His Cheatin' Heart

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Disclaimer: The author does not own Twilight, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Heterosexual Sex, Oral Sex, Infidelity

Summary: It had been almost six months since this stunning woman had come into his life and changed it forever. He had never intended to cheat on his wife, but he never planned on meeting Tia either. [Edward/Tia]


Loving the Other Woman

Edward Cullen walked down the dimly lit corridor of the apartment building at a cavalier pace. He wore an expensive-looking suit, under a tan trench coat, and smoked a cigarette. Broad shouldered and well built, his physique had held up well over his 39 years, as had his messy bronze head of hair. Butting out his smoke, he made his way to the door at the end of the hallway and, as always, rapped three times on the oak before turning the knob and entering.

It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the relative darkness of the apartment, but as they did his gaze focused on the figure stepping towards him from the shadows and his pulse began to race. Tia unveiled herself in the half-light, decked out in the sexiest all-black ensemble he had ever seen. Her voluptuous upper body was embraced by a satin corset with a lace-up back and ruffle trim, while a matching lace thong and silky garter belt and stockings covered the lower half. A pair of eye-popping, over-the-knee, faux-leather fuck-me boots with three and a half inch heels finished off the outfit.

They just stared at each other for what seemed like an endless moment, her almond shaped eyes locked on his. He found her beauty intoxicating. Half Filipino, half German and almost half his age, her skin seemed to shine even in the darkness. Without saying a word, her glistening lips flashed a sultry smile and she spun away from him, her full mane of soft dark curls swinging in the shadows as she began to walk towards her bedroom. Dropping his trench coat to the floor, he followed obediently.

As he entered the dimly let boudoir, his gaze remained locked on her every move. It had been almost six months since the affair had began, since this stunning woman had come into his life and changed it forever. He had never intended to cheat on Bella, his wife of over 14 years, but he never planned on meeting Tia either.

She had caught his eye the very first day she started working in his office building. Exotic and mysterious, he soon found himself trying to time his arrival and departure to work in time with her schedule just to catch a glimpse of her. At first he dismissed his behaviour as the trite and harmless fantasies of a man going through some sort of clichéd mid-life crisis, but soon he found himself thinking of the stunning young woman far more often than not. Still resigned not to do anything foolish that could jeopardize his marriage, he vowed to keep his infatuation with her at an unrequited distance. Unfortunately for him, the beautiful stranger did not allow his pledge to remain intact, taking the initiative one day in the elevator of striking up a friendly conversation with him. It was not until an ugly fight with Bella one morning that Edward's mighty resolve began to collapse. Forlorn and resentful toward his wife, he surprised even himself when, upon running into Tia on his way out of work, he invited her out for a drink. And so it began.

She placed her hands on his firm chest and pulled off his suit jacket, then took hold of his hands and led him to the chair at the other side of the bedroom, pushing him into it as they reached it. Without speaking, she knelt in front of him and unzipped his trousers, pulled them down his legs removed them, along with his shoes and socks. His boxers followed soon after. Next, his tie was undone and his shirt meticulously unbuttoned and opened. Her long painted fingernails scratched down his chest, then stopped to pinch his nipples before continuing to outline a path over his abdomen, all the while her eyes locked on his and no words being uttered.

He watched as she turned away from him and offered up an excellent view of her taut ass as she strode a few steps forward. Already semi-hard, his cock sprung to full life as she turned back towards him and place one of her boot-clad feet on the edge of the chair. Their eyes meeting briefly, she ran a hand down her body, slowly sliding it over her bosom, down her stomach and in between her legs. Her back arched as her fingers reached her lace-covered pussy and he groaned in response, his dick growing harder by the second. Edward watched, his eyes heavy with lust, as she began to stroke the fabric of her panties with her fingertips, her hips rolling against her hand as she rubbed the wet material.

Tia's hands slid down over her left thigh, unclipping her stocking, and then repeating the movement on her right leg. The garter belt fell to the floor, quickly followed by her panties. Her hands then moved up and caressed her cleavage as she turned her back to him. Without missing a beat, his fingers swiftly tore at the lace at the back of the corset. The satin garment dropped as she turned back to face him, revealing her firm tits and erect nipples.

Smiling coyly, she returned her boot to the edge of the chair as she seductively inserted a pair of fingers into her mouth and then lowered her hand in between her legs. His eyes widened with desire as he watched her slide the two fingers inside her pussy, her other hand squeezing her nipple as she did. She drove her fingers in and out several times and then pulled them out. He could see the wetness glistening on her fingers and his cock strained even further as she slid the digits into his mouth, which he in turn, sucked passionately.

Dropping to her knees in front of him, she slowly ran her tongue over his aching balls and then began to run both hands alternately over his shaft, massaging his cock for several minutes. Finally, she slid the sensitive head in between her lips, the warmth of her mouth causing Edward's eyes to roll back. She took his entire length into her throat and worked her head up and down, sucking and licking his hard prick while squeezing his throbbing balls at the same time.

Just as her cunnilingus skills were at the peak level of efficiency, much to his dismay, Tia stopped and impishly rose to her feet. She promptly placed her hands on his shoulders and straddled him, her breasts brushing against his lips and her wet cunt rubbing against the tip of his cock, tickling and tempting him. Finally she spoke.

"I need a cigarette." She announced, pulling one from the pack on the side table beside the chair.

His cock, pinned beneath her slick pussy, he groaned in frustration as he watched her flick the cheap plastic lighter to life. She inhaled deeply, then, with the cigarette held loosely between her lips blew a long thin plume of blue smoke straight at him. With a sultry grin, she took another drag and then moved her face down to meet his and blew a deep puff through her lipstick- coated lips into his mouth with a smoky, seductive kiss. 

Edward exhaled her second hand smoke as he watched her cigarette dangle between her lips, leaving her hands free to caress her nipples to pointy hardness before she took another drag, snap inhaling for his viewing pleasure, and then once again leaning down to lock lips with him. One of her hands moved in between her legs and her middle finger began circling her clit, causing her to throw her head back and gyrate her hips to the rhythm of her finger, grinding her dripping pussy against his pulsating dick. His eyes filled with lust, he watched her finish her seductive smoking routine as his heart pounded in his chest. 

By the time Tia stubbed out her cigarette, Edward could not take it any longer. Lifting her up by the hips, he raised her up just high enough for his cock to spring up to full mast and then pushed his hips up a far as possible as she slowly lowered her hot wet pussy onto him. His mouth instinctively found its way to her left breast as she tightened her cunt around his driving dick, pulling him deeper inside.

"Fuck me baby." She moaned as she raised and lowered her body, impaling herself on his manhood again and again.

Letting the pleasure of his prick throb through her body, she slid a hand behind her and took hold of his balls while she fucked him, soliciting a loud groan of approval from Edward as the talented muscles in her pussy massaged his cock.

"You like that baby?" She breathed in his ear as she rode him harder and harder, her hand squeezing and rubbing his balls as she did.

"Yeah baby," he replied, his breath growing rapid. "Fuck me."

Tia threw her head back and cried out in pleasure as he groaned deeply as his muscles tensed and relaxed in time with the waves of bliss that washed over him. She moved up and down on his shaft at a methodical pace, slowly raising her body and pausing just as his cock was about to slip completely out of her dripping pussy, before gradually starting to lower herself back down. His dick almost fully engulfed in her cunt once again, he took hold of her hips and thrust upward to slam in the rest of the way.

"That's it baby!" She wailed as his cock imbedded in her fully. "Fuck your little slut's pussy! Pound it"

Edward loved it when she talked dirty to him, something Bella would never do. He also loved how the muscles of her young hot snatch squeezed against his prick as she swiveled atop him. Answering her demand for him to pulverize her cunt with his cock he pumped his hips upwards furiously as he pulled her downward with all his might.

"Oh yeah, ride it!" He bellowed, not nearly as proficient with the naughty dialogue as she was. "Ride it baby!"

Her body tensed and she cried out in rapture as she came. She slid a hand down in between her legs and dipped her fingers into the juices exploding from her pussy. Quickly she raised her hand up and tasted herself, then just as swiftly slid her fingers into his mouth. She watched as Edward sucked each one in turn as she ran her other hand over her skin and continued rotating her hips as she sat impaled on his dick.

"Ooh yeah, taste your slut's pussy." Tia moaned as she fell forward against her married lover, smothering Edward with hot kisses as the shared her flavor.

Their slick bodies pressed together tightly as his arms wrapped around her and she panted into his mouth, her come still trickling out of her slit and over his shaft. Slowly Edward’s hands made their way down her back and onto her ass as they broke their kiss. Then, with a burst of strength, he suddenly stood, picking his lover up, and took three steps forward before collapsing onto the bed with her. Both of them let out deep groans as his cock was driven as deep as possible inside her with their landing. She gasped in a mix of pleasure and pain as he shoved his dick to the hilt in her insatiable fuck-hole.

"Yes, Pound me!" Tia moaned in response as the vice-like grip of her pussy clung hungrily to his manhood. "Pound me like the cock hungry slut I am!"

She could barely contain her enthusiasm as her lover rammed in and out of her with swift, hard thrusts, savagely fucking her as she arched her body up and jerked her hips to match his rhythm. Throwing her arms around him, she wailed in delight as he hammered his stiff prick into her as hard as he could.

"That's it," Edward encouraged in between heavy breaths. "Tell me what you want."

"Fuck my horny pussy baby," Tia whimpered, knowing how much he loved hearing every syllable of her dirty talk. "Use your fuck slut's cunt. Fuck your little whore like you don’t fuck your wife!"

Edward buried his cock as deep as possible, stuffing balls deep into his young mistress’ snatch, then quickly pulled back, withdrawing until only the head of his member remained in between her swollen lips. Tia’s moan of frustration was short-lived however, as he just as swiftly bucked forward and torpedoed every inch of his dick back inside her. She screamed out as he relentlessly worked his prick into her pussy, wiggling and thrashing beneath him, frantically fucking her slick hole onto his thrusting sword.

"Yes!" Tia wailed as Edward took a firm hold of her hips and plunged into her harder and faster. "Give me that big hard cock!"

Not one to disappoint, he took hold of her legs and threw them up over his shoulders, spreading her even wider for him as he fucked her six ways from Sunday. Edward’s balls slapped loudly against his lover’s ass as she gasped and moaned with pleasure, her supple breasts shaking to and fro and her hard nipples brushing against his chest in time with his strokes.

"Fuck me! I'm coming on your big cock!" Tia cried out as he stuffed his dick into her again and again, fucking her as hard as he could.

Tia's perfect little body bucked and shuddered as her cunt convulsed around Edward’s pistoning prick. He kept slamming into her as fast as he could as her pussy spasmed violently in climax, grunting with each thrust until he could not take it anymore either. He swiftly pulled out and began furiously stroking his shaft.

"Give it to me baby," Tia panted as she started descending from her own explosion. "Give it to your slut."

She opened her mouth wide and took hold of her sweat glistened tits, rubbing and pulling on her nipples as Edward pointed his cock at her and stroked the length of it until the first strings of his pearly white juice erupted and sprayed onto her chest. He squeezed his eyes shut as stream after stream flew out of his dick and covered his lover's face and tits. It splattered all over her cheeks as she moaned and licked it off her upper lip before another shot sprayed into her open mouth. 

Coming down off his fiery climax, Edward opened his eyes and looked down at his young lover as Tia reached up and grabbed his softening prick and sucked whatever was left in his balls into her eagerly awaiting mouth.


-The End-

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