One Last Breath

BY : Toni_N_Kev
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“You will pursue this matter no further.”

“But father!” I couldn’t believe him, he told me that because I had helped him earn a place among the council that I could have one thing I desired, and now he is telling me to ignore that thing?

“No buts Nico, you will not so much as think about this topic again…understood?” I saw his amber eyes glowing with hatred and my shoulders stiffened.

I nodded and turned, walking away. Why didn’t he get it? I don’t hold the same grudges he does; I don’t care about any of the pathetic things he does. Why did he make it seem like going after this one thing was such a desire that should be locked away in Tartarus? Growling low in my throat I drew my sword, summoning several of the dead. One good thing about having lived in Erebus for the last year was that I could now summon all the dead I wanted while in the land of the dead without feeling any exhaustion, but I didn’t know what I could do in the living world now. They came towards me until I shifted on my right foot to better settle my weight and caught some of the dim light on my sword, and then they froze.

If someone had tried to convince me that the dead could feel fear less than a year ago I would have laughed and told them it was impossible, but the shifting of their jaw bones and the way they paused and shifted back and forth on the feet like they had to use the restroom showed fear. I rolled my eyes and attacked anyways. Máv̱ri̱ dolofónos, Dark Murderer, my stygian steel blade sliced effortlessly through them as I swung in a wide arc. I slid into a fighting style I’d discovered, even though my father hated the style as it was dark enough for his likes. By body weaved and spun through the dead that I had called, my blade mutilating their skeletal forms as I moved through them. I would have loved to call it just fluid movements, but I couldn’t deny that I literally danced through them. My body moved to unheard music and I couldn’t help but move faster, taking down as many as I could. After all they’d reform within an hour at most. I don’t know how long I had been striking them down, but finally I stood in a pile of bones and sighed, making a decision that would probably get me in a lot of trouble.

“I’m going to Camp-half-blood.” I said out loud, nearly jumping out of my skin when a gentle hand landed on my shoulder. “Milady!”

My eyes widened as I saw my father’s love, the Lady Persephone standing there with a soft smile. “You need to go…He seems to have forgotten what it was like to go after what one really wants. I’ll have to remind him. Go…take this though.” She held out a large white rose with at least a dozen petals. “Keep it with you. Each petal will give you a gift of the spring.”

Nodding my thanks to her I turned and ran off into the fields of Asphodel, racing to the New York exit to the living world.

A/N: Okay this is my first attempt at the Percy Fandom...and I hope others enjoy reading this as much as I enjoy writing it. This one is short and will be the only one in First Person, other then that it will be in Third person.


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