If magic was unlimited.

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Anita, Asher, and Jean-Claude were resting after having some tough activities involving some places of there bodies. While Micha, Nathanel,Jason, and Damian were claning up.

A woman fell from the cealing and almost landed on top of Asher. She came to a stop a foot above him. Anita sceamed form suprise because the woman had come form thin air.

"Man that was close." said the woman,"I mean landing on my Grand kid's lover. How humiliating."

Micha, Nathanel, Jason, and Damian ran into the room to find out what happened.While the woman floated to the side of the bed and to the ground.

"Sory to disterb you at a time like this but what I have to say is important. Oh by the way my name is Mariana. I am Anita's Great... bunch of Greats Grandmother." said the woman.

Everyone looked at each other because they could not tell because she was wearing an all black treanch coat with a hood.

"If you are my ancsester why have you not introdused yourself to me before this?" asked Anita, "I mean why now?"

"I am coming to tell you this now because I am sick and tired of you getting preagnant and almost dieing and getting me preagnent to protect the babys I mean enough is enough. 10 kids is enough." said Mariana, "I mean have you ever heard of a condom! Birth control pills dont work on our family."

"What are you taking about?" asked Anita.

"I put a spell on your mom because she asked me to because she was having so many miscarrages. So I put a spell on her that would transport the baby to me so I could carry it so it wouldent die. We dident tell your father because he dosent like me. Me being a Half-vampire, half-godess." said Mariana. "The spell must have went to you because you are her daughter."

"oooooooookay!" said Anita, "Whats with the 10 kids. I have only thought I was preagnent once."

Richard walked in to the room.

"You were preagnant but when you started to shift the babys came to me." stated Mariana, "Oh and the rest happened when you where put in the hospital numerase times. Anyway I came to ask you if you wont to rase the babys or if you wont me to rase them the are all the same are because of the magic from were I live. They were borne yesterday."

"How do you know they are ours?" asked Nathanial.

"Blood tests I have a sample of all your blood in my lab." said Mariana, "Do you wont the babys you have 12 boys and 2 girls."

"Who are the father's?" asked Richard.

"2 boys are Richard's, 2 boys are Damian's, 1 girl and 1 boy are Nathanial's,2 boys are Asher's,and 1 girl and 1 boy are Jean-Claude's." said Mariana.

"Do you wont to raise them or do you wont me to raise them?" asked Mariana. "I will help if you wont me to?"

"Of corse we will raise them they are our children after all." said everyone.

"Oh! By the way 6 of the kids are dahmphyrs and the other 4 can shapshift." stated Mariana.

Mariana cast a spell that opended a door to her living room and walked in."I'll just go get the kids for you."

Everyone was stuned as the wached her levatate the kids into the room. What are they going to do they woundered. What in the world is a dahmphyr. What did she mean that 4 of the kids can shapshift, were they attacked?

"Well thats everyone. I put all there clothes in there baby bags for you." said Mariana, "I'll be back in a year or so see you." And she cloused the door to her living room.

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