Rosalie's New Game

BY : Mustangwill
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It was midnight in Forks and all the humans in town were asleep. The Cullen family were still wide awake and going about the house, each involved in their own business. Emmett was in the garage with all of the fancy cars, his white wife-beater tank top covered in grease as he worked under the hood of his precious Jeep. He was performing a tune up on the engine and had just finished installing the last spark plug when his short's pocket began to vibrate.


Cleaning his hands with a grease rag he had stuffed in his back pocket, he dug into his pocket to pull out his cell to find his mate's name flashing across the flip phone's screen.

Flipping it open and putting it to his ear, Emmett greeted her with a smile, "Yes, dear?"

Rosalie's voice was low and husky through the phone as she purred, "Come to our bedroom; I have a surprise for you."

Emmett chuckled as impure thoughts began racing through his mind and closed the phone without a farewell. Tossing aside his grease rag, he slipped his phone back into his pocket as he zoomed through the house and up the stairs, stopping in front of the door to the room he shared with Rosalie. He ran his fingers through his hair before rapping his knuckles gently on the door before entering. 


When the door shut behind him, everything went black for Emmett as a soft material slid over his eyes and Rosalie's familiar scent filled his nose. "What is this now?" Emmett asked huskily, smirking as he allowed her to do whatever it was she was planning.

"You told me many years ago that you wished to try this," Rosalie whispered from behind him and, taking his hands, led him carefully through their room. Emmett was wondering what Rosalie was talking about, trying to recall what he had told her, when she stopped him and lifted his arms up above his head.


Emmett's eyebrows rose behind the blindfold as thick, specially made chains were wrapped around his wrists and forearms, and the memory of what he had told her came rushing back.

"Realized it yet?" she whispered sexily, taking out Emmett's favorite knife from his pocket and carefully began to cut his shirt off of his body.

"I can't believe you're doing this…" he growled deep in his chest, sucking his stomach in to allow her more room to work. With his shirt falling away to pool about his feet, she soft murmurs of approval at the hard planes of his chest muscles and rippled abdominal muscles. Her hands slowly began to caress every inch of his upper body, concentrating mostly on his tightening nipples. 


"Rosalie," he breathed, tilting his head back and clenching his eyes shut as her teeth found his left nipple, tugging on it roughly. She gently blew against his sensitive skin, her hands dancing their way up his back, feeling out the tight muscles there before lightly dragging her nails down his hard, cold flesh.


And then, without warning, Rosalie pulled away, leaving Emmett to lean forward to try and regain her touch to only be held back by his bonds.

"Rosalie?" Emmett called, turning his head to try and listen for her, "Where did you- Yeow!" The loud smack of leather against flesh filled the room as she brought the tip of a riding crop down against his chest, startling him.

Rosalie laughed merrily, "You were right, Emmett; I love this new game." She cracked her leather crop again, this time against his muscled shoulder.

Emmett clenched his body, the chains rattling above his head, "Ohhhh… yes, Mistress Cullen." He bit his lip to suppress a yelp as a third crack sounded out.

"Mistress Cullen… " she rolled the name around on her tongue, slowly smiling, "I like that. Now, beg me to show you mercy, slave." She cracked her crop once more against his chest, this time leaving it against his skin, slowly trailing it down over his jumping flesh, making her way down towards the top of his shorts.

A chill raced down his spine at the feel of the leather against his skin, and he forced down his pride, begging for her to have mercy on him. "Please, Mistress Cullen, spare me! I'll do anything!," Emmett pleaded in his most submissive voice, forcing his shoulders to sag a little and the chains to clink together as they bore his weight.

"Oh, poor slave, can't take that much pain?" she cooed, tossing the crop aside. She stepped forward and lowered herself into a squat, replacing the rough leather with her velvety lips as she continued its journey to the top of his shorts, placing soft kisses against his flesh before hooking her fingers into the waistband, drawing the material slowly downward.

"Thank you, Mistress," he panted, her teasing driven him close to an orgasm already. His toes curled and clenched in his shoes as her lips drew closer and closer to the apex of his thighs.

And, once again, just before she reached her destination, her touch disappeared again and he felt a cool breeze on his face as she returned to his front with a new toy in her hands: a black leather ball gag.


"Open your mouth, slave," Rosalie ordered sharply. Emmett immediately obeyed, and was rewarded by her lips pressing hard against his, her tongue pushing into his mouth to dominante his own. This feeling of being overpowered by such a smaller creature was so new and arousing to him that his erection was being barely contained by lowered shorts, threatening to burst forth.


When she pulled away from the kiss, they were both panting, their bodies begging for more. She took her new toy and placed it in his mouth before clasping the leather straps behind his head. The red ball fit his mouth perfectly.

"Say vampire," she instructed, stepping back to admire her work.

"Fam…pyre," he replied, his voice muffled around the ball in his mouth.

"Good, you can speak with it," she purred, sounding satisfied with the results, "vampire is the safe word; if you don't like what I'm doing, say it and I'll stop. Nod once if you understand, twice if you don't." He nodded once eagerly, squirming against his bond as he waited impatiently for her to have her way with him.

"Good boy," she smiled. She wanted to reward him so she leaned forward and began to kiss his neck while her hands began to push his shorts further down. 


Emmett lifted his hips towards her hands, lifting himself slightly onto the tips of his toes to try and help her. She took her time though, easing his shorts down, murmuring in pleasure against his neck as she felt his erection, finally freed from their confines, sprang up to smack against their bellies. 


Her fangs elongated and gently nicked his neck, blood rushing up to spill out into her mouth. Her tongue darted out and began to lap at the crimson flow. He hissed in pleasure, his eyes slowly turning black behind his blindfold as his mate fed on his blood. Then, his throbbing cock was in her hand, her soft, firm hands stroking it with hard tugs. 


He growled and his grip on the chains tightened as his member pulsated in her hands. She noticed the obvious pain on her mate's  face and, deciding to take pity on him, dropped to her knees before him.

"You seem distracted, love...," she purred as she bowed her head and slowly ran the tip of her tongue along the underside of his cock.

"Mist…ress," Emmett panted, a soft whimper escaping his lips as her tongue flitted across his sensitive tip. He was so close! It wouldn't take much and he would climax!


Rosalie ignored him, her soft, delicate hand sliding slowly up his muscled thigh, in between his legs, and delicately taking his balls in her hand, squeezing and caressing them. This was too much for Emmett and, with a cry, he came. His hot cum spilled out all over Rosalie's face, leaving him sagging against the chains, exhausted.

"Good boy, Emmett," Rosalie whispered. She kissed the tip of his quivering cock before slowly taking him fully into her mouth before slowly sliding it back out, dragging her lips slowly along the sensitive skin. "I think you deserve a reward…" she whispered as she slowly kissed her way up his body, one hand lingering below to hold his still hard member in her hand. She delicately undid the knot of the silk bandana around his head, allowing it to fall down to join the destroyed shirt belep and allowing his eyesight to return.

Emmett blinked slowly and looked down at his mate with a new hunger in his eyes. "Do you like what I'm wearing, love?" Rosalie asked, stepping back slightly with his cock still in her hand. She was wearing a leather corset that pushed her already well-rounded breasts higher up for display, and a red miniskirt with fishnet stockings and stiletto heels. Her long blonde hair was down and ran in waves across her pale chest and back, the black and red of her clothes setting off her paleness. 


Emmett could only nod eagerly, his cock quickly hardening once more as it pulsated in her hand. Slowly drawing her fingers along his sensitive member, she released it and began to sway a little. "Would my slave like to see a dance?" she asked huskily as she began to make her hips sway and her hands move in an exotic dance. 


Emmett nodded eagerly once, and watched hungrily as his mate danced for him. Her body swayed and gyrated as her eyes sparkled with joy; she had always liked dancing, even before she was turned. She moved closer to him, grinding her body against his before dancing away and then coming back for more. It left his cock quivering with anticipation, pre already beginning to leak from him and onto the floor.

And then, she spun around, her eyes staring at him hungrily, "I want you, Emmett." She jumped at him, her hands quickly undoing the chains from around his arms and undoing the gag. With a deep growl from his throat, he immediately swept her up and bodily tossed her onto the bed. She hissed playfully as she landed among the many pillows on their bed and wrapped her arms around his neck as he landed on top of her, having tossed himself after her. He savagely tore at her clothes, ripping and tearing his way through them, uncaring to preserve them until she laid before him


Rosalie groaned in pleasure under his attention, squirming as he grabbed onto the sensitive flesh of her breast with one hand while the other latched onto her hip. 


And then, he was inside her, plunging himself deep inside her body in one thrust, tearing a cry from her lips. He slid himself almost completely out of her wet sheath before hilting himself back inside her, repeating the process over and over again as he bowed his head and claimed her lips for his own. She cried out against  his lips with each thrust of his cock inside her small body, the pleasure of it making her hands claw at his back and her body to buck beneath him.

"Harder," she panted against his lips, "faster!" When he obeyed her commands, she cried out again, "Oh, my god, Emmett!" Orgasm after orgasm crashed against her like waves, but she growled as deeply as her mate and forced herself to continue taking him into her body over and over again. 


"Take me, Emmett," she pleaded, pressing her head back against his shoulder and crying out as an orgasm ripped through her. She wasn't sure how many times she had climaxed already- she had lost count after the sixth- but she knew he must be reaching his limit.


Suddenly, he pulled free of her, withdrawing himself from her body and she felt so empty. Opening her eyes, she had just enough to see his feral eyes sparkling back at her like jet pools before he turned her, flipping her over onto her hands and knees as if she weighed no more than a small child. And then he was inside her once more, filling her as his hand found her hip, the other pressing into the mattress to stabilize himself.


Reaching down in between her legs, she caressed his wet cock, wanting to feel  him enter her over and over again as she ground her hips back against him. "Emmett!" she screamed his name as she climaxed again, clenching her body around him tightly.

"Rosalie!" Emmett cried out in response, his hot seed filling her. They collapsed against the mattress top, making sure to move himself just enough so that he didn't crush her, and they laid in each other's arms, spent. Emmett kissed the back of her neck gently, and nuzzled her, "I told you that this would be fun."

Rosalie smiled and turned in his arms to press her body against his, "I'm glad you told me." She leaned up and kissed his lips gently. They laid in each other's arms for the rest of the night, never sleeping but staring deeply into each other's eyes with love apparent in both.



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