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A new set of campers arrived, a son of Hermes, and a daughter of Aphrodite. Vivian, the daughter of Aphrodite was a "Friend with Benefits" with the son of Hermes, Roger. Roger was picking a lock into the big house, the daughter of Aphrodite wanting to have a bit of fun, but was nervous about doing it outside. Roger finally opened the door and he slowly pushed the door open.

Roger had the skills to open any lock, even deadbolts, if there was a way to lock it, he could unlock it. Vivian was unique, she could always get her way just by talking.

"Come on, let's make sure no one is in before we start." Vivian whispered, sneaking into the house.

The two reached a set of steps, and Vivian crawled up the steps, with Roger following behind her, seeing up her skirt, showing she didn't wear any panties. As the two got to the top of the stairs, they peaked around the corner, and saw something unexpected.

They saw a blonde bombshell getting rammed from both ends by a set of twins. The twins had brown hair with blue eyes. One was thrusting down the throat of the blonde, and as he pushed his cock down, the other would pull back, before slamming in, and the other pulled back. The blonde's breasts bounced in rhythm with the thrusts. They heard the twins moaning, before they both thrust forward and groaned. As they pulled out, the blonde swallowed and sat up.

"Well Stolls, looks like it's time to switch position." the blonde said.

"Sure thing Annabeth." the twins said.

The twins, grabbed Annabeth, one laying back and positioning his cock at her asshole, as the other rubbed his cock on her pussy. They pushed in and began to thrust into Annabeth, who moaned loudly. They roughly fucked Annabeth, both thrusting into her holes and pulling out. The one below her kissing her neck and squeezed her ass, giving it a slap as the one above fondled her tits, kissing her roughly.

Annabeth pushed him away, just to scream out, "Oh Fuck! I'm gonna cum from getting double fucked!"

As Annabeth wrapped her legs around the Stoll brother, pulling him in, they all groaned, and stopped thrusting.

Roger looked at Vivian, who was rubbing her pussy, her skirt pulled up, and covering her mouth, to avoid making much noise while she watched. Roger himself had an erection that was showing in his jeans.

"Let's try somewhere else." Roger mouthed.

Vivian nodded, before the quietly snuck out of the big house and walked behind Athena Cabin, seeing a tool shed. Roger still had an erection, with Vivian's nipples showing through her shirt. As they got to the shed, Vivian and Roger slowly opened the door, and opened it very slightly, letting them see inside, when they saw two people inside.

They saw a tall muscular guy, holding onto the hair of a girl with brown hair. The girl was on her knees, and a cock was being forcefully thrust in to her mouth, spit leaking from her mouth with each thrust, landing on her shirt, a wet spot under her and covering the crotch of her jeans. She made gagging sounds as she held onto the thighs of the man skull fucking her. The brute would draw back his cock, showing 10 inches in length, before he would slam back in, making the girl's throat bulge. He continued this, before with one final powerful thrust, he slammed his cock deep into mouth and throat.

"Damn Katie, your throat is tight as fuck, but let's see if your pussy is better." He said drawing his cock out.

His entire cock was pulled out, showing it was 12 inches long, before he threw the girl to one side, and grabbed her pants.

"F...F...Fr...Frank,'re to r..rough." She said, coughing and rubbing her throat.

"So? I bet your boyfriend hasn't made you cum like I can." Frank said.

"I do, now do it again." Katie said smiling, and stood up, showing her ass.

Frank smiled and pulled her pants down, slapping his cock on her asshole, before grabbing her hair and slamming in.

Vivian blushed, as she felt Roger's hard cock against her ass as they watched. The shut the door, before walking away.

"Let's try a cabin, the one on the end, seems to be empty." Vivian said, juices running down her her thigh.

"What is up with all these people?" Roger asked himself as they snuck up to the cabin, and peaked inside the window, they saw two people inside, with one tied to the bed.


They watched, as a blonde man was holding onto the hips of a girl with auburn hair, thrusting into her. They heard muffled moans as he would thrust in, creating the sound of flesh hitting flesh. He began to thrust faster, before reaching up and pulling of the gag.

"Oh fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I"M CUMMING!" the girl screamed, spraying juices on the bed.

"Dam Calypso, you're cunt is fucking tight now." the man said.

"And you get to ruin me for other men with your cock Jason." Calypso said.

Jason began to thrust in and out of Calypso again, hearing her moan loudly. Jason reached forward, grabbing her breasts and pinching her nipples, pulling on them as he thrust. Jason moved a bit so he was squatting on the bed to thrust into Calypso faster, and harder.

"I'm gonna cum in your slutty pussy." Jason said.

"Yes! Paint my womb fucking white! Knock me up!" Calypso cried out.

Jason slammed in and Calypso screamed. Jason held his cock down to the base in Calypso's pussy, while she sprayed juices on the bed. As Jason pulled out, he walked to the front of Calypso and shoved his cock down her throat.

Vivian was no longer looking in the window, but now on her knees, and had unbuttoned Roger's jeans, and was sucking his cock. Roger was trying not to moan, when he looked down.

"Maybe try the woods." He whispered.

Vivian pulled back, and nodded.

The ran into the woods, seeing a sign reading "Bunker 9". They followed the path, before reaching a cliff and entering a door. As the moved through the bunker, they reached a workbench, and saw a man tied to a set of posts.

A woman walked up, naked and smiled, slowly stroking the man's cock, before it stood erect at 9 inches. She smiled and turned, grinding her ass on his cock. The man pulled on his arms, trying to break free, when the cuffs broke, and he wrapped his hands around the girls throat, before shoving her on a bench and shocing his cock in her ass, making her weakly scream.

"Damn Piper, if you wanted to get your ass fucked, all you had to do was say so." the man said

"L...Leo, tighter!" Piper said.

The man smiled, gripping tighter as he slammed into her ass. Piper moaned as she was getting ass fucked by the energetic Latino man. Piper's tits bounced with each hard thrust. She reached down, and began to rub her clit and grope herself as Leo fucked her harder. Piper soon came, and sprayed juices on the ground, before Leo took her to a chair, and spread her legs far apart, before getting what looked like a small engine, and turned it on, before two dildos appeared and began to piston lined up to both her pussy and asshole. Leo put her arms in cuffs over her head, exposing her breasts.

"Wake Wake beauty Queen." Leo said slapping Piper's cheek.

"Wh...Leo? What happened?" She asked.

"Yo volenteered to test my new gift to Aphrodite." He said.

Leo turned on the machines, and suddenly, the machine began to piston in and out of her holes, making Piper moan uncontrollably.

Roger was jerking off as he watched the show, while Vivian was covering her mouth, her fingers pumping in and out of her pussy. The two left and walked through the woods, before reaching a set of bleachers, leading down towards a stone platform, where two people were, both naked.

The girl had dark skin with curly brown hair, while the guy was pale, muscular, and hand messy black hair. The guy had the girl in a full nelson, her legs against her shoulders as she was lifted up and slammed down on the cock of the guy.

"Percy! Fuck me hard!" the girl moaned.

"Sure thing Hazel." Percy said.

Percy smiled, before he pushed his cock deep into hazel, making her throw her head back, moaning. Percy smiled, lifting her up and slamming her down, each thrust would form a bulge in her stomach, before he pulled out and set her down. Percy had a 13 inch cock, standing proud and covered in juices.

"W...what are you doing?" She asked.

"I have an idea." Percy said, lifting one of her legs up so she was doing the splits and side ways, leaning on an empty firepit so she could remain balanced. Percy eased his cock into Hazel, making the girl moan loudly.

"Holy shit you feel bigger than Frank!" She cried out.

Percy slammed in, Hazel moaning as the cock was constantly smashing her womb with it's size. Hazel's breast swayed side to side hypnotically as she was fucked sideways. Percy grabbed one and began to suck on a nipple, before Hazel's eyes crossed and she nearly collapsed from an intense orgasm. Percy smiled, before grabbing her arms and lifting them up, putting his hands behind her head, slamming into her even harder.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum again!" Hazel cried out, cumming again, spraying the stones under her with her juices.

With a powerful thrust, Percy slammed in, and then pulled out, shooting a rope of cum to the rows of seats, before he set Hazel down, and Hazel began to leak cum.

Roger looked at Vivian, who was on the ground, legs spread wide apart.

"Just fuck me! I can't take watching any more!" She whisper yelled.


Roger dove in, and licked Vivian's pussy, making the daughter of Aphrodite moan. He moved up her body, before he was face to face with her, and lined his cock up to her pussy.

"Ready?" He asked.

"Always am." She said.

Roger slammed his cock into Vivian's pussy, making her wrap her arms around his neck, and legs around his waist. Roger thrust down hard, kissing Vivian as she moaned. Roger squeezed her ass, before the two flipped over, and Vivian bounced on his cock, Groping herself.

"Fuck! I've always wanted to do it in public." she whimpered.

Roger reached up and pinched her nipples, pulling on them, pulling her down, letting Roger suck on them both. Vivian moaned as she felt her nipples getting sucked on. Roger bit down on her nipples, causing Vivian to moan louder, as his hands squeezed her ass. Roger began to thrust into Vivian. Suddenly, her pussy clamped down on his cock, and she sprayed juices onto Roger.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna cum." Roger said

"Cum inside me." Vivian said.

Roger, with one powerful thrust, pushed his cock into Vivian, and came.

They both panted, before they looked around, seeing they had a crowd, of the people they had just spied on.

"Welcome to Camp HalfBlood, you made it just in time for Aphrodite's day of worship." Percy said, smiling.

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