Sweet and Sour is My Jam - The Story Continues

BY : amorridens
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You hear snickering coming from ahead on the road where Daelynn has found some new form of torture to inflict on Morkai. Uh oh. That can only mean one thing.

“YOU PEST!” Ah. There it is.

The snickering is now a full on laugh as the blond elf enjoys her antics to the fullest. You’re not quite sure what she did, but judging from the way your grumpy warrior is now holding his ponytail up and away from Daelynn, you could probably hazard a guess.

A long suffering sigh escapes your nearest love, and your gaze slides to him. Staasa’s blue eyes are currently closed. Praying for patience, most likely. That’s what you’re currently doing anyway. Normally the back and forth between Daelynn and Morkai is entertainment of the highest form, but at the moment you have a headache and your mind feels a little fuzzy, so your tolerance of their antics is wearing a little thin.

Honestly, you blame the heat. The sun seems to warming you more than usual for this time of year. Your companions don’t seem to be struggling as much, however, if the way Daelynn chasing Morkai around is anything to go by. Closing your eyes, you try to keep your mind on moving one foot in front of the other.

A deep, musical voice breaks you out of your reverie. “Are you alright, Rosalie?” Concern laces Straasa’s voice and the scent of pine hits your nose as he moves a step closer. The observant man must have noticed how you’ve steadily been moving slower as the sun rose higher in the sky. Or maybe it’s the fact that if somebody wrung you out they could probably make a small puddle of sweat.

You glance up at him and are reminded once again of how much he towers over you when you have to crane your neck back further than expected. “I’m okay. Just slowly baking in this sun,” you quip weakly, offering a tight smile.

His locs sway slightly as he looks up to the sky. “It’s only a couple more hours until the sun starts to set and we’ll make camp.” Blue eyes move back to your face. “If that’s too long, we could go ahead and find an area to settle down for the night. Or we could take a quick break,” he offers considerately.

You’re already shaking your head by the time he finishes speaking. “We just took a break a little bit ago. I’ll be fine, sweetheart. Really.”

Straasa’s face breaks out into a large, affectionate smile at the endearment. His large hand reaches out and brushes softly along your spine, sending tingles throughout your body. “If you’re sure. I better go break those two up,” he states while cocking his head towards your other companions.

Exasperation, with a slight touch of amusement, colors your tone. “Please.” A light chuckle trails behind him as his long strides carry him ahead.


No more than an hour later, Morkai loudly declares that he’s ready to set up camp and Straasa and Daelynn are quick to agree. You’ve noticed him sneaking glances at you, green eyes flashing to you before quickly looking away. The thought occurs that Straasa may have said something to him, but maybe not. The red-haired warrior can be incredibly shrewd and intuitive, despite his gruff demeanor.

After finding a decently shaded clearing, your party starts to go about their designated tasks. Morkai works on gathering wood and building a fire, Daelynn on scouting for any resources in the area, and Straasa on setting up the tents, both Daelynn’s and the one that you, he, and Morkai share.

An unconscious smile graces your face at the thought as you go about your own task of taking care of your fair mule. How you ended up with the adoration of two such powerful, kind, and handsome men is beyond your comprehension. You don’t think you’re anything special, just a nobody from a small farming village, but they obviously see something in you that you cannot.

“You look like shit, gorgeous.” You smirk as Morkai’s deep, gravelly voice reaches your ears. Spice and leather assault your nose when you turn to face the tall, muscular man.

Amusement laces your tone. “Such sweet words you say to me. Do go on.”

A sharp grin is quick to appear on his face as he gleefully responds. “You look like something that a cat drug out of a back alley.”

“Oh my. I think I’m about to swoon.” You drape the back of your hand over your forehead and sway slightly to the side for dramatic effect.

A great laugh escapes the redhead as he wraps an arm around you. You weren’t actually about to swoon, but you definitely aren’t about to complain about the situation. His warm breath tickles your ear as he leans down. “You know that such theatrics aren’t necessary. If you want me to hold you, all you have to do is say the word.”

Your grin turns wicked. “The word.” The arm around you tightens momentarily, and you swear that you hear his breath catch. Blazing green eyes captivate you as he leans even more towards you, his other large hand coming to your shoulder and slowly sliding down your side. Sparks of electricity seem to spread out over you, originating from his light touch.

“Soon, Rosalie.” There is a heat and a promise in his voice that is impossible to deny. You swallow thickly and the movement catches his sharp gaze. The desire you feel for your two men has been building up over the past few weeks, sometimes to the point where you feel it might make you combust. You are glad to find that you are not the only one feeling it.

Then Morkai takes a half step back and you feel the sudden loss of his proximity. He keeps an arm around you though and guides you to take a seat in front of your tent and next to Straasa. And you’re grateful because now that you’re sitting, you realize just how much you had been pushing yourself. The fuzziness in your head intensifies and there doesn’t seem to be any relief from the stifling heat.

A waterskin suddenly enters your field of vision, and your eyes follow the hand holding it up the face of your dark-skinned love. You thank him softly before accepting his offering and drinking deeply. The water isn’t cold, but it still does a great deal to help you feel better. You must look a little better too, because Straasa’s expression lightens and he presses a soft kiss to your cheek before addressing you and Morkai. “I have first watch tonight. Why don’t you both head to bed early so you can catch up on your sleep?”

Morkai simply nods and walks off to finish up whatever it was he wanted to get done before bed. You, however, frown and feel a pang of guilt run through your chest. Sharing a bed with your two lovers has been amazing for many reasons. One of them being that the nightmares you suffered from almost consistently since leaving Harvest’s Bounty had nearly disappeared. Nearly.

They still rear their ugly head now and then and you wake up gasping and shivering, unintentionally pulling both of your loves out of sleep with you. They hold you, stroke your arms, kiss your forehead, and whisper sweet nothings to you until you are calm and sleepy again. But you know that it wears on them to have their rest disrupted. The fact that Morkai easily agreed to going to bed so early testifies to how tired he must feel.

Straasa notices your mood, and quickly guesses as to why. He can read you like an open book, you swear. “Rosalie, you know that we love sharing a bed with you. We wouldn’t want it any other way.” His soft voice and soothing words do wonders to calm your anxiousness. You scoot over a little and cuddle into his side. He easily accepts your closeness and wraps a warm arm around you. It doesn’t do much to help your overheated body but you wouldn’t move away for anything.

Morkai soon comes back and you begrudgingly stand up to enter your tent. “Goodnight, my loves,” Straasa whispers. Green eyes meet blue and a wealth of feelings flash between them before Morkai returns Straasa’s words with a soft goodnight of his own. You merely give him a soft look before ducking under the tent flap, Morkai close on your heels.

Once inside you start to strip your outerwear off and the redhead follows suit. A small moan of satisfaction escapes your lips when the leather pieces leave you, allowing fresh air to flow over your damp skin.

“Careful now, doll. You wouldn’t want Straasa to think we’re up to anything without him here, would you?” You don’t even need to look at him to know that he has a smirk on his face, but you do anyway. Because, you know. He’s nice to look at.

You don’t grace him with an answer, just throw him a tired smile before climbing into your shared bedroll. Morkai finishes his own routine and arranges all of his items neatly before coming to join you. That was something that surprised you once you started sharing with them. The redhead kept his side of things extremely tidy while Straasa threw his items around haphazardly. Who knew?

Morkai doesn’t cuddle up as close as he normally would, considering the heat, but he does drape his long arm over you. It doesn’t take long before your overwrought body drifts off into sleep.


Some kind of noise pulls you out of slumber, but you can’t seem to find the energy to open your eyes. The noises continue, but your fuzzy brain can’t seem to make sense of it. A few words manage to pierce the fogginess of your thought process.

“… wake up,” a sharp voice rings out. “Rosalie’s burning….”

“… shit!” More words follow, but they are unintelligible. Then you feel yourself being lifted up and cradled in two strong arms. Something brushes over you and you feel a rocking motion.

This continues for a couple minutes and then you are set down.

“…take off….” A distinct note of uncertainty can be heard in these words. After a short pause you start to feel hands pulling at your clothes and immediately start thrashing around. No, no, no, no, no. NO! Memories of that fateful day in Harvest’s Bounty flood your mind, making your perception of the events going on around you even more confusing. Your throat hurts. Are you screaming? Hands touch your bare skin and this time you hear the sobbing coming from your throat loud and clear.

The sensation of water hitting your exposed body jolts you at first, but then provides a respite you didn’t even realize that you needed. The relief that sweeps through your body is so strong that you start to drift off…

You rouse again when you feel a flask being pressed to your lips. Gratefully, you swallow and the liquid soothes your aching throat. You note that the drink has a peppery and sweet aftertaste before succumbing to unconsciousness once more.


When your eyes open next, the familiar sight of the top of your tent greets you. It’s dark out and you’re back in your bedroll, clothed, and wrapped up tightly in the blankets. Or maybe it’s not the blankets that are tight so much as the arms belonging to either one of your lovers wrapped around you. You glance to either side and notice that both men are asleep.  As you start to stir, Straasa quickly jolts from his slumber and moves to lean on his elbow to look at you, his face awash with concern.

“Rosalie, you’re awake!” His fingers brush over your face shakily.

Morkai is not nearly as coherent when he wakes, but he manages to look at you blearily through half-open eyes. “How are you feeling, doll?” he asks, his voice like gravel, arm tightening even more around you.

You try to answer, but you have to clear your throat a couple times before your voice decides to cooperate. “Thirsty, mostly. Also warm. What happened?”

Morkai gets up and grabs the waterskin for you while Straasa answers your question. “I came to bed last night after I had first watch, and you were burning up with a fever. Your temperature was very high, so we had to take you to the stream to get it down.” His voice cracks slightly at the last part, but you are confused about something else.

“Last night?” You look around, not comprehending his words. It’s still dark out but you can see the first rays of dawn starting to break through the blackness, so tonight would have been the night he had first watch.

Morkai deduces the reason for your confusion first. “You slept through an entire day. Actually, ‘slept’ is a strong word for it.” A lance of pain crosses his face and his fists ball up at his sides, but he quickly turns away from you.

A shaking hand grips your own, and you look at Straasa’s anxious face. “Rosalie, I’m so sorry. We took your tunic and pants off before we placed you in the stream because you needed something dry to wear afterwards. I didn’t know it would affect you so deeply. I should have thought of another way.” The blue-eyed man’s voice turns wobbly at the end.

“Oh.” Suddenly it all clicks into place for you. They undressed you and you reacted badly. You would have still had your breast band and smallclothes on when you were in the stream, but that didn’t matter to your fogged brain. You ‘slept’ through an entire day while feverish. It wouldn’t take a genius to put two and two together, and the men before you are incredibly sharp.

A minute passes by in silence. Two minutes. “What did I say?” you finally mange to ask in a small voice.

More silence. Morkai’s fists are still clenched, and he’s still not looking at you. Straasa’s hand on you tightens for a quick second before he answers you in a hoarse whisper. “You called out to your father a lot and…” he swallows before continuing, “you kept saying ‘get off’ and ‘don’t touch me’.”

Ah. You’re not sure what Straasa sees in your expression, but he immediately grows more distressed. Then something wet hits your joined fingers and you realize there are tears running down your face. You immediately pull your hand back to try and wipe away the evidence of your crying, but the tears are instantly replaced with new ones making it impossible. You take a couple heavy breaths to try and steady yourself but your breathing only seems to be getting more ragged.

Then you are shuffled around and engulfed by a warm body. Opening your eyes, you realize that Morkai has finally moved back towards you and lifted you into his lap, wrapping his long arms around you, guiding your face into the crook of his neck. Straasa quickly presses against your free side and takes your hand again in one of his while stroking your hair with his other one.

You finally lose the battle of trying to contain your crying. Big heavy sobs just flow out without seemingly any input from you. Your nose is running and breathing is hard and you’re getting a headache, but you are finally, finally allowing yourself to experience all of the feelings you’ve been bottling up from that day. A great dam of emotion has burst inside of you and it seems determined to let all of itself out.

You don’t know how long you stayed wrapped up like that, but eventually the tears slow and then eventually stop. Straasa kindly hands you a handkerchief to wipe your eyes and nose and gives you another drink of water. When you feel somewhat steadier, you start to speak.

And you tell them. Everything. What Bain did to you. Your father’s death and mother’s disappearance. How everyone blamed you when Bain turned up dead. Everything.

And they listen. They don’t say anything for a while. Not even after you finish. Morkai presses his lips against the top of your head. Straasa wraps the arm that was stroking your hair around you and the redhead and presses even closer. They accept your burdens and help you to carry them without judgement. And for that you will be eternally grateful.

For that, they will always have your love.

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