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Richard carefully shifted his weight to crack his one shoulder. He breathed in the night air deeply and lowered one hand to rest on Jason’s slim shoulder.

The young werewolf had come to him just before sunset and it had been immediately apparent that something had been wrong. It wasn’t usual to see Jason so quiet and withdrawn. A faceless, nameless man had attacked Jason as he made his way to Guilty Pleasures and not only had it left a few cuts and bruises, but it had shaken the young blonde.

Richard didn’t mind being a human pillow for his fellow wolf who was curled up on his settee with his blonde head in his lap sleeping soundly. After all, he was Ulfric, these wolves were his to comfort and to protect, no one else’s and he would protect them. He’d protect them all with his life if he felt he had to.

He had called Jean-Claude and explained what had happened to his Pomme de Sang on his way into work and told him in no uncertain terms was Jason going to be leaving his care that night. Richard paid no mind to his own tiredness or that it was the weekend, when he would usually sleep in, he would sit up all night if it helped Jason feel even the slightest bit protected. He wouldn’t let anything happen to Jason, even if it was just an illusion to make Jason feel safer.

Sighing and lowering his hand to that baby fine hair Richard brushed it out of Jason’s sleep slack face that looked insurmountably younger. He wanted to protect all of his wolves, but admittedly even he couldn’t protect six hundred werewolves, but for his close friends and the weaker wolves, he’d do everything he could to protect them.

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