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I admired myself in the mirror, my cheerleading uniform fit like a glove. And it was the perfect tool to get what I had always wanted. I had only joined the team after all so I could get this uniform and use it for my advantage. I had two uniforms. One I kept for practice, but this one I had altered. The skirt was shorter so that when I was standing it barely covered my but cheeks, and when I sat down, it rod up high enough that you could almost see my pussy. The top I couldn’t change much, but I didn’t plan for it to stay on for long.

I heard the front door and smiled; Dad was home.

He yelled out, “Hey, Bells, how was school?”

“Hi, Dad,” I yelled back. “Great.” I stepped out of my room and into the hall.

“What’s for dinner?” He asked as I descended the stairs.

I looked in the lounge, and he was already seated on the couch with a beer in his hand. Just like every Friday night. “I was thinking of pizza.”

He smiled, but his eyes never left the TV. “Great idea.”

I moved from the doorway. I made my way over and sat down beside him on the couch. My thigh touching his.

His eyes flickered towards me.

I kept my smirk at bay and crossed my legs, leaning them in his direction. He would have a view of my pussy peeking out from my skirt. It would be begging him to taste it. Goosebumps covered my body just thinking about his tongue inside me.

Dad cleared his throat and shifted in his seat; his eye focused on the TV. His brow line showing just how hard he was concentrating.

My smirk slipped out; I was affecting him already. A glance down told me that even though Dad was trying very hard to look, Junior had noticed and was waking up. I turned my body towards him, my breasts pushing against his arm. I wrapped my hands around his arms and said, “Daddy.”

He cleared his throat. “Yes, baby girl?”

Hearing the pet name went straight to my core. Good god! He turned me on. “I think something might be wrong with me?”

He frowned. “Why’s that?”

I pushed myself closer. “I have an ache. And no matter what I do, it won’t go away.”

“Did you hurt yourself at practice?” he asked, concerned.

Ever the doting father. “No. Not that type of ache. I might need to show you.”

He looked down at me and nodded.

Sliding my hands down his arm, I took his hand, pulled it up onto my thigh. I pulled his hand up to my crotch.

“Bella, what are you doing?” His hand stopped.

I pouted. “I ache, Daddy. I need you to help me.” I tugged at his hand and pushed his fingers against my mound. I shifted my position and lifted myself slightly higher. I gripped his hand between my legs with my thighs and brought my face directly level to his. “I need you to fuck me with your fingers. Please, Daddy.”

Dad stayed still for a moment. His eyes showed his mind running wild.

I was too impatient for this. With one hand, I brought Dad’s lips to mine. The other, pushed his hand high enough that one finger touched my folds. I moaned at the sensation and gripped his neck. “Daddy, please.” I waited for him to push me away.

He didn’t. His lips moved against mine, his moustache tickling my lips. He moved his fingers into my folds, pulling another moan from me. He moaned softly and shifted. Two of his fingers began to move.

I couldn’t help the moans his touch brought out. I let him take control and gripped his shoulders as he pushed his fingers deeper and also his tongue. It was better than anything I had dreamed up. He tasted terrific, and his touch was rough and smooth.

Dad pulled back from the kiss and slid his mouth down my chin, over my throat and to my chest. His spare hand slid under my shirt and pushed it up, allowing one of my breasts to bounce free. He took the nipple into his mouth and sucked it harshly. He rolled his tongue over it, his teeth grazed the sensitive tip.

“Daddy, that feels so good. I need more.”

He pushed the other side of my top up and attached my second breast. He added a third finger into my folds and moved his hand faster.

My orgasm was building, faster than it ever had before. The sensation of Dad’s fingers were better than any dildo, any other guy I had fucked. Everything he was doing was sending me in spirals.

He left my breasts and slid his tongue down my stomach. His mouth found my mound and began to suck as he thrust his fingers harder. His tongue slid down and dip into me.

“Fuck!” I fell back onto the couch.

Dad moved and allowed his face to be buried between my thighs. He continued to use his tongue to tease my folds as his fingers moved inside.

“Daddy, more.”

He pulled out his fingers and ran his tongue the length of my opening.

“Don’t tease me, please, Daddy, please.”

He chuckled.

The movement his moustache tickled my insides and sent shivers up my spine. 

Dad dipped his tongue in completely.

“Yes! Fuck, yes!” I threw my head back. My hands gripped his hair and pushed him further into my pussy. “Daddy!”

Dad gripped my thighs and pushed his tongue further and further; he was devouring me, and it was amazing.

I couldn’t control myself any morning. My orgasm hit and I cried out in absolute bliss. “FUCK YES! DADDY!”

Dad licked my pussy clean. Every drop, before climbing his way up my body, licking and sucking as he went.

The room was spinning. Dad had given me the best orgasm I had ever had.

He looked at me and smiled. “You are very naughty, Baby Girl.”

I smiled. “Only for you, Daddy.”

He admired my body for a moment. He looked down at my breasts and ran his fingers across my stomach. He shifted his crotch against mine, and I could feel junior was well and truly awake and needed some attention.

“This isn’t a one-time thing, little girl.” Dad pulled my top up over my head and off my arms. He threw it over the couch and smiled at me.

“I didn’t want it to be.” I reached up and touched his cheek. “I want to be your one and only. I want you to love me as more than just your daughter.”

He kissed my hand. “I do, Baby Girl. I have for a long time.”

“Why did you never do anything?” I could have had him all along.

He reached down and begun to unbuckle his belt. “Self-control. If I didn’t have any, I would have bent you over and fucked you into your bed when you were fourteen.” He pulled his belt off and threw it away. “I still remember that day.”

“What was I doing?” I reached for his pants and unbuttoned them.

“I came home from work to find you in your room with nothing but your panties on. Breasts bouncing around. You were dancing to something.” He pulled junior from his confinement and stroked him. And junior was big! “I filmed you actually. Then took it into my bedroom and got myself off. I used it a lot actually.”

I was dripping again. My pussy was soaked. Dad was a pervert, and I could have spent the last three years being fucked by his monster cock. Better late than never though. “You won’t ever have to control yourself. From now on, whenever you want me, I’m yours.”

He smirked. “Oh, don’t I know it. Baby Girl, you are mine! Forever!” Leaning forward his kissed me. His cocked rubbed my folds, only teasing me.

I whimpered.

“One last question,” he said. “Are you a virgin?”

I paused. I wasn’t. Hadn’t been for two years. I didn’t know what Dad wanted to hear. I wasn’t going to lie though. “No,” I said.

“Good.” He smirked again and thrust into me. I cried out as his dick filled me to the brim. Dad set a rough pace. He was well and truly fucking me.

“Fuck! Daddy!” I gripped his shoulders as he ploughed into me.

He grunted with each thrust. His face, wholly filled with lust and desire. “You’re so-fucking time!”


“Fucking perfect!” he said.


“Mine! My perfect pussy.” He leant down and took my breast into his mouth. He was defiantly a boob guy.

“Daddy! Arrh!” I couldn’t control myself as he bit down. His brutal thrusts we building my second orgasm, the biting of my nipple was pushing me further into bliss.

He pinched my other nipple and sent me over the edge.


He paused for a moment and grabbed my hips. He pulled me up off the couch and onto his lap. Pulling my thighs either side of his lap, he brought his lips to mine, “Ride me, Baby Girl,” he said.

I grasped his forearms and lifted my hips. Bringing them back down, he continued to brutally fuck me with every thrust.

His mouth seemed to cover every inch of my body. “Come on, baby,” he said. “So fucking good!”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“You like this cock, don’t you.”

“YES!” I cried out. My third orgasm was about to hit. “I love your cock, Daddy!”

“Fuck! Cum with me, baby girl!” He gripped at my hand, sucked my tongue into his mouth.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” I chanted out as the waves hit.

“FUCK!” Dad cried.

The last few thrusts were erratic as the climax ended. I collapsed against Dad’s chest, completely exhausted and satisfied. We both sat there, silently for a moment. He stroked my back and kissed my forehead.

The fresh air touched my sweaty body and sent chills down my spine. I could say I was content. It was a perfect moment. My body ached all over, and I couldn’t find the energy to move; not that I wanted to.

Dad tucked his finger under my chin and lifted my head to look at him. He kissed me softly. It was gentle and loving. He said, “Mine.”

I smiled. “Yours.”

He shifted our position and pulled his soft cock from my folds.

I could feel his cum inside me, and it made me giddy.

“Now, how about that pizza?” He asked.

I chuckled. “Yes please, I’ll need some more energy for later.”

Dad smirked. “That you will!”

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