Zeus, Lord of the Ladies

BY : Zayden_Shade
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Disclaimer: Story contains explicit content and whatnot. Like, really explicit and heavily worded scenes of sex.

Disclaimer: For those of you knuckleheads who believe I'm attempting to make profit in any way off this content, you are 1000% incorrect. I'm not Rick Riordan, nor am I his brain, and I certainly do not own a single inch of the Percy Jackson series or anything else. If this disclaimer doesn't get through, I don't know what will.

Now please, enjoy the story my fellow readers!

Zeus sat on his throne, contemplating on what could possibly be going wrong. How was it that that blasted sea spawn managed to win the hearts over every single person in this universe? Zeus couldn't even blast the boy to pieces without angering the rest of the council. He was the King of the Gods, the one who should be getting all the women, all the followers and whatnot. Currently, the title held no power, since everyone was keen on following the son of Poseiden. Damn it!

It wasn't the first time something like this happened. Anytime a hero performed a deed worthy of the gods, they would get a bunch of attention that usually lasted only a little while. But Perseus had gotten this attention for 5 years now, outstripping even his son Hercules, who was in his opinion a hero 10 times better than Perseus. And that made life extremely maddening.

Zeus wanted to do something demeaning to the spoiled boy. He was a god after all, and a king, which gave him some privileges. Zeus first made sure that no one was near him before teleporting into a neutral space created by the Fates themselves. It was here that all the private things could happen between him and the Fates. Zeus had saved up a lot of good points to use and decided to cash in his luck.

"Lady Fates! I pray for you to help me with my problems, perhaps here me out on my solutions." He said. Three voices reverberated in the room, asking, "What do you seek, Zeus? What troubles you so?"

Zeus thought for a moment before he came up with a lecherous idea, one that would definitely be fun to watch unravel. He said, "Lady Fates, I have never asked for much until now. I would like you to bestow upon me the powers that I will list. I would like charmspeak, so powerful that not even Aphrodite herself could resist it. I would like the ability to change body parts of other people. I would like the ability to control people's sexual urges and drives. I would also like mind control."

The Fates knew that Zeus wanted to conquer someone or something from his request. "Zeus, here is what you can do based on what we have given you. You have gotten charmspeak that affects everybody except for us and Chaos herself. You can change the size of body parts at will but you must be at least 1 mile in range to the target. You can control ejacuations, when someone cums or orgasms, as well as many other things during sex. You can also cause women's tits to lactate. Last but not least, to control a target, simply snap 3 times. They will go in a trance that they will be unable to break out from, no matter who they are. While they are in the trance you can do anything, including changing their personalities, hobbies, kinks, and other related things. They will not remember anything from their trance except for any orders you give them. In order to give them orders, Zeus, you must say υπακούω, the Greek word for obey. Once you do that, anything you tell them to do, they will do even out of the trance. When you are done giving them orders, just say done, and they won't obey anything else you say afterwards." The Fates stopped for a moment then continued. "We have also given you some free abilities such as being able to summon any tools that you might need during your… conquests. This includes sex toys, torture racks, and other items. You can always pull up this holographic list if you need to look for one. It is also understandable that you will mostly go after women. You can turn invisible entirely to women, meaning that they cannot sense your presence until you turn visible. You can molest them, rub their bodies, and touch them anywhere and they won't notice. They'll only notice if you either remove their clothing or take them sexually in any way. You also have slight control of the Mist. This version of Mist that we are giving you cannot be seen through by people who can usually see through the Mist. This Mist alters perceptions and changes reality, allowing you to fuck anyone you want even in public and nobody would notice. The last gift we have given to you is you can never be detected. No one can ever track you nor find you if you wish not to be found."

Zeus smiled predatorily. This is gonna be super fun, he thought. He teleported out of the room after thanking the Fates before he teleported to his first test subject.

A/N: Inspired by tempfile's story. I liked it so went on my own tangent.

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