Jacob and Fox.

BY : Auggie
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Reckless series or any of the characters from it. I did not make any money from the writing of this story.

As the pair rode through the wind swept countryside, the rain began to fall, lashing against the pair. Inevitably Fox's hair began to cling to her head and her clothes to her skin. Riding behind her Jacob could not help but notice the subtle curve of her waist, imagining what she would feel like to the touch. No, he could not do that - the price still weighed heavily over his head. Cursing his own weakeness he spurred his horse on to ride out in front. At least removing the visible temptation. After a while they came upon a small Shepards hut, "I hope theres no one there," Fox said as they approached. Opening the door they discovered it was empty besides for some straw and some rusting machinery. "Food Fire then rest," Fox told Jacob as she built a small fire in the centre of the room. After she had got a rabbit roasting in the flames she approached Jacob and said "Come on hand your clothes over, I'll dry them by the fire,". Unable to produce words Jacob just shook his head. "Suit yourself then," Fox retorted, slipping her clothes over her head leaving her clad in the for dress she had worn since she was a child. Jacob swallowed, the girl he had rescued from a hunters trap had become an attractive 16 year old young woman. He had to tell her, "Fox, when you were in the Bluebeards house, I was forced to pay the usual price, your firstborn child will go to an Alderelf. He say their waiting for her fury, for her tears but none came. Instead she smiled gently, "I knew Jacob, as soon as you started to put distance between us I guessed, we have beaten death Jacob - we can beat this too,". Gently swaying her hips she slinked across the floor to where Jacob sat," there is no reason to keep denying us both what we need Jacob,". With that she sat down beside him, taking her face between her hands she kissed all the pain and fear off his face. "I know I can't compare to the embrace of the Red one she whispered but I want you Jacob,". Jacob surrendered to his desire as he took the red haired girl in his arms and pulled her too him.

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