A Debt Payed

BY : Neko Jenta
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Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson and the Olympians, nor any of the characters from it. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

Hello, all! Welcome to my first fan fic in a long while. You see, I haven't written anything like this since I got a boyfriend. (You'd be amazed what getting laid does to your porn craving!) I wrote this for my sister, like a birthday present, and I decided, why not give a gift to a bunch of other people? So please enjoy, and remember, I don't own these characters, or the series in general. They belong to Rick Riordan. xD Enjoy! ;]


Percy smiled as the warm water ran down his nude body. Being the son of Poseidon, taking showers really helped him feel rejuvenated. A soft light shown beyond the shower curtain, and out the small window, he could see the moon, in it's smallest sliver of a crescent. He loved bathing at night. It was nice and quiet, just the way he had learned to like it. After so many years of fighting monsters that just come back later, you learned to really appreciate the quiet moments.
He felt of shiver of cold and looked around. He had also learned never to dismiss something that felt out of the ordinary, even a little bit. He could have just explained it as a draft of some sort, but it felt somehow...different. He continued his shower, but was wary in the process. As he began to wash himself in the more private areas, he suddenly felt a presence behind him that wasn't there before. He looked slowly over his shoulder to see two black brooding eyes accentuated by a slim nose and framed by a curtain of black hair on either side.
The face smirked.
Percy whipped around and backed up against the wall. "Hades?!" The god just stepped forward, setting his Helm down in the pooling water around his feet. The cracked his knuckles systematically and raised his eyebrows mockingly.
"Percy," he responded. "You can't really be too surprised to see me, can you? I told you we'd be seeing each other again. I'm actually surprised you haven't been looking over your should in any shadowy place you enter. Remember, you owe me."
"Well, what is it you want?" Percy asked, looking around him. "I can't exactly do anything at the moment, you know." Hades smirked again. Percy wasn't sure he liked this whole smirking business. Hades moved forward, but Percy didn't have anywhere to go. He could always command the water to blast Hades away, but he wasn't sure how effective that would be. Gods were known to be fairly impervious to Percy's tricks, and Hades especially knew all of them quite well. And Hades had a point, Percy did owe him for his last little escapade. Percy had basically made a deal with the god of the underworld and lost, putting him in debt. At the time, there was no set debt breaker, Percy would just owe him. Apparently, Hades had decided what he wanted. Percy chose to wait a little longer before deciding if his life was in any immediate danger yet.
Hades stood directly in front of him, blocking any points of escape. He placed his hands firmly on either side of Percy's head and leaned forward, their noses nearly touching. "You will find out quite soon, what it is I want." he said slowly, his voice deep and husky, his eyes dark and intense. Something dawned on Percy, and he began to try edging his way out of his rather vulnerable position. Hades grabbed him arm and, with amazing strength, pinned him quite solidly against the tiled wall. He took his free hand and traced Percy's dripping body, from his ear and down, across the contours of his stomach, stroking his thigh; he moved his head slightly to the side, and whispered heavily into his ear, "What I want very, very badly,"
Percy couldn't help it. He got an erection. Hades noticed this, and he smirk grew. "I see that the feeling is mutual. Or is it," he leaned in and whispered again. "That silly mortal reaction to the proper stimulus?" By this point, if Percy had wanted to do anything in retaliation, he wouldn't have been able to. He could feel resolve weakening, and he knew that Hades would be able to do whatever he wanted, and he wouldn't have the strength to stop him. It must have been one of his magics. It had to have been.
Hades trailing fingers found Percy's erection and tapped it a little in excitement, and stroked it a bit before taking a firm hold of it and rubbing it back and forth as he moved his head down and kissed Percy's neck, giving little flicks of his tongue, picking up droplets of luke warm water and nibbling lightly. Percy made a slight mewing sound to the nibbles. Hades smiled to himself, found a tender spot of neck, kissed it a little and bit hard, with no warning. Percy gasped in pain, and yet it felt good at the same time. Hades sucked on his bite of flesh, relishing in the gasps and recoiling movements of the boy, before releasing it, noting the apparent purplish mark on the pale skin. He smirked and kissed the spot again, noting the sensitivity of the point by the sharp intake of breath.
All the while, his hand had been moving at quite a steady pace on Percy's penis, and the boy had quite a bit of precum forming at its head. Hades took his thumb to the point and used it as slight lubrication for the hand job, but tightening his grip at the same time, so as compensate for the new ease of movement. He had been busy kissing and marking Percy's body, and noticing neglect to the boys face, moved up and captured his mouth fully, kissing him hard. Percy moaned into it, and Hades increased the speed of his hand. Realizing that he wasn't going anywhere, he let his other hand go, and Percy put his arms around Hades' neck. Hades continued kissing him, sometimes quite kisses, others that involved quite a bit more tongue, as he moved his newly available hand down Percy's back and to his ass. With one hand, he spread cheeks and put one finger inside, just to start him off.
Percy arched slightly and tightened the muscles around the wriggling finger, which was burrowing its way as deep as possible. Hades pulled it out and shoved it back in, this time with more force. After doing this a few more times, he added a finger without warning, being sure to be kissing him fully and fantastically rubbing his cock at the same time. Percy whimpered into Hades' mouth at the pain. Not much later, he added a third. Percy was biting his lip in pain and pleasure, still whimpering and nuzzling his face into the crook of Hades' neck, kissing lightly in the same fashion that Hades had earlier.
As Hades spread his fingers inside of Percy, stretching the hole to the proper capacity, Percy began to get close to the point of coming. He arched and tensed, lifting his hands and trying to push Hades' head down. Hades resisted the pushing, laughing lightly. "Oh, no," he whispered. "You're not getting off that easily." Percy whimpered and mewed, his breath becoming more shallow.
After a few more seconds, Hades let Percy go completely, and in a very subtle movement, removing his own soul sewn garments. Percy wasn't sure in his weakened state, but he thought he saw Adolph Hitler's face screaming from Hades' boxers. Before Percy had time to contemplate this, Hades was back. He grabbed the demigod by the shoulders, and pushed him roughly to the ground, where he landed with a splash. The water was falling on his back, he could feel it pelting the marks on his neck. Hades pulled him up by his hair and onto all fours. He then took a firm hold of his waist and, without mercy, pushed himself into Percy's ass.
Percy yelled in pain. Hades had made himself so big, and Percy had never experienced this kind of pain. His eyes started to tear without his permission. Hades smile at Percy's pain, and pulled himself out as far as he could without leaving the warmth of Percy's inside. He them pushed himself back in as hard as he could, relishing in Percy's gasps and yells of pain. he knew he was hurting him, but he loved it. He slowly picked up speed in his movements, and Percy's pain began to intermingle with the pleasure, and it wasn't long before Percy was bucking in time with Hades' thrusts and Hades was leaning himself on the boy, laying his head against his back as they moved together, and hugging him around the chest. Percy kept his forehead on the floor, but could help raising it as he arched in ecstasy at the orgasm that was coming.
"Oh, Gods, oh, fuck yes," he panted as he pushed himself as far as he could against the god, tightening himself around his Olympian penis, and came harder than he ever had, orgasming uncontrollably. He was so weak afterwards, he wanted to lay down and pass out, but Hades wasn't done. Percy orgasming while Hades was inside of him, put Hades very close to coming himself, and he had every intention of making Percy pay his debt in full. He thrusted against Percy, making him yell at the pleasures, so much so that he sounded like one of those porn star women. Hades found it very gratifying at how real Percy's were. He came hard inside of him, and didn't stop till he had completely run out of cum. He then slowly removed his rapidly shrinking penis from the boy and looked down at him, laying on the tile next to the drain, water swirling around him and doing absolutely nothing for his strength like it normally did. He was shaking still from the orgasm, the water streaming down his body and pooling slightly around him.
Hades pushed his soaking hair out of his eyes and donned his clothes. He was in no hurry, and with Percy in the state he was in, Hades was fairly sure that the boy wasn't going to be doing much any time soon. After completely clothing himself, he picked up his Helm and knelt down next to Percy. The boy was about ready to pass out, his eyelids flitting from open to closed. He kissed the boy on the forehead and whispered in his ear, "Consider yourself off the hook, Percy Jackson." Percy didn't make any sound in recognition as Hades straightened and put on his Helm, disappearing into the shadows. He turned off the water as he left.
Percy didn't wake until the next morning.

I hope you enjoyed! Chapter 2 is coming right up, but Chapter 3 might be while. ^^

Please tell me what you think about it, I would love suggestions. ^^

~Neko Jenta

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