Call of the wild: Tame and tamer

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Call of the wild: Tame and tamer', 1296858749, 'Call Of The Wild: Tame and Tamer

Chapter 1

Wake up

Fusedtwilight: Thank you to purpleranger for betaing this. I am so happy I can finally get this story going. I have been dieing to put back up but something always came up, it was like fate was conspiring against me.

I woke up in a cold sweat, my breathing was heavy. I had dreamed of The Crusaders again. They had kidnapped me, and tortured me to learn were the vampires slept during the day. My allies came and rescued me but not before The Dragon had taken over me. Since then I had nightmares, broken bodyfs, torn flesh, flowing blood, but most prominent the cry's of my victims.

Williamfs power had been activated during my possession so I had their thoughts, their feelings, and more disturbing their memories. I had the memories of the people I had killed in my mind all that info that made me see them as people and not my tormenters it made the dreams so much worse. I still had the memories of what I felt, the joy of the kill, and the rush of power.

I felt Drake behind me. He wrapped his arms around me pulling me back down to the bed; he was running his fingers through my hair to calm me down.

Victoria was in front of me, she was spooning Michelle, and as usual Jen was behind Drake. As usual they were all naked, except me I wore a pair of boxers. Ever since that day I hadn't slept alone, I was always with Drake or one or more of the girls. Victoria was the one who spent the most time with me; she had really taken a shine to me.

Michelle was ok, she was very level headed and of the three would be the responsible one. Her maturity was a necessary factor for the group, Victoriafs child like personality, Drakes cold and apathetic attitude, Jenfs quick temper. She was always the one who knew how to keep the others in line. Me and Victoria liked to joke she was the mom of the group.

Jen, well we werenft friends. We had made little progress but we were civil with each other. She had it bad for Drake but his eyes were focused only on one person. The only time we saw each other was when it was time to sleep or when we did something as a group.

I knew I had woken them up; it was a regular thing go to bed, have nightmares, wake up, calm down, and back to sleep. I had been seeing Gwen for some therapy and it had helped. I was still seeing her and was scheduled to see her after work tomorrow, or was it tonight?

I settled my head to Victoriafs head, resting my face in her vivid red hair; Drake was still rubbing my head calming me down. There was something about Drake that made me feel better, calmer, and stronger. I wondered if it was something to do with him being the prince of the local Werebats, or something more. Either way he did his thing and soon I was back to sleep. I had to get to bed; I had a doctorfs appointment in the morning.

"You are carrying two strains David." Lillian said looking at the papers with a frown.

"But thatfs impossible.h I said stating the obvious.

I had come to get a medical check up, just routine stuff. They had analyzed my blood and found I had two strains of Lycanthropy. It's impossible to have two strains in one body; the only person to have such a condition was Anita Blake.

"Well therefs no mistaking it, you are positive for bat and wolf." she said.

"Ok bat I can understand but wolf?" I asked. I had been bitten by Drake for a weird bat ritual.

"The vaccine I gave you had wolf remember?" she asked.

gBut there was also that time I drank Jeremyfs blood.h I said looking at the floor. I had drunk the blood of my boss Jeremy. He had been shot protecting me. My power had activated and I used it to heal him. During the healing process my power took over and I drank some of his blood. A shifter could only infect in its animal form, or if you drank their blood when they are in animal form. I had been so stressed lately I completely forgot.

gWell either way you have the wolf strain.h She said with a sigh.

"Well this explains why all my senses have been enhanced lately." I said.

For a few weeks it seems like all my senses were slowly becoming sharper, I was even becoming slowly stronger. I had thought it had something to do with my power, I only recently found out that I was an Animus, a human with the power to call all animals like a master vampire. Sadly my kind was very rare; they were on the vampire councils kill on sight list with necromancers. So any info on them was non-existent.

William the master vampire of Pittsburgh knew stuff about animus. Really old vampires like him knew about the animus. He had given me some info about what I am and what I am capable of. He is still remaining tightlipped about it though, only giving me information when I need it. He wanted me to depend on him because he knew I wanted to distance myself from him as much as possible. Or as possible as the vampire marks allowed.

I was his human servant; the marks married us closely together. No matter where I ran or how much I tried to ignore him I would not escape him unless I died. I wasnft ready to go down that roadcyet. Since the Crusaders I have been working on shielding my mind from him. Pointless when dealing with a vampire who is shy a hundred years at being three thousand who can read souls like the rest of us reads a book but I need to be able to resist him somehow.

"So what does this mean?" I asked.

"Well you'll have to be careful, Anita has trouble with her beast from time to time, she needs to have an at least one animal for every beast she has in case one tries to manifest, but you have yet to show any signs of your beasts trying to come out. Maybe it's because your power or something, I don't know." she said scribbling something on her clip board.

I sat up from my seat and rubbed my head "Thanks Lillian." I said shaking her hand.

"I'll call you if I learn anything." she said, "What are you going to do now?" she asked.

"Go to work" I said.

gAre you sure? You could take the day off.h

gI just found out Ifm carrying bat and wolf strains. As of now their not affecting my ability to work so why bother? Besides Jeremy gave me plenty time off after the Crusaders.h

gTrue, take care now David.h

gWill do doc.h

"Call of the wild how may I help you?" I asked answering the phone.

Call of the wild was the name of the bar and grill I worked at. It used to be called the zoo, but the actual zoo threatened to sue unless we changed the name. It was a place well known for serving Lycanthropes, hence the innuendo.

Jeremy was my boss and a Werewolf. He was blonde haired and blue eyed; he was 26 years old and lived by himself. He hadn't talked to his family in years, once they learned he was infected with the virus they hadn't wanted anything to do with him.

He was also my best friend, we both know what it's like to be rejects. He was the only one I had confided in when I came to St. Louise. He still struggled with his condition, his family had been strong christens, and he still had problems getting over it all.

About five years ago he opened the bar. It was pretty gutsy opening a place well known to serve shifters. You didnft have to be out of the furry closet to come here. You could be human or even vampire and be served. Jeremy thought with vampires getting so much publicity it was time the shifters got some of the limelight.


I wrote down the reservation the caller requested and hung up the phone. Business had boomed for the bar, our little incident with the county zoo had gotten us some news time. It was all we needed for an extra boost with customers.

I noticed there had been a surge of human customers. The thing about the bar was shifters weren't allowed to shift, so unless you had some sixth sense you wouldn't be able to tell who was furry or not. I guess that was one of the thrills being a human in a well known Lycanthrope bar, who were human and who wasn't and all that.

We had shifter employees. Jeremy has been considering having some of them shift into their half-man forms when they work to draw in customers. The only thing better then being served by a shifter is a shifter in animal man form.

Hey if vampires could get away using their powers and fangs to impress the tourists why couldnft the shifters be furry? Vampires are cool but seeing shifters in their animal form is more impressive.

Since all of the supernatural community had learned of me I no longer had to hide who I was, I didn't have to shield as hard as I used to so I could enjoy the thrum of energy the shifters let spill. I knew that those shifters would watch me; some knew why, so they would ignore me, others would watch me ignorant to who I was. They were attracted to me because my power called to them, they would follow me with there eyes wondering why they felt drawn to me.

I was heading for Jeremy's office; I needed to talk to him about two things. First: Once the leaders of the different shifter clans learned of my existence, they were very startled to put it mildly. Luckily Anita, being a prominent member of the St. Luis supernatural community arranged for a meeting and after much debate it was decided I would spend time with all the groups of St. Louise.

It was hoped by some of the weaker Clans I could make their members stronger by just spending time with them. The stronger Clans just wanted to try and gain more power. They had ties to Jean-Claude but I guess some people rather not rely too much on another for power. Jeremy was going to escort me to his packfs Lupanar and I would be introduced as a friend to the pack.

The second reason was to discuss the fact I was carrying two strains of Lycanthropy in my body. I knew he was no expert but it would be nice to just talk. I could always talk to Jeremy about my life, no matter how crazy it was.

His door was open so I stepped in, "Hey Jer can I talk to you?" I asked him.

He was behind his desk looking over some papers, "Sure come on in." he said.

I closed the door and sat down "Guess what I learned today." I said.

I told him about the tests and he was surprised "Any idea why this happened?"

"All I can think of is because my power." I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Does bat boy know?" he asked referring to Drake who he partly blamed for outing me out.

"Not yet but Ifll tell him." I said.

"This may be a problem, if the others learn of this they may want to infect you with their strains to." he said.

"I know, but they can wish in one hand and crap in the other, Ifm not going to let myself get sliced." I said firmly.

"How many know?"

"You, me, and Lillian, but if she knows then Rafael may know to" I said. Rafael was the king of the Wererats.

"Lillian is a Doctor, patient confidentiality." Jeremy reminded me.

"Yes but she is also one of Rafaelfs most trusted people." I said reminding him of her other loyalty "In any case I will just wait this out, Ifll inform Anita and see what she thinks of it." I said.

gHow do you feel about it?h He asked.

gDonft know yet.h I said shrugging my shoulders gI mean after everything that has been happening to me lately, it just seems kind of irrelevant.h I said.

"You nervous about tomorrow?" he asked.

"A little." I said, tomorrow I was supposed to go to the Lupanar of the thronos rokke pack; I would be introduced as a friend of the pack.

It was kind of pointless. Working at Call of the wild, I knew just about every Were in St. Louise and beyond. So I felt the whole thing was pointless but there were traditions to be upheld and what not.

"Jeremy what am I doing here?" I asked him. "I was supposed to stay hidden, now Ifm supposed to make friends with every shifter in the state."

"Dave, you can call animals like a vamp" Jeremy said, "Not to mention your Williamfs human servant."

"Not by choice" I muttered angrily I was still mighty pissed about that. I had only learned recently I was Williamfs human servant. I had agreed to be his servant so we could take down his father the then master, but I had him roll my mind so I wouldnft remember.

"Doesn't matter, the fact is that you could be the ultimate weapon against shifters." he said.

"I'm not all powerful Jer; Alpha's are capable of resisting my call." I said.

"Only because you haven't been formerly taught." Jeremy reminded me, "If you actually put some effort into learning how to better use it who knows what youfre capable of."

"I don't want to better wield it, just control it." I said.

"But if your going to make friends out of shifters you need to be prepared to use your power to protect yourself." he chastised. "Youfre still just a human Dave, if it comes down to a fight between you and another one of us your only chance to survive is your power." he said and in his anger some of his power trickled around the room like a warm air. He had been agitated that I refused to learn how to use my power as a weapon. Instead I had been learning how to shield with it.

"I don't want to kill Jer, and thatfs all this power could be used for. Either killing or controlling and now every one wants to use it." I said.

"It could be used for good" he said "You used it to heal me, and it may be able to help Andromeda." he said.

Andromeda was the daughter of Narcissus, the Oba of the local hyenas. She had a severe case of Mowgli's Syndrome, he father had been a panwere, her parents did the nasty in their animal forms and thus the poor thing was born looking like a nightmarish jigsaw puzzle of different animals. It was through Narcissus I learned that there were others like me, and it was possible for me to help those shifters stuck in animal forms to go back to being human. I didn't know if I could do that, let alone try and cure a little girl born like that.

Jeremy had been injured protecting me; with a little help from William I had healed him. He still had three little scars on his chest from where he had been shot but it was better then being dead.

"I really don't want to have to do this Jer any of it; I don't even know what Ifm supposed to do here. Learn different customs of shifters, ok then what?" I asked.

"Theyfre just using it as an excuse." he said sounding tired, "Like I said your power and connection to William makes you a very desirable asset, they just want to get close to you to get a piece of the power." he said.

"Well great Ifm desirable" I said sarcastically "I know one thing is for certain Ifm not looking forward to hanging out with the lions." I said darkly.

"Why?" he asked confused.

"Duh, Haven." I said referring to the new Rex.

"You scared of him or something? As I recall didn't you beat him?"

Haven had force fed me his beast; he didn't expect my beast to devour his. "I didn't beat him but I showed him not to underestimate me." I said.

"Then whatfs the problem?"

"A. He's a lion, theyfre known for their pissing contests, B. I did kind of embarrass him in front of the other Alpha's he may hold a grudge and C... He's Auggy's boy remember?"

Auggy was the master of Chicago, he was also a monster. Haven was one of his lions before he took over the pride of St. Louise. Everyone knew he was a thug.

"Yeah but Auggy is friends with Jean-Claude and Anita it's not like theyfre on bad terms or anything."

"Yeah but it's obvious he's still going to be working for him, rumor has it he was planning on using the pride as an extension for Auggy's business till Anita shot that to the ground."

"Exactly Anita stopped that idea, everyone knows he's got the hots for her and wants her for his Regina."

"He may have the hots for her but once a thug always a thug. I bet he's already informed Auggy about me. And once it's my turn to learn from the lions he'll try and convince me to meet Auggy or something." I accused.

"You don't trust him do you?"

"About as far as I can throw him." I said.

"If your concerned talk to Anita or Micah." he suggested.

"I will." I said checking my watch. "Well I better get back to work." I said getting up to leave.

He stood up to and put a comforting hand on my shoulder "Are you ok you seem a little stressed" he said noting the dark circles under my eye's.

"Yeah just have been having some bad dreams." I said rubbing my face.

"You still seeing Gwen?" he asked.

"Yes Ifm going there after work, and then Ifm heading back to the circus to hang with Drake." I said.

His face hardened and his jaw tightened "I don't know what he see's in those bats, maybe if he was around the wolves more then them he would be better off."

"Hey Drake and the girls are fine." I said defending my....friends.

"What?" Jeremy said confused.

His phone began to ring and he had to take it.

"Talk to you later." I said walking out.

He nodded but watched me with confused but thoughtful eyes.

I left the room slightly shaken. I realized that when I heard what he said, his lips hadn't moved.

Fusedtwilight: Thatfs the first chap, I hope you all will enjoy the sequel like you enjoyed the last. Please review.

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