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Disclaimer: I dont own anything to do with Mortal Instruments i make no money this is fan fiction

I don’t own anything to do with the Mortal Instruments books they belong to Cassandra Clare and I make no money this is fan fiction.

Clary sat on the couch in the institute looking at Magnus. He was watching her every move, for someone who tried so hard to look like he didn’t care about the rules he sure did act like a warden. Jace, Alec and Isabelle were all gone they went to a club that she had never heard of, a place were there have been many demon sightings and as she was now still learning all the “Shadowhunter” ways she was suppose to be studying and doing her homework while they were out there fighting. After the whole Valentine thing she thought they would stop seeing her as a liability and more as a partner, but after talking to her mother and Luke they decided she needed to learn to harness her powers. She understood that, but she was getting antsy sitting around and doing nothing even Simon wasn’t around to hang out with, he was always hanging out with his little werewolf girlfriend. After she tried to follow them last week they decided that she needed a babysitter, they asked Magnus to watch over her.

Now she sat here and watched for some kind of expression of boredom to cross his face, something that she could work with. But it was like he was wearing a mask, there was nothing to work with. His cat eyes held amusement there and nothing else. She stood and started to pace, there was only them in the building and she considered punching him and running, it’s not like they were friends or anything. She knew, however, that he would find someway to stop her and then her mother would be pissed. She stopped in front of him and glared in to his eyes, even sitting her was about the same height as she was.

“Damn it Magnus!” She shouted.
“What?” He asked, looking surprised
“Let me go, please” She begged
“No, Alec and not to mention your parents want you to stay here” He said calmly.
“Please, please I’ll do anything” She asked
“What could you do that Alec can’t?” Magnus snapped
“Care” The word hung in the air. Clary knew that it was low but couldn’t help using it.
“He care’s” He whispered
“Oh yeah, I can tell he shies away from you, doesn’t let you touch him and talks over you, oh yeah that’s love right there” Clary spat.
“And what of you and Jace?” He yelled standing and towering over her “Did you notice that he before we went to Alicante he stopped wanting you? Did you notice that since you got back he hasn’t touched you come near you, kissed you? Did you notice that he can’t stand you”

The words were meant to hurt and from the tears that welled in her eyes Magnus could tell that they had worked. They looked at each other for a while, Clary had tears streaming down her cheeks, and Magnus was red in the face. They both were playing with a fire that would burn the other, He knew that she wanted nothing more than to have Jace love her, and she knew he wanted Alec to love him the way he wanted him to. They went in to this fight with loaded guns and now…nothing. It was like it took someone else to point it out for them to get it and it hurt. Clary looked at the floor and her face turned a little red. His heart hurt, he was sick of constantly feeling like he was not good enough. Then for the first time ever, Magnus realized that Clary was in the same boat as he was, they were both going after people that didn’t want them, they both wanted to be loved, and more importantly they both weren’t. He put his hand on her cheek and rubbed away the tears laying there then pulled her against his chest in a bear hug.

Her hands rubbed his back, and was surprised by how muscular he really was. Clary was started to feel a little more brave as she ran her hands down to his lower back and around to his sides, she moved her head back but decided to keep looking down she was afraid that if she looked at him he would push her away, so she was surprised when he lifted her head with his finger and looked deep in to her eyes. She had expected to be thinking only of Jace because he always ended up in her mind, but when she looked in the eyes in front of her, she was once again surprised to see the cat eyes of the warlock. He looked uncertain as he leaned in slowly, it was almost like he wanted her to tell him to stop and to go find Alec…but she was selfish and she wanted attention, even if it was from a “gay” warlock.

She leaned her head back and in a minute that lasted to long, his warm lips were upon hers. The moment that their lips were connected it was like a puzzle piece was finally fit in the right place, Clary sighed and Magnus deepened the kiss. His hands moved from her face to her neck to shoulders then came to a rest on her hips, he was waiting for her to let him know that she was okay with this, even though if she had any brains she would push him away, she had many reasons to. But her arms wrapped eagerly around his neck and she pushed herself against him, he shouldn’t respond to her at all, but he did he reached and grabbed her legs pulling them up around his waist and moving to the couch that she had recently vacated.

Laying her down he slid down carefully on top of her looking in to her eyes. She smiled at him and reached up to pull his head down, kissing him and within a few minutes their hands were running other each others bodies, he was nearly as nervous as she was, hers was a fear of the first time, his was a fear of the first time with a woman. She had somehow worked his shirt off of him and he had taken hers, the kisses worked down the bodies, their breathing was heavy and loud, there was moaning, mostly from him as she had somehow managed to get her knee between his legs and had learned quickly that the littlest movement would make him pant or moan. But he was not a complete newbie either, he found places on her body that made her jerk and squeal, and other parts that made her grind against his leg.

Then, there was a noise out in the hall, someone walking more than one someone. Clary and Magnus froze, the noise was coming closer. They both knew that if someone was to look in there at that moment it would mean some serious explaining, laying there half naked panting, touching and rubbing each other. Yeah, stuff like that did not go over well. The noise got closer then stopped there was talking outside the door and then the sounds of a retreat but it would only be for a few minutes, that was all they needed though, just enough time to get dressed. They shot apart and started to dress quickly not looking at each other. Clary had just managed to get her shirt on when the door opened to reveal Jace, Isabelle, Alec, Luke and Jocelyn. They seemed to know that something was amiss but did not press the matter, they most likely figured that they were fighting and it was awkward to pretend otherwise.

“Well, honey we are home, you should go to bed” Jocelyn said, then looked at Clary closer “Are you feeling alright you look a little flushed…like…you were exercising”
“No, just tired” Clary laughed for good measure, hoping no one else heard the hysteria.
“Did you guys fight?” Jace asked, smirking
“No” They both said to quickly, and Jace raised an eyebrow.
“I’m going to bed” Clary said walking out.
“And I’m sick of being a babysitter I’m going home” Magnus announced
“Don’t you want to stay?” Alec asked smiling in the shy way that used to melt Magnus’s heart but right now it did nothing but hurts him and make him a little angry.
“No, I don’t” Magnus said simply and swept from the room, leaving it stunned.

The next morning Clary sat in the kitchen eating a bowl of cereal just for something to do. She was thinking about Magnus, not worrying if he was coming over and what she should wear, no it was more if regretted what happened and on top of that she wondered how she was suppose to act around him now. She also worried that Alec or someone knew what was going on because of how she acted, she jumped when someone walked in, looking up she saw that it was her mother and she had that look that told her that she was going to talk to her about something that she wished she would not bring up.

“Honey” Jocelyn sighed
“What?” Clary asked
“What was going on last night” Jocelyn asked.
“Nothing was going on, what are you talking about?” Clary sounded like she was trying not to confess something.
“Your not that good at lying” Jocelyn pointed out.
“If I tell you, you can’t tell anyone” Clary said
“No one” Her mother promised
“Not even Luke” Clary clarified
“No one” She promised.
“Magnus and I were making out” Clary whispered
“WOW” Her mothers eyes were popping a little “That was not what I expected”
“What did you think?” Clary asked
“I don’t know I thought you guys were fighting, I even went as far as to think he smacked you, I just wasn’t going to kill him until I knew for sure” Her mother explained.
“Well, no it wasn’t that” She answered.
“So I leave you with him thinking it’s safe and you guys are making out?”
“No, this was the first time”
“Do we need to….talk….umm…doctors appointment?” Her mother asked
“MOM! God no on all accounts!”
“How am I suppose to know?”

Before Clary could answer Alec came in the room and both women shut up. Her mother was going to keep her word and she was very happy for that, however Alec looked like he knew the secret already, somehow he looked small and upset. But she didn’t know what was going on. As she was leaving the kitchen she bumped in to Jace.

“What’s up with Alec?” She asked innocently.
“Whatever you and Magnus are doing, I don’t know he treated Alec like shit last night” Jace answered.
“Well he treats him like shit all the time” Clary said. Jace didn’t answer he merely shook his head and walked off. Clary looked down the hall, standing in front of the hall the lead to her room was Magnus he nodded and turned to walk down the hall. She took a deep breath wondering if her breath was okay while she followed him.


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