The Show Must Go On

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Disclaimer: The author does not own Twilight, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Heterosexual Sex, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism, Underaged Sex (Teen(17)/Adult), Infidelity

Summary: Phil, I really like it when you watch me. How about letting me sit in your lap when you watch this? [Bella/Edward, Bella/Phil]


Phil Likes To Watch

My name is Bella and I am a 17-year-old girl who is 5'7" tall 120lbs with a nice sexy body (at least I've been told that many times.) This story is about how I got into exhibitionism.

When I about 13-years-old, I started having dreams about boys and started cumming in my sleep. I loved the feeling, but I always got more excited if I dreamed someone was watching me. Just thinking about someone seeing my breasts and me fingering my pussy really got me going.

Then one day, while I was taking a bath and touching myself, I heard a noise from the closet. It scared me at first, but then I didn't hear it again, so I dismissed it. When I got out of the tub, I started thinking about the noise and fantasized that someone was watching me. I got really excited and ran to my room to masturbate, again.

A couple of days later, after my mom, Renee, and step-dad, Phil, were gone, I snuck into their room, where I knew they had some porn movies and started watching them. I did that often when they weren't home. Sometimes the movie would have a voyeur theme and would be about someone peeping through a window. This really got me hot.

But today I was going to watch a new videotape; hidden behind the rest in a brown envelope. I put it into the tape player and sat down to watch.

I couldn't believe my eyes. The first scene was me and my ex-boyfriend kissing and feeling each other in our garage!! It showed my hand stroking Jake’s stiff little cock and him feeling my titties and pussy. At first I was angry that someone had been watching and filming me. Then I got excited, thinking that someone was getting hot watching my body and filming me.

Then I heard my step-dad's voice in the movie. Phil said, "God, my little stepdaughter is one sexy little prick teaser. I can't believe I'm filming Bella naked with her hand wrapped around her boyfriend's hard cock. And watching her being felt up, as I sit here, filming it and jacking-off watching her. I could watch Bella every day and stroke myself off like this."

The film switched to another scene of me in the bathtub, fucking myself. I wasn't angry any more, I was so turned on just thinking that Phil liked watching me and that he'd filmed me. God, I was so hot and my pussy was so wet. I fingered myself and came in just a couple minutes. Then I carefully rewound the tape and put it away where I'd found it.

The next morning, when I went to the kitchen for breakfast, I told Phil that I was having my boyfriend, Edward, come over to study in my room that afternoon about 6:00pm. He said it would be okay.

I was just wearing a short robe and let it open slightly as I bent over to pick up a spoon I'd dropped. I knew he could see my tits, and I even saw him sneak a rub at his cock through his pants.

At about 4:30 that afternoon I saw my step-dad come out of my room. I silently went down the hall and into my room to see what he'd done. Sure enough, I saw where Phil had hidden the camera. It was already running, so I pretended not to know where it was and undressed in front of it. I said aloud to myself, that I was really horny and hoped that my boyfriend would let me rub his big cock and I fingered my pussy in front of the camera.

Then I put on a little short skirt with no panties and a tight top that showed off my tummy and was tight enough to show off my bra-less titties. I smiled at the camera and said, again, aloud, "I hope someone likes seeing me in this sexy outfit, tonight."

A short time later, the doorbell rang and Edward came in. I brought him to my room right away. I was so hot that I could barely wait. My mother had gone shopping and I told Phil we were going to study and he said okay. But I knew what he was up to.

In a few minutes, with the camera running, I kissed my boyfriend and said, loud enough for the camera to pick up, that I wanted to make out. Edward was only too ready to oblige me and massaged my breasts and french kised me. It wasn't more than a minute or so before I'd slipped out of my top. All the while right in front of the camera.

Then I had Edward’s dick out and began to stroked it, and then said that I loved his cock. I think that pretty much sent my boyfriend through the roof, I hoped that my step-dad was having fun too. I only wished Edward’s dick was bigger. He said it was 6 or 7" long, but I told him it looked more like 5" to me. I told him that I'd still like to suck it, but not fuck him.

Edward was okay with that and we sucked and licked each other, for about an hour or so and then he came. Then it was time for him to leave.

After Edward left I turned to the camera and said, "Hey Phil, I really like it when you watch me. How about letting me sit in your lap when you watch this? PLEASE!"

I then, dressed and left my room. Mom got home and we were watching TV when my step-dad went upstairs. I knew he was going to get the tape and camera out of my room and hide it until he could watch it. I wanted him to watch it soon, and see my message for him.

My mom kissed me goodnight and went to bed. I said good night and gave Phil an extra tight hug, which let him feel my hard little nipples. Then I was off to bed. I waited about 1ten minutes and then I snuck down the stairs to see my step-dad watching my videotape and stroking himself through his pants.

I waited until the movie was just about done and when Phil saw me look into the camera and heard my message, he took his huge hard cock all the way out of his pants and really started stroking it.

That's when I walked in and sat down next to him and took over the stroking with both of my hands. And looking up into Phil’s eyes I said that I wanted to take care of his big cock and that I would always let him watch me being a cock teaser with my boyfriend, but then afterwards, I'd fuck him.

That night my step-dad forced his big cock in me and I loved it. Since that night I've done lots of things for Phil, and even brought some of my girlfriends around for him to watch, but he has to save his big cock for just mom and me, only.


-The End-


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