Disturbance at Parish Manor

BY : Lucian
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Disclaimer: I don't own anything created by H.P. Lovecraft, this work is based off his mythos, I don't profit from this. Any resemblance to real persons is not intentional.

A/N: Thanks for checking out my work!  It's graphic (but somewhat humorous in places), and is my first fiction incorporating tentacles and oviposition.  I found it entertaining and hope you do as well. As always, I love to hear feedback if you have any.  Enjoy!


Disturbance at Parish Manor


The old house creaked around me as I crept behind the candlelight illuminating the dusty, well-worn spaces.  The rugs were threadbare and dull as if the melancholy darkness had frightened the color out of them. 

Night after night I search these abandoned halls for the source of this noise that I can hear but not distinguish.  I haven’t the slightest what it could be, but I feel it quivering faintly in the air. 

This house is supposed to be haunted.  I don’t particularly believe in that sort of thing and had set out to find the cause.  Many years ago, the owners of this estate—the Parishes—vanished, the place left in complete disarray.  Without a discernable cause, it was only natural for the masses to fall into superstitious fervor.  Many wild stories floated about, but lately there have been numerous complaints of a faint rumbling in the night, a low vibration reaching out towards the town it had been estranged from.  Claims centered around witches, ghosts, even cultists.  Preposterous of course. 

However, there was something going on indeed.  If only I could find the culprit or some evidence of him. 

As I turned the corner, the candlelight reached out to a narrow wooden door with a simple bronze knob.  I puzzled at it.  I had been over the house many times but never remembered seeing that door.  I must have gone in.  Perhaps, it was too insignificant to remember, particularly in this unfamiliar place filled with many such doors. 

I pressed it open, dedicating myself to remembering what this room was, preparing to be underwhelmed.  A set of stairs descended into the pitch dark and I puzzled over how I could possibly not remember something like this.  Had I skipped this room after all?  Every time?  What’s more I had been sure the basement door was on the other side of the house and the room had been nothing more than dusty shelves and old miscellaneous items in a room that seemed far too small for the size of the house. 

As I descended, the darkness seemed to swallow all light.  I could see nothing in front of me save for the candle itself.  Even as I neared the landing, the room remained an impenetrable void.  And there was sound from something unseen.  My feet finally touched floor and I strained to see anything, reluctant to move forward in such complete and unforgiving blackness. 

Then I finally saw something.  The light glanced off something I couldn’t quite make out.  Some sort of reflective object—and another.  I turned slightly to gaze at the other unidentifiable spot of brightness, before turning to a third.  And a fourth, and—  My heart stilled. 

What awaited me in that darkness was an inky horror with uncountable soul-piercing stares.  Tentacle-appendages exuded from itself, waving about wetly, aimlessly.  There appeared to be no ground, just this mass, spreading infinitely, its numerous eyes stars accenting its dark universe. 

I wished I had never come here. 

As I stared into it, I got the impression of unidentifiable geometric shapes and symbols of whose meaning I couldn’t fathom.  I knew I wasn’t seeing these things with my naked eyes, but my mind was active with these visions, wild, absolutely mad with the ceaseless creations of absurdity as I stared into the darkness which stared back.  I was floored by the impossibility of it all, immobilized by the confounding madness of it.  The inane hallucinations, the ceaseless moist noises as it wriggled, those EYES.  My god there were hundreds all fixed on me and in my horror I couldn’t look away. 

It was too late by the time I felt it wrap around my ankles.  It dragged me deeper into the room, away from the stairs, candle flung from my grasp as I fell back.  Its odd mass constricted around me as I cried frantic, useless pleas. 

My clothes were torn away as I screamed.  These large, wet leech like appendages surrounded me, coating my flesh with cold slime.  Then this incomprehensible monstrosity committed the unthinkable.  It attacked my most private regions.  Not with the accidental nature of entwining itself around its prey, no; but with the intent to abuse the area directly. 

The ungodly thing writhed its slimy limb against me, slapping wetly between my thighs in a most queasy way.  I felt offense amid my horror and was uncertain if that sparked a new outrage or fed further into my fear.  All question was lost however when near the tip of this outlandish tentacle an opening I had not noticed spasmed open and shut.  I felt faint with the sight of the ugly thing, wriggling so close to my most delicate parts.  I had visions of being shredded willy first, then further consumed as I wailed my torment until death finally whisked me away. 

Those screams tore themselves from me as this spasming mouth part descended upon me.  I shrieked as my poor member disappeared into its maw, and positively bawled when I felt the insides of this thing around me.  Knowing, it was closing. 

It cinched tight as my naked body flailed violently in its tentacular grasp, reacting against the pain that had not yet come.  My thighs were pried widely apart, quivering madly in their protest.  I grew quickly too tired to keep up my struggle and in my fatigued resignation, amid my embarrassing sniffling, I realized the absence of pain and the presence of wet suction. 

Before I had the chance to wonder at it, the tip of another tentacle slapped against my spread buttocks, a direct blow to my sensitive, rosy hole.  It rubbed up and down, pushing my testicles as it did so. 

“N-now, s-stop that!” I demanded in a quivering voice.  It kept on going all the same.  “Stop it, I say!”  It slapped against my open cleft once more and slid down.  Its tip prodded my exit and panic heighted once more.  “D-don’t!”  It pushed harder against the resistance.  Oh god, what was it doing??  “Don’t you dare! That’s not—”  I broke off into a groan as it took to forceful, shallow prodding.  The mouth that had swallowed my member took to spasming slowly around it.  Oh, it felt so slick and soft inside. 

The intrusive tentacle ceased its prodding and instead pushed insistently.  I moaned helplessly as I felt it invade my body where no other thing had entered previously.  It was wet and soft, but firm.  I was stretched so tightly around it, and a pressure deep in my belly began to grow. 

“A-alright, that’s enough,” I said again.  “Just stop it right now. You’ve had your fun…”  But it continued its cruel and degrading onslaught of my person.  It gave me some of the old in-out for a few minutes to make me feel properly abused before pressing further. 

I gasped.  It was bad enough before but now it was reaching a depth that…well…that no human appendage could or should reach.  I wasn’t sure what depth should be cause for alarm, but I was alarmed nevertheless.  I wanted this all to stop before it got too far.  I struggled vainly.  The thing just twisted circles inside me, taunting me with new sensations.  As it pushed further the pressure grew.  I throbbed inside the absurd tentacle-mouth. 

The intruder started up what felt like short punches into me, back and forth.  It was jostling and alarming.  “Wait! J-just stop! You can’t…”  I finally gave up, head falling back, my whorishly spread thighs relaxed as the monstrosity invaded my most private place over and over, and suckled so insistently on my manhood.  Wet, soft, throbbing, juicy.  Deep.

The lower tentacle punched deeper into my bowels and my thighs trembled violently as I orgasmed.  My face was awash with tingling heat and I found myself breathless, feeling utterly sluttish as it violated me through my unwanted orgasm. 

This wasn’t right.

It made obscene noises as it pumped in and out of my body of which I grew more and more self-conscious as I came down from my high.  As the tentacle reached deeper it became more wild and wanton, wriggling about senselessly, but what concerned me most, was when I felt the press from inside my belly.  f

My hair rose and my breath caught.  Like a child with too much sugar, it continued its wriggling frenzy within me and I felt the bump from inside my belly again.  It didn’t hurt, but I didn’t want it to start. 

Disconcerted, I laid my hands over my belly and felt the push from the outside.  Oh god.

It changed the angle of my legs and began slopping in and out of me, treating me like a proper whore.  I forgot my internal worries for the meantime instead fretting over the fervor of its onslaught.  Why was it doing this?  What did it have to gain?  And, oh, look at all those eyes watching my unwilling descent into debauchery; witnessing this thing stretch my poor little hole far wider than it was ever meant to go; watching as it made a mess of me. 

It again resumed its quest to gain ever-deeper territory.  I begged and squirmed, holding my poor belly in fright of feeling that pressure again.  Oh god I was so full.  More of it filled me and it seemed to pump more girth into it’s buried part to widen my passage further.  I was so impossibly stuffed.  I felt it in places I was sure I should and yet it pressed on still as I whimpered my fears to uncaring, unpresent ears. 

Then the fucking again. 

It angled my lower body up and pistoned unchallenged into my hole.  Almost all the way out before punching back in again.  I clutched my stomach and cried in fear as I felt it bump the inside of my stomach over and over.  Squelching and slapping.  It made such sloppy noises inside of me.  Oh god.  I felt it punch deep, and my stomach distend with its mass.  Its girth expanded, ruining the elasticity of my poor body, and then…this sense of heaviness.

My stomach began to swell.  Slowly.  My pale, tight abdomen rounded out, nudging my penis up before obscuring it. 

Then it stopped.  I was relieved, but nevertheless horrified at what had already occurred.  What was it?  What had it filled me with?  Why was there so much?  Would I be okay?  It made small movements in and out, creating a smacking sound, before retreating out of me. 

The tentacle nursing on my testicles finally let go and traced around my gaping opening before it pressed in.  Not again.  It made itself at home inside my abused, wet cavern.  It eagerly filled the void, rocking in and out of me.  My belly sloshed with each jab forward.  I clutched it with worry, muting my moans as I was explored. 

Oh god, it was so big and so full squelching in and out of me.  Feeling so helpless and so open as it violated me.  All these embarrassing wet noises.  This little belly bump that sloshed to and fro with the force of the thing.  It dove deep and stilled once more.

Then I felt pressure against my widely stretched hole.  Something was pushing.  Trying to stretch it wider.  My poor, abused ring slowly stretched.  Wider…and wider…  So impossibly wide.  It hurt so bad, but as it pushed in, the stretch in my ring began to relieve. 

But the pressure grew just beyond inside my body.

Something large pushed through the tentacle, deeper and deeper.  I saw my stomach distend out further.  The tentacle disappeared.  But my stomach remained large.  Oh dear, oh god.  I had something inside me.  What in god’s name?

I was assaulted again.  One tentacle began fucking me in my sloppy hole and the other ate up my genitals once more. 

At long last, I felt it pulse, but it didn’t stop this time, punching my stuffed gut as it pumped more fluid into me.  I watched my stomach punch outwards with every thrust even as it expanded further.  Heavens, I looked pregnant!  And as it jabbed the thing inside me, creating ripples of pressure over and over, I released again into the tight, wet, juicy mouth of the tentacle.  As blood rushed to my head, I again felt breathless and tingly.  I felt as if I was floating, and though my vision darkened and grew fuzzy, I felt nothing but euphoria. 


I awoke, legs bent and spread with candles flickering all around me.  I was on a bare wooden floor, my large rounded belly heaved between my legs.  I cried out at the sight and glanced around desperately for my assailant, the depositor.  I didn’t see any sign of it and wondered how I’d become shackled to the floor like this.  This wasn’t right. 

Movement flickered in the outskirts of my vision.  I glanced around.  Robed figures approached, encircled my sweaty, naked form.  Fear peaked; however, shame was loudest in that moment.  Utterly nude with a freakishly swollen belly, private areas on display between my indecently-spread legs.  “Wh-who are you? Let me go, please, I-I…”  they stopped at the edge of a white circle traced around me.  Silence fell over the room and my breath caught waiting for one of them to say something, anything. 

A low hum reverberated through the room, growing louder and louder.  I felt it through the floor, through my body, through my belly.  Then they began chanting.  I didn’t know what they were saying, nor could I even guess what language it was they were speaking.  Their voices produced a mysterious harmony that vibrated most impossibly through the whole room. 

“Who are you? What are you doing? Please let me go! I beg you! Help me!”  Not one faltered and the vibrations grew more powerful through my watery belly.  I felt whatever was inside me shift and my terror rose to new heights.  “Please you must help me! Please! I don’t know what’s happening! I was savaged by some creature! Help!”  I wriggled half-heartedly, needing to struggle, but dreading the feeling through my belly when I moved.  The pressure, the sloshing. 

Something in my belly shifted downwards.  “Oh god!” I wailed as the drone grew louder around me.  A hulking man stepped into the circle as nude as I was and unspeakably ugly—more like a flesh-colored ogre than a man, lumpy and scarred with indiscernible eyes and a countenance that looked utterly lacking in higher-thought.  He looked oiled and his unmentionables were quite at the ready.  He lumbered over, kneeling between my legs.  He had a dagger.  I screamed pleas for peace.  He did something between my legs, but I couldn’t see what over my belly; then the knife was abandoned on the ground, beads of red gathered upon the tip.  But, I hadn’t felt any pain or pressure.  I must have been okay.  But then what had he done?  Where did that blood come from? 

He grabbed my hips and I felt the fat tip push against my poor little backside—oh how its use had been so cruelly subverted!  I braced for pain but found I was still very slippery inside.  He sunk into me immediately against my will.  I was abused by the beastly man’s girth in the middle of a chanting audience.  He forced my hips to meet him over and over.  My belly swayed with his deep, frantic slapping.  He ground against the sensitive edges of my sore opening and every time I tensed, I could feel the thing inside me resisting against the muscle. 

The man caressed large, calloused hands over my swollen abdomen as he punished my shameful rose.  He gripped the sides of my new fleshy mountain and used it as leverage.  “No!” I cried at the new terrifying discomfort.  He was jostling it around.  It felt strange.  I didn’t like it.   “Please stop!”  My hole spasmed around him as he continued using me.  Heat built up in my face again.  Pressure climbed and I began to contract around him.  “No, no, noooo!”  His thrusts became erratic and he pressed my belly down firmly towards him.  I whimpered as he emptied his seed into my bowels to mingle with the monster’s leavings. 

He stayed within me, massaging and manipulating my distended stomach.  Then one hand dipped lower to a place I couldn’t see.  He grasped my manhood and began to masturbate me.  “Wait, no, stop…don’t.”  My muscles quaked and contracted.  As I came, my belly tightened and I felt a large push.  I cried loudly as the large object shoved lower towards my exit.  “Dear god what is it?!”  The man’s large hands pushed on my stomach once more.  I wailed, legs shaking in their shackles.  My opening spasmed forcing the man’s own limp intruder out of me at long last. 

It didn’t stop there.

I was taken by terrible cramps as my muscles continued to contract and my belly bump lowered.  My eyes widened as I panted, feeling it now in my lower passage, so painfully large.  The ugly man jiggled my belly insistently, then hooked two thick fingers into me and roughly shook them inside me.  Another large push and I cried out.  Oh god, oh dear, oh god.  But it was almost out, right?  It was coming out? 

The man’s cupped hand penetrated into me. “Nooooooooooo!” I wailed.  I was fisted like livestock as the object kept coming.  I blubbered in a most unseemly way through the ordeal and I had no way of knowing what part of my body was being affected by the strange unearthly vibrations and what was my own wanton trembling. 

Finally, it bumped against my entrance from the inside, the man’s hand finally gone like my dignity.  My once tiny, proper opening spread as it crowned.  I cried out nonsense as I pushed.  It was so close, I was so close to having it out.  Oh god, oh god.  I was stretched impossibly wide around the slimy smooth thing I could not see, twitching and quivering.

It was out. 

The large man stood, cradling a large leathery egg in his arms.  Copious amounts of thick fluid gushed from my ruined backside and the robed figures took to chanting the same phrase over and over, though I knew not what it was.  I sobbed in relief having safely been delivered from the thing. 

The air around the egg began to distort.  Colors and shapes became warped.  But neither the cultists nor even the man holding the thing seemed to take notice. 

I became dizzy.  I’m not sure which of countless things was doing it to me, but my head felt fuzzy as I gazed around at the scene.  As I drifted farther away from this absurd reality, a new horror took shape from the egg, something I struggled to comprehend, but I knew the man that continued to hold the spawning thing was becoming a feast body and soul. 


When I woke again, I was in the bedroom of the house where I’d taken up temporary residence.  I sat, gingerly touched my flat stomach.  I rose from the bed and exited the room, feeling numb and surreal. 

I found the hallway where it had all began.  The door was gone once more.  The most horrific nightmare I had ever had.  My joy was immeasurable.  I wasn’t just okay.  I had never been not okay.  I wept then.  A few tears.  I touched the heavenly, smooth wall, then turned to leave, deciding to abandon my quest. 

A sound from within the wall stopped me.  It must have been the pipes.  But from some deep dark place within the walls I thought I heard a gurgling voice hiss, “Mother…

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