole, and it made me feel like talking dirty too. "I love being a whore for my baby boy so much, fuck me Freddie, be my filthy motherfucker and fuck your mommy."

I heard Edward groan, encouraging more debauchery from my mouth, "Mommy loves her baby boy's huge dick, I want to suck and fuck it, I want to eat your..."

"Oh shit mommy, I'm going to cum," Fred cried as suddenly I felt my cunt insides splattered and splashed like a blast from fire hose. I milked his massive meat with the fleshy walls of my pussy, pulling out his hot cream like a milkmaid. My insides warmed, I filled, I absorbed, and then I gripped his big dick again with my cunny muscles to draw out every last drop. I took it all while I sucked his tongue like it was a small penis. Finally spent he rolled off, and lay beside me.

Edward told me put the webcam on the floor, and squat in front of it. As I squatted for him, and my baby boy looked on, Edward jacked off watching Fred's cum ooze out of my gaping cunt. He had me lean to one side a little so it dripped onto my foot, puddling in the recesses of my toes and complementing my silver-painted toenails. With Edward's hand pumping his hard cock on cam, I was ordered to scoop the seeping sperm from my crack and eat it. Mmmmmmm, it was sweet, I wanted more and there was plenty to eat because my baby had shot me full of hot, steamy fuck juice. I got a warm tummy from it as I dug out handfuls and sucked it from my fingers and palm. When I'd ladled all I could get from my stretched pussy, Edward had me put my foot close to the cam. He shot a huge load on himself while he fantasized about licking Fred's cum from between my toes, and tenderly sucking it off my pretty toenails. I watched with my own semen breath filling my nostrils, longing to eat Edward's load too. I love the wicked adult woman who dreams of seducing 12-14 year old boys.


-The End-

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