Crowning the Quean

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Disclaimer: The author does not own Twilight, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Heterosexual Sex, Infidelity/Cuckquean, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism, Humiliation, Masturbation

Summary: She had never experienced submission and humiliation so complete. Watching her boyfriend's complete lust unleashed on the other woman was the hottest thing she had ever seen. [Edward/Tanya, Bella]


Fantasy Revealed

Bella Swan breathed a sigh of relief as the door to her room clicked shut behind her. She knew she had been lucky to get a resident advisor job as a university senior, as most of those jobs were awarded to graduate students. The money was good. Dealing with the problems of freshmen got tedious quickly, though, and she savored the start of some private evening time free of responsibilities.

She cast off most of her clothes and smiled as she felt the air on her bare skin. She was fit, healthy, and felt good in her body most of the time, a fact that she knew was a blessing and a rarity among her peers. She unpacked and prepared for the next day, moving about the room in her tank top and panties. And then she was done, with an hour left before bed.


With a smile to herself, Bella opened her laptop and carried it over to the bed. Her movements became slower and more flowing as her mind switched gears into her usual before-bed sexual mode. Bella had always possessed a high sex drive, although few would have guessed it from her outward behavior. Her evening time was a closely-held secret and pleasure.

Although Bella loved visual porn, it was erotic fiction that most captured her imagination and fueled her fantasies. Her interests were broad, encompassing everything from roughness to BDSM to group sex. Bella felt lucky to have recently found fiction about one of her newly emerging fetishes: male infidelity, especially while his girlfriend or wife looked on. She had seen stories fetishizing the reverse for years, and had never felt much of a reaction either way, but the opposite scenario was surprisingly thrilling to her.

She leaned back in bed and brought up one of her favorite stories, one that she had read dozens of times and could nearly recite from memory. Her eyes locked onto her favorite passages, her breath deepening as her body responded. This particular story detailed the humiliations of a wife forced to watch her husband ravage a much younger girl. Bella's hand found her clit as she drank in the husband's careless lust and the wife's red-faced arousal. And, as had been the case since she began dating her latest boyfriend, her mind began to compare her own experiences with the story.

Bella had been seeing Edward Cullen for about a year, ever since meeting him at a friend's party. Edward was markedly different from the responsible males she typically dated. He was cocky and it was widely known that he had cheated on his last girlfriend, a situation that had blown up publically. He also turned her on in a way that she had been missing with previous boyfriends. Edward was a great lover, aggressive and single-minded in a way that previous lovers had lacked. He was clearly more experienced than her. His sexual deftness never failed to remind Bella of how many women he had fucked, and that thought never failed to drive up her excitement.

As the pace of her fingers quickened, Bella's eyes again focused on her laptop screen, finding the passage that reliably brought her to orgasm. The husband was cumming inside his young lover, pumping her full as she writhed beneath him. The wife was transfixed by the sight of her man so captivated by the girl. Mentally in the shoes of the wife, Bella shuddered as she came.


Edward texted her during class the next afternoon: "Free this aft? Can't get your hot ass of my mind." Bella rolled her eyes at her new boyfriend's forwardness, and for the umpteenth time wondered what her family would think should she ever have to present him. A quick scan of her body's reaction, however, made it clear why she put up with his crassness.

She hurried back to her dorm, breezing past some of her freshman residents and into her room. She was grateful for the fact that it was a single. How would she ever explain Edward to a roommate? He was an inexcusable choice, really. She quivered with anticipation as she slipped off her sweater and perused her collection of more form-fitting shirts. She knew what Edward was hoping to see, and thrilled in his insistence that she express her sexy side.

Edward burst in twenty minutes late and without apology. "Hey, babe!" he crowed, grabbing lustily for her and planting his lips on hers.

Bella pretended to pout. "You said you'd be here at five."

"Late at the gym. Go on, tell me you don't like the results," he said, winking and offering an arm. No argument there.

"Whatever," she said, craning her neck to kiss him again. She loved his boyish grin as he ran a big hand down her back.

He broke away and swatted her ass. "Get in bed, I only have an hour. Meeting up with the guys."

This time Bella's pout was real. "So what is this, just a booty call?"

He laughed. "It's not 'just' anything, babe. Let's see if you feel like complaining when I'm done with you!"

She laughed in spite of herself. "You really are a pig!" she exclaimed, getting another wink in return.

"Lose the shirt. I just gotta check where we're meeting."

Bella obliged, but when her eyes were no longer obscured by fabric, she realized with a stab of panic that the story from last night was still up on her computer screen. Edward scanned it quickly as she grasped unsuccessfully for words to distract him.

"Uh... why don't you come over here and..." He cut her off with a raised hand and an incredulous grin.

"Wait a sec. This is about some chick enjoying it when her guy cheats on her."

She flounced out of bed and defiantly slammed her laptop shut. "That is absolutely none of your business," she informed him.

He laughed. "Bella, it's all good if you're a freak. Hell, I'm a freak! If I'd have known you were into kinky shit I would have been all over it!"

"Thanks. 'Freak' -- such a good description of me."

"Don't get bent out of shape. Like I said, it's all good. In fact, it sounds like fun."

She rolled her eyes. "Pervert."

He stood up and looked at her a bit more seriously. "Pot calling the kettle black, babe. Now where were we?"

"I'm not in the mood anymore," she lied quietly.

He paused for a long moment and then gave her a sly smile, one that made her wonder what was going on in his head. "OK. I'll call you," he said, leaning in and kissing her goodbye. She melded her lips against his, her mind scattered to ten different places. She barely noticed him walking out.


"Put on something slutty and be here at eight," his text the next afternoon read. Bella's heart did a loop in her chest. Edward had sent similarly curt messages before, but this time it felt especially... ominous?

What was Edward thinking? Was this something to do with yesterday? Bella's eyes swept the room but her thousand-yard stare didn't lock onto anything, so lost she was in her thoughts. She thought about texting back something snarky, about forwarding the text to her friends, about hurling the phone, about pretending she'd never seen his words. But she had to know, and her worries were mixed with an electric shockwave of excitement flowing through her blood. She opened the closet and began searching for an outfit.

Half an hour later she buzzed the box of his apartment, still blushing from the catcalls she'd gotten while walking over. Tall leather boots and a conspicuously short dress had been a chilly during the rainy ten-block walk, but the body inside them was on fire with aroused curiosity. With a clang the apartment gate unlatched and she walked to the elevator, past the night guard who gave her the once-over twice. Bella blushed a deeper shade of red as the elevator doors hissed shut, and she was unusually aware of her stomach catching up with the rest of her as she ascended.

She walked into his apartment and froze, her breath in her throat. He was sitting on the couch, whiskey tumbler in hand, his eyes on the smolderingly attractive woman beside him. Bella couldn't recall the last time she had seen such sex appeal. Edward's eyes didn't sweep up to Bella, instead continuing to drink in the other woman's perfect figure snugly ensconced in a maroon dress. It was at once a sexier and classier outfit than anything Bella owned.

Edward finally looked up and winked at Bella. "Good of you to make it. This is Tanya."

"Hello," Tanya said, not rising. There was a confidence in her voice that told Bella everything she needed to know.

"Hi," Bella breathed, still frozen. The two on the couch looked at each other and laughed. Tanya's hand found its way to Edward's muscular thigh in the process.

"So how do you two know each other?" Tanya asked, a bit cruelly. Bella had no idea what how to respond.

"She's my girlfriend," Edward answered, helpfully.

"Really? Should I be going, then? This part sometimes goes badly."

"No, she'll be behave herself. Bella, come over here and get on your knees."

No question what this was. Bella shook like she was outdoors in a blizzard. After a moment of hesitation, she crossed the room on trembling feet and sank to her knees. She was aware of how short her dress was as it rode up her thighs.

Tanya looked down, laughed, and swirled her hand on Edward's leg. "Now I've seen everything!" she exclaimed.

Edward smiled back. "Where were we before she barged in?" he asked with narrowed eyes. Tanya leaned in and kissed him with passion and skill. Bella's body throbbed and her mind took in the scene through a calm haze. Tanya, running one hand through Edward's hair. Edward, pawing at her slim frame with big hands and finding her firm chest. Tanya, unzipping his pants with the finesse of pure sexual competence.

Disengaging herself deftly from Edward's lips, Tanya looked at Bella, who was still on her knees and with her lips parted in disbelief. "Why don't we make some use of her first?" Tanya asked.

Edward nodded, then closed her eyes as Tanya's lithe hand eased his pants down and encircled his thick cock. The woman curled a finger at Bella. "What are you waiting for? You're his girlfriend, right? Get to it!"

Bella eased her body over Edward's lap, feeling every bit as awkward in her movements as Tanya was graceful. She looked up at him with a pleading expression. He raised an eyebrow and then turned to look at Tanya again. Bella's tongue submissively encircled the head of his cock. It was harder than she could ever remember it being.

"Get it good and ready now," Tanya breathed downward. Bella bobbed her head obediently. As her body moved her cunt positively flowed with excitement, her lips rubbing together with barely a hint of friction. Bella was suddenly aware of how fantastically hot this all was for her. She moaned and sucked harder at her boyfriend's cock.

Tanya's hand pushed her back off Edward's lap. "No, no. I guess if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself." And with that, the woman whom Bella had met five minutes earlier engulfed her boyfriend's cock in her throat with one effortless, pornstar-quality swallow.

Edward gasped and rose out of his seat a little, his hand wrapping around Tanya's hair. "Oh WOW!" he exclaimed. She writhed her head in his lap, coaxing noises from him that Bella had never heard before, and all the while exhibiting a mastery of blowjob technique at which Bella could only marvel. Edward pumped his hips upward, seeking every millimeter of contact he could get with her supple mouth.

Between moans, Edward gasped, "Bella, you need to take fucking notes on this. God DAMN." Bella's face flushed red with embarrassment and lust as she watched Tanya's lips caressing the veins of her boyfriend's rigid dick. She couldn't imagine a more raw display of sexuality, but that was only because she hadn't yet seen what followed.

With a moan that bled into a small roar, Edward grabbed Tanya bodily and flung her down on the couch. The woman's eyes closed and a knowing smile graced her beautiful features as he tore open her dress, revealing only her smooth skin below it. His rigid cock pointed toward her angrily toward her chest. Tanya opened her eyes for a moment, made contact with Bella's, and then closed them with anticipation. Edward's movements made it clear that he had forgotten his girlfriend was even in the room, much less on her knees only feet away.

Edward grabbed Tanya's legs in his hands, lunged forward, and buried his throbbing shaft in her. Bella couldn't tear her eyes from his face, which was a picture of ecstasy as he began pumping into his lover's body. His mind was totally focused on fucking her. It was clear that this wasn't going to take long.

Tanya craned her upper body toward Bella's boyfriend, grabbing him by the hair and planting her lips on his. Her other hand snaked down to her clit and danced. She gasped into Edward's ear, "Cum for me! Cum in me!" And then she shook with orgasm as he continued to pound away at her.

Bella's own fingers found her clit without conscious thought. Her cunt drooled over her hand and the first touch of her finger was an electric shock that made her cry out in blissful agony. She had never experienced submission and humiliation so complete. Watching her boyfriend's complete lust unleashed on the other woman was the hottest thing she had ever seen.

With a final few slams, Edward buried himself to the hilt inside Tanya's body and let out a frenzied sound that Bella had never made him produce. She watched his whole lower body flex as he pumped stream after stream of cum into his lover. From her vantage point on the floor, she could even watch the base of his shaft pulse. And with that, Bella's orgasm boiled over in a flash of white-hot oblivion. Her boyfriend had fucked this gorgeous woman like a wild man and had cum inside her. Boom.

Bella's mind came back to the room over the course of several seconds. She saw Edward flash her a lusty smile as sweat ran down his face. She saw Tanya twist, catlike, on her back with her boyfriend's cock still buried in her. Tanya's smile said, "Victory."

Edward leaned back on the couch. He panted and ran a hand back over his sweaty hair. Turning to Bella, he winked and asked, "You can let yourself out, right?"

Bella nodded, extracting her hand from her panties and standing up slowly.

"Good. I'll call you. Get out of here."

She walked out the door without a word. The volume on the world was turned down. She passed the night guard without noticing him or caring how she appeared.

On the street, Bella looked up at his window. The light went out, and she knew that Edward had invited Tanya into his bed for the night. Rage, pain, and sweet arousal washed over Bella in a wave. She stayed there, frozen, until a car honked at her in her rumpled and slutty dress. Her humiliation complete, she ran for home. Each breath felt raw, and she felt more alive than she could remember.


-The End-

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