Challenge of the two gods

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My name is Percy Jackson and I am no longer a demi-god. You see I am the son of Posiedon the Greek god of the sea and Sally Jackson my mortal mother. Being a demi-god sucks, you are always being chased by monsters or chosen for a prophecy to save the world. Well I'm done with that we just saved the world from Giea. It was the same old thing that I had begun to get used to, we save the day the gods sweep in and act like they were the reason we won, then offer us rewards to bribe us to go back to the status quo.

I'm pretty sure I threw a wrench into that when I accepted the gods offer of immortality. At least judging by their stunned expressions, though I had to admit that Jason accepting Godhood as well stunned me alittle. Part of me was happy considering this meant I had at least one immortal friend.

This also created a new problem with Zues and my father getting into an argument as they tried to one up each other's placing higher and higher titles on us. It finally came to a head when Zues tried to appoint Jason to the Olympian council.

"Enough it is clear that both of you are too partial to this. The three fates will decide there Godhood." Said Athena garnering the agreement of the other Olympians on the council.

"So be it to the fates then." Said Zues as his lightning bolt crackled, at first Percy thought that Zues had zapped him with his lightning bolt and that he was in Hades. The only thing that made Percy think otherwise was the fact that Jason was beside him and while Zues was an asshole, Percy didn't think he would kill Jason just to get Percy as well.

"Where are we." Said Jason as he drew his golden sword looking around for trouble.

"I'm not sure." I replied fishing riptide out of my pocket and uncapping it causing the pen to transform into a celestial bronze sword. We were in some kind of underground cavern, it was dark and wet with puddles on the floor and the sound of water dripping echoing in the darkness.

"I think we may be in Hades, you don't think Zues killed us do you." I say holding up my sword to try and let its faint glow illuminate our surroundings.

"They were just about to make us gods. Besides, my father wouldn't do something like that." Said Jason.

"Well Zeus isn't exactly known for being stable is he." I Said as we began to explore the cavern.

"Yeah because your dad is any better, the sea is known for its temperamental state after all." Grumbled Jason as we continued further into the Cavern. Choosing to ignore his dog about my dad we continued on in silence, hearing only the sound of water dripping from the ceiling and the occasional splash when one of us stepped in a puddle.

"Sorry about that, I didn't mean to insult Posiedon like that just thinking that dad might have cared that little about me made me snap." I had been too focused on trying to figure out where we were that I didn't realize that Jason had been struggling with the thought that his father might have killed him while trying to kill me.

"Don't worry like you said they were just debating on what to make us the gods of. They wouldn't have killed us, they probably just sent us somewhere, somewhere that looks alot like Hades." I say as I sidestep to keep the water dripping from the ceiling from landing on me. I may be the son of Posiedon and be able to control water but this water gave me the creeps. It was also black which is never a good sign for water to be.

"Oh you are in Hades,"

"deep deep in Hades"

"Nearly in Tartarus" three voices spoke from the dark nearly echoing each other but each speaking something different.

"Sent to us"

"In the darkness"

"To be judged."

I raised riptide as Jason stepped up next to me raising his sword. While I was a little creeped out by the three echoing voices I was at least confident that me and Jason could probably handle most monsters we could come across.

"What are you going to judge us for." Said Jason as we began to scan the darkness trying to determine where the voices are coming from.

"Saved the world"

"Saved the gods."

"To be made gods."

Said the voices as three elderly ladies came shuffling out of the darkness. I had been a demi-god long enough to know that old ladies did not mean safety, in fact the number of times an old lady has transformed into a monster and tried to kill me is a surprisingly high number.

"One will save us."

"The other will destroy us."

"Or they will both destroy all."

Said the grannies as they spoke in unison but the voice seemed to only come from on at a time leaving two silently mouthing the words beside her.

"Your fates." I said finally recognizing them.

"All is lost"

"All shall perish"

"Unless Fate is reborn."

"Percy are we being given a prophecy directly from the fates." Asked Jason.

"Looks like it." I say while silently cursing whatever god out there that controls luck.

"Rise in strength."

"Grow your power."

"Become gods."

"Find us when you are ready." All three said the last part in unison the words echoing off the cavern walls as both I and Jason both began to glow. The light became blinding as it felt like fire was racing through my veins. As the world seemed to burn away I could hear screaming in my ears but I couldn't tell if it was coming from me or Jason.

I awoking in a cold sweat in my bed back at camp half-blood, sitting up I looked around, I hadn't been in my cabin since back before I got kidnapped by Hera and sent to New Rome. Man that felt like a lifetime ago. It looked about the same as when I left it the only difference was there was now a plaque on the wall with a scroll hanging underneath it.

The plaque was a T-chart with mine and Jason's names on each side, the rest of the chart was blank. Taking the scroll I unraveled it and began to read, it was written in ancient Greek and just as confusing as most prophecies where.

I'll save you the trouble of Reading the note but basically it said me and Jacen are now gods of Fate and that we will be charged with basically setting up a reset on the world. The problem is that while the fates chose both of us only one can actually accomplish this. The fates knew that one of us would succeed in restoring the world and the other would fail and destroy everything, but they lacked the ability to see which one to choose. So they devised a contest to determine who was worthy. The problem was that this contest was to build the biggest Harem. There where instructions on the note as to the rules of the contest, both me and Jason would claim girls, well it said claim beings to be exact by having sex with them. Once claimed they would be branded by are symbols mine was a blue trident his was a golden lightning bolt, and there names would be added to the plaque whoever had the most names at the end of one year would be named fully God of Fate and gain the harem of the other.

The rules also stated that failure to comply would result in a curse concocted by Aphrodite and Eros that would basically cause us to try and collect as many girls as possible through sheer force. Which means we either try and sleep with as many people as possible, or a curse will turn us into a raping monster with godly powers. Hopefully I can avoid that and me and Jason can find some loop hole or something, I should probably show Annabeth she might be able to find something I've missed.

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