Around the Gender Bend

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Disclaimer: The author does not own Twilight, nor make any money off this story. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to actual events is coincidental. It is fantasy only; the author does not condone any illegal/immoral actions in real life.

Warnings: Heterosexual Sex, Trans-Sex (FTM/Male), Impregnation, Infidelity/Cuck, Voyeurism/Exhibitionism

Summary: Time will only tell whether Liam was successful in knocking up Bella and whether Liam and I will find an opportunity to play together again.[Edward/Bella, Liam/Bella, Edward/Liam]


Babymaking with Liam

Edward's POV

“Are you sure you’re ready for this, Edward?” she asks me as she puts on her sexiest bra, a sheer, lacy black one that just barely covers her areolas and makes her huge tits looks even larger. I resist the urge to pull the bra back off of her and to suck on her long nipples. I start thinking about the effects that pregnancy will have on her tits and nipples and feel my cock harden in my briefs. 

“I should be asking you that... you’re the one who’s getting pregnant,” I respond and watch as she pulls on her matching fuck-me panties and lies back on the bed. 

As Bella finishes adjusting herself, the doorbell rings and I just look at her.

“Aren’t you going to get that?” she prods. 

I nod in response and jump up to get the door wearing only my briefs. No need to be over-dressed for what’s about to happen. 

Even though I know who’s at the door, I’m still relieved to see my buddy Liam outside when I open it. It’s an odd feeling knowing that Liam is here because I asked him to come have sex with my girlfriend, to leave his cum in her womb and impregnate her. While I wish I could do it myself, I’m FTM, so it just wasn’t in the cards and this seemed like the next best thing. 

I chose Liam because we look a little alike. Well, honestly, he’s better looking than I am, but we have the same complexion and thick, reddish hair, at least. Bella doesn’t know it, but I also chose Liam because he’s bi and I know he thinks I’m cute... and I think he wouldn’t mind if I joined in. I’ve been completely faithful to Bella since we started dating, but figured it couldn’t hurt to ask a guy who wouldn’t mind me participating. 

As I open the door, Liam is clearly surprised to see me wearing just my briefs. He steps inside, and, as soon as I close the door, he runs a hand down my stomach and over the tiny tent my hard cock makes in my briefs. 

“I feel overdressed,” he says, smirking. In response, I reach for his belt and open his pants. He’s already hard and his pre-cum has already left a wet spot on his briefs... I hope his ample pre-cum means that he also shoots huge, thick loads. It’s been so long since I’ve played with a cock that seeing the huge tent in his briefs makes me almost dizzy with lust. I know my hole is now leaking into my own briefs and making a huge wet spot in the crotch.

I run my hands over his briefs-covered cock and then get down on my knees in front of him. I pull his pants and briefs down and a long string of pre-cum stretches between his cockhead and his briefs. He pulls them all the way off and tosses them on the bench near the front door. 

He’s uncut, but he’s already so turned on that his foreskin has completely retracted behind his huge cockhead, which is so hard and swollen that it’s shiny. I lean forward, run my tongue around his cumhole to lick up the pre-cum that’s dripping out and I suck his cockhead into my mouth. He gasps as I run my tongue around the head. Just as I’ve grabbed his ass and started to pull him deeper into my mouth, I hear Bella: “Where are you guys? I’m going to get myself off without you if you don’t get in here.” 

I remember the real reason for Liam’s visit and get up off my knees. He strips his shirt off, drops it into the chair with the rest of his clothing, and I lead him towards our bedroom. When he sees Bella lying there in her sheer bra and panties, his cock jerks and another big dribble of pre-cum leaks out of his cockhead.

“God, you’re hot,” he says, walking over towards Bella while jerking his cock.

She smiles at his compliment and, as he approaches the side of the bed, she reaches out for his cock and starts jerking his cock as he begins to tease her clit through her sheer panties. I can see a slimy wet patch already developing in the gusset of her panties... she gets especially wet when she’s fertile. Liam leans over and uses the tip of his tongue to tease her left nipple through her bra and she gasps. In addition to being huge, her nipples and areolas are incredibly sensitive and she loves having them played with. I hop onto the bed and begin to suck on her other nipple through her bra. 

Bella tries to pull Liam up to get his cock in her mouth, but he resists saying “If you want my cum inside you, that’s a bad idea. I need to be inside you soon.”

As Bella removes her bra, I grab the extra pillow we bought just for this occasion. Bella lifts her hips for me to slide it under her. She then spreads her knees wide in classic missionary, babymaking position and Liam gets in between her spread thighs. I know Bella plans to keep her panties on to help hold the semen in afterwards, so I pull her panties to the side and gently stroke her clit. 

“Do you want to do the honors, Edward?” Liam asks me, stroking his own cock.

I don’t answer, but I reach over and begin stroking his cock for him. I gently pull his cock towards Bella’s pussy and run his cockhead over her clit several times. She’s so wet that his cockhead is completely covered in her wetness. Then, I position his cockhead at her vulva and push on his ass. I watch his cock sink into her vagina her until his body blocks my view. Liam begins to thrust in and out and Bella is so wet that their union, cock in pussy, makes a loud, squishing sound. It’s so sexy. 

I watch them for a while, alternating between kissing Bella, sucking on her nipples, and jerking my own small cock. At some point, I decide that I want to see the action from a different view and I get off the bed to watch from the back. 

I’m not usually much for rimming, but Liam’s hairless asshole looks so cute and fresh that I almost can’t help but to tease it. I get behind him on the bed and jerk myself off while licking at his hole. His moans get louder and he reaches back for my cock and tries to pull me to his ass. 

I think it would bother Bella if I used my strap-on on Liam, so I decide to work with what I have. His ass is so small that I know I can penetrate him with my cock. I line my thin, two and a half inch cock up with his cute pucker and work it into his hole. He wiggles his ass back at me to help and I fuck him for a few minutes until it sounds like he and Bella are both getting close to cumming. I want to watch as he shoots his sperm into Bella’s pussy. 

I pull my small cock out of Liam’s ass and step back to watch his huge balls slap against Bella’s ass as he pounds his cock into her hole. I run my hands down Liam’s ass and play with his sack, then I lean down and take one of his nuts into my mouth. I suck it and rub my tongue over it, thinking of all the sperm it contains... the sperm that he’s going to shoot into Bella to make my baby. I release his testicle and run my tongue all over his sack, giving his huge nuts a tongue bath and he moans more loudly than ever before. I love the taste and smell of Bella’s sex lube on Liam’s nuts. 

Liam picks up his speed and begins rutting into Bella like a mating animal. I know he’s about to cum inside of her. I lean back to watch as his sack tightens up and then spasms several times. He’s so deep in Bella that I know his cockhead must be right up against her cervix, shooting his load right at the entrance to her womb. 

“Honey, he’s cumming in me. He’s making our baby, Edward.” Bella moans to me as she also cums. 

I move up on the bed and lay next to her, kissing her deeply while rubbing her tits and pulling at her nipples. 

After a few minutes, she reaches down and, finding that I’m still hard, realizes that I didn’t cum. Though Liam is still inside of her pussy, she pulls me towards her head, so I straddle her face with my ass towards Liam and feed my cock into her mouth. She runs her tongue over my small cockhead and runs the tip up under my retracted foreskin, just like she knows I like. 

I feel a finger entering my pussy from the back and realize that it must be Liam’s. It turns me on so much to think that he’s looking at my wet, needy hole as my girlfriend sucks my cock. He presses his fingers up against my g-spot and that does it for me. I’m already so turned on from watching and participating in their fucking that I cum almost immediately and Liam continues fucking my hole with his fingers as my sheath tightens and pulses around them. 

Liam finally pulls his cock out of Bella. I only get a brief glimpse of her used pussy as she pulls the gusset of her panties back over her pussy, but it’s one of the sexiest things I’ve ever seen. If we weren’t trying to get her pregnant, I’d love to suck his load out of her hole. I know she was hoping that the panties would help keep his load inside of her, but I can tell immediately that it isn’t working: a huge, white cum spot is already developing in the crotch of her sheer panties. 

Bella is so tired that she’s almost asleep, but Liam gets out of bed to go clean himself up in the master bathroom and, also needing to clean myself up, I follow him. He stands in front of the sink, waiting for the water to get warm so he can clean his cock and balls, but I beat him to it. I get on my knees on the bathroom rug and run my tongue all over his manhood, cleaning all of their combined sex juices off of him. 

A few minutes later, all three of us are in the bed. Bella is already asleep, so I climb into the middle and Liam gets in on my other side.

Sometime in the middle of the night, I wake to feel a hand stroking my side and ass... when I don’t respond, the hand reaches around and plays with my nipple. It’s still dark in the room and I’m not sure whether it’s Liam or Bella playing with me. I reach back and immediately hit a rock hard cock, which answers my question. 

Liam realizes that I’m now awake and moves to press his body against mine... his cock slides between my thighs and rubs back and forth across my cock and vulva getting coated with my wetness, but never actually penetrating me. Bella doesn’t like the idea of me having sex with men, so it’s been sooo long since I’ve taken a cock inside my hole. I’ve been missing that feeling and, now that the opportunity has presented itself, I want it so badly. 

I reach in between my thighs and, as Liam pushes his hips forward, I press up on his cockhead and lodge it inside my vulva... when he finishes his thrust, his cock is deep inside my sheath and I can feel the head barely brushing up against my cervix... it feels amazing. My pussy is so hungry for his cock and cum. 

I look at Bella, who is sleeping a few feet in front of me, to make sure she’s still asleep. Liam fucks me in that position for a few more minutes, until I push him back out of me. He thinks I don’t want to continue, but I roll onto my back and motion for him to mount me, missionary-style. Because I know he won’t think of me as any less a man tomorrow, I want him to fuck me like a woman and to make me his bitch. 

When he’s on top of me with his cock deep inside my pussy, I whisper to him that we need to keep quiet to keep from waking Bella... she’s snoring lightly next to us with her hips still on a pillow and his cum still inside her pussy. Liam fucks my hole deeply and slowly... when I start moaning softly, he leans down to kiss me to keep us from waking Bella. 

He grinds his hips into me and I feel his head swelling. I know what’s coming. Thinking about him shooting his load into my pussy, I cum at the same time, squeezing my sheath tightly around his shaft. Liam stays on top of me with his cock still inside of me for several minutes – still kissing me – until his cock gets too soft and slides out of me. 

Liam gets out of bed to go clean up, but I’m too tired and just ask him to toss me my briefs... I’m worried that his cum will leak out of me onto the bed and that Bella would then know that I also got thoroughly fucked by Liam. I nod off to sleep and, in the morning, I wake up to find Liam fucking Bella again. 

I quickly realize that the crotch of my briefs is completely full of Liam’s semen... he apparently did shoot a huge load into me and it leaked out during the night. As Liam and Bella are finishing up, I hop out of bed and go to the laundry room. I peel my briefs off and I suck on the crotch briefly, loving the taste and smell of Liam’s semen mixed with my own cum, and then I put my briefs directly into the washer and get a load of whites started to get rid of the evidence. 

I get the coffee started and, by the time I get back to the room, Liam is just pulling his long cock out of Bella’s cum-filled vagina. The three of us lay around in bed for a couple hours, having our morning coffee and chatting while Bella keeps her hips on the pillow, but neither Liam or I say anything about our extracurricular activities the previous night. 

Time will only tell whether Liam was successful in knocking up Bella and whether Liam and I will find an opportunity to play together again.


It had been three weeks since Liam came over to fuck Bella and knock her up and, unfortunately, Bella’s period arrived like clockwork two weeks later. Because Liam had been out of town for work, we hadn’t seen him since that weekend. This month, we were hoping to get in a few more attempts with Liam before he had to leave on another work trip. Bella probably wouldn’t be ovulating for another week or so, so we weren’t planning on having Liam over again yet, but we did make plans to go out dancing on a Friday evening with Liam and the girl that he had just started dating, Maggie... their relationship was so new that she had given him a couple blowjobs and handjobs, but no pussy yet. Bella and I were excited for Liam, who deserved a good relationship, but kind of hoped that all of Liam’s cum would continue to be reserved for us for a while longer. 

Maggie was working late that Friday, so the plan was for us to meet Liam at his place for a drink and then we’d give him a ride to the club. Maggie would meet us at the club and give Liam a ride home afterwards. 

As we got ready to go out that evening, Bella had to keep pushing me away. I could see her hard nipples poking out through her pale pink demi bra and couldn’t stop checking out the curve of her hips as she pulled on her matching thong panties. She was so hot that I kept trying to take her clothes back off of her. She said she didn’t want to get sweaty before we went and, to convince me to let her finish getting ready, she promised that I could undress her and have my way with her later that night. It was not yet summer, but it was already getting warm out, so she wore a champagne colored dress that gave her just enough cleavage to be sexy, but had a full enough skirt to allow her to dance comfortably. I wore my “dressy” jeans and a fitted polo that Bella likes because it shows off my arm muscles. I figured I would be doing a lot of close dancing, so I also wore a packer in my briefs to give myself a nice bulge... even though she obviously knows it’s silicone, Bella likes feeling my bulge when she grinds up against me on the dance floor. 

When we finally finished getting dressed, we headed towards Liam’s place (a small studio apartment) and when we were almost there, I noticed that the gas needle was hovering just above empty. The club we planned to go to was all the way on the other side of town, so I knew we’d need to get some gas, but I figured I could drop Bella off at Liam’s and then go fill up the tank. Planning to be a gentleman and walk Bella in before going to get gas, I parked the car in the driveway and walked Bella to Liam’s door. 

Liam came to open the door for us looking groggy and wearing only boxer-briefs and an undershirt. He apologized for not being ready—he had fallen asleep on the couch accidentally and had just woken up when he heard the doorbell, he but figured it was better not to leave us waiting outside while he got dressed. After all, he said, we had seen much more of him a few weeks before, so he wasn’t worried about us seeing him in his underwear. I blushed at the mention of how much of Liam I had seen... Bella knew that I had watched (and participated), as she and Liam had fucked, but she still didn’t know that in the middle of the night, I had laid on my back with my legs spread and toes pointed in the air and had given Liam my pussy. She didn’t know that I had invited another man, our friend, to mount me and to shoot his load deep in my hole. She didn’t know that the crotch of my briefs was smeared with his semen for the next two days or how many times I jerked off thinking about his sperm swimming around inside me. Just thinking about it made me start to lube up. 

I snapped out of my sex-filled memories when Liam began to apologize, explaining that he had been planning to stop at the store for some drinks before we arrived ... he was out of rum and Coke, which he knew were the two key ingredients in my favorite drink, and he was low on tequila for the margarita he knew Bella had been looking forward to. I mentioned that I needed to go get gas anyway and volunteered to pick up drinks for us at the store. Bella said that she didn’t want to go to the store in her dress and said she would stay and keep Liam company while he got ready. 

When I returned about a half hour later with a full tank of gas and a large paper bag of drinks, Liam came out from behind the folding screen that demarcated his bedroom area and joined us. Both he and Bella looked a little flustered and I wondered what transpired in my absence, but I figured I could ask one of them—alone—later. Almost as soon as Liam mixed our drinks, we realized that we needed to leave for the club in order to be on time to meet Maggie there, so Bella quickly downed her margarita and we left for the club. 

The club was awesome: strong drinks, good beats, and lots of female and male eye candy. As the evening wore on and the alcohol flowed, the dancing—and the club—got hotter. Maggie, who was petite and several drinks in by this point, seemed to be alternating between grinding her ass hard against Liam’s cock, which was noticeably tenting his pants, and pressing her whole body up against his while making out with him on the dance floor. I know how frustrating it was because Bella had been doing the same thing to me for the past hour... my little cock was so stiff in my briefs that it felt like it was going to drill a hole through them, and my pussy had been dripping for hours, so I could feel a huge wet spot growing in the crotch. 

When the song changed, I motioned that I was going to get some drink refills from the bar. Liam pushed Maggie and Bella together, leaving them to dance with each other, and followed me as I headed toward the throng at the bar. As we pushed our way through the crowd, I felt a tugging on my belt loop and realized that Liam was pulling me in a different direction. “Follow me,” he ordered, and I followed willingly... I wasn’t sure where we were going, but thought maybe he knew some secret way through the crowd at the bar. When we broke through the crowd, I realized that we were headed towards the men’s room. 

I still wasn’t sure what was going on when Liam pushed me through the bathroom door, but figured I would play along. There was another guy already in the bathroom, pissing at one of the urinals, when we walked in and Liam silently gestured to me that I should use the disabled stall. He took the stall next to mine. All the booze was getting to me and I had to take a piss anyhow, so I had just pulled my briefs down and was about to check out the wet spot my dripping pussy had created when someone tried to get into my stall. I quickly figured out that the other guy had finished his business and left and that it was Liam trying to get into my stall. I pulled my briefs up and unlocked the door. 

As Liam pushed his way into the stall, I sat back down on the toilet with my briefs still on. Liam locked the door behind himself and, as he approached the toilet where I was sitting, unzipped his fly and tried, unsuccessfully, to pull his hard cock out through the fly. 

“Man, she makes me so fucking hard the way she teases me,” he slurred, clearly talking about Maggie. 

I reached out and unbuttoned his jeans, immediately revealing his hugely tented boxer-briefs. His cock was so hard that his boxer-briefs were stretched obscenely and there was a huge circle of pre-cum near his cockhead. I pulled the waistband of his boxer-briefs out and down and his cock snapped out so quickly that it nearly smacked me in the face. Liam moaned. I grabbed his cock at the base and pulled him towards my face as I leaned forward... I ran my tongue all around his pre-cum oozing head and then pulled the head into my mouth. I ran the tip of my tongue right around and into his piss slit and tried to scoop up as much of his pre-cum as I could... it was almost sweet. He was clearly desperate to penetrate something, anything, and grabbed the back of my head as he pushed his cock all the way into my mouth until I was gagging on his cock and my nose was buried in his pubes. That’s when I tasted and smelled it: the distinct taste and smell of fresh pussy. Liam’s cock had been inside a pussy recently and it sure wasn’t Maggie’s. 

I pushed his hips away from me to get his cock out of my mouth for a moment.

“I know that smell. You smell like pussy. Did you fuck Bella earlier?” I asked before running my tongue around his head and resuming the blowjob.

When he realized that I wasn’t angry with him—I mean, how could I be? I wasn’t supposed to be fucking him either, but here we were with his cock in my mouth—I continued to suck his cock and balls as he told me about what happened when I went to get gas and booze:

“Bella sat down on the couch in my living room area while I went behind the folding screen to get dressed. Bella started talking about the weekend of our first impregnation attempt. She went on and on about how much she had enjoyed it and how she had been thinking about it constantly since then. I found myself starting to get hard and started to lazily stroke myself inside my boxer-briefs while she talked about how much she wanted my cock. When Bella thanked me for my willingness to give her a baby, I—still slowly jerking myself off behind the room divider—jokingly responded “any time.” Bella paused for a moment and then said “How about right now? It’s going to take Edward a while to get gas and go to the store, and I’m so horny...I need your cock inside me again.” I wasn’t really sure how to respond, but Bella, now wearing only her pink bra and thong, walked behind the folding screen carrying the dress that she had been wearing and caught me with my hard cock in my hand. She draped her dress over the back of a chair and leaned over so that her hands were on my bed with her ass up in air facing me.  Pull my thong to the side and fuck me, she commanded. 

“I didn’t need to be told twice. I pulled my boxer-briefs to my knees, lined my fat, leaking plum up with the opening in Bella’s vulva, and fed my member into her glistening, cock-hungry hole. When I plunged in, her pussy was so wet and ready for me that I immediately found myself fully sheathed inside of her. As I bottomed out, I could just feel the mouth of her cervix brushing up against my head and, as she rotated her hips and implored me to start thrusting, her knob rubbed against mine in such a sexy way. It was almost like her cervix was kissing my cockhead and begging for my seed. I loved how purely receptive she was to my cock and to my seed.” 

Liam interrupted his story at this point: “I need your pussy, Edward,” he whispered urgently to me.

“Take my pussy like you took my girl’s,” I quietly moaned, bending at the waist with my hands on the toilet tank and presenting my ass to Liam. My pants were at my ankles, but I still had my briefs on. Liam stepped even closer to me and ran his cockhead— wet with his copious pre-cum, my saliva, and the remnants of Bella’s pussy lube—up against my briefs-covered hole, adding some new ingredients to my already soaked wet spot. He then pulled the crotch of my briefs to the side and slid his fat, dripping head into my swampy pussy hole. I was so lubed up that I quickly had him all the way inside me. 

Now fucking his cock into my hole, Liam bent forward and, gripping the railing behind the toilet with one hand, he reached under me with the other hand to jerk my hard little cock. He put his mouth close to me ear and huskily whispered “You like that? You like taking my fat babymaker in your hole while I stroke your cock? Do you want my load inside your snatch? It’s so hot that you have a pussy, Edward... I love being balls deep inside my buddy’s pussy. Maybe I can knock both of you up with my babies...”

“Tell me what else you did to Bella,” I interrupted. “I want to hear how it ended.”

Liam put his mouth right up to my ear and continued his story:

“I knew you were due back any minute and I didn’t want you to walk in while I was balls deep in your girl, so I rutted into her like a mating animal—I wanted to empty my balls into her tight snatch as quickly as possible. As I fucked her, my sack smacked rhythmically against her swollen clit and made her moan. I could feel her pussy juices getting everywhere—covering my sack and my inner thighs. That’s why you could still smell her pussy on me. I undid the clasp of her bra and grabbed her tits. Her nipples were already pointed little buds and when I tweaked them, her sheath immediately tightened around my cock. My plum, deep inside of her, swelled even more and she moaned that she could feel it jerk and throb against her cervix. Her moaning and her pussy tightening around me was too much... my balls pulled up in my sack as my cock ejaculated my semen deep inside of your girl’s unprotected hole. 

As we stood there with my cock softening inside of her, my hands still cupping her tits, we heard your car pull into the driveway and we frantically rushed to get dressed before you got to the door. With no time to clean up, Bella quickly put her bra on and pulled her thong back into place with her pussy oozing my cum everywhere. Because she was only wearing a thong, she said she hoped I’d shot a small load that time, but I told her that wasn’t the case: knowing that I was shooting my seed into her unprotected, fertile pussy caused me to shoot a heavy, thick load into her. She managed to throw her dress on and to get back into the living room area only seconds before you walked in. As we walked into the club, she told me that with each step she took, she felt more of my load drip out of her, soaking her thong and coating her inner thighs with my semen. I didn’t have time to clean up either, so I just pulled up my boxer-briefs and threw my clothing on.” 

“God, that’s so hot,” I moaned as Liam finished his story and I reached back to play with his nuts while he continued fucking my pussy and stroking my cock. 

“You got anything left in here for me?” I asked, fondling his balls in their sack. “I want you to empty them in my hole. Give me everything you’ve got.”

“Yessss,” he almost hissed, “I’m gonna fill you up, Edward. I wanna watch you and Bella dancing together later knowing that my sperm are swimming around in both of your vaginas. That’s so hot.”

And then I felt a warmth and throbbing deep inside my pussy as he shot his load into me. He pulled out a few seconds later and pulled his boxer-briefs back up without bothering to dry his cock. Remembering how sexy it felt to have his cum dripping out of me last time, I did the same. When we were sure no one else was in the bathroom, we exited the stall and we both washed our hands and faces to get rid of the smell of sex. 

Liam headed to the bar to get drinks—luckily, the bar wasn’t as crazy as before our “detour”—and I went to go find our ladies, who were hopefully still dancing and not wondering what happened to us.


-The End-

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