Passage Favor

BY : CaressOfShadows
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I was sitting in a room full of weres and vamps so sue me if I felt safe. Jean-Claude was sitting to my right and Micah was on my left. Nathaniel and Cherry were sitting at my feet. Asher was perched on the couch arm leaning against Jean-Claude with his arm around him and on my shoulder. Damian sat beside me on the couch arm with his hands calmly on my arm. Richard was sitting in a chair across from us with a look of distaste. He didn't like the show at all. Saddly it wasn't just a show. We were all close and we all touched eachother. I finally got over my squemishness of causal touching. Took alot of work. I was becoming the Whore of Babalon. Gramdma Blake would not be happy.
I know you're not supposed to get to comfortable and let your gaurd down but I did. I was safe as could be in a room full of people who cared for me and would never let anything happen to me. We may not get along all the time but we would never let someone hurt one of us. Not to mention above us was levels of more vampires and weres. We all should have been as safe as an infant in his mothers arms.
So it shocked me when the door flung open and a man with a machine gun stood ready to fire. I was caught unarmed by a man with a machine gun pointed at me in a room full of vampires and weres. He meant business because he had gotten through all our other vampires and weres. Not one of us moved and the man just stod there. I took a second to look at the man and not the gun.
He was wearing a black trench coat and a black hat. The hat hid almost all of his hair but I could tell it was blonde. I looked into those eyes and found them a pale blue like the winter sky. They were empty. There was no one home and I knew those eyes. I knew them so well that the blood in my body ran cold and I seen my entire life flash before my eyes.
"My time already?" I asked. My voice was actually calm. Bully for my.
"Were you expecting me?" He asked.
I thought about lying but I didn't know if that would help or hurt me.
Edward was standing in my safety net of a home with a machine gun pointed into the room. His eyes were on me but I knew he took in the whole room and everyones every breath was being scruntized. Edward was no newbie to this game. It was his favorite game and now it seemed I was his goal. Edward was known as Death around the preternatural community. He had started out killing humans but that wasn't fun enough for him so he moved on to bigger and tougher kills. In a way we're alot alike, the only difference was I went after only the bad guys. Edward didn't care if they were bad or not. If the price was right and enough of a challenge he would take it.
That was as far as I got into my thoughts before the machine gun went off and Edward was on the floor in a crouch. I took a deep breath. I felt everyone in the room turn to look at me. I felt no pain or anything. I just concentrated on breathing. It took me a second to realize I wasn't shot. I looked to everyone in the room and no one was shot. Edward missed? Edward doesn't miss.
I felt my anger grow and I welcomed it. I stood up and walked very calmly to Edward. I pulled the gun from his arms and he showed me his empty hands. It wasn't enough. I was pissed. He intruded on my safety and shot at me. This was a pissing contest to him and I was pissed off. I wasn't armed myself but I had his shotgun. I knew I would never have gotten it had he not let me get it. I didn't want to kill him just let him know I don't play that way. In one motion I turned the gun around and shoved the but of it hard into his face. His nose burst in a shower of red blood. Before he could react I was in a stance with the gun trained on him.
"Anita, no." Ashers voice was a little shakey. They didn't know Edward.
"You son of a bitch."
"Gotcha." Edward said around his hand.
"And I got you."
Edward looked at me and asked me with a motion of his hands if he could sit up. I nodded to him and set the gun beside me on the floor. I looked at the gun and thought about how close I was to getting killed. Had Edward came here to kill me then I would have already been dead. I slid the gun on the floor to Edward. I felt Ricahrd move at the same time Damian and Jean-Claude stood.
"No." I said. My eyes were still on the gun at Edwards knees. He hadn't picked it back up. He was waiting for me to call them off. He knew I would. "No one move. He isn't here to hurt us."
"Not here to hurt us he came in firing at us. Thank god his aim was off and he didn't shoot us." This from Nathaniel.
I looked at Edward and met his eyes. I understood what was going on. Jean-Claude and Richard had a sense of what was going on. But only Edward and I got the joke. Edward had won and the joke was on me. I couldn't help myself. I started laughing. It wasn't to much longer after I started laughing that I heard Edward start laughing with me. I was on my knees on the floor with my head on my knees laughing. Edward was leaned against the door holding his sides laughing.
I caught my breath and looked up. Everyone was staring wide eyed at Edward and I. I stood up and held my breath to control my laughter as I walked to Edward and offered him my hand. I had expected he wouldn't take the hand up but I offered anyways. It shocked me when he actually took my hand and pulled himself up. I wasn't prepared for that and ended up falling to the floor. Edwards hand reached out and caught me before I hit. And we both fell into another fit of laughter. Him taking my hand up was a sign of trust and understanding. Apparently I missed the memo.


Edward was in the shower cleaning off the blood and changing clothes. It had actually shocked me more that he had braught an overnight bag and was asking to stay with me. He had said something about being in trouble and trusted only me to have his back. I didn't blame him there. I trusted Edward to have my back as well and it was hard to earn my trust. His was just as hard to earn if not harder. There was also an understanding between us about our relationship. We weren't "friends" but we weren't enemies. We worked together but there was a part of Edward that fantasized about hunting and killing me. It wasn't my fantasy but it was my nightmare. I don't know who would come out on top. Put me against anyone else and I will at least be optimistic but not against Edward.
"Ma petite he doesn't know what you have become. Would it not be best to put him somewhere away from you?"
"No Jean-Claude. He stays here and that is that. Does anyone else have something to say?"
"Mon cherrie it is not your safety we fear but his. If he were to be sucked in by the Incubus in you then you would blame yourself and he could become yours to call."
"You mean I could bewitch him?"
"But I have learned control. I have had sex with Micah and not fed. But I have kept it fed."
"But you do not control it with Jean-Claude or myself."
"But you're both vampires." I looked at Jean-Claude who had apparently given up. "You both have her line. Thats different."
"But it is there."
"But I have learned control to the point I do not fall victim to the first person I see. I can control it to where I am not lusting after someone I haven't already had."
"Have you figured out why yet?" This came from Jean-Claude.
"I am not attracted to strangers and I don't want someone I don't know."
"But Edward is not a stranger. You know him. And..." Jean-Claude let the thought trail off almost as if he was afraid to finish it.
"And what Jean-Claude."
"Nothing, ma petite. It's nothing."
"Bullshit. You guys always do this to me. Everytime I start getting answers from you guys you start shutting down like you are afraid."
"Thats because we are." Damian spoke quietly but I heard him.
"Tell me what you mean Damien." It was a direct oreder and he could not disobey it.
"Everytime we tell you something you don't like you get mad at us. You abandon us. You leave and don't speak to us as if it is our fault."
I looked around the room as I listened to Damian. Was he right? He had to be. He couldn't lie to me. Did I get mad at them when I did something wrong? No one seemed eager to object to him so what he's saying must be true. And I was feeling angry and ready to leave. Wasn't this what they were talking about? I get mad and leave? Damien must have sensed my mood because he instantly started rushing his words.
"We love you Anita. I love you. I am sorry but you ordered me to tell you and I couldn't not tell you. I am so sorry." He fell silent with a look of hurt and defeat. It reminded me of the last time I left and he went crazy. I couldn't leave now. I was in too deep. No need telling them that yet.
"And what Jean-Claude?"
"I am not in this. You get mad and leave it will not be on my hands."
"Damian," He flinched as if I had hit him. "do you know what they are talking about?"
"I have an idea. But I am not entirely certain thats what they are talking about."
"Then tell me. I will know from there reaction whether or not it is what they were thinking."
"There is some desire there."
"Where?" I think I already knew this answer and I was going to get mad.
"Between the two of you."
"Me and who?" Yep. I knew the answer but I wanted it said aloud. And yes I was mad.
"You and him."
I took a deep breath and watched as everyone shifted uncomftably. This is what they were all thinking. Even the weres. Even Richard made a nervous gesture. Nathaniel and Asher made a point of hiding there face under their hair and Jean-Claude tried his best not to be visible.
"Me and who; Damien?"
"You and Edward."
Yep. That was the answer I didn't want to hear. I knew it. Yet I was still floored when it was said aloud. I felt my eyes bulge and my mouth open. When the door to the room opened I was still standing there with that look on my face. Everyone must have been on edge because we all jumped when the door opened. Edward stood in the door way and looked at us.
"Am I interupting anything?" He asked. Observing everyone in the room and he didn't miss anything.
"No." Jean-Claude was the first to recover. He stood and motioned for Edward to come in. "Welcome and I hope you find my home accomodating."
"Thank you for letting me stay here." He nodded to Jean-Claude. "I was hoping Anita could show me to my room and I could talk to her alone for a minute to explain more on why I am here."
"Well," Richard stood in one fluid movement. "that's my cue to leave." He slid beside Edward in the doorway before saying over his shoulder. "In two more nights I will need my Lupa to meet the new members."
I just nodded and looked to Nathaniel as him and Cherry stood. They two slid by Edward and walked out the room. I could taste the sunrise close. It was close to time for the vampires to die. Cruel way of thinking about it but true. I know they felt it as well. Asher was standing before me. He wanted a hug and I knew it. So I gave it to him. I was shocked. Damian waited to the side and as Asher slipped past Edward.
"Jason can sleep in the coffin room while Edward is here. This way he has a room to himself." He said to me before turning to Edward. "I know you would not like to share a room and your room will be right next to Anita so you're close."
"Thank you." Edward was still pondering what was going on. His thoughts were somewhere else but he was answering so it was a good sign.
"Anita?" Jean-Claude was standing in front of me and place a kiss on my head. "Goodnight."
"Yeah. 'Night."
Damian came and wrapped his arms around me. I leaned back into him. He knew I wouldn't leave just as I knew he would go crazy if I left. I moved my hands to his arms and sighed.
"I am so sorry." He said softly. I knew the sound carried to Edward and I knew he was going to ask me questions. "I will send Jason up to clear out his room. Until then you can have your conversation in your room." He kissed the top of my head and I closed my eyes slowly. "Thank you. And I trust you even if they don't."
I nodded. It was all I could do. I nodded and let him walk away. Not so much as a goodnight or anything. I opened my eyes and saw Edward watching me with his hand close to his gun holster. He didn't know what was going on and it was making him uncomfortable. I understood so I decided to go ahead and take him to my room. I hope this conversation wasn't long. I needed to feed.

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