Drew's erotic adventure

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This will be a companion story of the Challenge of two gods following the adventure of Drew as she fucks her way to power.

Drew practically skipped as she made her way through camp, ever since she had gotten fucked by Clarrise she had felt great. Not only had she felt amazing but her charmspeak had even been more powerful. She had gotten into an argument with Mr.D and Argus about her not being able to leave the camp, she had something she wanted to buy, but she wasn't allowed to leave camp without permission they said. So she told them to go fuck off, not the brightest thing to say to a god but she was annoyed. The fact they immediately turned around and walked off did concern her a little. She wondered what the charmspeak interpreted fuck off ass but quickly pushed it out of her mind not wanting to know.

That ment that there was only one other place she could go. The place anyone who wanted things smuggled into camp went to the Hermes cabin.

Not bothering to knock Drew opened the door and walked in looking around at the stunned campers inside. Judging by how quickly they shoved what they were holding into various hiding places and quickly covered a large map on the table Drew was sure they were planning some big prank.

"Where are the two idiots." Said Drew referring to the Stoll brothers. "I need something brought in for me." 

"You can't just barge in here and demand things." Said one of the older campers from where he set at the table. "Connor and Travis aren't here at the moment, so run along we might tell them you're looking for them." He was obviously annoyed with the fact that she would just barge into their cabin.

"Not here." Said Drew putting on her best pouty face as she slowly walked over to him. "But I really need the help of a big strong Hermes camper." As she said the last part she slung her leg over his lap and sat down. Drew leaned in close to him, mashing her large breasts against his chest, his eyes widening as he realized she wasn't wearing a bra and her hard nipples poking his chest. Her hand slunk down to his crotch between them before she grabbed both his hardening cock and balls through his pants, squeezing them slightly harder than was necessary and causing him to wince.

"Where are they?" She said the seductiveness is gone and replaced by a command.

"They are in the showers." He whimpered as she literally held him by the balls.

"Good boy." She said before leaning in to kiss him on the cheek, Drew released him before heading to the door, the entire Hermes cabin staring at her. Stopping right before she left Drew turned around to address the campers.

"Oh and I don't know what it is your all planning, and quite frankly I don't care but it better not fuck with the Aphrodite cabin." She said. "After all it would be a shame if you blew your chance to see these again." With that Drew lifted up her shirt flashing the entire cabin before leaving the cabin.

Drew made her way to the showers as she went she saw Piper and Nicole entering the women's side. She still couldn't believe that Percy had actually turned Nico into a girl, though she did admit, Nicole did have some nice curves, not as nice as drew but she wouldn't mind having the daughter of death between her legs one day. Instead of following Piper and Nicole into the girls side Drew turned and walked into the boys side. Walking in Piper glanced down the row of shower stalls when she noticed that the last two at the far end had water running. As she got closer she could hear her voices as the brothers talked to each other. 

"Fuck yes jackpot it's Piper." Said Travis.

"Holy shit she brought someone with her is that Nicole." Said Conner. Drew stopped and wondered what they were talking about, before she realized that the Aphrodite cabins private stall was on the opposite side of the wall as the showers the two brothers were in. Most of the cabins of camp half-blood were just plain stalls with a shower head that gave privacy as you wash off. The Aphrodite cabin had convinced the Hephaestus cabin to remodel the last few stalls in the girls showers into a large sauna. All that it took to convince them was a lot of blow-jobs and one Aphrodite camper is assigned to the Hephaestus cabin once a month to be the entire cabin's personal fucktoy. Drew had only had the job once since the deal was made and it was agreed by both sides that she wouldn't be allowed again. She had completely drained the entire cabin every day to the extent that the cabin wasn't able to keep up production of weapons for the camp.

"Fuck look at the rack on her." Said Travis as Drew stopped outside his shower stall. Peeking through the door crack she could see that he was watching inside the sauna through a full size window that gave a clear view into the entire sauna. Thinking back she remembered there being two large full size mirrors inside of the sauna. Those horny fuckers put in one way mirrors so they could watch us, Drew thought. They can say goodbye to having a personal cabin slut from now on.

"Is this for real." Said Connor, catching Drew's attention looking back through the door crack she could see through the window that Piper was sitting on the bench facing the mirror as Nicole kneeled in front of her.

"I would wreck that ass." Said Conner.

"Fuck man that's guy that's Nico." Said Travis, though drew watches as he began stroking his cock while staring at Nicole's ass.

"You're telling me that if you were in there right now you wouldn't be balls deep in that ass." Said Conner from the strain in his voice Drew figured he was jacking it as well. Through the window, Drew could see Piper throw her leg over Nicole's shoulder as she pulled her in closer, holding Nicole down as she leaned back and lightly massaged her breasts enjoying the sauna.

"Shut up and enjoy the show." Snapped back Travis.

Drew thought about her options, she could blackmail them into getting what she wanted very easily but there wasn't any fun in that. Option two was to go next door and really put on a show for them, but she worried that that might put her in Percy's sights and she needed to get more powerful before that. So that left option three (Option two will probably be a one-shot on my other series.) I stripped out of my clothes stacking my shirt, my jean shorts and my panties somewhere I hoped would keep them dry.

"You know boys if you wanted a good time all you had to do was ask." Said Drew.

"Oh fuck."

"Shit" cursing came from both stalls as the two brothers realized they had been caught. Drew stood there waiting arms crossed under her breasts and her hip cocked to the side. Drew was starting to get annoyed when Travis finally stuck his head out of the shower, his eyes bugging out when he saw the naked Drew standing before him.

“I did say a good time didn’t I” Drew crooked one of her fingers towards herself. “So before you boys start there’s a list of items I need brought in to camp can you get it for me.”

“Depends what we get out of it.” said Connor as he stepped out of the shower, this was the first time that Drew got a good look at one of the twins' cocks and she was happy to see that it was a decent sized seven inch cock. Hopefully if his twin was packing the same then she might just get a good fuck out of this. 

“Well you got two options. I can use my charmspeak to make you get me what I want. Or you too can fuck me untill your satisfied and then get me what i want.” said Drew as she looked over the boys.

“Deal but I’m first,” said Travis.

“Why do you get to be first? I'm first.” Said Connor, Drew sighed as the brother’s started arguing, walking forward she pushed Travis back into his stall.

“Congratulations you got the first round.” Said Drew as she shoved him in ignoring the complaints of his brother.

“Watch me fuck your brother or watch those two sluts either way wait your turn.” She ordered, having noticed through the mirror that Piper had Nicole laying on the floor as she rode her face.

Drew shoved Travis up against the wall, pinning him to the wall Drew gave Travis a predatory smile before she bent down. Keeping her legs straight Drew bent at the waist until she was nearly perpendicular her fat ass pointed out for Connor to see as her face came even with Travis’s cock. Drew licked her lips before pouncing completely engulfing Travis’s cock in one go with practiced ease she relaxed her throat and completely swallowed his cock. Drew aggressively bobbed her head back and forth breathing through her nose. Drew kept Travis pinned against the wall as she sucked him off, slapping away his hand every time he tried to grab her head, making sure that she remained in charge. 

Drew noticed that Connor was standing behind her staring at her fat ass, smiling around Travis’s cock Drew began to twerk her ass, her fat asscheeks making a clapping sound as she did.

Drew started when she felt a hand on her asscheeks. Drew couldn't see anything but Travis's waist but she could feel as her cheeks were pulled apart before a tongue was shoved into her pussy. Drew arched her back as she pushed back smothering Connor's face with her massive ass. Pulling off of Travis's cock she winked at him.

"Looks like your brother knows his place." She said before returning to sucking him off. Drew stood there between the two twerking her ass in Connor's face as she slobbered all over Travis's cock. Luckily for Travis Drew was an expert at sucking cock and could continue the action essentially subconsciously, put a cock in her mouth and she would suck it like a pro. Because Connor was turning out to be an expert at eating pussy and Drew could feel herself getting closer and closer to orgasm. Conner's tongue flicked back and forth over her clit before he pressed his lips against her pussy shoving his tongue deep inside where he wiggled it around occasionally grazing her g spot and sending fireworks of pleasure shooting through her.

Drew came on Connor's face pulling away from Travis. She let out a shuddering moan as her pussy flooded his mouth. Drew stared up at Travis though hooded pleasure drunk eyes to see a smirk covering his face. That just wouldn't do, standing up Drew surprised Travis by grabbing his shoulders before shoving him down to his knees. Reaching back Drew pushed Connor's face away from her ass before she turned around. 

"Connor knows his place, I think it's time you learned yours." Drew turned around and slammed her ass into Travis's face pinning him against the wall as her massive ass nearly completely engulfed his head. Travis wasn't nearly as good as his brother at eating pussy, though that may have been because of the fact that Drew wasn't letting him. Drew grinding her ass against his face hard only occasionally pulling back just enough to allow him to gasp for air before she smothered him again. Drew was practically waterboarding Travis with her pussy. Standing up as she moved on top of Travis Drew forced him to look straight up as she sat on his face leaning back against the wall, Drew leaned back as she used Travis as a stool, as her eyes locked onto Connor.

"Unlike him you've been a good boy, so as a reward you get to choose what we do next." Said Drew as she sat like a queen upon Travis's face.

"Can I fuck your face." Said Connor hopefully.

Drew gave him an intimidating smile that made Connor nervous. Drew slid off of Travis's face before settling down to kneel in his lap, his cock sandwiched between her fat thighs. Licking her lips as she grinded her thighs together around Travis's cock Drew tilted her head back and opened her mouth, presenting her mouth for Connor.

Connor slowly pushed his cock into her mouth stopping at the halfway point he began to withdraw it. Rolling her eyes drew reached forward and grabbed ahold of Connor's ass cheeks pulling him forward and forcing his entire cock down her throat. Connor was caught off guard and nearly tripped, having to catch himself on the window, regaining his balance he stepped back pulling his cock out of Drew's mouth as he stared down in shock.

"You said you wanted to face fuck me right well get to it." Said Drew.

"I'll fuck your face." Chimed in Travis before he winced as Drew squeezed her thighs tighter around his cock.

"Shut it your in time out, if you are a good boy and stay quiet you can join in soon. Continue to act up, after all you don't want me to miss when I catch your brother's load."  Said drew as she felt Travis going still under her. "Now Fuck My Face!"

Connor did as he was told and grabbed ahold of Drew's head lunging forward he shoved his cock completely down her throat, holding it for a couple of seconds as he savored her hot convulsing throat before he pulled out, groaning as Drew's lips remained locked around his cock creating a vacuum as she tried to keep him in. Connor slammed in and out of Drew's mouth, his seven inch cock slamming into the back of her throat over and over again, but never once did Drew gag or show any other sign of discomfort. Drew for the most part just took it, though her hands roamed all over her body playing with her tits and occasionally dropping down between her legs. Sometimes she would give Travis's cock the occasional teasing stroke before returning to pleasuring herself.

Drew finally decided that she had teased Travis enough while still getting face fucked she lifted herself up just enough to line up his cock with her pussy before sinking down. Travis gave a groan as she settled on his cock before she felt it pulse inside of her and hot cum flooded her pussy. Holding up her hand to stop Conner Drew looked over her shoulder at the son of Hermes.

"I knew your father was the god of speed but fuck." Said drew as Travis looked down slightly embarrassed.

"It's not my fault you're so tight." He mumbled.

"And you thought you could handle facefucking me." Drew snapped her finger and both of the brothers eyes glowed pink.

"There that should keep you hard until I'm satisfied." Drew turned back to Connor opening her mouth and allowing him to return to facefucking her. Despite Connor's fast pace Drew still managed to ride Travis bouncing up and down, grinding her hips from side to side, and all around giving him the best fuck of his life without any difficulty. The two brothers pounded away at Drew for nearly fifteen minutes, Connor having the most fun, because not only was he able to facefuck drew but from where he was standing he could see both Piper and Nicole as the two fucked there way through several different positions, Piper riding Nicole's face, sixty nine, Sixty eight, scissoring. He desperately wanted to go get a video camera but he couldn't bring himself to pull out of Drew's slobbering mouth. Finally it was too much for Connor and he came, holding Drew down on his cock he pumped his entire load directly down her throat. Drew swallowed it down with practiced ease before Connor stepped back. Leaning forward and placing her hands on Travis's knees, Drew began riding him like a bull bouncing up and down her ass shaking with the force of each impact as she rode him to a mind blowing orgasm, his cock pulsing again as he filled her with cum. Drew sat on Travis's lap for several minutes as she savored the feeling of the second load of cum settling inside of her. Finely climbing off of him Drew stood up cum dripping from her pussy before turning around and bending over presenting her ass to Connor.

"Your turn." She said reaching back to slap her ass, before turning her gaze to Travis. The son of Hermes seemed to squirm in her sight all.of his earlier bravado completely gone.

"So I still think you're up for a facefucking." Said drew. "You better be because if you can't make me gag then you're eating me out after your brother finishes back there.

Travis jumped to his feet before grabbing Drew's head shoving his cock into her mouth. Travis slammed his cock to the base inside of Drews mouth only to receive a cheeky wink from Drew when he looked down at her.

The fact that Drew took his entire cock with no problem made Travis nervous, he got even more nervous when he started facefucking her as hard as he could and she took it no problem. Grabbing handfuls of Drew's hair Travis slammed her head back and forth along his cock but with little success at making her gag.

While his brother was fucking Drew's face, Connor had slid his cock inside of her cum filled pussy, trying not to think about his brothers cum inside of drew, Connor just savored the feeling of how tight drew was. The two brothers where spit roasting drew Connor's slow and steady thrusts on one end while Travis frantically pounded her face terrified of what would happen if he couldn't make her cum. Connor felt sorry for his brother. It was obvious that Drew could handle his cock with no problem and the idea of what Travis would have to do afterwards was terrible.

"On three." Said Connor, catching his brother's attention. "Slam in on three."

Connor made sure Travis was ready before starting to count.

"One" he was currently all the way inside of her.

"Two" Connor pulled completely out.

"Three." Connor slammed his cock to the base, inside of Drew's asshole. Drew was easily the biggest slut in camp but up untill recently she had never done anal before. Her eyes flew open and she sucked in a gasp right when Travis slammed his cock down her throat causing her to gag and cough. Both brothers laughed and high fived each other while they continued spit roasting the gagging girl. Neither of them lasted very long after that, Travis blowing first and covering Drew's face with his third load of the day, while Connor buried himself into her vice like ass and grunted as he unloaded inside of her.

Travis stepped back from Drew before freezing in fear as he saw the look of anger in her eyes.

"You got a lot of nerve sticking it up a girl's butt without asking." Growled Drew as she looked back over her shoulder at Connor. The son of Hermes paled as he tried to step back but felt drew tense her ass squeezing hard around his cock and keeping him inside. 

"As payment I want each of you to cum in me ten times." Said Drew as she shoved back against Connor taking his entire cock into her asshole. Lifting her leg up Drew placed it on the wall behind Travis, as she presented her cum filled pussy.

"Well what are you waiting for." She demanded.

"I made you gag, you said I only had to eat you if I didn't make you gag." He protested as he backed against the wall.

"Tongue or cock I don't care but you better get in that pussy." Yelled Drew spurring Travis to motion as he jumped forward slamming his cock inside of drew. Her already tight holes felt even tighter as the two brothers shared the nymphomaniac, Travis picked Drew up off the ground folding her legs back he rested them on his shoulders as they began bouncing her between them. 

Luckily for Drew she was fairly flexible in fact she had been in this very same position multiple times under many different guys, though usually she was laying down, and it was a bed behind her not another guy with a cock in her ass. Though she had to admit the two cocks sliding against each other separated by a thin barrier inside of her, she would have to do this again.

With her legs on Travis's shoulders they pushed back mashing her breasts together and creating a soft jiggling valley for Travis to bury his face into.

Drew soon felt their pace become erratic and they both came first Connor and Travis each flooding their respective holes.

"One down nine more to go." Said Drew, the brothers pulled out of drew before spinning her around, never once setting her down before they slammed back into her this time Connor taking her pussy and Travis fucking her ass. Connor did more than Travis when it came to Drew's magnificent breasts instead of just motorboating them he managed to snag one of Drew's bouncing nipples in his mouth sucking on it and triggering her orgasm. The boys didn't think they could last ten rounds even with the magic Drew had enchanted them with, they honestly hoped that they could just Outlast Drew. Considering every time she came she seemed to be filled with new energy made that there was a very small chance of that happening.

They double stuffed Drew for another ten minutes before they blew their loads.

"Eight left."

They switched positions again Connor set on the floor and drew climbed on top of him, while Travis took her ass.

"Seven left."

Travis just wrapped his arms around Drew in a full Nelson before rolling back onto his back and allowing Connor to climb on top of Drew. Connor could tell that double penetration was doing nothing to wear down Drew and decided to go for broke, shoving his cock inside of Drew's asshole alongside his brothers. This finely seemed to faze Drew though not in the way that Connor was hoping.

"Dude, pull out our cocks." Yelled Travis though he was quickly cut  off by Drew.

"Either of you pull out and I will make you suck each other's cocks this is amazing now fuck my ass." As the two brothers started pounding her overstuffed asshole, Drew lasted about three thrusts before her world exploded in orgasmic pleasure. She came twice from the double anal before it was too much for them and they both flooded her ass.

"Six." Said Drew caused Travis to fall back onto the floor, Connor was able to stay up but he wondered if that was a good thing as Drew crawled towards him. Turning around Drew slammed herself down on Connor's cock reverse cowgirl where she started to ride him, her ass jiggling with the force of the impact as she bounced up and down. Her left hand fondling her breasts as her right dipped down to play with Connor's balls. Connor didn't last long, and with a grunt he came again, he could feel the magic flowing through him keeping his cock hard regardless of how many times he came, he just wished it also kept him from getting tired. Drew crawled off of him moving over to Travis mounting him again.

Drew changed her pace again instead of roughly riding him she began to rock her hips, rolling them like a belly dancer she ground herself down on Travis's cock until she felt him cum again.


Drew turned around on Travis's cock not bothering to get off of it until she was facing Connor. Leaning forward she managed to grab his cock and guide it to her mouth as she began to twerk her hips on Travis's dick. Drew sucked on Connor's cock and continued to ride Travis's cock until the two brothers came again.


Drew switched again this time riding Connor with her asshole as she sucked off Travis's cock. At this point both brothers were completely spent, unable to even raise their heads up and watch as the daughter of Aphrodite used them as nothing more than toys.


Drew got off of Connor before moving the two boys, dragging them closer and positioning them so that they were essentially scissoring their cocks right next to each other. The boys would usually have protested at being in such an awkward position but Drew wasn't even sure if they were still awake. Drew sandwiched their cocks between her breasts as she started to titfuck them. Even with two decently sized cocks Drew still managed to completely engulf them with her breasts as she strokes them up and down. Drew worked her breasts until she heard the boys grunt opening her mouth and tried to catch as much as she could as her face and tits were covered.


Licking her lips drew leaned forward and stuffed both cocks into her mouth. Drew was unable to deepthroat both cocks so she just focused on attacking their heads with her tongue. Drew wished she could see herself because she felt like a chipmunk with her cheeks puffed out from all the cocks. Drew was so caught up in savoring their cocks that she didn't notice how close they were until he mouth was flooded with cum.


Climbing on top of them drew lined up up both cocks with her pussy before she slowly settled down onto them, grunting from the effort as she was stretched out, Drew settled down onto both the cocks moaning lightly when they bottomed out inside of her, drew reached down and lightly rubbed her clit as she clenched her pussy causing the two cocks to push against each other and slide around inside of her. Drew began to slowly rise up before dropping back down allowing gravity to shove both of their cocks deep inside of her. Drew lost track of how long she rode the two brothers, the two cocks inside her pussy were amazing and Drew wished it could last forever but it didn’t take long until she felt the brothers cumming inside of her.

“And that makes Ten.” Said Drew as she shakely rose to her feet completely drenched in cum with it pouring out of each of her holes Drew looked down seeing that both of the stoll brothers were completely out cold.

Before she left Drew took one last look through the fake mirror into the girls showers and was shocked to see that Piper and Nicole had been joined by Calypso and some Latina girl that Drew didn’t recognize. Even more shocking was that Nicole and the Latina girl where both sporting cocks and Nicole was fucking Calypso while the Latina girl was pounding Piper.

“What the hell did I miss.” Mumbled Drew before she gathered up her clothes and headed out of the showers.


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