Cake, Candles, and Love

BY : Nushara100
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Cake, candles, and love.

The redhead girl stood blindfolded, and ready to blow out the candles of her birthday cake. The smell of sweetness and burning candles filled the air, with a mix of the ocean and a sandy breeze. Where ever they were at, they were very close to a beach.

“Make a wish.” A deep and dangerous voice she knew well had whispered into her ear. The blindfold was then gently removed.

The redhead stood there motionless as the amazing sight filled her vision. There was an enormous cake resembling a six foot tall sandcastle. It was lit up with a trail of candles and flames that shown from inside the windows as well as around its base. It was quite a sight to see.

It took her a minute or two to finally realize that she wasn’t there alone. She looked around and found her handsome bad boy, who had kidnapped her for this amazing surprise. He had shredded his usual black clothing to wear a pair of white beach pull-on line string pants and a cotton white short-sleeve shirt. However, his feet were bared and covered in the soft, white sand. He bowed to her and smiled, then he pointed back to the castle.

When she turned to look, she saw ‘her.’ Her dark-night black hair blew with the ocean breeze, only her wild orchid kept fastened behind her ear as the wind tossed her hair about. Her yellow eyes shone bright in happiness as she saw the look in the redhead’s eyes. She was dressed in a simple white summer sleeveless dress, and just like her bad boy, her feet were bare. She smiled at her redheaded girl and came close to her handing her a simple rose. She moved close and kissed her cheek, then rubbed her lips against her ear.

“Make it a good wish.” She whispered softly. The redheaded shivered in anticipation. Her eyes were about to close, anxious to make her wish. But something caught her eye. Something moved closer to her.

When she turn around, she almost bump into her tall Raven. He was waiting for her to acknowledge him. When she smiled at him, he smiled back softly. He moved his hand from behind and handed her a bouquet of white wild orchids that matched the one ‘her’ girl had fastened behind her ear. The flowers were beautiful. But he was a sight to see as well.

He was dressed in white as well, but with just a matching pair of white beach pull-on line string pants. His chest was bared and showing his nipples rings. As his long dark hair was tied back in a low ponytail that made it look like he had short hair, but as the wind play with his tail, it show the redhead that his long hair was tied on his back. His bare feet were cover in sand as he moved on the sand. He smiled at her bad boy and her girl, then back at the redhead.

“Yes, make it a good wish.” He whispered to her, giving her a chaste kiss. Then he moved back for her to blow out the candles that showed the years on top of the cake.

They had a mini ladder for her to climb on and blow off the candles on top of the sandcastle. They watched her close her eyes and think deep. Then, in one smooth breath, she blew out the candles.

“Did you get your wish?” Her bad boy asked, coming up to her and picking her up. He began to claim her lips with several soft kisses.

“Yes, I did.” The redhead answered with a wide smile that radiated her happiness.

“What did you wish for?” Her girl asked.

“To have you three in my life forever, and for us to be happy, and that’s just what I got.” She answered, as her lips where claimed by her girl.

“Peace, happiness, and love, um? But you missed something.” Said the voice from behind her. The redhead turned to the Raven. “What did I miss?”

“Lot’s of sex.” He said raising an eyebrow at her then he picked her up and kissed her as well.

“Sex on the beach anyone?” The bad boy asked, drawing her attention back to him and then handing her a drink with a smirk.

The redhead smiled at them all, knowing that her life was just starting. She felt that she had the most wonderful people in her life now, and it was as if it could make all the bad things seem unimportant and the good to be the ultimate experience. Like she could do anything she set her heart to do. To reach the sky, or the bottom or the ocean, because now she had what most people didn’t. Three wonderful loves in her life that loved her no matter what.

The end… oops, I mean the beginning.

Character list:

The redhead- Jenn
The bad boy- Edward
Her girl- Yariel
The Raven- Ezequiel

Notes from the author:

This is my gift to you, my dear Jennifer. Hope you have all the goodness in life. I love you my friend.

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