Child of the Moon

BY : AlongCameASpider
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Chapter One


--Washington, United States--


Paws pounded against the ground. Kill. He was fast, but I was faster. The scenery blurred passed as speed increased. A low growl rumbled in my chest. A warning. I’m coming for you. He chose the wrong night to wander onto our territory. But I was the lucky one. I caught his scent. I tracked him down. I would be the one to rid the world of this particular abomination. Kill. These creatures that stunk of sour earth and preyed on innocent people. Draining their blood, taking their life. Or worse, creating more of their kind. They needed their existence to be brought to an end. Permanently.


The man looked over his shoulder. Wrong move. Kill. It slowed him just enough. I lunged, colliding with him and sending us both in a roll across the forest floor. We slammed into a tree, and he used the opportunity to sink his teeth into my scruff. Kill. I yelped, turning my head and forcing my own all the way through his forearm. He screeched, freeing me from his jaws. Quickly, I whipped my head around. Kill. I snapped through his neck like it was butter. His head rolled. And the last thing his red eyes saw was my bared teeth.



--Volterra, Italy—


“Masters.” The burly man greeted with a bow, standing before the three thrones. A man occupied each one. The left was a man who appeared as though he could care less about almost anything. As if he had seen too much and didn’t care to see anymore. The right was occupied by a man with pale blond hair, a stark contrast to the others. The man in the middle, usually with a cheerful disposition, looked quite bored at the moment.


“What is it, Felix?” the blond asked.


The man called Felix stepped closer, “Master Caius, there has been a report of unusual activity in the Olympic Peninsula. It is suspected there is a pack of Children of the Moon in the area.”


“We already know that, Felix,” Caius said irritably, “Those are the Cullen’s pets. Shapeshifters.”


Felix shook his head, “No, this is a different pack. Suspect activity has only been observed on the new and full moons.”


Now the man in the middle looked interested, “Children of the Moon. Felix, prepare to leave with Demetri. Find and observe whomever they may be. I want to know all that you can. Understood?”


“Yes, Master Aro,” Felix bowed shortly again before exiting.


“Could these really be Children of the Moon?” Caius asked, sounding skeptical.


Aro leaned back in his chair, thoughtful, “I believe they could. While they have been hunted to near extinction in Europe, we have yet to touch the American continents.”


Children of the Moon. What humans called werewolves. What awful creatures they were. These animals were the only true threat to vampire kind. No human tool existed that could harm a vampire. A werewolf’s teeth, on the other hand, were powerful enough to break clean through in a single snap of the jaws. What was worse, their saliva contained a protein that was akin to burning the body. It rendered a vampire unable to regenerate. And, as it happened, they seemed to be completely immune to a vampire’s venom. Meaning, they were very deadly creatures, and almost impossible to destroy with strength alone. But Aro and his brothers knew their one real weakness.


He stood and crossed the room, passed a large table to an impressively sized cabinet against the far wall. Throwing the doors open, he admired his arsenal. Daggers and small knives of various sizes and blade curvature hung within. He selected one and held it in one hand. With the other, he ran his fingers along the straight silver blade. Pure silver.


Aro smiled wickedly.

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