Jackie Reacher

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Reacher counted: two. Her hand slid down to the third button. Reacher turned square-on to face the rear wall of his stall and took a deep breath. Turned his head and watched over his shoulder. Holly undid the third button. Her breasts swelled out. Dark peach brassiere. Skimpy and lacy. The driver shuffled from foot to foot. Reacher counted: three. He exhaled right from the bottom of his lungs. Holly’s hand slid down to the fourth button. Reacher took a deep breath, the deepest breath of his life. He tightened his hold on the chain until his knuckles shone white. Holly undid the fourth button. Reacher counted: four. Her hand slid down. Paused a beat. Waited. Undid the fifth button. Her suit fell open. The driver leered down and made a small sound. Reacher jerked back and smashed his foot into the wall. Right under the iron ring. He smashed his weight backward against the chain, two hundred and twenty pounds of coiled fury exploding against the force of his kick. 

    He fell backwards with a loud crash, defeated as the iron rung held strong. The driver laughed loudly at his failed attempt, as tears slowly started to stream down Holly’s face. “Your friends going to get a front row seat to this now, and he’s going to love it.” he mocked. He ripped her suit jacket off, leaving her top half bare besides her brassiere. Reacher had never felt so powerless in his whole life, and the worst part was he was starting to feel aroused. He absolutely hated himself for it, but he couldn’t help it watching Holly topless. “Whose your daddy bitch?” he asked her as he stood menacingly over her. “You’re my daddy” she said in between choking sobs. “Now stand up, ass facing me and take those pants down slowly”. While she struggled to stand with her broken leg, he got to starting a little bonfire inside the barn. Reacher did not like that at all. Holly finally had gotten to her feet, and was starting to slowly unbutton her pants. By now, the ugly short driver was naked and Reacher couldn’t help but stare at his hard cock. For a short ugly white guy, the dude was hung. Reacher estimated it was an easy seven/ seven and a half inches. Even more disturbing, was how aroused he was getting by the sight of it. Holly had unzipped her pants, and had taken her belt off. She was now wriggling her fucking beautiful ass out of her grey Armani pants, slowly inching them down to reveal a beatuifully heart shaped ass. She was wearing a dark peach Victorias secret thong to match her brassiere, explaining why he hadn’t noticed a panty line when he’d checked out her ass before. “Wow I can’t wait to fuck that fat ass of yours right in front of your friend here” he sneered while stroking his cock and looking directly into Reachers eyes. Reacher met his gaze for a moment, than shot his eyes down, but not before stealing a glance at the guys glistening white cock. He noticed. “Bit of a fag aren’t you? Don’t worry, I can slot you in after her.” he said laughingly as Reacher blushed.

    Holly was fully stripped now, standing in just a bra and panties on top of her mattress on the floor. “Well, how do you want to start bitch? Pussy, face or ass?”. “I-I don’t know” she said tearfully staring intently at the floor. “I DONT KNOW DADDY, don’t you fucking forget who you’re talking to Bitch!” He screamed at her. This is so fucked up Reacher thought, a hand unconsciously going into his pants to lightly stroke his cock, as a small part of his brain he didn’t know existed was wishing that he was Holly right now. “I-I’m sorry daddy, it won’t happen again daddy”, Holly whispered. “I think we’ll start with you sucking my dick, how about that bitch? Rhetorical question, don’t fucking answer it”. Holly obediently dropped to her knees, not even crying out at the obvious pain she was in from her fucked up knee. Reacher thought he couldn’t be anymore aroused, but his cock seemed to grow even harder as their captor slapped Holly in the face a couple times with his rock hard cock. “Whose a cock hungry whore? Huh? And Jack I want you to answer too, and make sure you call me daddy or I’ll really fuck up your friend here. Now both of you say “I’m a slutty little cum dumpster who needs daddies big cock inside me”. In unison Reacher and Holly quickly said “Im a slutty little cum dumpster who needs daddies big cock inside me”. Reacher felt precum start to drop from his rock hard cock. He was doing his best not to let Holly see how aroused he was, but it was getting hard to hide. When the guy finally buried his cock balls deep in Hollys mouth, making her gag as he entered her throat, his big sweaty balls slapping her face as he face fucked her, Reacher loudly groaned in envy. All his life, he’d had the power, he’d been the big strong guy, and being as powerless as he was now was absolutely intoxicating. 

    Their captor was fucking Hollys throat like it’d never been fucked before. After thirty seconds of choking her he let off for a minute, drool spilling immediately from her mouth as she bent over and threw up immediately. “Sorry bitch, but we got to get rid of that gag reflex”. Barely giving her a reprieve, he went right back at it, his full 7 inches inside her mouth and throat, Reacher could see the bulge poking against her throat, and he couldn’t help wonder how much he could fit. He bet he could fit the whole thing no problem. He had a big mouth, he could probably do a much better job than Holly. Holly for her part was doing her best, swirling her tongue around, massaging his balls with her free hand. He pulled out, and said “Now I’m going to uncuff you bitch, but if you make one move, I’ll shoot your friend here in the head”. “Yes daddy, I understand”. He smiled and ruffled her hair, which surprisingly made her smile as if she was happy to make him happy. A growing part of Reacher wished he was the one making him happy… a crazy thought, but a thought that was consuming him. He uncuffed Holly, than went behind her and undid her bra. She was facing Reacher, and Reacher once again moaned out loud as he saw her D-cup breasts drop from her bra, and Holly couldn’t help gasp in shock as she saw how erect he was. Reacher immediately looked down in shame. “I think its time I officially made you mine.” The guy said to Holly. “Anything you want Daddy” she replied dutifully.

    He went to a rack and got a dog collar and leash he put on Holly. “You’re my bitch, so you’ll be walking on all fours ok?” “Yes Daddy”. He pulled up a chair by the fire and yanked her leash, as she scuttled over to him in just her underwear, crawling as fast as she could on all fours. He picked up and bent her over his lap, her ass sticking fantastically out in the air, and he wasn’t sure but Reacher felt like she was arching it out a little extra, making it wiggle a little as if for show. He grabbed an iron poker and stuck it in the fire. “Wh-what are you doing with that Daddy?” “I’m gonna brand my bitch that’s what”. Holly gulped nervously, as she tried to not let her captor realize how scared yet also aroused she was. “What are you gonna do to her daddy?” Reacher called out from his stall. “Shut the fuck up and strip naked over there” was his answer. For some reason, Reacher did this right away, stripping immediately and throwing away his clothes. Their captor slowly slid her thong down over her curvaceous ass, bringing them up to his mouth and taking a deep breath once he had gotten them off of her. He brought them to his cock and wiped some of his precum on it before tossing them to Reacher. “Put that on and I might let you suck my dick” he yelled to Reacher. Reacher immediately grabbed them and yanked them on, feeling even more aroused as he felt the tight string slide up his asshole, certainly a foreign feeling, but he definitely liked it. His erection had died down a little, and he was able to tuck his cock, making it look like it wasn’t even there. “Is this good daddy?” And before he even knew he was doing it, Reacher twirled around for his captor. “Perfect sweetie, I may fuck your ass now as well since you’re being so good” their captor yelled back. Having heated up his iron long enough, he took it out the tip of it a burning bright red. “Now this is gonna hurt Bitch, but the less you move around the less it will hurt”. “0-0k Daddy” Holly responded. He slapped her right ass cheek loudly making her jump and yelp. He slowly lowered the iron onto her ass cheek, instantly searing the skin and making her scream. “Shut the fuck up you stupid cunt” he said as he held the poker in place, permanently marking her ass as his. “I-I’m sorry Daddy” she said through a stream of tears. He removed the poker from her now bright red ass, and swiftly slapped it right on her burn. “OW YOU FU- I-I’m sorry Daddy, it just really hurts right now, please-please stop I’ll suck your dick and do whatever you want just don’t spank me any-“ she was interrupted as he spanked her burn even harder. “Here’s what’s gonna happen; I’m gonna slap your ass ten times, and every time you ask me to stop, I’m gonna restart. In fact in between each spank, I want you to beg me to keep going, and if you don’t, well we start from zero again. Ok?”

    Holly swallowed what remained of her pride and wiggled her ass for her Daddy. “This ass is all yours Daddy, please abuse me”. “Oh my pleasure bitch” he snarled as he laid the first one on her burning bum, this one relatively gentle. “You call that a spank? Fucking hit me Da-“ she was interrupted as he laid a much bigger one on her bum, causing her to choke back tears. Two down, she thought to herself. “Please, please hit me Daddy, I need to be spanked like the dirty little whore I am”. He surprised her than, hitting her left unburnt ass check, followed by a slap on her burning ass cheek. “Ooooh yes Daddy Punish your little worthless cum dumpster”. She felt his erection prodding her stomach and smiled a little, dropping a hand to play with his balls, hoping he’d get tired of spanking and stick his huge cock back inside her. At least that didn’t hurt- well as much. It worked. He lifted her up, and for the first time claimed her mouth with his own. She wrapped her arms and good leg around him, fully throwing herself into him, stuffing her tongue into his mouth. “Fuck me Daddy, fuck me right there on the mattress while Jack watches” she whispered seductively into his ear. It worked. He quickly lifted her and laid her down on the mattress. Was getting his dick rock hard, when the door banged open. 

    “Just gonna hog all the fun aren’t ya Stevie?” His partner was grinning ear to ear at the scene. Never in his wildest dream would he have imagined Jack Reacher standing there in a dark peach Victorias secret thong, watching his friend about to get pounded and loving it. “What you doing in here Earl?” Stevie asked slightly annoyed. “To be honest I just had to piss.” Stevie smiled, “Well I think our friends here can help you with that. Bitch 1 and Bitch 2 on your knees.” Holly and Reacher quickly got to their knees, as they exchanged a quick worried glance at what was about to happen. Earl walked over to Holly, and dropped his pants bringing out a little flaccid white cock that was growing at the sight of Holly. He placed it in Hollys mouth, and she started sucking like a good slut. But she hadn’t realized his attention. Stevie quickly moved and held her head in place, as Earl started using her as a human urinal. “Now listen Bitch, after I’m done you’re gonna hold it in your mouth and spit it into Reachers mouth, and if you don’t I’m gonna castrate your friend right in front of you.” Holly tearfully nodded her head, her cheeks full with urine as she nodded, making her look like a chipmunk. As Earl finished he shook his dick to make sure she’d gotten all of it and extracted his now fully erect cock. She shuffled over to Reacher, knelt down to his waiting open mouth and embraced him in a kiss at the same time opening her mouth and letting Earls piss fall onto Reacher. The taste was vile, very salty and just nasty, yet Reacher had never been so turned on. They made out for sometime, swishing the urine back and forth, before finally they tugged Holly away and Reacher swallowed all of the urine. Laughing at the spectacle, Stevie and Ernie quickly got Holly on all fours on the mattress. “I had first dibs, so I get her ass, you get her mouth” Stevie said too Earl. “Fine with me” Earl said smiling. They each lined up, as Holly was now in perfect position, wiggling her ass at Stevie and smiling up at Ernie. Ernie smiled and kept eye contact the whole time as he entered her. Her gag reflex gone, she eagerly sucked on his cock, and as it was only 5 inches compared to Stevies 7. “Mmmhhhmmm I love your cock in my mouth, but what’s my bid Daddy doing back there?” She purred seductively. “Here I come Bitch”, Stevie said as he started rubbing his erection up and down her tender ass. “Stop teasing me Daddy, and fuck me!” She yelled in between breaths. “Your wish is my command” he said as he entered her asshole, pushing his 7 inch cock slowly inside her. 

    Reacher was now openly stroking his cock to the spectacle. His cock was disproportionately small compared to his 6’5 frame, just 3 inches fully erect. The others saw and started laughing. “Reacher is that supposed to be a dick?” Holly said as Stevie fucked her furiously from behind, making her moan and groan as she fully felt all seven of his inches. “FUCK Im gonna come” Ernie said as he pulled his dick out from her mouth and coated Hollys face with it, spraying her chin, nose, eyes, and cheeks with his semen. “Oooooh Big Daddy, come for me, come for your little cum dumpster, fill up my asshole please Big Daddy!!” “FUCK” Stevie said as he came explosively in her ass, filling her up to the brim with his come, in turn making her cum as she felt her ass being filled. “Quick Bitch I want Reacher to clean you”. Reachers eyes widened as she sensually crawled over on all fours to him. “Clean me Jackie. Yeah your new name is Jackie, since you clearly wish you were a bitch”. Jackie quickly started licking her face, cleaning up all of Ernies cum. Jackie finished quickly, and looked at her daddies waiting further instruction. “You didn’t fully clean her” Stevie said smiling sadistically. Holly smiled too, as she pushed Jackie down until she was laying with her back down on the floor. Holly crawled on top of her and angled her ass right above Jackies face before lowering it with no warning. Her face was quickly engulfed with her ass, as she opened her mouth to try to breathe she quickly started sucking up shit flavored cum from her ass. At the same time Holly was using her right foot to jerk Jackies little cock with her big toe. Jackie came almost immediately, causing Holly to yell “What the hell Jackie you came all over my foot!!” Holly hobbled up, and swirled around before inserting her foot into Jackies mouth. “Let me know how you taste”. Jackie gagged on her foot, as she lapped up her own cum off of Hollys foot. “Uncuff her and let’s fuck her real good” Ernie said with a smile. They uncured Jackie and quickly got her on the mattress.

    As she waited on all fours, Jackie saw Stevies cock move right in front of her face. She groaned at the sight, and quickly felt her little cock getting hard again. “Now Jackie I’m going to fuck your face, and Ernies gonna fuck your ass, but first I want to hear you beg. Beg us to use you like the whore you are”. Jackie quickly looked into Stevies eyes and said; “Please fuck my face Big Daddy. I can suck your big juicy manly cock much better than Holly. And other Daddy please take my ass, I’ve kept it a virgin ass all these years for you, and now I want you to take me. Take me daddies, please please I need to taste your cum, I need to feel you inside me, please please please Daddies!” Stevie grinned as he started slapping Jackie formerly known as Reachers face with his big meaty cock. Jackie lashed her tongue out and licked at it as it went by. Holly crawled over and moved over Jackies thong so she could gently slip some fingers into her asshole so she could lube it up for Ernie. Jackies ass was really tight, and Jackie moaned in pain/arousal at how much pain/ pleasure she was feeling. “Yeah bitch fuck that ass!” Stevie yelled as he entered Jackie’s mouth, quickly burying his cock deep in her throat. At this point Jackies cock was rock hard again at being double penetrated, as everyone heard her moaning around the huge cock fucking her throat. Jackie reached a hand up to fondle Stevies balls as his cock went all the way down her throat, Stevie moaning in pleasure. Holly was at three fingers in her ass, another hand reaching around to plat with Jackies cock. Finally Ernie got impatient, and pushed Holly aside burying his cock in Jackies ass. Jackie screamed around the cock in her mouth, her hands clawing at the mattress as she felt Ernie bury himself in her virgin asshole. At first she was doing all she could just to take it, just try to get through the pain. Holly had crawled under him and was sucking his cock, well actually her tiny cock and balls since they both fit in her mouth. That definitely helped Jackie. But eventually she actually started enjoying Ernies deep thrusts into her ass, and she started thrusting her ass back at him, burying his cock so deep in her it was tickling her prostate. That’s when she really started to get hot. She thrust her ass deeper and deeper on Ernies cock, shouting “Cum in my ass and my mouth please Daddies PLEASE FILL ME UP LIKE THE DIRTY LITTLE SLUT I AM”. Than three things happened at once. Stevie yelled and grabbed the back of Jackies head, holding her in place as he shot his load straight down her throat, pulling out slightly to get some on her face too. Immediately upon tasting Stevies load, Jackie came in Hollys mouth. Seeing his partner come, Ernie grunted and slammed his cock all the way into Jackies ass, grabbing her hips and holding her tight against him as he came deep deep inside of her. Jackie moaned as she felt cum flooding into what felt like her intestines, squeezing her ass to make sure Ernie got every last bit into her. “Fuuuuck” he groaned as he felt himself empty completely into her. Jackie and Holly collapsed onto the mattress, completely spent from the vigorous fucking they’d just received. Stevie and Ernie just smiled at each other as they thought about how much fun they could have with these two. “Who fucking knew a lil bit of Molly would have such an effect on these gals".

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