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Disclaimer: I do not own the Anita Blake series, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Title: Memento

Word Count: 100 x 2.

Characters/Pairings: Jean-Claude, Yvette. Mentions of Asher and Julianna.

Author's Note: At the end.

Acknowledgements: To Oli and ladydeathfaerie, who beta’ed this for me.

All rights over Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter belongs to Laurell K Hamilton. This piece of fiction has been written for amusement purposes only, and I do not make any profits out of it.


His fingers traced the outline of the still angry cross-shaped burn on his chest. It hurt, but the sobering memory of the smell of burned flesh and the sight of holy water scars reminded him who had suffered worse.

The face of the priest who had inflicted it was fresh in his mind. A young man with the calm gaze of the absolute fanatic, who had committed unspeakable horrors in the name of a loving God. What an irony!

The priest and the guards had had a swift death. They had deserved full retaliation, but time had conspired against him.

The choice that he had made, however, would be forever the worse scar he'd bear. He’d have to live for eternity with that agonizing moment of election --Asher or Julianna.

Taking his time to acknowledge the presence behind him, he slowly turned around. Yvette didn't hide the mockery and satisfaction in her eyes, despite the polite gestures and elegance of her voice.

“The Council is waiting for you, Jean-Claude.”

He nodded, and rearranged his shirt. As he walked through the corridors, the open lapels left the cross-shaped scar exposed, now an eternal reminder of what had been stolen from him.


A/N: Happiness can be also the subject of theft IMO. This little piece is based in the notion that JC had to choose who he would save, because to save them both was impossible, a risk too high to take that would have ended in death for them all. Despite JC pleas that he tried to save Julianna too, we'll never know for certain.


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