Cuckolding the Cullens

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Disclaimer: The author does not own Twilight, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Heterosexual Sex, 3some, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism, Dubious Consent, Infidelity/Cuckold, Masturbation

Summary: He realized that this all had started one innocent night after he had read an intense story on how a husband had shared his wife with a young bull. This now led him to the situation he was now in. [James/Bella/Laurent, Edward]



Be Careful What You Read

Edward Cullen was 24 years old when he first met his future wife. Isabella Swan had been a 21 year old server at a sports bar that Edward and a few of his friends had frequented. She had just started working their one night when Edward and a few of his buddies had stopped in. She was their server and Edward practically fell for her beauty almost instantly. 

Edward’s friends razed him all night long that there was no way he could ever get a beautiful girl like that to go out with him. Bella was a total doll. She had the softest sexy voice you ever wanted to hear. She also had a very adorable face to go along with an extremely cute body. Her tits were ravishing as they were very nice in size and her butt was perfectly shaped. Edward on the other hand was just you normal guy. There certainly wasn’t anything spectacular about him, as far as he was concerned. 

Edward ignored his friend’s taunts and decided to ask Bella out anyway on their next visit. He was pleasantly surprised when Bella said she would go out with him. She wrote her number down on his bill as he left extremely happy that night. His friends couldn’t believe that he could get a girl like that to go out with him. They ended up dating for more than two years before getting married. Life was good for Edward. 

The years quickly passed as they started a family and had two young children. Their marriage was rock solid over the years and stayed that way until one night. Edward loved to read and especially loved reading very erotic stories. He visited a site that offered a variety of different erotic stories. He had his favorites when it had come down to stories, but for some reason that given night he decided to checkout a wife sharing story. He would normally pass them over because there was no way he could ever share Bella with another man. 

He read this very intense story about how a husband around his age had shared his wife for the first time with a young stud. He was astounded how he had gotten into the story. He found himself on the edge of his seat very aroused as he read every line of it intently. When he was finished he couldn’t believe how hard his cock had gotten. He now began to see why men would want to watch their wives with another man. He quickly scattered off into the bathroom and jerk off before retiring to bed that night. 

The next day at work he couldn’t get anything done as the thought of this man sharing his beautiful wife with another man had consumed him. He sat at work very aroused and couldn’t wait to get home that night so he could read others. 

That night he read several more wife sharing stories. He had gotten just as aroused as he did the night before but this time was different. Instead of thinking about how these husbands shared their wives he began to think about sharing Bella instead. This made him even hornier as he jerked off twice that night to the thought of watching Bella with another man. 

A few weeks later Edward had been checking out a personal site in his area when he had come upon men looking for wives to fuck. He found several men who had advertise their services but one of them that had grabbed his attention almost immediately. 

James was a young man in his early 20’s and was looking to fuck another man’s wife while the husband watched. Why Edward was pulled to his particular person was a real mystery but he decided to respond to it any way even though he wasn’t really looking for a man to fuck Bella. 

James was very cordial with Edward and chatted with him for a good 15 minutes that night. He took his time with Edward trying to get his trust. It wasn’t until Edward made the mistake of sending James a picture of his beautiful wife that things began to change. 

James found Bella to be super-hot and there was no way he was going to let Edward just walk away without getting a shot at his hot wife. James had been with several wives in the past but there was something different about Bella. Even though she had just turned 30 she had an extremely sexy look to her. She looked much younger than her age and James knew she would be an absolute doll to fuck. 

James chatted with Edward several more times over the next week as he slowly reeled Edward in on sharing Bella. He wasn’t about to give up until he had Bella in his bed. He gave Edward several possible scenarios with Bella as he pushed Edward to an ultimate decision. James now had Edward’s trust and Edward was extremely vulnerable at this point. He would jerk off continuously to the thought of James fucking his beautiful wife Bella while he watched. 

Then one night Edward couldn’t take it any longer. He agreed to let James fuck his wife as long he got to watch. James was more than ok with that and they both agree on a time and date. It was a huge decision for James as it took some convincing to get Bella to go along with the idea of it. 

James had his own place and had planned for Edward to bring Bella over one night. Edward was very nervous that night as he drove over to James’s place. James was still a stranger who Edward only knew from the internet. He worried if everything was going to go right. James had a small house that sat at the end of a very quiet street. It was very well taken care of as him and his wife walked up to the front door. 

James instantly opened up the door and let both Edward and his wife Bella in. Edward was astounded how well built and how good looking James really was. They had been their only a few seconds when James quickly took Bella away to a bedroom in the back of the house. 

He then came back for Edward and said, “I want you to follow me.” 

Little was said between James and Edward as he led Edward down a flight of stairs into the basement. Edward was very confused as James took him a small darken room that had one overhead light in it. There was nothing in the room but a large monitor on the wall that had Bella on it. She sat patiently on a bed waiting for James’s next move. James’s tone now began to change from what it was just a few seconds ago. 

He said to Edward, “I want all of your clothes!” 

Edward replied, “What?” 

“Just do it!” James replied sternly back. 

Edward slowly began to remove his clothes as this young strong stud watched on from the doorway. Once Edward got down to just his boxers he heard the words, “Boxers too!” 

Edward now embarrassed slid his boxers down to the floor as he stood totally naked in front of the young stud. James now got a glimpse on how small Edward’s cock was as he shouted out, “Bring me all of your clothes!” 

Edward picked up several pieces of his clothing and handed them over to James. 

James said, “Good boy Edward! I am going to fuck your wife good and hard tonight while you watch it on the monitor. You want to see what I am going to fuck her with? Do you, Edward?” 

Edward stood there with his 5 inch cock in a semi erect state. James now grabbed his pants and yanked them down as Edward got a look at James’s 9 inch cock. It was extremely big as it hung several inches down in between his legs. Edward was almost in a panic as he had no idea that James was that well hung. He instantly began to remember how Bella had told him about how her old boyfriend before him had a big cock. He had asked her in the past if she liked her ex-boyfriends cock was but she would always change the subject to something else. 

Edward was now in big trouble as James said as he pulled his pants back up. 

“You are going to enjoy the show tonight Eddie boy! I am going to fuck your wife so hard tonight you will have to carry her out of here!” 

James left the room and locked the door from the outside. Edward now knew he had made a really big mistake by allowing Bella to be shared. He knew there wasn't anything he could do about it as there certainly was no way for him to get out of this small room in the basement. He couldn’t even scream out for Bella as James turned on loud playing music just outside the room. 

He watched the monitor as a few minute later James walked into the bedroom with his wife Bella. 

Bella asked, “Where’s Edward at?” 

James made up an excuse that Edward was a little nervous about watching from the same room and wanted to watch from another room. 

Then James’s roommate Laurent walked in. James said, “Laurent is going to film us so your husband can watch.” 

Edward now knew he was being played by James. James was no longer the guy he had trusted and had played him with perfection. He now had total control over his wife and the entire situation and there wasn’t a damn thing Edward could do to stop it all from happening. Edward’s only hope would be if Bella for some reason would call off the whole thing. 

James now began to remove his clothes as Bella watched from the bed. A few seconds later she stood up and began to remove her shirt and pants as she stood in front of James and Laurent in her underwear. James now stood just in his briefs as a huge bulge had formed in the front of them. Bella couldn’t remove her eyes from James’s briefs as he stood there right in front of her. 

It was a few seconds later that James began to slip his briefs down over the top of his semi hard cock. The look on Bella’s face was priceless as she stood their stunned as she saw James’s big cock for the first time. She instantly began to think about her old boyfriend who also had a big cock. His cock though, was still not is the same realm that James’s cock was. 

Edward now had mixed emotions as he watched James walk over toward his wife. He began to kiss her on the mouth as he undid her bra from behind. Bella’s big beautiful tits now appeared as James slowly began to fondle each of them with his hands. Bella stood there as she felt James’s big cock being pressed hard against her body as his hands ran about her lovely ass. 

He now grabbed Bella’s hand and placed it on his magnificent hard on. She ran her hand up and down the shaft of his big cock as she felt his hand slip down into her pink panties. He began to play with her wet pussy as Bella began to squirm right in front of him. She had become so aroused now that James had taken control over her body. 

James was now in control of her as took Bella over to the bed and lay her down on it. He then got in between her soft legs and slowly began to remove her tight little panties. He took his time as he peeled them down inch by inch as Bella’s pink lips were now visible. Edward watched on from the room in the basement as James now began to lick and suck on his wife’s beautiful wet pussy. 

She let out several soft moans as James worked her over good with his tongue. Her moans grew by the second as Edward now could tell his wife was on the verge of a powerful orgasm. It was about a minute later when Bella began to let out one continuous soft cry. Her body shook hard on the bed as James had his hands wrapped tightly on her gorgeous tits holding her body tightly onto the bed. She couldn’t take it any longer as she screamed out into a very powerful orgasm as James licked up her beautiful juices. 

Edward had all kinds of emotions going through him as he now watched James climb on top of his wife. He kissed her for several minutes as his huge hard cock rubbed gently against Bella’s swollen pussy.

He then asked Bella, “You want my big cock inside you?” 

Bella replied in a soft voice, “Yes! Yes!” 

A few seconds later Bella cried out as James shoved his big cock deep inside her. She loved the feeling of James’s big cock as she moaned out, “Oh my god!”

She instantly remembered back to the old days when her ex-boyfriend would fuck her good and hard with his big cock. James’s cock was even bigger as Bella cried out in a soft voice, “Please fuck me with your big cock!” 

Edward now knew what he had always had suspected. Bella clearly missed her ex-boyfriend's big cock. His heart sank while his cock raged with adrenalin as he watched his wife getting fucked on the monitor right before his own eyes. 

James fucked Bella good and hard for several minutes as her cries of wanting his big cock could be heard easily throughout the room. She only could take so much as another huge orgasm began to build inside her. Edward watched on begging his wife not to come on the SOB’s cock but it was no use. Bella screamed out just a few seconds later into a very powerful orgasm. Her body squirmed hard about the bed as James slammed his big cock deep into her. Her orgasm was so intense that it went on for a good minute as she tried to regain her composure. 

James continued to fuck Bella for a few more minutes and then said, “Turn over! I want to take you from behind baby! I want you to feel my whole cock inside you!” 

Bella slowly crawled up onto all fours and positioned her gorgeous ass back toward James’s huge hard on. He grabbed each of her hips and directed his cock back into her from behind as Bella immediately cried out into absolute pleasure again. 

James pounded his hard cock hard into Bella as she cried out in her soft sexy voice, “Oh my God, it is so big!” 

He now grabbed the back of Bella’s hair pulling her head up off the bed. His roommate Laurent now filmed Bella’s facial expressions as Edward saw his wife’s face glow with total pleasure. She loved James’s big cock inside her as another huge orgasm began to quickly build. 

“Tell your husband how much you like my big cock!” James yelled out to Bella. 

“I love it! I love your big cock! Please don’t stop fucking me with it!” Bella moaned. 

It had been a few minutes later and Bella now was on the verge of cumming again. James gave her several hard thrust from behind with his big cock when Bella screamed out into another fantastic orgasm. Her body shook hard on the bed as she let out one continuous scream. 

James quickly got up off his knees and now squatted behind Bella’s gorgeous ass. He again rammed his big cock into her as Bella felt his cock penetrate deep inside her. She screamed out even more as she begged James to fuck her even harder now. He gave it all he had as he fucked Bella good and hard for several more minutes. She once again cried out into another powerful orgasm as she felt James’s big cock touching the back of her pussy. In the meantime James was getting close to cumming himself. 

He moaned out, “Oh, God baby! I am going to cum all over that gorgeous ass of yours!” 

James now pointed his hard cock down at Bella’s ass and began to stroke hard on it. It had been about a minute later when James grunted out loudly as he began to shoot his cum all over Bella’s cute tight ass. He covered her ass in cum as Edward watched on from the room in the basement. 

Edward now hoped James was done with his wife and waited to see if James was going to release him from the room. He waited several minutes but James had other ideas. He now wanted Bella again as he had her suck his big cock hard again. 

Once his cock was good and hard he had Bella climb on top of it. Bella slowly lowered herself down onto his massive cock as she immediately cried out again into pure pleasure. She began to fuck James hard on the bed as she started to slam herself down onto his big cock. 

She cried out in her soft voice, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” She fucked James hard for several minutes until she finally cried out again into another earth shattering orgasm. 

James now had her spin around on his cock. Her back now faced him as he began again to ram his cock hard up into her. Edward watched on from the basement as the camera panned in on James’s big cock sliding into his beautiful wife’s pussy. He fucked her this way for a few more minutes until Bella once again cried out into another strong orgasm. 

A short time later he now moved Bella flat onto the bed. He got on top of her and immediately slammed his big cock back into her as she cried out loudly again. He fucked her good and hard for almost 30 minutes straight as Bella cry out into multiple orgasms. Edward watched on in horror as Bella came again and again on the young stud’s big cock. 

James was now ready to cum once more. He held Bella tightly down onto the bed as he said, “I am going to cum inside you baby!” 

Edward now screamed obscenities at the monitor as the deal between him and James was that he wouldn’t cum inside her, but that was no longer in force. Edward was helpless as James gave Bella several hard thrust with his cock. He moaned out loudly as be begun to fill Bella’s tight pussy with his cum. This incensed Edward even more as Bella cried out into a powerful orgasm as she felt her young lover’s cum hitting the back of her pussy. 

Edward couldn’t believe what he had just watched on the monitor. His heart sunk at the thought of James cumming inside his beautiful wife while his cock still raged on with total excitement. He couldn’t get rid of his raging hard on as he heard James come down into the basement. 

James walked into the small room with a big smile on his face as Edward’s wife Bella lay on the bed still trembling from the fucking she had just gotten. 

James said to Edward, “You haven’t cum yet? If you want me to stop fucking your wife then I want to see you jerk off right now to your wife up there on the monitor.” 

Edward still upset replied back, “No way! I am not going to do it!” 

“Then fine! I will fuck Bella hard again!” James sternly replied. 

James now left the room in a huff as Edward begged him to come back. He now agreed to do whatever James had wanted him to do but it was to no use. James quickly locked the room up again leaving Edward to watch his wife get fucked again on the monitor. 

Edward had made a huge mistake as James ordered his roommate Laurent to get undressed. Laurent’s cock was also good size and was much thicker than James’s. 

James said to him, “Let’s both fuck her!” 

Bella was already exhausted as Laurent climbed up on top of her. He quickly rammed his thick hard cock deep into her as Bella once again cried out in a soft voice. He fucked her good and hard for several minutes as Bella once again screamed out into another powerful orgasm. Laurent’s cock was so thick it practically split Bella into two as he rammed it into her for a few more minutes. 

James now pulled Bella’s head over to the side of the bed. He pushed his big cock deep into her mouth as his roommate Laurent continued to fuck her hard on the bed. This went on for a good ten minutes as James’s cock again was good and hard. 

They now switched positions as James had Bella get up on all fours on the bed. He began to fuck Bella very hard from behind as Laurent held Bella’s mouth tightly onto his thick cock. She sucked hard on Laurent’s cock as she felt James’s cock slip deeply into her worn out pussy. 

A few minutes later they again change places. Laurent now had gotten in behind Bella and pushed his thick cock into her from behind. Laurent fucked Bella hard for several minutes as her limp, worn out body could only take so much. Her body now had fallen completely flat on the bed as Laurent continued to ram his thick cock into her. This went on for a few minutes as Bella let out one continuous cry for him to fuck her. Laurent also began to grunt out as his balls were ready to explode. 

James now had come up with the idea that they both should cum all over Bella at the same time. They had Bella lay in the center of the bed as each one of them stood on each side of her. They each began to stroke hard on their cocks as Edward could hardly watch from the basement. 

It had been five minutes later when each of them began to grunt out loudly. Laurent started to cum first as he began to shoot his cum all over Bella’s beautiful tits. It was now James’s turn, instead of cumming all over Bella’s tits like Laurent did he decided at the last minute to point his cock toward Bella’s lovely face. A few seconds later he began to explode all over Bella’s face as he shot several streams of cum all over it. 

Bella’s tits and face were now covered in cum as James again headed back down into the basement. He opened the door once again to see Edward standing there with a huge hard on. 

He asked Edward one more time, “I see you still hadn’t cum yet. I want to see you jerked off to your lovely wife up on the monitor. If you don’t we will fuck her again.” 

Edward now had no choice as he began to stroke on his cock while watching his beautiful wife on the monitor as she lay on the bed exhausted as cum dripped off her beautiful body. It didn’t take Edward more than thirty seconds before he moaned out into a very powerful orgasm. He was so excited that his cum flew halfway across the floor right in front of James. He now stood before James embarrassed and begging for him to give him his wife back. 

James then replied, “Sure you can have her back, as long you bring your wife back next week so I can fuck her again.” 

Edward quickly agreed to bring his wife back over the following week. James now released him and his wife as they headed for their car. Bella quickly had fallen asleep in the car giving Edward a chance to reflect on what just had happened. He realized that this all had started one innocent night after he had read an intense story on how a husband had shared his wife with a young bull. This now led him to the situation he was now in. 

The moral to the story? Be careful what you read or it may come back to haunt you.


-The End-

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