Scarlet Lust

BY : NuitariNoMiko
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Title: Scarlet Lust

Author: Nuitari no Miko

Rating: R

Summary: Raistlin and Dalamar getting friendly, prologue to a much longer story (eventually ^_~ )

Warnings: Male/male, oral, masturbation, language, purposeful OOC-ness


I should explain. But how? Who would believe that I, Raistlin Majere, enjoy being his toy almost as much as I loved the magic? And who could understand how weak at the knees I feel when he whispers 'Shalafi' in my ear in a voice that drives me wild. I could explain all these things, explain that this is why I lie here in the darkness, legs spread and cock waiting for those sweet elvish lips. He tells me that I'm a whore, that I'm a slut and damn I believe it. It becomes my mantra as he swallows me, as he holds down that insane rocking of my hips that only he could induce. My fingers are buried in thick black hair, blacker than Nuitari's shadow used to be. I don't know what he does, his tongue moving over and around my member tracing patterns of lightening, greed and wild wild lust. It's such a cliche I know but right now I don't care.

I can almost touch my orgasm, so near and yet just beyond my reach. I whimper when he stops although I expect it to happen. I could remain strong and silent but I know what my moans and cries do to him. I feel his smile as he pushes his lips hard against mine. DamI doI don't want kisses, I just want *him* against me. A laugh. As much as my eyes beg he won't do it. We're not quite ready for that now. With a desperate growl I flip us over and straddle his slender waist. His hands fly across my back, soft skin and sharp nails. We don't fuck, we just bleed. Leaning down and laying flat on top of him I bite into his chest just above his nipple. I hear him hiss in my ear as I draw blood with my teeth. Scooting my head across I repeat the mark on the other side. Breathe for me love. Breathe faster and louder. And he's telling me all those truths again, each one punctuated with a painful yet erotic slice down my back with his nails. But I grow tired of this game. Fetishs and sadism are fine but my cock is begging for it and the male body can't wait forever. Gods, I want him to take me. I want him to slam my head into the headboard. I want to feel him tremble and glide inside of me. He feels my need in the way I deepen my teeth into elven flesh and he places a calming hand on my hair.

'I don't care.' My voice is muffled by his body but he understands. I pull myself up and kiss him, my tongue lost in the heat of his mouth, I know he tastes his own blood. This is serious. He places smooth palms on my chest and pushes me away.

'I don't want you to hate me in thrninrning.' Sadness. Guilt maybe. I know how many lovers he had before me. Not one for commitment but all the one night stands that meant nothing at the time are beginning to catch up with him. But I won't hate him, I couldn't even if I wanted to anymore. No, I don't love him either, not in the way my brother loves his idiot wife or in thy Hay Half-Elven loves his elfmaiden-no-more. I'm angry. Now's not the time for idle pondering. I sit up suddenly onto his chest and thrust my cock into his mouth. I can tell he's surprised and hurt by the motion but I've given up rational thought. I'll make it up to him later. No time, his warmth is too much for me to bear and I fuck his mouth, feeling him swallow around me to let it all in. My balls knock against his chin and he loves it. He deepthroats me, moaning around my dripping member, licking the underside with his tongue and grazes me across the top. It hurts but the blinding light is worth more so much more. I come inside him, shouting his name, head thrown back and eyes wide open yet seeing nothing. Spit or swallow? I don't know. The next few seconds are a blur before I collapse against him. His hands push me off him so that we lie side by side.

'Raistlin.' His voice is weary yet seductive. He draws out my name making it sound like sex itself. A grin spreads across my face. I guess I do owe him for earlier. Propping up my head on my arm I use the other hand to grip the top of his manhood, sliding it up and down the sweetened shaft. My lips are on the tips of his ears.

'Fuck it' I whisper and he does, thrusting up wildly into my hand as the grip loosens and tightens in turn around him. I can't help staring at his hips. They almost have a mind of their own and they certainly seem alienated from the cool and calm elf that he usually appears. His cheek bones are flushed a charming rose pink that deepens to an angry scarlet as his hips raise high in the air, white snow splattered over a whiter frame. His body falls onto the bed and his eyes close. Already I feel the sweet relaxing slumber creep over me, and I feel safe here lying with my head on his chest and a smile on my lips.



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