An Answer to the Whys of Jason

BY : BithaBlu
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Disclaimer: I do not own the Anita Blake series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

An answer to why I wrote this:
I was sitting around pondering one night on the topic of why there are so many shifters. I mean after awhile you
would think that people would be more careful about infecting others. The only good reason for intentionally
becoming a shifter in the books was Cherry’s. She had a great excuse- lost a leg in a hit and run so Gabriel
changed her and it grew back- but the others don’t really have any good stories like that (besides Richard’s serum
screwup). So why? They couldn’t all have been taken by force cause the cops would have shot the shifters for that
so that leads to my question of why. So I sat and wondered about why Jason became a wolf. I came up with a weird
little theory. Hope it doesn’t bore you. OK enough of that crap.
Warning: This is written in my usual disjointed style. You have been forewarned.

An Answer to the Whys of Jason
By BithaBlu

Sex is everything. Everything is sex. And for the longest time I had nothing. Nothing but pain.
And not the kind of pain I enjoy- the kind of pain that tells you that you are still alive. I was filled
with the kind of pain that tells you you are going to die. I lived in a cloud of wasting pain. I could
feel my body being eaten from the inside, feeling the disease chew me up and destroy me one day
at a time. The doctor said the virus was spreading as fast as I drove. He was trying to be funny.
He failed but I had laughed when he said that. Mostly because I wasn’t legal to drive yet then.
The laughter stopped abruptly when I figured out that I probably wouldn’t ever drive legally. My
vision was too fuzzy to see the road. My thoughts were to scattered to concentrate. I could hardly
walk let alone drive. I couldn’t run. I couldn’t think. I couldn’t breath. I just sat around trying to
live in a body that seemed determined to die. I was dying before I had even began to live.
But then-
Some where in those pill filled days- drifting along in a pain killer haze- I heard a voice casually
mention that werewolves were immune to most diseases. For the first time in years I felt my heart
beat. A ray of light shone on my. A glimmer of hope had sparked. I had a chance to live. I begged
the doctors to introduce me to a shifter, any shifter. I’d even be a werebunny if it meant that I
could live. But they all said no. They couldn’t even discuss the option with me because I was a
minor. My parents fought me too. They told me to drop it, that god or science would save me,
that I just had to wait. I remember one night when I had pestered them to much. My dad had
shaken me and screamed, “I’d rather you die than be a monster!” So I stopped asking. They
thought that I had given up but I hadn’t. I just waited around until I was 18. The hope that I could
be cured kept me going that long.
At 11pm on my 18th birthday I took a cab down to the Leather Den. I stumbled in there weak,
tired and scared. Most of the people there just laughed. The men towered over me, all healthy and
tall, they mocked me for my small pale body and for being weak. But then a voice cut through the
noise. A women, the only women there, sauntered over to me. She was beautiful. The type of
women I dreamed about when I could focus long enough. She strutted across the crowded room,
a path cleared for her as though everyone there was afraid of her. I just gaped as she sat down
next to me. She leaned over and I couldn’t help but check her out. The girl was stacked. “What
brings you here little man?” she whispered. Her words crawled in the air and tickled my ear. My
body responded to her when it wouldn’t react to the therapy. She made me feel. It didn’t feel right
but for once I wasn’t in complete pain so I told her what I was looking for and why. She stared at
me as I told her my story. She didn’t really care, I could tell even then, but she listened. Especially
when I told her I wanted to be infected. Infected with a horrible disease so to kill another. She
looked shocked for a moment but recovered nicely. Very nicely. She stroked my thigh and licked
my ear. “My name’s Raina,” she whispered seductively, “And I can help you.” She slid off the bar
stool and led me out of the bar. As she hailed a cab her short dress rode up, exposing her from the
heel of her stiletto to the small of her back. I couldn’t help myself. I reached over, letting my
fingers gently trail down her back and over the tight curve of her gorgeous ass. Raina swirled
around and I thought she was going to slap me but instead she just said “Oh you are going to be
fun” and cupped my groin. I laughed and smiled for the first time in years. We spent the entire cab
ride groping each other, she more so than I. Mostly because I kept losing my breath. I gasped and
floundered about and she loved it. Raina thought my pain was hilarious. She giggled as I struggled
to breath. The cabbie looked back occasionally but chose to ignore us rather that get involved. It
took twenty minutes to get where we were going. Raina lent me a hand and helped me out of the
cab. With one arm she held me up and practically carried me into the house that sat in the middle
of a well cared for lawn. We strolled around the house and walked in the back door. It led to the
basement. It could have led into hell and I wouldn’t have cared. A gorgeous women was hanging
on my arm (actually I was hanging on her) and I had hope. The headaches had receded and I was
smiling. It was the best I had felt since I was 13. Before I had heard the news. Before the pain had
gotten bad. Five years of hell were forgotten as we stumbled down the stairs in the dark. She
flicked on the light and my jaw dropped. The room was straight from the set of a high class porn
movie (if there is such a thing). There were chains on the walls and stacks of pastel pillows all
over. The bed was big enough to hold a score of people. Raina just smiled at my shock. She
circled me like a shark in the water and grinned. She flicked her wrist at me and hit me in the face.
It shouldn’t have hurt but I screamed. Blood flowed down my face and I fell to my knees
shrieking. “What the fuck are you doing?!?” I yelled. She laughed and I stared at her. She was
shifting before my eyes and almost pissed my pants. Her nose got longer and more pointed. Fur
spilled out from her skin and Raina stood before me, over me, and howled. She picked me up
from the floor where I had fallen and threw me onto the bed. I lay there frightened outta my mind
and watched as she stalked over to the bed, stripping slowly and grinning with those wicked teeth
from that inhuman mouth. She leaped onto the bed, onto me and ripped off my clothes. I didn’t
know whether to be scared outta my mind or ecstatic. I mean, come on, gorgeous girl rips off
your clothes- how can a guy not be happy about that. Granted she looked like a dog- literally- but
damn if she wasn’t still hot. So I couldn’t help getting hard. She looked down and laughed, “Does
my little pet want to play,” she asked coyly. But there was nothing coy about what she did next.
She dropped to her knees and ground herself against me. Not just a simple little hard rub of flesh
against flesh. It felt like she was trying to grind her way through me. But god did it feel good.
After hearing about sex all of my life and figuring I would never experiance it, even with the pain
it was heaven. It was bliss. It was orgasmic.
When I would sit around and watch porn I never dreamt that I would experiance anything like
what I saw on screen. Hell, I thought I was going to die a virgin. I couldn’t even get a pity fuck
because everyone treated me like I was contagious. *I was not fucking contagious.* But as Raina
was spread above me I was glad that I hadn’t gotten that pity fuck. Here I was- the weakling,
small little Jason, the sick freak- here I was about to not only get healed but about to get laid by a
creature most men only dreamed of. So forgive me if I got off a little early.
Raina laughed when I came. I hadn’t even gotten it in her BOOMBOOM- it happened. I was sticky
and limp but it was the fear I mostly remember. I lay there wondering if she was going to be
disgusted and leave me, still sick and still a virgin. But instead she laughed. Not mockingly but
more like it was a joke between the two of us. “Awww my little pet, did I excite you too much?”
she crooned, “Well, we’ll just have to fix that.”
She slid down and looked at the limp traitor, contemplating it, nuzzling it with her wolfish face.
Her long tongue flicked out and started to lick up my mess. The tongue was rough and dry,
reminding me more of a cat’s tongue than a dog’s. I smiled at that thought and wondered if I
would ever look at my sister’s cat Snooks the same again. But those wonderful throbbings were
returning again and all thoughts of Snooks flew from my head and I spasmed in anticipation. A
deep growl emitted from Raina’s throat and I looked down just in time to see my cock disappear
into that wolf’s mouth. For a moment I thought she was going to bite it all off but all she did was
caress it with that incredible tongue, occasionally she let her teeth brush against the sensitive skin
but it only a small amount of the good pain. “Got to get you all clean now,” she murmured as she
licked away the remaining spots of my pre-game kick off. Damned if it wasn’t my best birthday
ever at that point. And it was about to get much better and then so much worse.

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