Mythologic Lemons

BY : Veradux
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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is unintentional.

Here goes my first shot. A yaoi chapter. First time doing dirty yaoi. And I didn't proof read everything, so if I have any mistakes, please forgive. Also, please look at the pictures I give each chapter, as I heavily rely on them.

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Genre: Modern AU
Apollo (Immortal) x Kai (oc, 20)
Tags: Yaoi, Seduction, Crossdressing, Fetish (role-play only; feminization, degradation)


Kai was currently in his divine boyfriend's house, it was afternoon now. His lord is sometimes too busy, and today again he will arrive at evening, due to some issues with other Olympians. And Kai wanted to perform a special night to relieve his stress.

When Apollo arrived at his house during the evening, everything was dark. He sensed a presence at his house, and immediately became aware of whom it was. He smiled and entered the luxurious building, playing many scenarios that might gonna happen in a few minutes in his mind. Currently, he was wearing a dark brown leather jacket, a white plain t-shirt, blue jeans and black boots, with his blond hair tied to ponytail style.

However, little did he know as the God of Prophecy, neither of the scenarios, nor even any sex life in the world was going to happen. Something new, and impossibly sexy thing was awaiting him...

He entered the living room, which was oddly lit by only a group of red candles around the place, and there was a fascinatingly arousing feminine smell... As his bare feet touched the very expensive white soft carpets, he gazed the inadequately lit room, trying to shift the adjustment of his eyes from the outside's artificial intense lamps to now nearly dark room... There were red rose petals, not too much but enticing enough.

When his golden sunny eyes found the black couch ahead, his jaw basically dropped to the floor.


"Ye?" There his boxer king boyfriend was. Sitting on a black couch like a crime lord. And wearing only a red lacy stocking lingerie outfit; a red panty that was half transparent except genital and ass crack parts, and knee-length tights of the same color, decorated with red dolphin embroideries, which was Apollo's sacred animal. His hands wore a pair of red leather gloves that were a little less transparent than his stockings, with an embroidery of red sun on each hand's back. Moreover, he wore red lipsticks and there were red crystal-like face paint around his eyes. His eyelids had also been colored to gradient red, fading towards the red patterns around his eyes. His bare torso had red crystal paints; condense on his chest, slowly fading up to the part below his navel. The nails of his toes had also been dyed to red.

"Wow." The God of the Sun was left breathless at the sight. The boy did an awesome job, even Apollo himself cannot find any perfect description to the sight as the God of Poetry. He never saw or heard something like this, and he did love it. He was the luckiest entity now, in the entire universe.

That is now the true art of gay seduction, he called. The epitome of seduction. That was going to be a very, very, very long night, and the best one.

"Like what you see, bright boy?" He asked as he placed his left leg over the couch, further showing the red lacy with a bulge. His right hand, holding a glass of dark red wine, was on the couch's arm, with the left one spread along the black furniture's head, just like his left leg below.

"Bright boy?" Apollo was shocked to see the boldness of his innocent Kai. "Who are you and what did you to my Kai?" He chuckled.

"Kai is still your Kai." He took a sip of wine slowly, grazing the glass across the red lipstick on his lower lip. He could see the god's breath was taken away. "Maybe he just wants to play with his always-busy boyfriend."

"Haha, gladly!" Apollo immediately started to take off his upper clothes as he walked towards him. He already got an erection in his blue jeans. However when he was in front of him, Kai leaped over his muscular body and prevented him from taking off his shirt, his legs embracing the blond's waist while his left hand snaked around his broad shoulders. "?" Apollo quirked an eyebrow as his hands immediately held his lover's hips.

"Kai is too horny to play lovey-dovey right now," his right hand caressed the god's cheek as his red lips husked against his, "I just want to play the bitch tonight." He planted a kiss onto the god's lips, leaving a slight red hint there.

"Sounds good to me." Apollo finally got out of his shocked state and immediately joined in the game. But when he tried to kiss his lover, Kai left his body and walked around him very slowly, swaying his hips a little bit, along with moving his index finger over the god's collar bones and shoulders. "Hm..." He raised an amused sound from his throat as his hands crossed on his big chest. Kai got behind of him, seductively embracing him as he raised on his toes and whispered to his nape ('cuz he still couldn't reach over his shoulder thanks to the god's tall and large frame), whilst his hands slowly played with Apollo's large pectorals through the white t-shirt.

"My game, my rules, shining boy." Apollo stood still as he let his lover play however he wished, his hands leaving his chest to give more access and they went to grasp the seducer's hips behind him. He felt Kai's hardened member on his ass even through the fabrics in between them, and the seductor's hands slowly played with his chest, mostly the nipple area, occasionally squeezing them. The boy's fingers played with the hard nipples through the white shirt, making his chest heavy.

"Oh..." Apollo's hands massaged Kai's firm hips, crushing his entire body against him, shifting focus to his upper thighs on occasion. Their moans started to fill the room when Kai's tongue started to lick the exposed flesh of his nape and shoulders with equal speed with his hands. "Can't wait for the main action."

"Don't worry," his lover whispered to the dampened flesh with an excited smirk, "tonight is your night, treat me like I'm your personal toy." He suddenly jumped onto Apollo's back and embraced the god's hips with his legs, his calves massaging the large bulge, his hands squeezing the god's pecs with a rough force that instantly made Apollo's breath hitch. "As I said," he licked the god's right ear and kissed it, then whispering with his lips still touching the skin, "Kai is too horny to play the lovey-dovey." His calves slowly stroked his boyfriend's bulge in his jeans and his mouth continued to admire the god's neck's right side.

"Wow!" Apollo laughed with throwing his head back with a moan when he felt the sudden change of foreplay with focus on his neck and restrained hard cock. His hands continued to massage the youth's exposed thighs as the other lover continued to lick his neck with his wet tongue, massage his chest with his hands and stoke the god's dick with his calves. He left a love hickey when he kissed the neck, and he started to thrust his hips against his lord's waist. Apollo seemingly enjoyed every second of it as he closed his eyes and grinned widely. Kai's right hand trailed to his neck, then to his chin and gently let his head fall back a bit and turned it to the right, which made him open his eyes. The moment his eyes opened, Kai's red lipstick colored lips were plunged against his.

"Hm~~" They both moaned into the kiss as their eyes were closed. For 15 seconds their lips kissed as if they were hungry. After 15 seconds, their tongues dashed out and began to explore each other's wet mouth in sync. Again they continously moaned into their mouths, they inhaled the addictive smell of their breaths as the air they exhaled crushed onto their faces with non-stop. Then their lips closed the entire gap again and danced with each other in sync along with their tongues. They both tasted their sour flavored saliva. A bit sweet and salty, and considerably sour taste.

"Ah..." They broke the kiss to catch their breaths, their ministrations also slowed down. Kai then lifted his body-imprisonment from Apollo and walked around to get in front of him. His hands snaked underneath the white t-shirt of his boyfriend and touched the sides of the defined stomach as Apollo bowed down a bit to initiate another kiss, with the god's hands holding his waist. This time they kissed slower than the previous one, but it was still full of lust. As they were too horny at the moment, the kiss lasted short when Kai broke it and threw him on the ground.

"Woah!" Apollo was shocked, even thrilled when he was thrown. Luckily, his hands held the carpet ground to ease his fall, now he was sitting on his butt, looking the smirking bastard lover of his. "Tryin' to kill me?" He tried to sound angry, but failed as he chuckled.

"Yeah?" Kai walked over him in a feminine way, placing his red tight cladded foot on either side of his lord and crouched on him until his ass touched his divine boyfriend's groin. "I'll kill you from excessive orgasm, my Olympian heartbreaker." He licked the god's lips as he husked and thrusted his ass to give pressure to his lover's aching need. When his lord moaned, he stopped and sat on his erection which elicited another moan, and he placed his hands on his chest, laying his blondie down on the ground gently, he also maintained closeness of their upper bodies along the process, faces still an inch away from each other.

"I'm pretty sure you can succeed." Apollo smiled and held his lover's hair, pulling him down to close the gap between their lips as his other hand went to the boy's back, slowly feeling the smooth skin all over his back. When the Sun God started to thrust upwards, they both moaned into the kiss at the sensual feeling of their still clothed erections being rubbed together. His hand on the boy's back went lower and lower until he held the exposed waist, fingertips touching the red panty.

Kai broke the kiss again and held the lord's hands, putting them under his tight-wearing legs to supress him, then began to rub the bright boy's stomach through the white fabric. He was slow, feeling every cord of muscle trembling with excitement. An evil smirk plastered on his face as he saw his Olympian lover's nearly breathless face. His red nail-polished hands travelled upper, first stopping on his pectorals to massage them sensually. After a minute of playing with his chest, his right hand went even upper to caress Apollo's neck for a good half minute. Then his index and middle fingertips brushed against the god's smiling lips, pressing against them for several second to slowly open them, and when they are opened the digits slowly entered inside, massaging the wet tongue that was eagerly tasting them. Apollo sucked on the intruding salty sweet fingers, and when his hands got free, he held his boy's waist, slowly moving him back and forth to cause friction between their genitals. They both moaned at the renewed feeling of friction again. Kai finally retracted his saliva-coated fingers, placing them on his own lips, and sucking on them like a starving baby with closed eyes and moans, tasting the lord's saliva.

"Oh..." The erotic sight made Apollo thrust upwards, speeding up the rubbing of erections, eliciting louder moans in turn. "I can't wait to fuck that little bitch ass of yours." He chuckled, began to play dirty with Kai. It felt weird, but he didn't want to kill the mood, and it was actually sexy to not restrain dirty thoughts. At his words, Kai thrusted his hips back and forth to increase their libidos.

"I can't wait to feel that bitch-breaker inside my hole either." He stopped and held Apollo's white t-shirt from the chest area, and ripped it apart, exposing the mankind's so admired muscular torso. That made both of them to hold their breaths for a second, then Kai started to rub the entire torso at a medium pace, constantly massaging the abs and nipple area and pinching the small, poor nubs, along with moving his ass to rub his lord's cock, making Apollo close his amber eyes and moan. The god held the boy's thighs, again massaging them to increase his pleasure, which in turn aroused Kai more and more.

"Yeah," Apollo moaned with a wicked smile and looked into his boy's icy blue eyes in a posessive way, "bitch-breaker, I like it." He smacked both of his thighs, leaving a red hint on each, shaking his boy with pain and excitement. "It's time to remind that bitch of his place!" He forcefully held Kai and spinned them, now he was on top. "Tell me, my whore boy," he straddled him by sitting on his stomach and imprisoning his hands under his feet, "where's your place?" His right hand held Kai's black and white hair tightly as his left hand was busy with the boy's inner thighs and red panty covered ass crack, massaging everywhere, focusing more on scrotum, but purposely avoiding his aching cock.

"Next to my master's bare foot like a good bitch-dog." He panted with lust driven look as his arousal was suppressed too long. He reminded Apollo of yaoi porn mangas, sex slave boys with ahegao smiles. In fact he was exactly the same.

"Hm, what are your roles as a good personal fuck-boy?" Apollo asked with a moan and a massage to the boy's inner thigh at hearing their dirty conversation, feeling the soft and muscular skin underneath. He must admit, he had never done such a thing before, and didn't know it was that hot to do this thing. He more than loved it. His right hand caressed his lover's cheek, with two fingers brushing against the red lips as Kai answered.

"My body serves to my master's expectations." Apollo's two fingers entered his mouth as he spoke, making it slightly hard to speak. "As Lord Apollo's number one boy toy, I maintain fit body. He can dress and use me however he wishes." The half naked god was grinning more and more as he heard his answers. "My mouth always eager to taste and clean your cock and cum. My tongue and nose cannot stay long without getting a share of your masculine sweat."

"Hm..." He quirked an eyebrow as he slowly massaged his partner's balls and perianal region. He could feel the boy was unable to hold his hips as they tried to move to get his cock any kind of relief, but he did not provided it. It was really much more fun when seeing his partner craving for a release, that only he can give. "Are you happy to be my boy toy?"

"Yes!" He claimed in his full aroused state. Apollo smiled wickedly and swiftly changed his place next to Kai's, standing tall on his knees, still half naked.

"On your hands and knees, bitch." He ordered with a satisfied smirk as one of his stroked his erection through his jeans, with the other caressing the boy's panty-covered firm butt while the boy adjusted his stance. "Stay still." He ordered again when his boy writhed, tried to get any kind of physical affection.


"Sshh." He softly silenced him as his hand on his ass roamed over the firm skin with greed. "You have to right to speak, remember? You're my toy, not a free person." Then he walked behind him, held the boy's hips and slowly connected their hips, thrusting with the equal speed to get a good taste of this ass with his cock. "Oh... That feels damn good, you know." He moaned and watched how the boy's bare back tensed along with his entire body, accompanied by his lusty moans. His thrusts were slow but rough, he would cum at any second if he went faster. He hadn't felt like this in a very long time.

"You feel my cock?" He asked as he thrusted and watched the boy moan in pleasure, but also in anticipation as his cock seemingly about to rip his panty off. Although not as much as Apollo's cock, he was a big boy.

"Yesss..." He moaned the answer, then Apollo hold his black and white hair firmly, pulling them back gently to allow his moans echo in the entire room. His moans were calm, which Apollo liked. It just makes the action more real rather than making it look like forced act.

"What a shame, not to film this very precious night." He thrusted again, with the other hand on the boy's hips roamed to his back muscles.

"I-I actually am filming it, dominus."

"Oh?" He was surprised, but when he stood still with his groins connected deeply with the boy's ass, he took a look around the room. His golden sunny bright eyes detected the professional cameras, all placed in the right places to film everything. "You filthy whore." He laughed and smacked his ass harshly as he continued to thrust with increased speed, earning a yelp from him. "You just planned every single detail, right, bitch?"

"Yes!" He groaned when Apollo pulled his hair back, crushing his back against the lord's bigger torso. He felt the god's other hand roam all over his own upper body, feeling the muscled skin. "Ah!" Apollo massaged his chest occasionally and never missed the chance to pinch his little nipples. His cock hurt badly, but it, along with the feeling of eveyrthing about Apollo on his body, felt very amorous too, it made his heart beat rapidly.

"Then tell me," Apollo touched his lips against his partner's left ear, giving his breath to his skin, making the boy gasp in love and need, "did you prepare our wedding night room to give your anal virginity properly?" Though, all of them were just an erotic game, of course Kai was not virgin anymore, all thanks to the God of the Sun.

"Yes, master." He whispered in desparation. Desperate for a kiss, desparate for at least a touch to his cock. But he knew Apollo liked it when he prolonged the actual act to make it feel even better in the end. That, and it was fun for Apollo to watch him suffer for the relief that only can the lord himself give. When Apollo's hand on his hair left it and gently turned his face to him by holding his jaw, their lips brushed against each other. "Ah..." His tongue lulled out a bit to get a lick of those smiling lips, then it returned inside his mouth. His lord was smiling, his lord's lips were touching against his, but he didn't allow a kiss. "Fuck..." He was a real tease, it was not easy to endure his lord's desires. A really strong will was required.

"Watch your mouth, little slut." He chuckled and aggressively crushed his mouth against his. It was not a kiss, but it was good enough for both of them. As their lips connected, his other hand adventured across the boy's torso to down, entering inside his panties and firmly holding his smooth balls while leaving the poor dick in between his index and middle fingers, further teasing him.

"Mmm!" Kai immediately cried inside Apollo's mouth with his hands holding the god's bare waistline, fingers entering inside the jeans to feel more of his hot bronze skin. His hips moved backwards each time Apollo thrusted, furthering his divine boyfriend's lust. Their breaths covered their faces, but mostly Apollo's breath was dominant, which made his head further spin. They were both moaning into each other's mouth, Apollo's were silent, while Kai's were swallowed by the deity. Each time Apollo slowly massaged his balls, it made his entire body feel jelly.

"Shall we continue in our room?" Apollo suggested, lips still connected deeply against Kai's, red lipsticks leaving a hint on there. But he did not care. All matters to him was living this night to the very edges of carnal desires.

"Yes, please, master." He begged against his lips, breaths became shallow. Apollo chuckled again and kissed him deeply, which he hungrily returned. Then Apollo turned him and held his ass with two hands to carry, in the same moment Kai threw himself on his body, legs clutching the god tightly while his hands held the blond hunk's shoulder and hair. As Apollo's one hand held his firm butt, the other ventured up to his nape, taking a hold on there to initiate an unbreakable kiss. As the most famous deity walked to the stairs, Kai involuntarily thrusted his hips against the lord's abs, finally finding a way to ease his need.


I don't like to cut it here, but I also don't want to overwhelm the chapter with another +3500 words. So, how was it? It was fun to write, Apollo is my favorite deity in all of mythologies exist in the world. I WILL continue this one, it is one of the very rare smutty imagination I have had, hehe. ^^


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