Seeds of the Northern Kingdom

BY : Sigil_of_House_Throckmorton
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Jon Stark knocked on the door to his lady wife’s chambers. It still amazed him how well she had adapted to life in a castle as large as Winterfell, when before all she had known were huts, skin-tents, and hovels.

“Enter,” Jon heard from inside. It sounded more like a command than an invitation, but that was just another aspect of his wife that he had grown to appreciate.

Jon entered, closing the door behind him, to see his wife seated in a padded chair by the hearth, reading a book. How she had learned to read as a child was almost as much of a mystery to him as where she had acquired a book in the first place. Sam most likely. He was doing his best to restore the library at Winterfell to its former glory, copying any legible texts scavenged from Castle Black and adding them to his collection of tomes copied at the Citadel, all to be stored in the new library tower once it was finished.

Jon approached his wife and kissed her on the top of her head, so as not to break her concentration. Her blonde eyebrows were pushed together, causing small wrinkles to appear on her otherwise smooth face. Her honey-blonde hair was in a braid over one shoulder, her usual preference, and the fire made the small blue flecks stand out in her otherwise grey eyes. Jon let his vision trace down her somewhat prominent jaw, leading to a pointed chin. Even now, married to her for over a year, he could not imagine a more comely face. He also could not help but let his gaze drift lower, admiring the generous cleavage shown by her thick shift. Eventually she put the book on a nearby table and looked up at him.

“Jon, surely you must have better things to do than admire my tits. There are certainly more impressive ones in this castle alone.” Even though Jon felt taken aback, he refused to show it. This was all a part of the game she played.

“On the contrary, my lady. While some might be larger, these are clearly the finest breasts in Winterfell,” he said as he guided her out of the chair before brushing her robe and shift down her shoulders to expose her shapely teats and rosy pink nipples.

Val remained silent at the complement, but quickly seemed to give up any protests as Jon began to caress her. After palming each breast and giving each nipple a twist between his fingers, he slowly began to work his hands down her smoothly sculpted stomach. She responded in kind, stroking softly down his muscular back and across his shoulders, large and taut from training at swords for years. Her fingers traced his scars with special care. His lips met her sternum, before teasing each peak of her breasts with his tongue. Val let her satisfaction be known by making a rough moan as his tongue circled her nipples, which seemed more sensitive than they usually were. Not that Jon minded.

The robe was already on the ground around her, but the shift was caught on her wide hips. With a little assistance from his palms, it slipped over the firm curve of her arse, leaving her bare.

Normally at this point Jon would be guiding them to her bed, or perhaps giving her a lord’s kiss while she stood in front of the fire with her hands fisted in his hair, but her reactions to his oral ministrations of her chest kept his mouth rooted to its spot. Every lick, nibble, and kiss extracted more heated cries of passion from his lady, until he squeezed one of her teats tightly, something she often particularly enjoyed.

Instead of another moan, Jon heard a yelp and was knocked back on his arse, his face stinging.

“Val! What was that for?”

“It was good until it wasn’t,” Val replied simply. Her face was cold with displeasure, but rapidly softened at the sight of Jon splayed out on the floor. “My breasts are more sensitive than usual, so while that felt nice, you can’t be as rough with them as you like.”

Jon’s confusion evaporated and his face returned to his normal, somber expression. That was something he always appreciated about his wife, or rather anyone of the Free Folk, their straightforwardness in situations that would make most highborn ladies cringe and shy away. At least, situations where he thought they would. He had never lain with a highborn lady.

“Now come to bed. You can play with them more while you’re inside me,” Val stated as she sauntered towards the bed and its soft furs. Her hips swung deeply with every step, the prominent globes of her arse jiggling with every footfall.

Jon needed no more encouragement.

Val laid herself out on the bed with her belly down and face turned to the side, watching him as he approached. The smirk on her face and gleam in her eyes drove Jon wild. He stripped away his clothes as if they were on fire and leapt onto the bed, straddling her at the bend in her knees. Val seemed to understand his desire and swung her hips back towards his, arching her svelte back and trapping his rock-hard cock between her buttocks before supporting her upper body on her elbows.

Jon could not help the growl that escaped his lips when she began rocking her hips up and down his shaft. The base of his cock was pressed against the folds of her cunt, and he could already feel the moisture beginning to lubricate him.

Val breathed encouragement over her shoulder. “That’s it Jon, take me like a wolf. Like Ghost would take a wolf bitch.”

“As my lady commands.” Jon grabbed a luscious cheek in his left hand and bent over her back as he aligned his cock to its destination. After using his right hand to steady his cockhead against her wet outer folds, he moved both hands up her sides to squeeze on her breasts, with as much tenderness as he could restrain himself to.

“Oh Jon, yes, that’s perfect—ah!” his wife keened as he pushed his hips forward, driving his cock leisurely into her tight cunt. He was as hard as iron, and he could feel each pass of a fold or wrinkle over the head of his cock, like a loving caress.

Once Jon was sheathed inside her, their hip bones pressed tightly together and the swell of her buttocks pressing against his belly, he shifted his focus back to teasing her breasts. Val released a loud moan when he surrounded each teat in a circular grip and pulled his fingers together to meet at her nipples, pinching and rolling them in the process. Not being one to deviate from a working strategy, Jon began repeating the motion.

“Is that too rough, my lady?” Jon inquired with a throaty whisper through her hair and into her ear. Her head was still turned to the side, so Jon planted a kiss on the end of her sharp cheek bone. “I would not wish to harm my wildling princess.”

Val’s eyes were closed, but at his use of her southron appellation she opened the closest one and locked her gaze with his. The pupil of her grey eye was blown wide with pleasure. “No Jon, that is perfect. On my teats, at least. My cunt needs no such special treatment.” More than anything, the lack of her usually heated response to her false title indicated to Jon just how aroused she was.

As Val said it, she arched her back and pulled her hips forward until his cock was only buried within her halfway. Before she could reverse the action, Jon took the initiative and thrust back to the base, letting all of his pent-up lust power the stroke. Val’s arse cheeks smacked against his taught stomach, and he could feel her walls instinctively contract around his cock from the force of his stroke. She let out a gasp, but before she could breathe in again Jon had already lifted his hips again and given her another hard thrust.

“Oh, fuck yes, pound into me just like that! Oh, oh, AH!” Val’s exclamations continued, driving Jon to fuck her with as much power as he could. His concentration was split, attempting to knead nimbly at her breasts without hurting her while at the same time slamming his cock into her cunt with as much force as his legs and back could provide. His thighs quickly began to ache from the effort, causing Jon to pause momentarily to reposition himself. “Worry not, princess … I’ll fuck you until you can no longer walk,” he replied as he moved his feet underneath him. Dirty talk between them was nothing new, but the way he was contorting himself was something they had not tried before. In this position, his knees clenched her thighs together and his hips were higher in the air behind her, but he could use his whole legs to push himself up before ramming his cock back into her, angled almost straight down.


This time it was Jon who vocalized his pleasure first. The new position put much more pressure on the underside of his cock than he anticipated, particularly at the underside of its tip. He was completely unprepared for the feeling, and his hands gripped tightly out of reflex, mashing her breasts in his fists.

“Oowrgh! Fuck!” Val replied. She opened her eyes again sent Jon a glare that said do that again and you won’t live to finish.

At that point, Jon hardly cared. Her unyielding yet lubricious cunt was clenched more tightly around him than his fist could grip his sword, and he could feel his end approaching with haste. Jon moved one hand under the sparse honey-colored curls between her thighs to the nub at the apex of her slit and began to rub it with vigor, while the other grabbed one of her nipples, coiling his fingers around it as lovingly as he could manage. Val made no protests, and soon her breathing became erratic, her face and shoulders flushed, and her body trembled with bliss.

“Yes, Jon! Yes! My southron wolf-lord! It’s so good! AH! Give me your seed!” Val begged as her orgasm ran its course.

Hearing her plea was too much for Jon. The area between his legs was filled with a sudden pressure. His toes contracted beyond his control, and his breathing hitched into a mixture between a grunt and a sigh as he felt his cock explode into his wife. Jon’s position above her was more precarious than he realized, and he lost his balance as pulse after pulse of seed was delivered into her fluttering cunt.

The next thing Jon remembered, he found himself collapsed on top of Val; his vision beset with honey blonde hair and his nose filled with the sweaty, cloying scent of their sex. They were both out of breath, and he would swear he could feel her heart beating through her back where his chest pressed up against her. Or maybe that is my own. It’s almost as if our hearts truly do beat as one. Jon had always thought that song was full of shit, but maybe the minstrels had a point this once.

He was still buried in Val to the hilt, and her luscious arse cheeks and thighs were pressed against his hips. His cock was sodden with the product of their love-making, but at this point he had no desire to move.

“I’m sorry if I was too rough on you, princess. I missed you terribly while I was away.” Jon rolled off of her, wincing when he heard the squelching sound announcing their detachment, and pulled a bear fur over both of them. The trip to Hornwood to ensure the legitimized Larence Hornwood’s transition to lordship went smoothly and lasted only a fortnight, but the separation from Val had pained him deeply.

Val rolled to face him and scowled. “I might have been too distracted earlier, but I will not tolerate that title now.” Her voice was full of fury, but the corners of her eyes were pulled up, something like a private smile, just for him. “And I already knew that you missed me. You only ever fuck me that hard when we have been apart.”

“I have to make sure you aren’t going to go steal someone else to satisfy your urges. I figured that by giving you something to look forward to when I return, you’ll not stray from our bed.” Jon caressed her cheek as he said it, marveling as the blush receded from her cheeks.

“You know nothing, Jon Stark. I might have strayed from lovers before, but none were men near as good as you.”

Jon paused as he considered the compliment. Val rarely exposed her feelings to him, and that was the closest her words had ever come to affection outside of their wedding vows before the heart tree, which he knew she found frivolous and silly. “That’s good to know. I suppose I have no reason to fuck you like that anymore then.”

Val’s dilated pupils flashed with fear for just a moment, until she hit him on the shoulder. “I never said anything about that. That was one of the best fucks I’ve ever had. Almost as good as my last time with Jarl…” She waited for him to respond to the bait, but he refused. She continued, “Although, when I asked you not to be too rough on my chest, I did mean it.”

“I am sorry about that. You looked like you were enjoying yourself so much, and I lost control for but a moment…” Jon showed her what he hoped was a sheepish smile. She gave him one, presumably in return. They basked in their sexual satisfaction together for a few moments, listening to the fire crack in the hearth.

Eventually, Jon’s curiosity got the better of him. “What was it that you were reading, earlier?”

“A book of laws and customs regarding marriage and heirs in these southron kingdoms. While you were gone I had received a letter from Alys Thenn that left me in need of refreshment on the kneeler customs,” Val explained. Jon tried to focus, since this sounded more important than most of their pillow talk.

“What happened?”

“Sigorn of Thenn is dead. The man was apparently trying to learn the joust. A training lance shattered and a splinter went through his neck, and the Maester was unable to stop the bleeding. Lady Alys is devastated,” Val reported.

Jon closed his eyes and sighed. Sigorn had been a good man, and Jon had hoped he would become a trusted bannerman. “I’m sure Alys is capable of looking after Barrowton, but it will be hard to control the Thenn men with their Magnar dead. The Dustin loyalists will also be none too happy at having another Lady with no heir as their liege.”

The death of Lady Barbrey to Ramsay Snow during the Reclamation of Winterfell had been most unfortunate, since the Dustin succession had never been sure even before the War began. After Harrion Karstark had returned from his imprisonment and swore fealty to Jon, he had been allowed to inherit his family’s ancestral home. With no obvious claimants for the Dustin lands, Jon had awarded them to Sigorn and Alys for their leal service in sending House Thenn’s men to defend him when he had been betrayed by the Night’s Watch. The Thenns were more used to lordship than the other Free Folk, and their absolute devotion to their Magnar would keep them from harassing the surrounding lands. It had been one of Jon’s better moves as the new King in the North, and to see it fall apart from a jousting accident made him feel very inconsequential.

“It is not so bad, Jon. She let them know that she carries Sigorn’s heir,” Val replied.

Jon sighed again, this time in relief. “Oh, well, that simplifies matters considerably.” The Thenns would be happy to have a new Magnar, and the Dustin men could not complain about having another heirless lady.

“Except that she confided to me that she had her moon blood not two days after Sigorn succumbed to his wound.”

“Val, I would appreciate you not toying with me like this. I can’t concentrate on the movement of your breasts when you make me think this hard.”

Val moved her arm so that the furs would fall away from her chest, but she made it seem like rather than responding to him, she was doing only what she had planned to in the first place. “You need not worry. I’ve already sent my reply with instructions on how to rectify the situation,” she said with the imperious smirk she used whenever she was able to show superiority over his southron way of thinking.

A strong sense of dread eclipsed Jon, joined by not a small amount of panic. “Val, what have you done?”

“The solution is simple. In times past, if a Lady of the North’s husband died with no heir apparent, the king would give her an heir to continue the husband’s house.”

The implications dawned on Jon like the inevitable rise of the sun, burning away his mind as Val’s plan unfurled itself before him. He had to stop this from happening, he had to—

“Before you panic, Jon, listen to me,” Val said softly as she pulled him into her chest. Jon had to give her credit; she did know how to relax him. “Lady Alys is already on her way to Winterfell. She should be here within a sennight. You can lie with her discreetly until we are sure she carries a child, and she will stay here as a guest of ours until she delivers and sometime afterward while she recovers from the birth. By the time she returns to Barrowton, the dates will be too confused with travel for anyone to figure it out. The child will be a Thenn by birth, in the eyes of the people and in the eyes of the old gods. I would not force you to make a bastard, and I will harbor no ill will towards this child. And before you ask, she understood the whole plan and agreed to it before she left.”

Jon nodded into her bosom. Unfortunately, Val had not assuaged his greatest trepidation in the matter. “At this point I see little choice but to continue on this path you’ve started us down. I had hoped, however, that my first child might be with the woman I love.” He looked at her intently, trying to force his meaning into her thoughts by will alone.

“That won’t be a problem either. I’ve been carrying your child for the past three moons, Jon Stark … my love.”

“What…?” Jon said.

Cradled as he was between her breasts, the world could not possibly have shifted so dramatically. Jon slid his hand from around her back across her belly, drifting steadily lower. He didn’t feel anything different about her. His resting place bounced as Val chuckled.

“You won’t notice anything there for some moons yet. Did the maesters teach you nothing? Perhaps our children shall be taught by a woods witch instead … well, our daughters, anyway.” Val flashed a grin at him.

Unfortunately, Jon had never received any education at all about how babies formed within women. He knew the basics well enough, but as a bastard he was never expected to know how to care for a wife with child. Surely Sam would know something about it, he had a link for delivering children, didn’t he? Regardless, Val’s explanation did answer one of his questions. That left the other matter, however.

“Val, what was the last thing you said?” he asked.

“That our daughters would be taught by a woods witch, if I’m lucky enough to find a good one among you kneelers—” she said before he cut her off.

“No, before that. You know what I mean.”

Val paused for a moment to eye him seriously.

“I said that you were my love,” she said with her imperious tone, as though daring him to challenge her statement. The longer Jon looked at her though, the more cracks he could see in her façade, as though she might shatter any moment. He had said the words to her countless times, but this was the first time she had made such a declaration to him.

Jon didn’t trust his words at times like these, so he pushed himself up to her level and kissed her on the mouth, attempting to impart as much of his tenderness, passion, and love for her into it as he could. He prodded her supple lips with his tongue, causing her to open her mouth and allow their kiss to deepen.

After what could have been moments or days, they parted, and Jon kissed each of her closed eyes, causing them to open. “Then know that I love you as well, Val of the Free Folk, Queen in the North and the Gift.” The blue flecks in her grey irises sparkled, and soon they were kissing once more.

Val rolled him onto his back and sat astride him, his burgeoning cock settling between her slick thighs. “Titles mean nothing to me Jon, or else I would still call you Lord Crow. I’m just Val to you, and you shall always be just Jon to me.”

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