The Misadventures Of Lisbeth Salander

BY : RedWasp
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Millennium trilogy, nor the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

This is my first story, I hope you enjoy it. Any feedback, criticism, or ideas would be great. Enjoy!


It was 11:32pm on a Saturday, the Stockholm weather was cold, as it usually is in November. I was wearing my leather jacket and tight ripped jeans, standing behind a tree staring at a small apartment complex. I had been there for almost an hour, waiting for my new Guardian to get home. He was a creep, he forced me to suck his cock or I wouldn’t get money last time I saw him. I needed to blackmail him, so it would never happen again, so I have a secret camera in my bag. I double check its there and in a good spot when I see a car pull in, its Bjurman, my guardian.

I wait 10 minutes before I start to record with the hidden camera and approach his room. I knock on the door and wait. A balding, overweight man in his 50’s opens the door, shocked as he sees me. “Lisbeth, It's a Saturday, you shouldn’t be here.” he says, staring at my small body like a predator stalking prey. I look up without changing expression from my cold look, “I need money” I respond bluntly, I walk past him into his home without him giving me permission. Even though he was only 5’6”, He still dwarfed me with me petite 5’0” physique.

I walk into his bedroom, the nerves had kicked in about now, even if I didn’t show it on my stone face. have I done something I’ll regret here. Bjurman walks in after closing and locking the door. “what happened to the money I gave you this week?” He asks, trying his best to not grin at the opportunity I’ve given him. “I ran out” I say as I put my bag down, the camera pointing out to the whole room. I turn around and face him with a stern look on my face. “I don’t want to suck your cock every time I need money” I say angrily, making a point to have this said on camera. Bjurman slowly walking around me like a lion stalking a meal. “Oh…really?” he says, a different intensity in his voice now. He knows Ive already seen everything so he promptly drops his pants, showing his 6 inch cock, his pubes long and disgusting. the waft of smell of his dirty cock fills the room. “on your knees” he says, I look up at him angrily as I slowly get onto my knees, my dark eyes piercing his. He sees the anger but does not care, he has the power, he holds all the cards here.

his cock, already rock hard as he grabs my hair and rubs his dirty cock in my face, smirking as he does. I try to ignore it but the smell is worse than when he last saw me, this was probably planned. “you know what to do.” He says confidently, my eyes look up at his as I slowly open my mouth and slide it on his cock head. the taste alone almost makes me heave, but I don’t let it happen, i don’t want him to have the satisfaction. I slowly bob my head back and forth as it slides in my mouth, my tongue sliding on the underside of his cock. His moans slowly filling the room as I please him with my mouth, I feel disgusting, the smell of him makes me angry, his voice makes me furious, but i must do this so it never happens again.

He then grabs my head, aggressively with both hands, his left hand grabbing the side of my head, pushing my earrings into my head, his right hand intertwined with my hair, pulling it from the scalp. he starts to push my head back and forth, moaning more and more as the cock goes deeper and deeper. my eyes tearing up a bit as his dirty cock enters my throat, I begin to gag and choke on his cock as it goes down my tight throat, the tightness that definitely feel great for his cock. his hips slowly begin to move along with my head as his dirty long pubes hit and fill my nose as well as the pubes from his balls entering my mouth slightly. the cock going so deep I begin to dry heave and gag. “Yes you dirty Fucking whore, This is what you’re good for, THIS IS WHAT YOU ARE MADE FOR” he begins to say aggressively, slowly getting louder at every sentence. Im too weak to do anything, I try and push off but that does nothing except excite him more. his thrusts speed up as i feel the gagging getting too much, i push off one last time but its no use.

My eyes dart open as I feel the pizza and Coke I had for dinner slowly climbing up my throat. I start to puke all over his cock, some coming out of my nose. He pulls his cock from my mouth and throat and looks down at me as i cough and the puke falls down onto my clothes. his pubes are drenched with my puke, Its disgusting but the look on his face as he looks down of pure joy. I get up from my knees as I look at my ruined clothes. My blood boils as I start to lose control. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT, YOU FUCKING PIG, YOU WILL REGR……….” my angry explosion is cut short as is hands grab my small throat and begin to squeeze. he start to lay me on the bed as he chokes the life out of me, his face with that sadistic smile above me. The world goes black as I pass out.

it must’ve only been a minute, but i regain consciousness. my hands are bound, my puke covered clothes have been ripped from my body and thrown to the ground, ruined. i look around, dazed as i cough and see Bjurman tying my legs up, I start to fight but its too late. “are you going to be a good girl Lisbeth?” He says as he looks deranged. “If you’re good to me, I'll be good to you.” he says as he gets a power cord. I shake my head angrily, refusing his offer. his smile turns to anger as he begins to smack my back and ass with the cable. I begin to scream in agony as the thick end of the cable slams into my body. i shoves his dirty underpants into my mouth and duct tapes it so i can’t scream and begins slamming the cable into me some more as i mumble out my cries, tears down my eyes. He stops, some sense of peace goes over me as i try and recover.

My back was throbbing in pain as i feel the bed move and hear it squeak, I turn around and see Bjurman behind me, staring at my ass, red and raw, not as bad as my back however. he slowly puts his disgusting worn hands on my young fit ass. he spreads my cheeks and inspects my holes. “beautiful…..just beautiful” he says as he slowly pushes a finger inside my virgin ass. his finger was dry as it spreads it wide, causing me great pain as i squirm and scream through my muzzled mouth. he pulls the finger out and shoves it up my nose “your ass smells lovely doesn’t it” he says in a way that sounds genuine as i squirm and try to get away from the smell. his other hand has been jerking off his still puke covered cock. “Now for the main event” He says as he slams his cock into my virgin ass, without warning or preparation, the only lube that was used was left over puke. his cock tears my ass open, a scream escapes my mask like I’m being murdered as he begins to slam into my ass, his hand squeezing my throat to stop me screaming as he grunts and groans into my ear. “I could’ve been good to you, if you were good to me” he says as he violates me shithole. this goes mercilessly for sometime, I was fading in and out of consciousness from the pain and the hand around my throat until i feel his hand leave my throat and his moans and grunts get more aggressive. I take some big breathes as his hand leaves and turn back to look at him as he stares at my ass, I shake my head to say stop but its useless as he grips my ass cheeks and begins to moan, his putrid cum pouring out into my asshole. It feels like it's pumping almost into my stomach.

I have no energy left in my body after he’s used me, he pulls his cock out of my torn ass, and begins to untie my hands as i don’t move. my ass has blood and cum pouring from it as his cock is covered in the same liquids. he flips me over so Im on my back and pulls the underpants and duct tape off my mouth and shoves his cock in my limp mouth. “clean me up and you’ll get a bonus” he says. He realises I’m not doing anything with my mouth and pulls out, rubbing the dirty cock all over my face, covering it in a light pink blood cum mixture, before he slaps me hard across the face and leaves the room. He walks back in with a cheque written and throws it on the bed. “there you go you dirty whore” He says as he leaves the room. I slowly get up, wincing at the pain of my ass. My clothes were ruined, but the leather jacket was still intact. I put it on and leave the other clothes. I pick up the cheque and read it, “9000 Krona, that’s barely anything” I say to myself as I grab my bag and slowly limp out of the door. (9000 Krona is roughly 1000 USD)

I walk home, naked and covered in different fluids in nothing but a leather jacket on a cold night. Luckily it was so late that no one saw me. I get to my apartment and put everything down. I shakily grab a cigarette and light it as I stand there and watch the video to make sure I got the footage. I put it out and have a shower. I walk slowly to my room, and fall into bed out of exhaustion. Ill send the video to Bjurman tomorrow and tell him my demands, he won’t bother me again.

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