Aphrodite's Game

BY : JamesMurcury
Category: M through R > Percy Jackson & the Olympians
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Aphrodite left her room, after watching The Hunger Games, and had an amazing idea. She would get her favorite couples, put them in an arena, and have them fuck, to show who is the most dominate couple. Twelve couples shall enter, only one couple shall leave. Aphrodite looked at camp half blood, the under world and Camp Jupiter for couples. She plucked the campers from their places, and used her powers to strip them naked, leaving them with a colored belt to identify each other as a team.

Couple 1: Percy and Annabeth: blue
Couple 2: Jason and Piper: purple
Couple 3: Hazel and Frank: red
Couple 4: Leo and Calypso: orange
Couple 5: Grover and Juniper: green
Couple 6: Charles and Silena: Pink
Couple 7: Travis and Katie: white
Couple 8: Bianca and Zoe: black
Couple 9: Thalia and Luke: Yellow
Couple 10: Nico and Will: silver
Couple 11: Reyna and Rachel: maroon
Couple 12: Tyson and Ella: brown

That night, as everyone slept, Aphrodite summoned them to a realm she created. Each person was on a platform, waking up. The plat forms slowly raised, as Aphrodite explained the rules.

"Welcome everyone, to the Aphrodite games, the rules are simple, you shall rise into the arena, you can either run away, and risk the cornucopia for items that will aid in victory. To survive, you have to not cum, cause once you cum, I will take you out of the arena. You may team up, but, you can not change who your partner is, so, once you team up, you will have to eliminate them at some point to win. Only one can win." She said.

The platforms reached the surface, and everyone looked around. Everyone could see the cloth belts around their waists, other than that, they were all naked.

"10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1." Aphrodite said.

The count down ended, and everyone ran off the platforms.

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